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The Complete Guide to Beekeeping for Fun Profit

Author : Cindy Belknap
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Beekeeping is both a hobby and a practical business plan that many individuals have taken up in recent years as a viable way to culture a valuable natural resource and have fun in the process. In any given year, an effectively built beekeeping business can bring profits up to 500 percent of your investment according to numerous private beekeepers. The benefit of growing your own honey and selling it to local customers for between $3 and $6 a pound depending on how you cultivate and whether your honey is completely organic can be a huge boon for anyone with the money and time to invest. This book walks all motivated potential beekeepers through the process of building and operating their beekeeping business from the ground up, ensuring it is both a fun hobby and a great way to make a little extra money on the side. You will learn everything you need to effectively start beekeeping for profit and fun, including what materials you need, what kinds of bees are best for honey or wax production. You will learn all of the fundamental safety equipment you need to effectively handle the bees and where to place your hives on your property to take advantage of natural circumstances. You will learn the basics you need to understand what bees do and how they interact, including details about the queen bee, the worker bees, drones, and foragers. You will learn how seasonal changes affect your colonies, and how to use your smoke to access and gather honey from your bees. The best in home beekeeping professionals have been interviewed and their expertise and insights have been gathered here for you to review, providing additional details about the kinds and methods of honey gathering that you can profit from you. You will learn how to install everything and keep your colonies updated. You will learn how to keep the necessary records and how to sell your honey and what the best prices for that honey is. You will learn what is involved in opening a colony and how to manage pests effectively without endangering the bees or the honey. You will learn how to manage your hives in the winter and fall and what you can do with everything your bees produce. For anyone who has ever considered beekeeping as a hobby or source of side income, this is the book for you. Atlantic Publishing is a small, independent publishing company based in Ocala, Florida. Founded over twenty years ago in the company presidentâe(tm)s garage, Atlantic Publishing has grown to become a renowned resource for non-fiction books. Today, over 450 titles are in print covering subjects such as small business, healthy living, management, finance, careers, and real estate. Atlantic Publishing prides itself on producing award winning, high-quality manuals that give readers up-to-date, pertinent information, real-world examples, and case studies with expert advice. Every book has resources, contact information, and web sites of the products or companies discussed.

Complete Guide to Beekeeping for Fun Profit

Author : Cindy Belknap
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Beekeeping is both a hobby and a practical business plan that many individuals have taken up in recent years as a viable way to culture a valuable natural resource and have fun in the process.

Beekeeping for Beginners

Author : Kathy Campbell
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Learn everything you need to know about bees and the practice of apiculture and take the guesswork out of starting your own healthy bee colony with the definitive guide to beekeeping for beginners! Have you ever thought of becoming a backyard beekeeper for fun, profit and playing your part in sustaining the world's environment? Would you like to raise your own bee colony and have access to a fresh supply of honey? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this book is for you. Becoming a beekeeper isn't as hard or dangerous as most people think. In this book, Kathy Campbell provides a valuable reference guide to beekeeping and getting the most out of your apiary and avoiding fatal beginner mistakes that could cost you your bee colony. Among the insights and practical advice contained in Beekeeping for Beginners, you'll find the following: All you need to know about bees-from the anatomy and lifecycle to the practice of beekeeping Why bees are extremely vital and important for sustainable agriculture Three surefire ways to source for and purchase a healthy swarm or colony of bees Important factors to consider when choosing a location to establish a bee colony Essential beekeeping tools you need to raise a productive colony The four different types of beehives and how to choose the one best suitable for your management style The single equipment you must have to help you stimulate maximum honey production in your bees Proven seasonal management techniques to help you maintain a healthy colony for each season of the year ...and much, much more! Whether you're a newcomer to beekeeping or an experienced apiculturist looking to update your skills on the practice of beekeeping, this is the only book you're going to need to raise a successful colony. Ready to begin beekeeping the right way? Then scroll up and click the "Add to Cart" button to buy now!

Beekeeping for Novices

Author : Elizabeth Raphael
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BEEKEEPING FOR NOVICES Complete Beginners Guide on How to Keep Bees and Harvest Honey for Maximum Profit Raising honeybees can be very fun loving and very profitable venture that provides you with the very good and quality honey that you can eat and even sell to make money The demand for original honey is on the increase with the rapid increase in artificial honey that are produced regularly Maintaining just one hive can provide you with a wonderful source of income but many individuals are scared of the prospect of keeping thousands of bees in their yards This guide will work you through everything you need to set up your bee enclosure, how to raise your bees without risk and how to harvest honey for maximum profit This guide will show you how to setup your beehives as well as how to take care of your bees from the initial stage to when they are ready for harvest This guide is the complete guide to keeping bees even for complete beginners GET THIS BOOK TODAY and become a professional beekeeper

Bee Culture

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All You Must Know About Beekeeping Step By Step Beginners Guide to Beekeeping

Author : Betty Helen
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Hi my name is Betty Hellen and I've been a beekeeper for years I love them and they love me but not everything is easy In the beginning I've got a lot of trouble from my own bees, different seasons to my neighboor I'm telling you, those times are hard Because I know how hard it was, I don't want anyone to experience it Thus, I wrote this book to help other beekeeper beginners Inside you'll find: -a quick history of bees and beekeeping -common types of bees -activities of worker bees -8 easy ways to win your neighbor's hearts -the ideal times to visit your bees -tips on how to avoid being stung bees -the 5 beekeping tools you must have -5 great tips for finding a good bee breeder -how to collect honey -and many more I truly believe this book will be your one stop source of knowledge for beekeping

The Classic Guide to Beekeeping

Author : John Hunter
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A comprehensive period guide to beekeeping, from hives to honey, including a small selection of recipes.

