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Computer Organisation and Architecture

Author : Pranabananda Chakraborty
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Computer organization and architecture is becoming an increasingly important core subject in the areas of computer science and its applications, and information technology constantly steers the relentless revolution going on in this discipline. This textbook demystifies the state of the art using a simple and step-by-step development from traditional fundamentals to the most advanced concepts entwined with this subject, maintaining a reasonable balance among various theoretical principles, numerous design approaches, and their actual practical implementations. Being driven by the diversified knowledge gained directly from working in the constantly changing environment of the information technology (IT) industry, the author sets the stage by describing the modern issues in different areas of this subject. He then continues to effectively provide a comprehensive source of material with exciting new developments using a wealth of concrete examples related to recent regulatory changes in the modern design and architecture of different categories of computer systems associated with real-life instances as case studies, ranging from micro to mini, supermini, mainframes, cluster architectures, massively parallel processing (MPP) systems, and even supercomputers with commodity processors. Many of the topics that are briefly discussed in this book to conserve space for new materials are elaborately described from the design perspective to their ultimate practical implementations with representative schematic diagrams available on the book’s website. Key Features Microprocessor evolutions and their chronological improvements with illustrations taken from Intel, Motorola, and other leading families Multicore concept and subsequent multicore processors, a new standard in processor design Cluster architecture, a vibrant organizational and architectural development in building up massively distributed/parallel systems InfiniBand, a high-speed link for use in cluster system architecture providing a single-system image FireWire, a high-speed serial bus used for both isochronous real-time data transfer and asynchronous applications, especially needed in multimedia and mobile phones Evolution of embedded systems and their specific characteristics Real-time systems and their major design issues in brief Improved main memory technologies with their recent releases of DDR2, DDR3, Rambus DRAM, and Cache DRAM, widely used in all types of modern systems, including large clusters and high-end servers DVD optical disks and flash drives (pen drives) RAID, a common approach to configuring multiple-disk arrangements used in large server-based systems A good number of problems along with their solutions on different topics after their delivery Exhaustive material with respective figures related to the entire text to illustrate many of the computer design, organization, and architecture issues with examples are available online at This book serves as a textbook for graduate-level courses for computer science engineering, information technology, electrical engineering, electronics engineering, computer science, BCA, MCA, and other similar courses.

Computer Architecture and Organization A Practical Approach

Author : Chopra Rajiv
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Boolean Algebra And Basic Building Blocks 2. Computer Organisation(Co) Versus Computer Architecture (Ca) 3. Ragister Transfer Language (Rtl) 4. Bus And Memory 5. Instruction Set Architecture (Isa), Cpu Architecture And Control Design 6. Memory, Its Hierarchy And Its Types 7. Input And Output Processinf (Iop) 8. Parallel Processing 9. Computer Arithmetic Appendix A-E Appendix- A-Syllabus And Lecture Plans Appendix-B-Experiments In Csa Lab Appendix-C-Glossary Appendix-D-End Term University Question Papers Appendix-E- Bibliography

Author :
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Fundamentals of Computer Organization and Architecture

Author : Mostafa Abd-El-Barr
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This is the first book in the two-volume set offering comprehensivecoverage of the field of computer organization and architecture.This book provides complete coverage of the subjects pertaining tointroductory courses in computer organization and architecture,including: * Instruction set architecture and design * Assembly language programming * Computer arithmetic * Processing unit design * Memory system design * Input-output design and organization * Pipelining design techniques * Reduced Instruction Set Computers (RISCs) The authors, who share over 15 years of undergraduate and graduatelevel instruction in computer architecture, provide real worldapplications, examples of machines, case studies and practicalexperiences in each chapter.

Digital Design and Computer Organisation

Author : D. Nasib S. Gill
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Digital Design and Computer Organization introduces digital design as it applies to the creation of computer systems. It summarizes the tools of logic design and their mathematical basis, along with in depth coverage of combinational and sequential circuits. The book includes an accompanying CD that includes the majority of circuits highlighted in the text, delivering you hands-on experience in the simulation and observation of circuit functionality. These circuits were designed and tested with a user-friendly Electronics Workbench package (Multisim Textbook Edition) that enables your progression from truth tables onward to more complex designs. This volume differs from traditional digital design texts by providing a complete design of an AC-based CPU, allowing you to apply digital design directly to computer architecture. The book makes minimal reference to electrical properties and is vendor independent, allowing emphasis on the general design principles.

The Essentials of Computer Organization and Architecture

Author : Linda Null
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Computer Architecture/Software Engineering

Computer Organization and Architecture

Author : William Stallings
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For junior/senior/graduate-level courses in Computer Organization and Architecture in the Computer Science and Engineering departments. This text provides a clear, comprehensive presentation of the organization and architecture of modern-day computers, emphasizing both fundamental principles and the critical role of performance in driving computer design. The text conveys concepts through a wealth of concrete examples highlighting modern CISC and RISC systems.

Computer Organization and Architecture

Author : William Stallings
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Computer Organization And Architecture

Author : P N Basu
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The book covers the syllabi of Computer Organization and Architecture for most of the Indian universities and colleges. The author has carefully arranged the chapters and topics using Education Technology and Courseware Engineering Principles, with proper planning to help self-paced as well as guided learning. Large numbers of examples, solved problems and exercises have been incorporated to help students strengthen their base in the subject. A number of multiple choice questions have been included with answers and explanatory notes. The basic principles have been explained with appropriate lucid descriptions supported by explanatory diagrams and graphics. The advanced principles have been presented with in-depth explanation and relevant examples.

Computer Organization and Design

Author : David A. Patterson
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"Presents the fundamentals of hardware technologies, assembly language, computer arithmetic, pipelining, memory hierarchies and I/O"--