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Competing with Knowledge

Author : Angela Abell
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Knowledge management (KM) is the first major management trend to identify information and its management as a crucial element in the success of an organization. It presents an opportunity for information professionals tyo have an impact on the organizations that employ them, and for employers to utilize those information management and exploitation skills in a creative and value-added way.

Competing for Knowledge

Author : Robert Huggins
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Focusing on the dynamics of the knowledge economy, this volume provides an overview of the knowledge creation capabilities of economies, an examination of their growth performance and a detailed analysis of how the creation and connection of knowledge is becoming the key means of growing productivity. Huggins and Izushi introduce the concepts of network capital and knowledge communities to explain and understand how knowledge is connected and transferred across firms, organizations and economies, whilst taking issue with accepted concepts of business clusters, social capital and endogenous growth theory. This book demonstrates how the knowledge economy has fundamentally shifted the way in which the values of both firms and economies are measured and points to the way in which the knowledge race has become global due to increasing parts of the developing world being integrated with the developed world through international trade and investment. This book will interest students and researchers engaged with the knowledge economy, management and economic geography, as well as managers and public policy makers interested in competitiveness and economic development.

Competing Through Knowledge

Author : Madhukar Shukla
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Beginning with a discussion on the radical changes taking place in the Indian business environment and the need for Indian organizations to develop learning capabilities, this book describes how organizations can (and do) use knowledge and learning as strategic weapons to transform their operating paradigms. Using real life examples from successful organizations, this highly readable book integrates the various approaches to the learning organization and demonstrates the applicability of these concepts in the Indian business context.

Competing with IT

Author : Colin Ashurst
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Competing with IT takes a strategic approach to managing the realization of benefits from IT. With a benefits-led approach it emphasizes IT as an enabler of business innovation and a means to create value for customers, employees and other stakeholders, which as a result create value for the organization and deliver competitive advantage. Designed specifically for the needs of MBA students, this succinct introductory text provides insight into key principles and offers guidance on how to succeed in practice by building a leadership 'toolkit' for the strategic management of projects and the overall IT portfolio. Underpinned by sound MA26 theory and linked to best practice it is the ideal MBA course text. • Allows students to apply their knowledge and explore real-world issues through case studies and examples • Brings together benefits-led and agile approaches to projects in an innovative framework • Combines extensive practical experience with the latest MA26 thinking and research

Networks in the Knowledge Economy

Author : Rob Cross
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In today's de-layered, knowledge-intensive organizations, most work of importance is heavily reliant on informal networks of employees within organizations. However, most organizations do not know how to effectively analyze this informal structure in ways that can have a positive impact on organizational performance. Networks in the Knowledge Economy is a collection of readings on the application of social network analysis to managerial concerns. Social network analysis (SNA), a set of analytic tools that can be used to map networks of relationships, allows one to conduct very powerful assessments of information sharing within a network with relatively little effort. This approach makes the invisible web of relationships between people visible, helping managers make informed decisions for improving both their own and their group's performance. Networks in the Knowledge Economy is specifically concerned with networks inside of organizations and addresses three critical areas in the study of social networks: Social Networks as Important Individual and Organizational Assets, Social Network Implications for Knowledge Creation and Sharing, and Managerial Implications of Social Networks in Organizations. Professionals and students alike will find this book especially valuable, as it provides readings on the application of social network analysis that reflect managerial concerns.

Competing for Advantage

Author : Robert E. Hoskisson
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Discover what it takes to create a sustainable competitive advantage in management and business today with this straightforward, powerful strategic management resource. COMPETING FOR ADVANTAGE, 3E focuses specifically on the issues most important to today's current or future practitioner. The book details the processes and tools you need to better understand and effectively contribute to your organization's strategic management process. Applied examples illustrate the latest thinking, practices, and research in strategic management today with in-depth discussions that examine critical topics such as innovation, professional service and crisis management. Access to relevant cases, a focus on the emerging issues such as ethics, and an emphasis on technology throughout prepare you for success in the fast-paced, ever-changing global economy in which today's firms compete. Take your students to a new level of understanding strategic management concepts and practices with COMPETING FOR ADVANTAGE, 3E. Straightforward, focused, and concise, this edition presents the latest strategic management research and practices, now with more in-depth discussions of the most current strategic topics in business today. Detailed real-life examples and instant access to relevant cases keep the book focused on issues most important to current or future practitioners. Crafted to meet the special needs to MBA and executive MBA students, the book details the processes and tools used in strategic analysis to create a sustainable competitive advantage. Full chapters on strategic leadership, corporate governance, and a new chapter on real options examine issues most critical in today's business environment. Comprehensive new instructor support with electric solutions help you effectively prepare a powerful course that addressed traditional and relevant emerging topics that are shaping strategic management today. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Competing in the Digital Age

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The British Chess Magazine

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Competition Competitive Advantage and Clusters

Author : Robert Huggins
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Harvard professor, Michael Porter has been one of the most influential figures in strategic management research over the last three decades. He infused a rigorous theoretical framework of industrial organization economics with the then still embryonic field of strategic management and elevated it to its current status as an academic discipline. Porter's outstanding career is also characterized by its cross-disciplinary nature. Following his most important work on strategic management, he then made a leap to the policy side and dealt with a completely different set of analytical units. More recently he has made a foray into inner city development, environmental regulations, and health care services. Throughout these explorations Porter has maintained his integrative approach, seeking a road that links management case studies and the general model building of mainstream economics. With expert contributors from a range of disciplines including strategic management, economic development, economic geography, and planning, this book assesses the contribution Michael Porter has made to these respective disciplines. It clarifies the sources of tension and controversy relating to all the major strands of Porter's work, and provides academics, students, and practitioners with a critical guide for the application of Porter's models. The book highlights that while many of the criticisms of Porter's ideas are valid, they are almost an inevitable outcome for a scholar who has sought to build bridges across wide disciplinary valleys. His work has provided others with a set of frameworks to explore in more depth the nature of competition, competitive advantage, and clusters from a range of vantage points.

