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Communication and the Globalization of Culture

Author : S. Nick Mohammed
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Communication and the Globalization of Culture: Beyond Tradition and Borders, by Shaheed Nick Mohammed, examines the modern and historical evolution of conceptualizations of culture as well as the concept of culture itself. The book suggests that modern corporate globalized media technologies do not destroy culture, but rather force us to re-think how we have conceptualized the differences, uniqueness, and similarities between "the other" and ourselves.

The Global Intercultural Communication Reader

Author : Molefi Kete Asante
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The Global Intercultural Communication Reader is the first anthology to take a distinctly non-Eurocentric approach to the study of culture and communication. In this expanded second edition, editors Molefi Kete Asante, Yoshitaka Miike, and Jing Yin bring together thirty-two essential readings for students of cross-cultural, intercultural, and international communication. This stand-out collection aims to broaden and deepen the scope of the field by placing an emphasis on diversity, including work from authors across the globe examining the processes and politics of intercultural communication from critical, historical, and indigenous perspectives. The collection covers a wide range of topics: the emergence and evolution of the field; issues and challenges in cross-cultural and intercultural inquiry; cultural wisdom and communication practices in context; identity and intercultural competence in a multicultural society; the effects of globalization; and ethical considerations. Many readings first appeared outside the mainstream Western academy and offer diverse theoretical lenses on culture and communication practices in the world community. Organized into five themed sections for easy classroom use, The Global Intercultural Communication Reader includes a detailed bibliography that will be a crucial resource for today's students of intercultural communication.

Governing Borders and Security

Author : Catarina Kinnvall
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This book explores and maps the relationship between borders, security and global governance. Theoretically, the book seeks to establish to what degree, and in what ways, traditional notions of borders, security and (global) governance are being eroded, undermined and contested in the context of a globalising world. Borders are increasingly being re-conceptualised to account for connectivity as well as divisions at the same time as focus is shifting from permanence to permeability. The ambivalence ascribed to bordering processes is at heart a security concern; borders are not only entwined with state formation but are also attempts at governing securities, identities and histories. Proceeding from a critical rendering of statist conceptualisations of borders, security and governance, the book not only emphasises the politics of borders, mobility and re-locations, but also provides a shared groundwork for interrogating the spatial conditions for bordering and border work as manifestations of a continuously deferred becoming rather than being. A principal contribution of the volume is its scrutiny of how borders are enacted and perceived in and through the everyday, and of how such production and construal can make sense as acts of resistance to various forms of governing. Such a focus reveals the necessity of investigating how governing from afar affects the possibilities and tendencies to securitise as well as desecuritise, within as well as beyond elite settings. This book will be of much interest to students of border studies, human geography, governmentality, global governance and IR/critical security studies.

Intercultural Communication for Everyday Life

Author : John R. Baldwin
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Written for students studying intercultural communication for the first time, this textbook gives a thorough introduction to inter- and cross-cultural concepts with a focus on practical application and social action. Provides a thorough introduction to inter- and cross-cultural concepts for beginning students with a focus on practical application and social action Defines “communication” broadly using authors from a variety of sub disciplines and incorporating scientific, humanistic, and critical theory Constructs a complex version of culture using examples from around the world that represent a variety of differences, including age, sex, race, religion, and sexual orientation Promotes civic engagement with cues toward individual intercultural effectiveness and giving back to the community in socially relevant ways Weaves pedagogy throughout the text with student-centered examples, text boxes, applications, critical thinking questions, a glossary of key terms, and online resources for students and instructors Online resources for students and instructors available upon publication at

Global Radio

Author : Shaheed Nick Mohammed
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Global Radio: From Shortwave to Streaming provides an overview of the global dimensions of radio, from its earliest forms to its modern digital and networked systems. This book provides an insight into the global politics and global social impact of radio over many decades of technological changes and industry transformations.

