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Conducting Research in Educational Contexts

Author : Tehmina N Basit
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`Where was this book during the last five years when I was working with so many educational professionals on their dissertations? We could have used this book! The step-by-step process is clear for those new to research and accurately reflects the best of research theory. This text will also be an excellent "on the shelf" immediate reference for educators who want to conduct on-site research in their schools and classrooms after they have finished their dissertations and theses.' Diane M. Dunlap, Adjunct Professor in the Department of Educational Leadership, University of Oregon, USA Anyone embarking on a research project for the first time is likely to be daunted by the research process and the huge array of seemingly impenetrable terminology. This user-friendly yet comprehensive book is divided into three sections. The author carefully guides the reader step-by-step through the entire research process, from getting started and gathering data, to making sense of the data. Accessible and down-to-earth, this book will prove an invaluable resource for educational researchers everywhere. `A fresh and lively approach to issues of undertaking diverse studies across a broad spectrum. It raises questions and challenges students to think and consider moral questions too.' Miriam E. David, Professor of Education, Institute of Education, University of London, UK `A thoughtful, accessible, "no-nonsense" guide to educational research written for the novice researcher. Research supervisors should point their students towards this helpful "one-stop" shop for good practical ideas on conducting robust educational research.' Richard James, Professor of Higher Education and Director of Centre for the Study of Higher Education, University of Melbourne, Australia

The Wiley Handbook of Action Research in Education

Author : Craig A. Mertler
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Comprehensive overview of the theoretical, conceptual, and applied/practical presentations of action research as it is found and conducted solely in educational settings The Wiley Handbook of Action Research in Education is the first book to offer theoretical, conceptual, and applied/practical presentations of action research as it is found and conducted solely in educational settings. Covering primarily PK-12 educational settings, the book utilizes a cross-section of international authors and presentations to provide global perspectives on action research in education. Part I of The Wiley Handbook of Action Research in Education focuses on various foundational aspects and issues related to action research. Part II is centered on chapters that present theories and principles that help to guide the use of action research in educational contexts. Part III focuses on specific applications of educational action research in practice. Part IV provides an outlet for seven educational practitioners to share their experiences in conducting action research. Each of these authors also discusses the importance and value that action research has had on him or her, both professionally and personally. Discuss action research in PK-12, as well as in higher education settings The first book to focus on the importance and application of action research exclusively in educational settings Offers world perspectives on action research in education Written by a team of international scholars The Wiley Handbook of Action Research in Education is an excellent book for advanced undergraduate students, graduate students, and scholars studying and/or researching educational action research.

Doing Research in Education

Author : Ioanna Palaiologou
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This book will help you to plan, design and conduct quality research within the specific context of education and educational studies. An impressive cast of contributors discuss the reality of conducting research in different educational settings and provide practical advice for both undergraduate and postgraduate students and early career researchers doing research in education. The book discusses key philosophical issues such as understanding research paradigms, ethics and selecting appropriate methodologies but remains grounded in the practical experience of the researcher. It has comprehensive coverage of the whole research process from start to finish, is easy to navigate and helps develop key skills such as: Time management Creating good research questions and hypotheses Constructing the literature review Structuring a project Writing a proposal Managing data Analysing data Writing for specific audiences Packed full of learning features and showcasing a wide range of voices and opinions this book is an ideal guide for anyone conducting research in education or educational studies.

Systematic Reviews in Educational Research

Author : Olaf Zawacki-Richter
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In this open access edited volume, international researchers of the field describe and discuss the systematic review method in its application to research in education. Alongside fundamental methodical considerations, reflections and practice examples are included and provide an introduction and overview on systematic reviews in education research. Contents Reflections on the Methodological Approach of Systematic Reviews Ethical Considerations of Conducting Systematic Reviews in Educational Research Teaching Systematic Review Conceptualizations and Measures of Student Engagement The Role of Social Goals in Academic Success Target Groups Researchers, instructors, and students in the field of education and related disciplines The Editors Prof. Dr. Olaf Zawacki-Richter, Professor of Educational Technology, Center for Open Education Research (COER), Faculty of Education and Social Science, Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg, Germany. Prof. Dr. Michael Kerres, Professor of Educational Science | Learning Technology & Innovations, Learning Lab, University of Duisburg-Essen, Essen, Germany. Dr. Svenja Bedenlier, Research Associate, Center for Open Education Research (COER), Faculty of Education and Social Science, Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg, Germany. Melissa Bond, Research Associate, Center for Open Education Research (COER), Faculty of Education and Social Science, Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg, Germany. Katja Buntins, Research Associate, Learning Lab, University of Duisburg-Essen, Essen, Germany.

