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Comparative Early Childhood Education Services

Author : J. Duncan
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This reconceptualizes the place of early childhood education within communities. It presents a shift in the lens of the teachers and management within early childhood services to incorporate new ways of working with, alongside, and in collaboration with family and the wider community.

Nannies Migration and Early Childhood Education and Care

Author : Elizabeth Adamson
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This book presents new empirical research about in-home child care in Australia, the United Kingdom and Canada, three countries where governments are pursuing new ways to support the recruitment of in-home childcare workers through funding, regulation and migration.

Comparative Perspectives on Early Childhood Education Reforms in Australia and China

Author : Josephine Ng
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Research in Education

Author :
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Early Childhood Education in Aotearoa New Zealand History Pedagogy and Liberation

Author : J. Ritchie
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Taking as a starting point the work of Aotearoa New Zealand to provide an education system that includes curriculum, pedagogy, and language from indigenous Maori culture, this book investigates the ensuing practices, policies, and dilemmas that have arisen and provides a wealth of data on how truly culturally inclusive education might look.

Global Perspectives on Human Capital in Early Childhood Education

Author : Theodora Lightfoot-Rueda
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Human capital theory, developing children as future workers, shapes thinking about early childhood education policy around the globe. International contributors problematize this thinking and offer alternatives.

The Early Advantage 1 Early Childhood Systems That Lead by Example

Author : Sharon Lynn Kagan
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Learn how exemplary countries are dealing with the challenges and joys of advancing the development of their youngest citizens. In this book, Sharon Lynn Kagan and her contributors systematically examine how six diverse countries go about envisioning, designing, and implementing their services to young children and their families. The Early Advantage 1 sheds light on new and exciting approaches to early childhood education and care (ECEC) that are contributing to the quality, equity, efficiency, and sustainability of services for young children. Brimming with fresh insights, the text provides concrete examples of successfully implemented strategies and methods that warrant attention from other countries wishing to improve their early childhood services. The 2-year comparative analysis upon which this volume is based was made possible with funding and support from the National Center on Education and the Economy’s (NCEE) Center on International Education Benchmarking. “Kagan and her team describe a field at a very important inflection point, and they provide a framework for pushing on to the next stage.” —From the Foreword by Marc Tucker, National Center on Education and the Economy “Pushes the early childhood field far beyond its traditional focus on services toward understanding systems, culture, governance, and sustainability.” —Hirokazu Yoshikawa, New York University “A must-read for all those seeking to meet the joys and challenges of advancing the development of their youngest citizens.” —Linda Darling-Hammond, Stanford University Contributors: Alfredo Bautista (Singapore), Rebecca Bull (Singapore), Lily Fritz (England), Bridget Healey (Australia), Sharon Lynn Kagan (U.S), Kristiina Kumpulainen (Finland), Eva Landsberg (U.S.), Carrie Lau (Hong Kong), Mugyeong Moon (Republic of Korea), Grace Murkett (England), Tom Peachey (Australia), Nirmala Rao (Hong Kong), Kathy Sylva (England), Collette Tayler (Australia)

Comparative Early Childhood Education

Author : Geeta Rani Lall
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Early Childhood Education in Comparative Perspective

Author : Qiuping Cao
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Constructing Policy Change

Author : Linda A. White
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In Constructing Policy Change, Linda A. White examines the expansion of early childhood education and care (ECEC) policies and programs in liberal welfare states, including Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the UK, and the USA. In the first part of the book, the author investigates the sources of policy ideas that triggered ECEC changes in various national contexts. This is followed by a close analysis of cross-national variation in the implementation of ECEC policy in Canada and the USA. White argues that the primary mechanisms for policy change are grounded in policy investment logics as well as cultural logics: that is, shifts in public sentiments and government beliefs about the value of ECEC policies and programs are rooted in both evidence-based arguments and in principled beliefs about the policy. A rich, nuanced examination of the reasons motivating ECEC policy expansion and adoption in different countries, Constructing Policy Change is a corrective to the comparative welfare state literature that focuses on political interest alone.

