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Competence Governance and Entrepreneurship

Author : Nicolai J. Foss
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Leading international theorists explore the most significant developments in debates on the theory of the firm - in particular the contributions of the two major perspectives: transaction costs economics (governance structures) on the one hand, and competence perspectives (resource-based approaches) on the other. Contributors include Oliver Williamson, Giovanni Dosi, Sidney Winter, Sumantra Ghoshal, Mark Casson, Neil Kay, and Ron Sanchez, amongst others.

Business Strategy and Corporate Governance in the Chinese Consumer Electronics Sector

Author : Hailan Yang
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This book analyses how China’s firms in the consumer electronics (CE) sector have developed their business strategy and corporate governance during the reform process. The CE sector is one of China’s most important and dynamic manufacturing sectors. As one of the earliest market-oriented sectors after 1978, its experience illustrates the adoption of the Western model of management in China. This is the first book to analyse the link between business strategy, corporate governance and performance of firms, explicitly comparing state-, collective-, and privately-owned firms. This book argues that the competitive dynamics of the market are central to the survival of firms in contemporary China. Focuses on the state, collective and private Chinese firms in the consumer electronics sector Provides insights into the interactions among political, economic and corporate factors in the China business environment that influence the strategies and performance of these firms Compares the corporate governance of these Chinese firms across different ownership forms

Corporate Social Responsibility and Governance

Author : Samuel O. Idowu
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This book deals with the role of international standards for corporate governance in the context of corporate social responsibility. Based on the fundamentals of moral theory, the book examines governance and CSR in general, addressing questions such as: Is “good governance” not affected by moral concerns? How do the principles and practices of CSR standards adhere to or conflict with insights from business ethics and moral theory? To what extent do the standards and governance models provide normative guidance? Do the standards and governance guidelines provide an adequate means of benchmarking and auditing? Are these standards a help or a hindrance to stakeholder engagement and transparency? The book provides insightful and thought-provoking answers to these and many other important questions concerning CSR standards, and offers a valuable resource for practitioners, academics and students at business schools and other institutions.

Corporate Social Responsibility and Corporate Governance

Author : Lorenzo Sacconi
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Corporate social responsibility is examined in this book as multi-stakeholder approach to corporate governance. This volume outlines neo-institutional and stakeholder theories of the firm, new rational choice and social contract normative models, self regulatory and soft law models, and the advances from behavioural economics.

Competences Governance and Entrepreneurship Vol 2

Author : Danish Research Unit for Industrial Dynamics. DRUID.
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Public Entrepreneurship Citizenship and Self Governance

Author : Paul Dragos Aligica
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In this book Paul Dragos Aligica revisits the theory of political self-governance in the context of recent developments in behavioral economics and political philosophy that have challenged the foundations of this theory. Building on the work of the 'Bloomington School' created by Nobel Laureate Elinor Ostrom and Public Choice political economy co-founder Vincent Ostrom, Aligica presents a fresh conceptualization of the key processes at the core of democratic-liberal governance systems involving civic competence and public entrepreneurship. The result is not only a re-assessment and re-articulation of the theories constructed by the Bloomington School of Public Choice, but also a new approach to several cutting-edge discussions relevant to governance studies and applied institutional theory, such as the debates generated by the recent waves of populism, paternalism and authoritarianism.

Corporate Governance Around the World

Author : Ahmed Naciri
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The last Asian financial crisis, coupled with the western series of corporate scandals, has caused investors and citizens to doubt mangers’ ability to guarantee credible financial information about organizations. Consequently, legislators all over the world have come to realise the necessity of legislating in the area of corporate governance. This book explores several national corporate governance reform experiences from around the world (including Canada, China, the United States, and the European Union) and offers an explanatory theory with regard to national systems of corporate governance. It also underlines corporate governance as a management tool and principle. The author argues that each country should be encouraged to build its own system of corporate governance which should be harmonized with its history, culture and the level of its economic development.

