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Blue Lipstick

Author : John Grandits
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A 15-year-old girl named Jessie voices typical—and not so typical—teenage concerns in this unique, hilarious collection of poems. Her musings about trying out new makeup and hairstyles, playing volleyball and cello, and dealing with her annoying younger brother are never boring or predictable. Who else do you know who designs her own clothes and writes poetry to her cat? Jessie’s a girl with strong opinions, and she isn’t shy about sharing them. Her funny, sarcastic take on high school life is revealed through concrete poetry: words, ideas, type, and design that combine to make pictures and patterns. The poems are inventive, irreverent, irresistible, and full of surprises—just like Jessie—and the playful layout and ingenious graphics extend the wry humor.

Ode to a Commode

Author : Brian P. Cleary
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Is that a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's a poem! Concrete poems are shaped like their subjects. They can look like objects, animals, or even people. You won't find many straight lines here! Award-winning author Brian P. Cleary explains how concrete poems work—and uses them to create all sorts of wild wordplay. Ode to a Commode is packed with mind-bending poems to make you puzzle and ponder. And when you've finished reading, you can try your hand at writing your own concrete poems!

Writing Sense

Author : Juli Kendall
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Writing is all about making meaning. The prospect of teaching writing to a classroom full of students—some who speak English and some who don't, can be overwhelming. When students learning English are at different levels, the task is even more challenging. Juli Kendall and Outey Khuon experimented with Ellin Keene's “Thinking Strategies Used by Proficient Learners” and found that by integrating writing and reading instruction their English language learners become stronger writers. Writing Sense outlines the classroom conditions necessary for successful writing instruction with English language learners, whether in writing workshop and/or small-group instruction. It includes 68 classroom-tested lessons for grades K–8 that show kids at all levels of language acquisition how to make connections, ask questions, visualize (make mental images), infer, determine importance, synthesize, monitor meaning and comprehension, and use fix-up strategies. Like the authors' earlier book, Making Sense, the five main sections are geared to the stages of language proficiency, and lessons are divided into “younger” and “older” students, spanning kindergarten through to grade eight. There are extensive lists of suggested books for mentor texts as well as lists of mentor authors to facilitate teachers' planning and instruction.

Technically It s Not My Fault

Author : John Grandits
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Offers the thoughts of an eleven-year-old boy who, through a collection of poetry and illustrations, ponders the many things he sees and experiences in the world around him.

The Translation and Transmission of Concrete Poetry

Author : John Corbett
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This volume addresses the global reception of "untranslatable" concrete poetry. Featuring contributions from an international group of literary and translation scholars and practitioners, working across a variety of languages, the book views the development of the international concrete poetry movement through the lens of "transcreation", that is, the informed, creative response to the translation of playful, enigmatic, visual texts. Contributions range in subject matter from ancient Greek and Chinese pattern poems to modernist concrete poems from the Americas, Europe and Asia. This challenging body of experimental work offers creative challenges and opportunities to literary translators and unique pleasures to the sympathetic reader. Highlighting the ways in which literary influence is mapped across languages and borders, this volume will be of interest to students and scholars of experimental poetry, translation studies and comparative literature.

Poetry People

Author : Sylvia M. Vardell
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Alphabetical entries provide brief biographies, highlight selected books, describe poetic style and awards won, and suggest curriculum connections for more than sixty contemporary authors of poetry for children and young adults.

Wet Cement

Author : Bob Raczka
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Who says words need to be concrete? This collection shapes poems in surprising and delightful ways. Concrete poetry is a perennially popular poetic form because they are fun to look at. But by using the arrangement of the words on the page to convey the meaning of the poem, concrete or shape poems are also easy to write! From the author of the incredibly inventive Lemonade: And Other Poems Squeezed from a Single Word comes another clever collection that shows kids how to look at words and poetry in a whole new way.

Struggling to Swim on Concrete

Author : Vassar Miller
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A Spectacular Selection of Sea Critters

Author : Betsy Franco
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What might you see if you swam in the sea? Dive on in to encounter everything from dolphins and octopuses to sea turtles and squirrel fish. This clever book features concrete poems about a spectacular selection of sea critters. The award-winning duo behind A Curious Collection of Cats and A Dazzling Display of Dogs created this collection of twenty-nine visual poems celebrating creatures of the sea. Ocean observers and animal aficionados are sure to find these selections sensational!

The Semiotic Bridge

Author : Irmengard Rauch
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Author : Wayne Kaumualii Westlake
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In an all-too-brief life and literary career, Wayne Kaumualii Westlake (1947–1984) produced a substantial body of poetry. He broke new ground as a poet, translated Taoist classical literature and Japanese haiku, interwove perspectives from his Hawaiian heritage into his writing and art, and published his work locally, regionally, and internationally. Westlake was born on Maui and raised on the island of O‘ahu, where he attended Punahou School, and later the University of Oregon. He earned his B.A. in Chinese studies at the University of Hawai‘i. At the time of his tragic death in 1984, Westlake was at the height of his poetic career. Unfortunately, the only collection of his poems available at the time was a 32-page, limited edition chapbook independently published by a small press. The present volume, long overdue, includes nearly two hundred of Westlake’s poems—most unavailable to the public or never before published.

Studies in Interpretation

Author : Esther M. Doyle
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Drop 1

Author : Anwar Jaber
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Concrete poem depends on the visual effects of the space and its words. It is a visual expressionism where the visual effects are part of the expressionism. Drop1 is volume one of my annual series of concrete poems. Drop 1 is the work of 2018.

Konfessions of an Elizabethan Fan Dancer

Author : bp Nichol
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Better break out your sledgehammer – it's time for a little concrete! Concrete poetry, that is. Concrete what? Well, it's poetry that's a lot like art – its meaning comes from what it looks like instead of the order of the words, so it's full of great visual puns and word puzzles. And one of its foremost practitioners is bpNichol, one of Canada's best experimental writers. Konfessions of an Elizabethan Fan Dancer is Nichol's very first book. Originally published in England by Bob Cobbing in 1967, and then in Canada in 1973 by Nelson Ball's Weed/Flower Press, it has been unavailable for a dog's age. This new edition, curated by poet and antiquarian bookseller Nelson Ball, redresses this wrong. One of the few Nichol books that is dedicated entirely to concrete poetry, Konfessions is, like all of Nichol's work, playful, sincere, explorative, intelligent and human.

Boundaries Limits and Space

Author : Shaunt Basmajian
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The Horseman s Word

Author : Edwin Morgan
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Eclipse Concrete Poems

Author : Alan Riddell
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In this volume of typographical poems, or “concrete poems”, Alan Riddell weaves words and the very letters they're made of into shapes and patterns that heighten or, in some cases, completely undermine the professed message of the poems. When Eclipse was first published in 1972, concrete poetry was still a relatively new art form, and this book was the first substantial one-man collection to be published in Britain. Now, almost fifty years since its inception, this volume provides a unique perspective on the cutting-edge technique.

Student Booster Writing Poetry Grades 4 8

Author : Cindy Barden
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Write on! Write with students in grades 4 and up using Student Booster: Writing Poetry. This 32-page book sparks students' interest in reading and writing poetry. It features types of poems such as acrostic, cinquain, diamanté, haiku, limerick, narrative, numerical, and sensory. The book includes an end-of-book review and answer key.

Rock Solid Concrete Poems

Author : John Schmidt
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This collection of concrete poems offers free expression to the imagination, entertaining readers of all ages. These art poems are truly for the heart, creating a satisfying emotional response while titillating the mind and expanding the soul.

Ode to a Comode

Author : Brian P. Cleary
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