Competing in Emerging Markets

Author : Hemant Merchant
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Covering all aspects of competition, uncertainty and managerial responses in new and emerging business environments, this title includes a combination of cases and readings that are ideal for teaching.

Sources of Competitive Advantage in Knowledge based Industries

Author : Barry Michael Levine
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Competing in a Flat World

Author : Victor K. Fung
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“This is essential reading for anyone seeking to compete–and succeed–in the fl at world.” –John Hagel, Chairman of Deloitte Center of Innovation “Competing in a Flat World provides an extraordinary glimpse into a new kind of organizational architecture, one built around the notion of orchestrating resources you don’t control and doing so in a way that builds both trust and agility. This architecture may well turn out to be the dominant model of the firm for the 21st century. This book is a must read for anyone who wants to compete in a flat world. Every chapter details new and powerful ideas.” –John Seely Brown, Former Chief Scientist of Xerox Corporation and coauthor of The Only Sustainable Edge “We are led by unstoppable economic forces to connect our resources to form smart networks, either wired or unwired. The authors bring forward the notion of ‘network orchestration,’ an almost one-size-fits-all strategy for organizations to survive and excel in an ever-flattening world.” –John Chen, Sybase Chairman, CEO and President In the “flat world,” everything changes…above all, what it takes to run a winning company. Success is less about what the company can do itself and more about what it can connect to. Find out how it’s done, from the company that pioneered “flat world” success, Li & Fung, which produces more than $8 billion in garments and other goods for the world’s top brands and retailers–without owning a single factory. Victor and William Fung and Jerry Wind, author of the best-selling The Power of Impossible Thinking, reveal how they’ve replaced “old-fashioned” infrastructure and huge employee bases with a fluid, ever-changing network that can design, manufacture, and deliver almost anything, anywhere. The key to success in this world is a set of principles for “network orchestration,” described for the first time in this book. They examine how these principles can be applied in manufacturing, services and other industries. They show how to build and orchestrate your own world-class global network. * Compete “network vs. network”–and win! * Create a “big-small” company that combines scale and agility * Forge loose-tight relationships with suppliers * Balance control with empowerment, stability with renewal * Manage the “bumps” in the flat world–from politics to terrorism Visit the authors' website:

People focused Knowledge Management

Author : Karl M. Wiig
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Knowledge management is an increasingly important part of any corporate strategy, but until now the available literature has tended to focus on technology, systems, or culture. This book goes a step further and explores how people use knowledge in the course of their working lives.

Knowledge Organization

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Staying Ahead of the Competition

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What Works Now

Author : Boaz, Annette
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Building substantially on the earlier, landmark text, What Works? (Policy Press, 2000), this book brings together key thinkers and researchers to provide a contemporary review of the aspirations and realities of evidence-informed policy and practice. The text is clearly structured and provides sector by sector analysis of evidence use in policy-making and service delivery, considers some crosscutting themes, includes a section of international commentaries, and concludes by looking at lessons from the past and prospects for the future. This book will be of interest to a wide range of social science researchers, students and practitioners as well as those interested in supporting more evidence-informed policy and practice.

Aanwinsten van de Centrale Bibliotheek Queteletfonds

Author : Bibliothèque centrale (Fonds Quetelet)
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Sun Tzu s The Art of Competing

Author : Scott Bell
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Written by an actual sales person of 25 years, this book offers insight into a topic not often covered by books on selling or marketing—the competition. In todays world of local and global competition in every field, this book delves into the work of one of the most recognized experts on waging war and translates his wisdom into guidelines for defeating your competition. Whether a sales or marketing manager or a sales person in the field, this book will give you a working sales person's insight into how to wage war and win against your competition. Let's hope they do not read it first.

Diagnostic Controversy

Author : Carolyn Smith-Morris
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This collection is dedicated to the diagnostic moment and its unrivaled influence on encompassment and exclusion in health care. Diagnosis is seen as both an expression and a vehicle of biomedical hegemony, yet it is also a necessary and speculative tool for the identification of and response to suffering in any healing system. Social scientific studies of medicalization and the production of medical knowledge have revealed tremendous controversy within, and factitiousness at the outer parameters of, diagnosable conditions. Yet the ethnographically rich and theoretically complex history of such studies has not yet congealed into a coherent structural critique of the process and broader implications of diagnosis. This volume meets that challenge, directing attention to three distinctive realms of diagnostic conflict: in the role of diagnosis to grant access to care, in processes of medicalization and resistance, and in the transforming and transformative position of diagnosis for 21st-century global health. Smith-Morris’s framework repositions diagnosis as central to critical global health inquiry. The collected authors question specific diagnoses (e.g., Lyme disease, Parkinson's, andropause, psychosis) as well as the structural and epistemological factors behind a disease’s naming and experience.

Competing Visions Complex Realities

Author : Jorge Reina Schement
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This books examines social aspects of information-oriented society in the United States. Each contributor focuses on a specific and significant social aspect of the information-oriented society. Areas covered include: understanding the extent of information work in the United States; analyzing information work in the health care industry; defining information in an information-oriented society; the evolution of the concept of information in the courts; the coporatization and privatization of information in the economy; information and the restructuring of the family environment; information in the rural sector; the emergence of Silicon Valley; and social attitudes and values toward information technology.