Innovation Governance and Entrepreneurship How Do They Evolve in Middle Income Countries

Author : Sefer Sener
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This book analyses the effects of technological development, innovation, entrepreneurship and governance in middle income countries, such as Turkey, in detail. How to best practise innovation and entrepreneurship, which many researchers and policy makers believe to be the main drivers of economic growth and development, has become a fiercely-debated topic. The contributors to this volume consider economic, social and institutional dimensions of innovative thinking, entrepreneurial activity and governance, and investigate both theoretically and empirically how these factors should contribute to the uptake of new technology and the global performance of middle income countries. By offering country specific examples, and by comparing high income and middle income countries, this edited collection presents a comprehensive analysis of innovation, entrepreneurial growth and development outside the vacuum of high income economies, which has traditionally received substantially more scholarly attention.

Developmental Aspects of Entrepreneurship

Author : Shivganesh Bhargava
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Entrepreneurship has a significant role to play in ensuring sustainable economic growth. However, it can only flourish in an environment conducive to entrepreneurial development and initiatives. Properly nurtured, entrepreneurship can prove to be the key to solving problems like poverty, illiteracy and unemployment, and it has the potential to spur a nation on along the path of development and prosperity. While some are born entrepreneurs, evidence suggests that entrepreneurial characteristics can be inculcated in anyone. But this is dependent on the cumulative impact of a variety of factors including family, society, social institutions, governance and leadership. This 'environment' is necessary not only for nurturing entrepreneurship, but also for its eventual success. This compilation of 11 papers imparts a wealth of perspectives on this subject, gaining from the theoretical and experiential insights of academics, management gurus, consultants, administrators and behavioural scientists. Lucidly written, each chapter complements the other in presenting a cohesive volume that identifies the way forward for entrepreneurial development. New start-ups, incubators, entrepreneurs, trainers, behavioural consultants and professional managers will find this book to be of great interest.

Employees and Entrepreneurship

Author : Ivan Pongracic
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Over the last few decades, there has been a great deal of management literature recommending the removal of firms hierarchies and the empowerment of employees. Ivan Pongracic, Jr. examines these themes through the lenses of the economic theory of the firm. Balancing the tendency for management literature to overlook basic costs and trade-offs of decentralization, and the rigidity of economics that hinders an appreciation for the real world phenomenon of decentralization, this book arrives at a realistic middle ground between the two extremes. The dance between hierarchy and employee empowerment exists in even the most hierarchical firms, and this book explores this often overlooked dynamic. The decentralization of decision-making and flattening of managerial hierarchies within business firms can best be understood as a response to situations where employees hold knowledge that is superior to that held by firms owners and managers. Decentralizing decision-making in those circumstances allows firms to utilize their employees' superior personal knowledge, often by encouraging them to act in creative, entrepreneurial ways, while requiring some reliance on intra-firm spontaneous order processes to co-ordinate the activities of the employees. This book adds an important component to the standard economic theory of the firm by exploring the implications of intra-firm knowledge dispersion. It also explains how firms engage in a process of continuing experimentation to create an organizational structure that fosters employee creativity and entrepreneurship. Scholars in economics, entrepreneurship, organizational studies and management will find this book a fascinating exploration of firm behavior.

Competences Governance and Entrepreneurship Vol 3

Author : Danish Research Unit for Industrial Dynamics. DRUID.
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Rethinking Corporate Governance

Author : Roger Blanpain
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Now that the economic orthodoxy of 'light-touch' regulation has been widely discredited by recent events in the financial markets, and shareholder-oriented management has come under intense scrutiny, it is time to seriously consider the merits of stakeholder-oriented economies. In this far-reaching symposium on this aspect of comparative labour relations, 35 scholars examine case studies and evolving scenarios in a wide variety of countries, from leading economic powers such as the United States, the United Kingdom, and Germany to post-socialist states such as Poland, Hungary, and Bulgaria to the formidable global economic presences of Brazil, Russia, and India. With contributions from leading experts from all around the world in the fields of labour law, industrial relations, labour economics, labour statistics, human resources management, organization theory and other related subjects, the papers focus on the impact of the global economic crisis and its implications for the future of employment. Specific contexts covered include: ; adversarial versus strategic collective bargaining; transnational collective bargaining; long-term employees as the most valuable corporate stakeholders; workers' voice and participation in the restructuring of undertakings; privatization of state-owned companies; executive pay; investment in vocational training in times of economic crisis; the impact of the EU's Cross-Border Merger Directive; inherent dangers in the EMU one-size-fits-all monetary policy; and cases of large-scale corporate fraud. Of particular interest is the treatment of important developments in Singapore and Nigeria, as well as lessons to be learned from pitfalls encountered in South Africa and other countries. With its theoretical arguments and empirical data, this volume is certainly a major contribution to the debate over whether shareholder or stakeholder approaches to management yield the best results in terms of employment outcomes. As the world economic crisis continues to take its toll on employment, pension funds, public services, and living standards, the book is sure to find a wide audience among policymakers and lawyers worldwide concerned with the future of employment relations and their effect on both productivity and social stability. This volume includes a selection of papers from the Eighth International Conference in commemoration of Marco Biagi held at the Marco Biagi Foundation in Modena, Italy in March 2010.

