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Communication Miracles for Couples

Author : Jonathan Robinson
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Gathers communication techniques that help diffuse anger, insure understanding, negotiate through problems, repair trust, and create harmony

More Love Less Conflict

Author : Jonathan Robinson
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A practical guide “brimming with wonderful ideas and methods that can help any couple experience a deeper, more profound connection” (John Gray, author of Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus). More Love Less Conflict teaches readers how to communicate effectively and get more out of love. Whether debating with your parents, trying to convince your boss, or romancing your significant other, the importance of communication skills in your day-to-day life is undeniable. Through the strategies outlined in this essential guide, you can become a better listener, practice open communication, and be capable of handling almost any situation with confidence and compassion. As psychotherapist and bestselling author Jonathan Robinson explains, communication is, like love, something to work on and get better at through conscious practice. Robinson introduces ways for couples to build a foundation of love and connection, engage in crucial conversations, understand unique needs, spot a partner’s triggers, overcome communication barriers—and clear the path for love, fun, and affection.

I Don t Talk You Don t Listen

Author : Kimberly Peters
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If you are in a committed relationship, or if you are in the process of looking for that perfect partner, then you should be aware of the importance of effective communications in any relationship. Every person in a relationship needs to understand the value behind being able to communicate effectively. Since no two people are exactly alike, it stands to reason that two people trying to blend their lives together are going to have problems and issues from time to time. Communicating with each other is the only way we can find out about our partner's and learn who they are, why they are the way that they are and what they are looking for from the relationship and their partner. There is no other way to discover this important information. "I Don't Talk, You Don't Listen" gives everyone in a relationship or looking to start one the skills they need to become the best partner they can possibly be. these are easy to learn and implement skills and techniques that will help bring you and your partner closer together and help you build a stronger and healthier relationship. Your relationship is only as good as both people feel. So why not do everything you possibly can to be a better and more responsive partner while building a stronger relationship at the same time?

Questions for Couples

Author : Gary Gottman
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Don't have much to talk about except the day-to-day life activities ? When was the last time the two of you shared a dream, a memory, or a fantasy together ? However, knowing where to start or the right questions to ask can be a challenge when things become routine. That's why I wrote "Questions for Couples". ★★★ Get the Paperback version and receive the Kindle eBook for FREE ★★★ " 6 out of 10 couples are unhappy with their relationships, citing lack of sex and spontaneity as the main causes. It doesn't have to be this way ! " Whether you're looking to improve your relationship with your spouse, navigate difficult conversations at work, or connect on a deeper level with friends and family, this book delivers simple, practical, proven techniques for improving any relationship in your life. The right questions inspire understanding, compassion and action for positive change. In Questions for Couples, You will discover : ✅ RECIPE FOR SUCCESS (IN A RELATIONSHIP) ✅ HOW MEN AND WOMEN COMMUNICATE DIFFERENTLY ✅ AVOIDING NEGATIVITY IN RELATIONSHIPS ✅ HOW YOUR PARTNER INFLUENCE YOU ✅ COMMUNICATION MIRACLES FOR THE COUPLE ✅ THE MARRIAGE IS NO ACCIDENT ✅ WHAT HUSBANDS CAN LEARN FROM WIVES ✅ KEYS TO CREATING THE RELATIONSHIP OF YOUR DREAMS You can have great conversations, when you know what questions to ask... ...You just need the right questions. Take control !!! When you and your partner embark on a mutual questioning journey, you are committing to an intimate, satisfying, joyful life together. The only rule is that you cannot ask a question that you refuse to answer yourself. This journey will be enlightening, fun, and sometimes challenging - but the rewards are immeasurable, as you lay the groundwork for a lifetime of happiness together. Questions for Couples will get you talking for hours, even if you have very little to talk about. Plus because it's pocket-sized, you can easily take this book everywhere; for road trips, coffee dates, to date nights dinner or events, the beach, vacation trips, etc. What are you waiting for ? Grab your copy today - your partner will thank you for it ! Scroll to the top & click BUY NOW, to download this questions book for Couples... ★★★ Get the Paperback version and receive the Kindle eBook for FREE ★★★

