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Principles of Computer Systems and Network Management

Author : Dinesh Chandra Verma
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Systems Management is emerging as the predominant area for computer science in the enterprise, with studies showing that the bulk (up to 80%) of an enterprise IT budget is spent on management/operational issues and is the largest piece of the expenditure. This textbook provides an overview of the field of computer systems and network management. Systems management courses are being taught in different graduate and undergraduate computer science programs, but there are no good books with a comprehensive overview of the subject. This text book will provide content appropriate for either an undergraduate course (junior or senior year) or a graduate course in systems management.

Engineering in Dependability of Computer Systems and Networks

Author : Wojciech Zamojski
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This book presents papers on various problems of dependability in computer systems and networks that were discussed at the 14th DepCoS-RELCOMEX conference, in Brunów, Poland, from 1st to 5th July 2019. Discussing new ideas, research results and developments in the design, implementation, maintenance and analysis of complex computer systems, it is of interest to researchers and practitioners who are dealing with dependability issues in such systems. Dependability analysis came as a response to new challenges in the evaluation of contemporary complex systems, which should be considered as systems of people – with their needs and behaviours –interacting with technical communication channels (such as mobile activities, iCloud, Internet of Everything) and online applications, often operating in hostile environments. The diversity of topics covered, illustrates the variety of methods used in this area, often with the help of the latest results in artificial and computational intelligence.

Computer System and Network Security

Author : Gregory B. White
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Computer System and Network Security provides the reader with a basic understanding of the issues involved in the security of computer systems and networks. Introductory in nature, this important new book covers all aspects related to the growing field of computer security. Such complete coverage in a single text has previously been unavailable, and college professors and students, as well as professionals responsible for system security, will find this unique book a valuable source of information, either as a textbook or as a general reference. Computer System and Network Security discusses existing and potential threats to computer systems and networks and outlines the basic actions that are generally taken to protect them. The first two chapters of the text introduce the reader to the field of computer security, covering fundamental issues and objectives. The next several chapters describe security models, authentication issues, access control, intrusion detection, and damage control. Later chapters address network and database security and systems/networks connected to wide-area networks and internetworks. Other topics include firewalls, cryptography, malicious software, and security standards. The book includes case studies with information about incidents involving computer security, illustrating the problems and potential damage that can be caused when security fails. This unique reference/textbook covers all aspects of computer and network security, filling an obvious gap in the existing literature.


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The rapid expansion of the field of telecommunication networks call for a new edition to assist the readers with development of understanding towards new telecommunication technologies. This well-accepted textbook, now in its Second Edition, is designed for the final-year undergraduate and the first-year graduate students in electronics and communication engineering and allied subjects. It fulfils the need for a suitable textbook in the area of telecommunication switching systems and networks. The text covers, in a single volume, both switching systems and telecommunications networks. The book begins with a brief discussion on the evolution of telecommunication. It then goes on to give a classification scheme for switching systems, and describes the basic components of a switching system and the fundamental concepts of network structures. It provides an in-depth coverage of fibre optic communication system and the traffic engineering concepts. A distinguishing feature of the book is the thorough treatment of the most important telecommunication networks, viz. the public switched telephone network (PSTN), the public data network (PDN), and the integrated services digital network (ISDN). Worked-out examples and exercises would be of considerable assistance to the reader in understanding all aspects of telecommunication engineering. NEW TO THIS EDITION • Sections on SONET, WDM, and DWDM in Chapter 7 • New section on Broadband ISDN and related technologies in Chapter 11 • A new chapter on Mobile Communication which covers almost all aspects of the cell planning and mobile channels • A new chapter on Satellite Communication which gives sufficient introductory knowledge of the satellites, satellite orbits, and orbital theory • Satellite link budget analysis (with examples) in Chapter 13.

Computer Systems and Networking Guide

Author : Hans Weber
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Handling computers has gotten easier than before. However, do you know the world of the Internet? What makes a computer go online? How can you identify someone else's device? What are the different types of networks and how can you safeguard yourself from the different threats? Let's find out.We will also take a look at the career of a computer networking specialist, and the challenges you can expect. This computer system and networking guide offers an extensive insight into how computer systems work, the things your computer or router need to get online, and about IP sub-netting. The book talks about the handy tools you need to get started, as well as network security tools that will help keep you safe online. Know what analytical skills you need to succeed, as well as the top qualities that make a good computer networking specialist. Know where to keep the LAN network and how to set up your router. Know your responsibilities when in the IT department. This book contains all the proven steps and concepts necessary to understand computer system networks, what it is, its importance, and how to specialize in the field. We cover everything from IPs, to routers, to VPN's and more.A computer systems network is a fundamental element in most companies today. In fact, it's become the standard structure for databases, programs, and even business organization.As such, any modern firm looking to earn its place in any industry needs to understand (at least) the essential concepts.Likewise, any aspiring professional should look for careers relevant in the current market landscape. Computer systems and networks have become traditional today, but it's still a growing career.Despite having a high demand and applications, the field still has a long path before becoming its final form. That's why it's one of the most promising fields right now, but despite similar careers like robotics and AI, it's one that can guarantee employment much quicker than many other specializations. Take a look at all that you need to know to get started, with this in-depth computer networking guide that you are sure to find useful.

Computer Systems and Networks

Author : Barry G. Blundell
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This book provides an introduction to the basic operation of computer systems and basic material relating to the networking of computers.... This is an introductory-level book which lays the foundations for more advanced courses. -Pref.

Theory and Engineering of Dependable Computer Systems and Networks

Author : Wojciech Zamojski
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This book contains papers on selected aspects of dependability analysis in computer systems and networks, which were chosen for discussion during the 16th DepCoS-RELCOMEX conference held in Wrocław, Poland, from June 28 to July 2, 2021. Their collection will be a valuable source material for scientists, researchers, practitioners and students who are dealing with design, analysis and engineering of computer systems and networks and must ensure their dependable operation. Being probably the most complex technical systems ever engineered by man (and also—the most dynamically evolving ones), organization of contemporary computer systems cannot be interpreted only as structures built on the basis of (unreliable) technical resources. Their evaluation must take into account a specific blend of interacting people (their needs and behaviours), networks (together with mobile properties, cloud organization, Internet of Everything, etc.) and a large number of users dispersed geographically and constantly producing an unconceivable number of applications. Ever-growing number of research methods being continuously developed for dependability analyses apply the newest techniques of artificial and computational intelligence. Selection of papers in these proceedings illustrates diversity of multi-disciplinary topics which are considered in present-day dependability explorations.

Advances in Communications Computing Networks and Security Volume 8

Author : Paul Dowland
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This book is the eighth in a series presenting research papers arising from MSc/MRes research projects undertaken by students of the School of Computing and Mathematics at Plymouth University. The publications in this volume are based upon research projects that were undertaken during the 2009/10 academic year. A total of 30 papers are presented, covering many aspects of modern networking and communication technology, including security, mobility, coding schemes and quality measurement. The expanded topic coverage compared to earlier volumes in this series reflects the broadening of our range of MSc programmes. Specifically contributing programmes are: Communications Engineering and Signal Processing, Computer and Information Security, Computer Science, Network Systems Engineering, Robotics, and Web Applications Development.

Annotated Bibliography of the Literature on Resource Sharing Computer Networks

Author : Helen M. Wood
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Situational Awareness in Computer Network Defense Principles Methods and Applications

Author : Onwubiko, Cyril
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"This book provides academia and organizations insights into practical and applied solutions, frameworks, technologies, and implementations for situational awareness in computer networks"--Provided by publisher.