Action Research in Teaching and Learning

Author : Lin S Norton
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A practical, down-to-earth guide for those who work in teaching and learning in universities, this book will be indispensable reading for those who would like to carry out action research on their own practice. Lin S Norton's concept of 'pedagogical action research' has come from over twenty years' experience of carrying out such research, and more than six years of encouraging colleagues to carry out small scale studies at an institutional, national and international level. This accessible text illustrates what might be done to improve teaching/supporting learning by carrying out action research to address such questions such as: What can I do to enthuse my students? What can I do to help students become more analytical? How can I help students to link theory with their practice? What can I do to make my lecturing style more accessible? What is going wrong in my seminars when my students don't speak? Action Research for Teaching and Learning offers readers practical advice on how to research their own practice in a higher education context. It has been written specifically to take the reader through each stage of the action research process with the ultimate goal of producing a research study which is publishable. Cognisant of the sector’s view on what is perceived to be ‘mainstream research’, the author has also written a substantial theoretical section which justifies the place of pedagogical action research in relation to reflective practice and the scholarship of teaching and learning.

Educational Research

Author : John O'Toole
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For many teachers and teacher education students, research is an initially daunting prospect. This accessible and engaging text introduces students to the broad field of educational research demonstrating how to use research to think about issues arising from educational and social policy, as well as schools and classrooms, within organizational and institutional contexts.

Using Creative Arts Based Research Methods in School Settings

Author : Suzanne Everley
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This book considers the practical challenges likely to be faced when conducting research in the reality of busy educational contexts. It presents an understanding of the perceived efficacy and accessibility of creative research approaches from the perspective of participants as well as the researcher. The book addresses key concerns in research that seeks to understand children’s experiences in terms of creativity in thinking, methods and analysis, the school setting as a socially constructed environment, and power relations in experience and data production. Written in an accessible style that provides a representation of the evolution of arts-based research methods, it includes illustrative case studies, practical suggestions and guidance on further reading. This book will assist higher education researchers seeking to represent subjective experience and empower participants in the creative research process. This book will be vital reading for researchers completing projects within primary and secondary school settings, as well as those involved in teaching and studying at postgraduate level within MA Education programmes. It will also be of interest to students of research methods at undergraduate level.

Doing Educational Research in Rural Settings

Author : Simone White
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Doing Educational Research in Rural Settings is a much-needed guide for educational researchers whose research interests are located outside metropolitan areas in places that are generically considered to be rural. This book is both timely and important as it takes up the key question of how to conduct educational research within and for rural communities. It explores the impact of educational research in such contexts in terms of the lasting good of research and also those being researched. The authorship is international, which brings together researchers experienced in conducting educational inquiry in rural places from across European, Australian, American, and Canadian contexts, allowing readers insight into national and regional challenges. It also draws on the research experiences and methodological challenges faced by senior figures in the field of rural educational research, as well as those in their early careers. Key topics include: Working with and within the rural; The impact of educational globalisation and the problematisation of cultural difference in social research; Researcher subjectivities; The position of education research in rural contexts; The usefulness of research Reciprocity and converging interest; Ethics and confidentiality. This book is uniquely written with an eye to practicality and applicability, and will be an engaging guide for higher degree and doctoral students seeking to gain a stronger understanding of educational research in rural settings.

Research in Education

Author :
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Washback in Language Testing

Author : Liying Cheng
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Washback refers to the influence of language testing on teaching and learning. This volume, at the important intersection of language testing and teaching practices, presents theoretical, methodological, and practical guidance for current and future washback studies. In the field of language testing, researchers' major interest has traditionally been focused on issues and solving problems inherent in tests in order to increase their reliability and validity. However, the washback effect goes well beyond the test itself to include factors, such as curriculum, teacher and learner behaviors inside and outside the classroom, their perceptions of the test, and how test scores are used. Only recently have researchers started to empirically investigate the phenomenon of washback. This volume of such research serves two essential purposes by: *providing an overview of the complexity of washback and the various contextual factors entangled within testing, teaching, and learning; and *presenting empirical studies from around the world that offer insights into the effects of washback in specific educational contexts and models of research on which future studies can be based. The extensive use of test scores for various educational and social purposes in society nowadays makes the washback effect a high-interest phenomenon in the day-to-day educational activities of teachers, researchers, program coordinators/directors, policymakers, and others in the field of education. Washback in Language Testing: Research Contexts and Methods is a valuable resource for those who are interested in the application of findings to actual teaching and learning situations or conduct washback research in their own contexts, including educational and psychological testing experts, as well as alternative assessment people in all fields, and for policy- and decision-makers in educational and testing organizations.