Communication for Couples

Author : Jonathan Robinson
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3. A lot of books about couples' communication offer advice that is too abstract, of too complicated, or too "fuzzy"--advice that sounds great, but is impossible to follow in the heat of argument, when you are caught in a rush of your feelings or your partner's feelings. This little book is different. It offers simple, powerfully effective techniques that are sensible and easy to remember. Have you tried the "Spoon Tune"? Have you ever played "And What Else"? How often do you ask yourself the question, "Would I rather be "right" or be "loved?" Whether you are a couple looking to enhance a good relationship, or deeply mired in problems, these techniques can produce miracles!

The Couple s Retirement Puzzle

Author : Roberta Taylor
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The essential guide for couples to create a happy, healthy, and successful retirement! Retirement can be the best time of your life, but for couples, there's far more to it than cashing in on your 401(k). The most important asset you have during retirement is each other, yet many couples aren't sure where to begin to prepare for retired life or what to consider as they do. The Couple's Retirement Puzzle reveals ten key conversations couples should tackle before retirement to ensure a rewarding second half of life together, including: • Do we have enough money to support the lifestyle we want? • Should we retire simultaneously or separately? • Do we stay put or explore new frontiers? • What's the best way to stay healthy and fit after fifty? • How do we meet new friends and create new interests outside of work? • How will we balance time together and time apart? • And more! Filled with smart practical advice, engaging anecdotes, and helpful exercises,The Couple's Retirement Puzzle will guide you and your partner to a fulfilling retirement you can enjoy and celebrate together.

Basic Concepts in Family Therapy

Author : Linda Berg-Cross
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Gain confidence and creativity in your family therapy interventions with new, up-to-date research! Basic Concepts in Family Therapy: An Introductory Text, Second Edition, presents twenty-two basic psychological concepts that therapists may use to understand clients and provide successful services to them. Each chapter focuses on a single concept using material from family therapy literature, basic psychological and clinical research studies, and cross-cultural research studies. Basic Concepts in Family Therapy is particularly useful to therapists working in a family context with child- or adolescent-referred problems, and for students and clinicians treating the problems they see every day in their community. The book builds on the strengths of the first edition, incorporating ideas and articles that have become worthy of investigating since 1990 into the original text. This new edition also introduces five new chapters on resiliency and poverty, adoption, chronic illness, spirituality and religion, and parenting strategies. The new chapters make the book far more relevant for students and clinicians try ing to use family theory and technique in response to the problems they see in their communities. Basic Concepts in Family Therapy will assist you in offering clients better services by providing a deeper understanding of the contemporary family in its various forms, the psychological bonds that shape all families, and the developmental stages of the family life cycle. This exploration of how family demography, stages and life cycles affect family functions is a solid foundation from which all of the therapeutic concepts in this book can be explored. Some of the facets of family therapy you will explore in Basic Concepts in Family Therapy are: the importance of spirituality and religion in family therapy generational boundaries, closeness, and role behaviors managing a family's emotions defining problems and generating and evaluating possible solutions teaching children specific attitudes, values, social skills, and norms transracial adoptions and normative processes and developmental issues of adoptive parents strategies for reducing conflict . . . and much more! Basic Concepts in Family Therapy will help to broaden your understanding of the ways families function in general. You can use the effective concepts explored in this text to make a thorough assessment of the impact of a disorder on a child and on the rest of his or her family, as well as how family dynamics might have shaped or exacerbated the problems. The concepts described in this text can be customized to clients'cultural values to avoid unnecessary resistance. As a new therapist, you will gain confidence in your assessments, and if you are already a seasoned professional, you will gain creativity in your interventions.

