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Class in the Composition Classroom

Author : Genesea M. Carter
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Class in the Composition Classroom considers what college writing instructors should know about their working-class students—their backgrounds, experiences, identities, learning styles, and skills—in order to support them in the classroom, across campus, and beyond. In this volume, contributors explore the nuanced and complex meaning of “working class” and the particular values these college writers bring to the classroom. The real college experiences of veterans, rural Midwesterners, and trade unionists show that what it means to be working class is not obvious or easily definable. Resisting outdated characterizations of these students as underprepared and dispensing with a one-size-fits-all pedagogical approach, contributors address how region and education impact students, explore working-class pedagogy and the ways in which it can reify social class in teaching settings, and give voice to students’ lived experiences. As community colleges and universities seek more effective ways to serve working-class students, and as educators, parents, and politicians continue to emphasize the value of higher education for students of all financial and social backgrounds, conversations must take place among writing instructors and administrators about how best to serve and support working-class college writers. Class in the Composition Classroom will help writing instructors inside and outside the classroom prepare all their students for personal, academic, and professional communication. Contributors: Aaron Barlow, ​Cori Brewster, ​Patrick Corbett, ​Harry Denny, Cassandra Dulin, ​Miriam Eisenstein Ebsworth, ​Mike Edwards, ​Rebecca Fraser, ​Brett Griffiths, ​Anna Knutson, ​Liberty Kohn, ​Nancy Mack, ​Holly Middleton, ​Robert Mundy, ​Missy Nieveen Phegley, ​Jacqueline Preston, ​James E. Romesburg, ​Edie-Marie Roper, Aubrey Schiavone, Christie Toth, ​Gail G. Verdi

Twenty Writing Assignments in Context

Author : Melissa Bender
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 Twenty original, classroom-tested assignments: This innovative collection of college writing assignments explores the practical applications of each lesson. Drawing upon current best practices, each chapter includes a discussion of the rationale behind the assignment, along with supplemental elements such as guidelines for evaluation, prewriting exercises and tips for avoiding common pitfalls. The assignments are designed for a range of courses, from first-year composition to upper-division writing in various disciplines.

Computers in the Composition Classroom

Author : Michelle Sidler
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Computers in the Composition Classroom introduces new teachers and scholars to the best thinking and practices that inform sound computer-assisted writing pedagogy. Chapters focus on critical issues such as literacy and access; identity and online writing practices; composing online; and the future of technology and writing.

Mutuality in the Rhetoric and Composition Classroom

Author : David L. Wallace
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"Wallace and Ewald see mutuality as potentially transformative if it is based on interaction between teachers and students. The transformative notion of mutuality, which cannot be designated in advance, can be effected in classrooms by reconstituting classroom speech genres, redesigning the architecture of rhetoric and writing courses, and valuing students' interpretive agency in classroom discourse. Mutuality in alternative pedagogy, they assert, is a continuous collaboration between teachers and students."--BOOK JACKET.

From Hip Hop to Hyperlinks

Author : Joanna N. Paull
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From Hip-Hop to Hyperlinks is a text designed to invigorate composition teachers’ classroom approaches for getting students to better understand American culture(s). The contributors share their strategies from their classrooms, including such exciting topics as food, comedy, music, technology, and photography. Readers may use this collection in a pragmatic way or as inspiration for developing and revising their current cultural curriculum. In general, these essays trace semester-long course structures to allow readers to see how one assignment leads into the next, often offering student writing samples along the way. There is not another collection out there quite like this one. Ideal for graduate students learning strategies for teaching, new teachers seeking some effective strategies or even seasoned professors looking for new teaching ideas, From Hip-Hop to Hyperlinks is an exciting addition to any composition instructor’s collection of teaching texts.

Reading in the Composition Classroom

Author : Joan Carson
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The Writing Teacher s Companion

Author : Rai Peterson
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Here is everything the new composition instructor or teaching assistant needs to know, in a compact, affordable book. The book covers every aspect of teaching a course, from preparing a syllabus and promoting class discussion to evaluating papers, managing peer groups, and teaching the writing process. Peterson surveys the many methods of teaching, including portfolio assessment, collaborative writing, and computer-based writing.

Negotiating Religious Faith in the Composition Classroom

Author : Elizabeth Vander Lei
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Resource added for the Communication 108011 courses.

Using a Handbook in the Composition Classroom

Author : Natasha Whitton
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A good handbook may be the most valuable resource a college student will ever have-but because instructors rarely integrate handbooks into actual classroom activities, students rarely realize what a useful tool they have in their hands. This little book provides a wealth of advice and activities for using handbooks in composition classrooms. Focusing on using handbooks not only as grammar and style reference books but also as valuable support for research and writing, Using a Handbook in the Composition Classroom offers instructors a wide range of ideas and strategies for incorporating handbooks into teaching. The first chapter provides invaluable guidance for committees and individuals about selecting handbooks, and the last part offers sample syllabi for a variety of composition classrooms, correlated to the activities suggested in the chapters on teaching and learning from a handbook.

Teachers Discourses and Authority in the Postmodern Composition Classroom

Author : Xin Liu Gale
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Examines the teacher's role and the teacher's authority in postmodern academic settings.