Corporate Governance and Business Ethics

Author : Alexander Brink
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This volume explores corporate governance from three perspectives: a traditional economic, a philosophical, and an integrated business ethics perspective. Corporate governance has enjoyed a long tradition in the English-speaking world of management sciences. Following its traditional understanding it is defined as leadership and control of a firm with the aim of securing the long-term survival and viability of that firm. But recent business scandals and financial crises continue to provide ample cause for concern and have all fuelled interest in the ethical aspects. As a result, corporate governance has been criticized by many social groups. Economic sciences have failed to provide a clear definition of the corporate governance concept. Complexity increases if we embed the economic approach of corporate governance in a philosophical context. This book seeks to define the concept by examining its economic, philosophical and business ethics foundations.

Governance Ethics Global value creation economic organization and normativity

Author : Josef Wieland
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This book investigates the functioning and effects of moral rules and values as endogenous elements of governance structures when applied to economic and social transactions. The point of departure and framework of this book is Josef Wieland's theory of Ethics of Governance. Its focal point is the governance of the normative aspects of corporations. The Ethics of Governance is a comparative research project on business and economic ethics which started 15 years ago. Divided into five chapters, the book provides a comprehensive insight into the theoretical foundation and application-oriented results of the research project. It covers theoretical, conceptual and practical challenges in the global economy with regard to a sustainable economy, the social responsibility of corporations, and their transcultural and normative management. By offering comprehensive insight into the research results of the Ethics of Governance project, this book provides a unique scientific work on business and economic ethics.

Media Corporate Entrepreneurship

Author : Min Hang
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This book examines corporate entrepreneurship start-ups in the media industries and provides a timely solution to fill in the gap of academic as well as practical knowledge in this regard. It brings together new media venturing practices in the west and east and covers new media opportunities in various emerging forms, including gaming, Internet, mobile and webcasting business. The book presents case studies from major transnational media companies, highlights the industry specific characteristics of corporate entrepreneurship, and thus contributes to understanding the links between new business venturing and certain particular industries, so as to further explore the industry specific characteristics of entrepreneurship. This book also suggests a new approach to integrate economic and management theories for the study of media corporate entrepreneurship; while the two sets of theories are conflicting with each other, the book proposes a contingent model to reconcile different theories. This is an innovative approach and will be a valuable starting point to construct an interdisciplinary theoretical framework for new media business studies.

University Business Cooperation Tallinn 2011

Author : Gunnar Prause
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Organizing Entrepreneurial Judgment

Author : Nicolai J. Foss
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Develops an entrepreneurial theory of the firm that focuses on the connections between entrepreneurship and management.

Strategy Economic Organization and the Knowledge Economy

Author : Nicolai J. Foss
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The advent of the knowledge economy changes the ways in which firms organise their activities and how they strategize in the market place. This non-technical volume lays the foundations for an analysis of these phenomena. The discussion is both theoretical and empirical.

Competences Governance and Entrepreneurship Vol 1

Author : Danish Research Unit for Industrial Dynamics. DRUID.
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Handbook of Trust Research

Author : Reinhard Bachmann
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In recent times, research on trust has become a major field in the domain of management and in the social sciences as a whole. The Handbook of Trust Research presents a timely and comprehensive account of the most important work undertaken in this lively and emerging field over the past ten to fifteen years. Presenting a broad range of approaches to issues on trust, the Handbook features 22 articles from a variety of disciplines on the study of trust in both organizational and societal contexts. With contributions from some of the most eminent names in the field of trust research, this international collaboration is an imaginative and informative reference tool to aid research in this engaging area for years to come. The Handbook contributes to an area of key importance to almost every aspect of business and society and, in particular, it will appeal to students and scholars of organization theory, strategy and organizational psychology.