Couples Communication

Author : Levine Tatkin
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Buy the Paperback Version of this Book and get the Kindle Book version for FREE. Do you want to learn the right mindset to communicate effectively, prevent unnecessary fights and increase the feeling of mutual love and respect? The secret to a happy relationship is good communication skills! It might feel like learning how to communicate effectively is a skill that's difficult to master, but it is certainly possible. Every relationship is different, but there is one thing that's common to all good relationships, and that's effective communication. Everyone agrees that good communication is the key to a successful and happy relationship. However, the problem is that a lot of people don't seem to understand how to communicate effectively. This book will help you learn to deal with situations more constructively and positively. The tips given here will help in reviving the love between a couple while restoring love and respect for each other. These communication skills will help you navigate through difficult conversations with your partner as well as others. Once you start to communicate effectively, you will notice that it becomes easier to deal with arguments and dispute resolution becomes quite easy. By communicating effectively, you can also reduce the chances of any misunderstandings. If you and your partner can fully understand each other, it becomes easier to strengthen the relationship. Skills to communicate in an open, clear manner can be cultivated, and you are off to a good start in the right direction with the help of this book. Once you learn to communicate in a better manner with your partner, you will see a positive change in your relationship. All it takes is some conscious effort, consistent and constant practice with an action plan, and some patience. Mindful communication will help you: Identify and control your tendencies Remain calm even when you face uncertainty or fear Prevent unnecessary fights and resolve arguments Provide validation and support to your partner Learn how to encourage and motivate your spouse Increase the feeling of mutual love and respect while appreciating each other Deal with a partner with a huge ego Repair the broken trust Your relationship needs less blame and more understanding if you want to have long-lasting harmony. It doesn't matter whether you are happy in your relationship or you have been facing conflict; working on better communication will benefit anyone. We think that the word "communicating" is just talking to each other but it's a lot more. Scroll to the top of the page and select the buy now button.

Psychology of Gender

Author : Vicki S. Helgeson
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Noted for its fair and equal coverage of men and women, this book reviews the research and issues surrounding gender from multiple perspectives including psychology, sociology, anthropology, and public health, with an emphasis on the interaction between biological and social theories. The implications of social roles, status, and gender-related traits on relationships and health that are central to students' daily lives are emphasized throughout. Students learn how to distinguish the similarities and differences between the sexes and the theories that explain the differences. Methodological flaws that may impact the observance of sex differences are also examined. Learning activities and pedagogical tools included in the text: Do Gender exercises which provide an opportunity to test hypotheses and explore data Sidebars on special interest topics and numerous visuals that bring the studies to life Take Home Points that summarize key concepts in bulleted format Boldfaced key terms and definitions, chapter summaries, discussion questions, and suggested readings which help students review the material New to the 5th Edition: Expanded sections on cohabitation, homosexuality, online relationships, social media influences, single-sex classrooms, sex differences in math abilities, and gender implications of divorce on health Expanded coverage of gender and parenting, gender and the workplace, gender and power, and balancing work and family An expanded intersectional approach that highlights how gender is connected to social class, race, and ethnicity, including more coverage of gender system justification theory Coverage of transgender issues including recent changes in the DSM guidelines Streamlined discussions to further engage students to think about gender issues A companion website at where instructors will find Power Point slides, multiple choice quizzes, and short answer questions with suggested answers for each chapter; and students will find flashcards of key terms, chapter outlines, and links to related websites and further reading Divided into three parts, each section builds on the previous one. First, gender and the development of gender roles across cultures are introduced. Scientific methods used to study gender, attitudes toward gender, and the latest data and theories on sex differences in cognitive, social, and emotional domains are then introduced. Theories of gender-role development, including evolutionary, social learning, social role, and gender schema theories are reviewed along with the implications of gender on achievement. Part one reviews the key information on the similarities and differences between the sexes and the theories that explain the differences which lay the foundation for the remainder of the book. Part two examines the role of gender in relationships including communication styles and the impact of these interactions on friendship and romantic relationships. The third part examines the role of gender on physical and mental health. The effects of marriage and parenting on health are reviewed, including domestic abuse, along with how gender affects the association between work and health. This is an ideal text for upper level gender-focused courses including the psychology of gender, psychology of women or men, gender issues, and gender, women’s, or men’s studies taught in psychology, women’s studies, gender studies, sociology, and anthropology.

Attitudes of Gratitude

Author : M. J. Ryan
File Size : 88.91 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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An inspiring guide to the rewards of giving thanks, this small volume features short, easy-to-digest essays that explain why gratitude chases away negative emotions.