Landscapes in Early Childhood Education

Author : Jacqueline Hayden
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Landscapes in Early Childhood Education provides an analytical framework for addressing current (global) issues within the field of early childhood education. Early childhood specialists from several nations show how they have applied this framework in their analyses of specific case studies. The case studies illuminate supports and constraints to the field and provide recommendations for improved practice. The case studies address areas or «landscapes»: the global landscape - issues of global significance to the field of early childhood education; the political landscape - issues that show the relationship between politics and the field of early childhood education; the landscape of policy and practice - issues regarding micro policies and classroom practices; the professional landscape - issues relating to the development and practices of early childhood professionals; and the curricular landscape - issues relating to curriculum in early childhood settings.

Exceptional Child Education Resources

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Early Childhood Education in Chinese Societies

Author : Nirmala Rao
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This book provides an up-to-date account of relevant early childhood policy and practice in five Chinese societies: the People’s Republic of China or Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao, Singapore, and Taiwan. It analyses how traditional Chinese values, Eastern and Western curricular approaches, and socio-political, economic, cultural and demographic changes influence current policies, services and practice. It addresses responses to global concerns about the excluded and disadvantaged, and about quality, and explains lessons from and for Chinese early childhood education. divThis book is the first English-language research-based review of early childhood education and the factors that affect it in different Chinese societies. It is particularly timely given the increased recognition of the importance of early childhood education for human capital development globally, and the international interest in understanding early education in Chinese societies.iv>

Bibliographic Guide to Education

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... lists publications cataloged by Teachers College, Columbia University, supplemented by ... The Research Libraries of The New York Publica Library.

Children s Self determination in the Context of Early Childhood Education and Services

Author : Federico Farini
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This book investigates the position of young children’s self-determination within a range of social contexts, such as education, social care, mass-media, health, politics, law and the family. It brings to the fore the voices of the children in the present, with their interests, agendas and rights. Based on original primary research, the chapters tackle hegemonic discourses on children’s self-determination as well as current policies and practices. They address a broad range of topics, from the planning of role-play to national policies, from the use of digital technologies for pedagogy to children’s health and well-being, and from democratic practices in the classroom to the preservation of traditional family values. The book presents case studies to unravel how childhood and young children’s self-determination are constructed at the intersection with intergenerational relationships. Coming from different disciplines and using a diverse range of methodological traditions, the contributions in the volume eventually converge to generate a rich, complex and multi-layered analysis of contemporary cultures of childhood and young children’s rights.

Early Childhood Education and Care in Canada Contexts Dimensions and Issues

Author : Mayfield, Margie
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For Introduction to Early Childhood Education or Foundations of Early Childhood courses taught at the university level. Early Childhood Education and Care in Canada: Context, Dimensions, and Issues,is an exciting new text that offers a comprehensive, Canadian overview of early childhood education (ECE) and care, past and present. The text has three main goals: to examine ECE in the context of today's cultures, communities, and families; to recognize the rich variety and scope of ECE and care in Canada; and to invite readers to reflect on issues in ECE for today and in the future. Topics covered in the book include multiculturalism and special needs children and detailed descriptions of Canadian programs are also included. The result is an informative, reader-friendly text that is indispensable for both students and teachers.

Comparative Education

Author : Robert F. Arnove
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Comparative Education brings together many of the outstanding scholars in the field of comparative and international education to provide new perspectives on the dynamic interplay of global, national, and local forces as they shape the functioning and outcomes of education systems in specific contexts. This valuable text demarcates the changing boundaries of the field, delineates significant developments in theory, and documents major shifts in educational policy and practice around the globe.

Current Index to Journals in Education

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Current Index to Journals in Education Semi Annual Cumulations 1989

Author : Oryx Press Staff
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Early Childhood Education Policies in Asia Pacific

Author : Hui Li
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This book evaluates recent early childhood education policies on the basis of a ‘3A2S’ framework, which refers to accessibility, affordability, accountability, sustainability, and social justice. It systematically and empirically reviews early childhood education policies in specific countries and areas in the Asia-Pacific Region, such as Australia, Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Singapore, Vietnam, New Zealand, Pacific Islands, and so on. As the first English-language collection of large-scale reviews of early childhood education policies in Asia Pacific, this book will be of great value to early childhood educators, policymakers, researchers, and postgraduate students in the Region and beyond.