Understanding Leadership

Author : Robert M. McManus
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Laozi, Marx, the Buddha, Ibsen, Machiavelli – these are just a few of the world’s great thinkers who have weighed in on the subject of leadership over the centuries. Yet the contemporary student of leadership often overlooks many of these names in favor of more recent theorists hailing from the social sciences. Understanding Leadership: An Arts and Humanities Perspective takes a different angle, employing the works of the great philosophers, authors, and artists found in world civilization and presenting an arts and humanities perspective on the study of leadership. The authors build their conceptual framework using their Five Components of Leadership Model, which recognizes the leader, the followers, the goal, the context, and the cultural values and norms that make up the leadership process. Supporting the text are a wealth of case studies that reflect on works such as Ayn Rand’s novella Anthem, Eugène Delacroix’s painting Liberty Leading the People, Charlie Chaplin’s film Modern Times, Athol Fugard’s play "Master Harold" . . . and the boys, Laozi’s poetic work Dao De Jing, and Antonín Dvořák’s New World Symphony. The authors also introduce studies from various world cultures to emphasize the role that cultural values and norms play in leadership. This illuminating framework promotes the multidimensional thinking that is necessary for understanding and problem-solving in a complex world. Understanding Leadership: An Arts and Humanities Perspective will be a valuable resource for both undergraduate and postgraduate leadership students, while leadership professionals will also appreciate the book’s unique liberal arts and cultural approach.

Women and Gender in a Lebanese Village

Author : Nancy W. Jabbra
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In Women and Gender in a Lebanese Village: Generations of Change, Nancy W. Jabbra presents a detailed analysis of change in gender roles in a Christian community in rural Lebanon.

Distant Voices Near

Author : Shaheed Nick Mohammed
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Distant Voices Near chronicles the development of the popular and contentious Indian radio media subsector in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago from global historical perspectives and explores its implications for culture and national sentiment in the modern context. The work acknowledges the complex discourses surrounding ethnic and cultural identities in this diverse Caribbean nation where numerous groups coexist, among them the descendants of Indian indentured labourers. Shaheed Nick Mohammed employs a media-history approach that recounts the emerging roles of modern communications technology and systems from the development of wireless telegraphy and early radio to the use of streaming and social media and the interplay of social and cultural forces along the way. Within this framework, he also maps the evolution of the Indian radio content genre into its own media subsector and into a business and marketing concern across national media while at the same time boasting global reach. In Distant Voices Near, we learn of international and regional influences as listeners in Trinidad would tune into broadcasts from abroad before local stations were available. Among these influences were international broadcasts from All-India Radio and broadcasts from British Guiana, where descendants of Indian indentured labourers first introduced pay-for-play song request programmes on their local stations.

The dis information Age

Author : S. Nick Mohammed
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The (Dis)information Agechallenges prevailing notions about the impact of new information and media technologies. The widespread acceptance of ideas about the socially transformative power of these technologies demands a close and critical interrogation. The technologies of the information revolution, often perceived as harbingers of social transformation, may more appropriately be viewed as tools, capable of positive and negative uses. This book encourages a more rational and even skeptical approach to the claims of the information revolution and demonstrates that, despite a wealth of information, ignorance persists and even thrives. As the volume of information available to us increases, our ability to process and evaluate that information diminishes, rendering us, at times, less informed. Despite the assumed globalization potential of new information technologies, users of global media such as the World Wide Web and Facebook tend to cluster locally around their own communities of interest and even around traditional communities of geography, nationalism, and heritage. Thus new media technologies may contribute to ignorance about various "others" and, in this and many other ways, contribute to the persistence of ignorance.

Encyclopedia of International Media and Communications

Author : Donald H. Johnston
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Explores the ways that editorial content--from journalism and scholarship to films and infomercials--is developed, presented, stored, analyzed, and regulated around the world. Provides perspective and context about content, delivery systems, and their myriad relationships, as well as clearly drawn avenues for further research.