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Communication and Human Behavior

Author : Brent D. Ruben
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Communication and Human Behavior

Author : Brent D. Ruben
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Communication and Human Behavior EBook

Author : Brent D Ruben
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Study Guide for Communication and Human Behavior

Author : Brent D. Ruben
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Language Communication and Human Behavior

Author : Alan Huffman
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In these newly edited, annotated, and contextualized foundational linguistic works, many previously unpublished, the late William Diver of Columbia University radically analyzes language as a structure shaped by communicative function and by characteristics of its human users.

Human Behavior and Communication in Dentistry

Author :
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Author : William Diver
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Phonology as Human Behavior

Author : Y. Tobin
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'Tobins's book is an exemplary scholarly work on phonological theory as seen from the perspective of the Columbia-Diver school of linguistics. The inclusion of clinical studies serves as a finely constructed bridge between the realm of linguistics proper and the numerous applications of linguistic theory in the fields of psychology and speech analysis.' -- Edna Andrews, Duke University

Language and Human Behavior

Author : Derek Bickerton
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�What this book proposes to do,� writes Derek Bickerton, �is to stand the conventional wisdom of the behavioral sciences on its head: instead of the human species growing clever enough to invent language, it will view that species as blundering into language and, as a direct result of that, becoming clever.� According to Bickerton, the behavioral sciences have failed to give an adequate account of human nature at least partly because of the conjunction and mutual reinforcement of two widespread beliefs: that language is simply a means of communication and that human intelligence is the result of the rapid growth and unusual size of human brains. Bickerton argues that each of the properties distinguishing human intelligence and consciousness from that of other animals can be shown to derive straightforwardly from properties of language. In essence, language arose as a representational system, not a means of communication or a skill, and not a product of culture but an evolutionary adaptation. The author stresses the necessity of viewing intelligence in evolutionary terms, seeing it not as problem solving but as a way of maintaining homeostasis�the preservation of those conditions most favorable to an organism, the optimal achievable conditions for survival and well-being. Nonhumans practice what he calls �on-line thinking� to maintain homeostasis, but only humans can employ off-line thinking: �only humans can assemble fragments of information to form a pattern that they can later act upon without having to wait on that great but unpunctual teacher, experience.� The term protolanguage is used to describe the stringing together of symbols that prehuman hominids employed. �It did not allow them to turn today�s imagination into tomorrow�s fact. But it is just this power to transform imagination into fact that distinguishes human behavior from that of our ancestral species, and indeed from that of all other species. It is exactly what enables us to change our behavior, or invent vast ranges of new behavior, practically overnight, with no concomitant genetic changes.� Language and Human Behavior should be of interest to anyone in the behavioral and evolutionary sciences and to all those concerned with the role of language in human behavior.

Human Behavior in Organizations

Author : Leonard R. Sayles
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Proactive Communication for Human robot Interaction

Author : Yuhang Che
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As robots move from isolated industrial settings into everyday human environments, we need to consider how they should interact with people. Emerging applications range from delivery and support in warehouses, to home and social services. Compared to isolated workspaces, human environments impose more challenges. For example, in social navigation, the robot needs to reach its destination while avoiding people and navigating in a socially compliant way. However, human behaviors are usually complex, stochastic, and hard to predict, which creates difficulties for the robot to plan appropriate actions. To address these challenges, this thesis focuses on the use of simple, proactive haptic communication to facilitate interactions with humans in various scenarios. The core research idea is that, instead of reacting to humans in the environment, the robot should proactively use communication to exchange information and affect human behaviors. This thesis addresses the following topics: (1) the effects of communication on human behavior, (2) mathematical models that predict these effects and human actions, and (3) algorithms to plan for communications that improve efficiency and performance of the human-robot system. We study these topics in the context of three applications. We first present the design and application of a bidirectional communication scheme for a person-following robot. Then we discuss the use of implicit and explicit communication in a mobile robot social navigation scenario. Finally, we present methods for communicating directional information for human navigation guidance.

Television and Human Behavior Tomorrow s Research in Mass Communication Edited by LeonArons and Mark A May

Author : Leon Arons (1907- ed)
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The Material Life of Human Beings

Author : Michael Brian Schiffer
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In this ground-breaking work, the distinguished anthropological theorist, Michael Brian Schiffer, presents a profound challenge to the social sciences. Through a broad range of examples, he demonstrates how theories of behaviour and communication have too often ignored the fundamental importance of objects in human life. In The Material Life of Human Beings, the author builds upon the premise that the most important feature of human life is not language but the relationships which take place between people and objects. The author shows that artifacts are involved in all modes of human communication - be they visual, auditory or tactile. By creatively folding elements of postmodernist thought into a scientific framework, he creates new concepts and models for understanding and analysing communication and behavior. Challenging established theories within the social sciences, Michael Brian Schiffer offers a reassessment of the centrality of materiality to everyday life.

Understanding Human Behavior A Guide for Health Care Providers

Author : Alyson Honeycutt
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Instructors have been trusting UNDERSTANDING HUMAN BEHAVIOR for years to give their students the reliable, practical information they need to gain a solid understanding of basic psychological concepts from a health care perspective. This all-new eighth edition is no exception. Packed with expanded content and updated with current industry trends and examples, this resource retains the features that made previous editions so successful -- a concise size and focus that offers students need-to-know information without overwhelming them, and an easy-to-read writing style. Coverage spans a broad but valuable range of important mental health topics and addresses them alongside their implications for health care professionals. It takes on both client and caregiver perspectives, resulting in a powerful book that explores the behaviors, emotions, and coping mechanisms encountered in a variety of health care situations and settings. Real-world examples and activities that encourage students to examine their own behaviors round out the book's comprehensive approach, making this a must-have tool for health care programs. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Library of Congress Subject Headings

Author : Library of Congress
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Library of Congress Subject Headings F O

Author : Library of Congress. Subject Cataloging Division
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Interpersonal Communication and Human Relationships

Author : Mark L. Knapp
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This work on relationships lays emphasis on communication as an integral part of successful close relationships.

Human Communication Handbook

Author : Brent D. Ruben
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Contains games and structured exercises designed to develop familiarity with the dynamics of personal, social, and mass communication

Speech Communication and Human Interaction

Author : Thomas Maynard Scheidel
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Human Listening Processes and Behavior

Author : Carl Harold Weaver
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