Design Based Research in Education

Author : Zoi A. Philippakos
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Effective research in educational settings requires collaboration between researchers and school-based practitioners to codesign instruction and assessment, analyze findings to inform subsequent iterations, and make thoughtful revisions. This innovative reference and course text examines the theory and practice of design-based research (DBR), an important methodology for conducting studies in authentic educational contexts. Across 13 chapters, leading experts provide specific examples of high-quality DBR addressing different research foci, grade levels, and subject areas (literacy/English language arts, math, and science). Applications are presented for curriculum development, intervention, assessment, and digital contexts, as well as teaching second-language learners. Also addressed is DBR’s role in educator preparation, professional development, dissertation research, and technical education.

Comparative and International Research in Education

Author : Michael Crossley
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From the foreword: This book is a major contribution to the field of comparative and international education. It has been co-authored by two distinguished figures, who write with authority and clarity, and who present conceptual insights which add creative and intellectual vitality to the field at a time of major change and development. Changing geopolitical relations, the acceleration of globalisation and major advances in information and communication technology have all transformed and revitalised international and comparative research in education. This multidisciplinary book critically examines the implications of this change for those engaged in such work worldwide. Groundbreaking and insightful, it draws on the latest research and developments in the field to give a comprehensive overview and analysis of the contemporary condition of this valuable form of research. Drawing upon the authors' extensive international experience, the text: * Re-assesses the diverse and multidisciplinary origins of this field of study: * Documents the increased orientation towards research; * Explores the changing nature of the problems and issues faced by both new and experienced researchers; * Puts forward a coherent and well-informed case for a thorough reconceptualisation of the field as a whole. The book argues eloquently for increased cultural and contextual sensitivity in educational research and development in order that the field might make a more effective contribution to educational theory, policy and practice. This multidisciplinary work will be welcomed by a wide range of theorists and researchers in education and the social sciences, as well as teachers, policymakers and anyone concerned with improving dialogue and understanding across cultures and nations.

Situated Ethics in Educational Research

Author : Helen Simons
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Ethics has traditionally been seen as a set of general principles which can be applied in a range of situations. This book argues that in fact ethical principles must be shaped within different research practices and hence take on different significances according to varying research situations. The book develops the notion of situated ethics and explores how ethical issues are practically handled by educational researchers in the field. Contributors present theoretical models and practical examples of what situated ethics involves in conducting research on specific areas.

Classrooms as Laboratories

Author : United States. Congress. House. Committee on Science. Subcommittee on Research
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Mindfulness and Education

Author : Tamara Ditrich
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With mindfulness initiatives currently highly topical in a range of academic, therapeutic and other domains, new applications of mindfulness have begun to appear in educational settings. This accumulation of twelve research-focused papers contributes to the nascent field of mindfulness in education by exploring practical implementations, as well as theoretical concerns within a range of educational contexts. The contributions in this volume reflect and capture the diversity of approaches to research-linked mindfulness programmes being implemented in contemporary education at primary, secondary and tertiary levels. Ranging across a number of disciplines, the chapters contribute to work on mindfulness in psychology, education theory, and Buddhist studies. From the evidence provided here, it is shown that the implementation of mindfulness in educational settings is certainly worthwhile, while appropriately rigorous research methods are still being developed.

Testing Teaching and Learning

Author :
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Explicit Writing Instruction in Higher Educational Contexts

Author : Eunsook Shim
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Research Methods in Special Education

Author : Donna M. Mertens
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This book explores ways to adapt research methods from other disciplines to the special education context and provides the reader with a framework for critically analyzing and conducting research in areas where people with disabilities live, learn and work. Identifying people with disabilities as heterogenous cultural groups, and including such disabilities as blindness, learning difficulties and deafness, the authors discuss the implications for planning, conducting and writing research. Topics examined include: the development of research questions; identification of special education populations; sampling issues; appropriate quantitative and qualitative techniques; interpretation issues in data analysis; and directions

Resources in Education

Author :
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Perils Pitfalls and Reflexivity in Qualitative Research in Education

Author : Fauzia Shamim
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Papers presented at an international conference on Qualitative research in developing countries : possibilities and challenges, held at University of Karachi in November 2006.