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Confident Face

Author : Esther Jacob
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When you look in the mirror, what do you see? In a world where physical appearance is compromised with social media filters and flawed perceptions of vanity, there’s a deep void that temporary satisfaction can’t fulfil. If someone asks you what makes you stand out, what will you answer to? Confident Face is the ability to nurture and embrace your own authentic beauty. Our generation is heavily focused on physical attributes that tends to neglect inner beauty – the working on one’s character, behavioural patterns and attitudes which are often overlooked. The sooner you learn to accept who you are, the sooner you will move from the path of confusion to confidence. Be your own Confident Face.

You Can Be an Optimist

Author : Lucy MacDonald
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Optimism is a key ingredient for happiness and success in life. Optimistic people have more fun, they're healthier, and they achieve more of their potential. Unfortunately, many people believe it is impossible to learn optimism. However, optimistic thinking is a skill anyone can learn. In this simple, practical title, readers will find twenty engaging exercises – including simple practices such as journaling, affirmation, and physical exercises – that will teach them to be optimistic. Readers will learn how to recognize and deal with problems as they arise, nurture a positive outlook, and be happier and more successful in life.

The Living Age

Author :
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A Heartbeat Away Mills Boon Cherish

Author : Eleanor Jones
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Lucy McTavish has loved Daniel Brown since they were children, and he returned her feelings from the very first. His home, a farm in the English countryside, was a refuge from her unhappy childhood, his heart a shelter for her own. Daniel said they'd always be together–but that's a promise he's unable to keep....

Cunningly Smart Phones

Author : Jack M. Wedam
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Corporations are spying on you more than government spies ever could. Just follow the money to find out how and why. Corporations can often predict what you will do next, detect subtle changes in your mood, and essentially know what you’re thinking about. Development of behavioral biometrics accelerated after 9/11. Some of the research and development was funded by the government to identify potential terrorists and protect the public. However, these technologies are now used by corporations to trample your privacy, practically read your mind, and manipulate you to enhance their profits. Verify the facts yourself. This book contains over two hundred references, including court documents, patents, official government documents, and many other sources. You can do many things to protect yourself. With your help, this book can do for Internet privacy what Ralph Nader’s Unsafe at Any Speed did for automobile safety.

Mobile Cloud Visual Media Computing

Author : Gang Hua
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This book explores the internet and mobile ecosystems which are powered by cloud computing – an essential, if not indispensable, part of our everyday lives. Billions of users world-wide use this technology for information sharing, communication and social networking and a high proportion of activity is driven by massive media content such as images, videos and other emerging 3D visual media. However, managing, searching and visualizing this gigantic amount of data to facilitate communication is difficult which has led to an influx of innovation and research in these areas. The research is from academics from all around the world, focusing on the intersection of mobile, cloud, visual and multimedia computing and is split into five clear parts. Topics covered in the book include mobile augmented reality, computational photography, mobile visual recognition and search, and human-computer interaction (HCI). The findings discussed is meant to spur on further creative development in both academia and industry within this area. Mobile Cloud Visual Media Computing would of great interest to researchers and academics wishing to see how the state-of-the-art in media computing research is applied to innovative applications, whilst engineers and software designers from industry will gain an insight into the key set of technologies which support mobile and cloud media computing.

Esther Pennefather

Author : Alice Perry
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Murray s Magazine

Author :
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Appletons Town and Country Library

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The Presidency of Herbert C Hoover

Author : Martin L. Fausold
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This book is likely to rank as the standard source on the Hoover Presidency for years to come.