The Complete Guide to Beekeeping

Author : Jeremy Evans
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Beekeepers and those interested in beekeeping An introduction and guide to the complex subject of beekeeping, an ancient pastime which has seen a recent revival in interest. Whether the reader is a novice or a professional beekeeper, this book will be a valuable addition to existing literature. The book is fully comprehensive, starting with the novice and ending with the semi-expert It tells you all you need to know about taking up beekeeping on a small scale. Starting Beekeeping When and where; hives and beekeeping equipment; buying secondhand; understanding honeybees. Siting Your Bees Selecting a site; hiving your bees; feeding your bees; looking through the hive; avoiding bee stings. A Thriving Colony Adding supers; using a queen excluder; how bees forage; the honey flow; taking off honey. Wintering Down Preparing and feeding the hive for winter; mice, damp, wax moth and other enemies. The Second Year Spring cleaning; getting a second hive; oil seed rape; the 'June gap'; problems with a poor harvest. Planning Ahead Keeping the queen in charge; requeening; making a nuc. warming Why bees swarm; swarms in action; catching and hiving a swarm; drone laying queens and other problems. beekeeping; migratory hives. Honeybee Products Honey for sale; honey for show; honey recipes; making mead; wax extracting; beeswax polish and candles; propolis' and medicinal properties. Honeybee Problems Killer bees; bee pests and diseases. Bees in History Beekeeping from BC to the present century. Glossary of beekeeping terms and information packed appendices.


Author : Jason Howard
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Discover everything you need to know about raising healthy bees and the practice of modern apiculture with this comprehensive guide to beekeeping for beginners If you've ever wondered if you could become a beekeeper and raise your own bee colony for fun and profit, have access to a fresh supply of delicious honey while saving the planet at the same time, then this guide is just what you need. Being a beekeeper isn't a hazardous as many people believe it to be. In this guide, Jason Howard hands you the complete blueprint to foster and maintain healthy, vibrant colonies without headaches. In Beekeeping: A Beginner's Guide to Building a Hive for Your Bee Colony, you're going to discover: All you need to know about beekeeping to help you raise a robust, healthy and productive bee colony The different species of the honeybee and how to select the one best suitable for your needs and geographic location Important factors you need to consider when setting up a beehive in your garden or backyard The five types of commercially available beehives and how to choose the perfect one for your beekeeping needs How to choose the perfect location to site your very first or next beehive All the essential tools and personal equipment you need to be a successful beekeeper Foolproof ways to acquire new bees and introduce them to your your own colony Surefire hive treatment and maintenance techniques to help you maintain a healthy colony ...and tons more! Even if you're a complete novice looking to break into beekeeping and are looking for the perfect instructional guide to help you get started, or you're an experienced apiculturist looking to brush up on the basics and solve modern beekeeping problems, there is something in the pages of this guide for you. Scroll to the top of the page and click the "Buy Now" button to get started today!

Beekeeping For Dummies

Author : Howland Blackiston
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Believe it or not, bees are one of the oldest species of domesticated animals. Archeologists have found evidence of beekeeping, or apiculture, in the Middle East dating back more than five thousand years. If you’ve ever tasted good clover honey, it’s not hard to understand why. But it’s not just for the honey that more than 125,000 people (and growing) in the United States, alone, keep hives. Anyone interested in nature can’t help but be fascinated by those buzzing yellow bundles of energy and the exotic world they inhabit, with all its weird rituals and incredible efficiency. Also, dedicated gardeners appreciate the extra bounty that pollinating bees bring to their fruits, flowers, and vegetable gardens. In this easy-to-follow guide, Howland Blackiston, one of the nation’s most respected authorities on the subject, takes the mystery (and the sting) out of beekeeping. Taking a step-by-step approach to successful backyard beekeeping, he gets you up and running with all the information you need to: Build a hive Establish your first colony Inspect your hives with confidence Maintain healthy colonies Deal with pests and fix common problems Harvest and enjoy fresh homemade honey Bottle and market your honey Howland Blackiston covers all the bases, from bee anatomy, society, and behavior, to identifying and healing common illnesses afflicting bees. He also offers inventive solutions to most common and many uncommon problems you’re likely to run into. Among other things, you’ll discover: Where to put your hive, basic equipment you’ll need, and how to assemble a hive The best and safest way to inspect and enjoy your bees Year-round tasks a beekeeper must perform to maintain a healthy colony How to recognize and deal with common problems with brood production and the precious queen How to harvest honey and decide what kind of honey you’d like to make Making products from beeswax and propolis For both fun and profit, beekeeping has become a booming enterprise. A real honey of a book, Beekeeping For Dummies gets you on the road to enjoying this ancient, highly-rewarding, and oh-so-tasty hobby.