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The Shia Revival How Conflicts within Islam Will Shape the Future

Author : Vali Nasr
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A New York Times Bestseller "Historically incisive, geographically broad-reaching, and brimming with illuminating anecdotes."—Max Rodenbeck, New York Review of Books Iranian-born scholar Vali Nasr has become one of America's leading commentators on current events in the Middle East, admired and welcomed by both media and government for his "concise and coherent" analysis (Wall Street Journal, front-page profile). In this "remarkable work" (Anderson Cooper), Nasr brilliantly dissects the political and theological antagonisms within Islam, providing a unique and objective understanding of the 1,400-year bitter struggle between Shias and Sunnis and shedding crucial light on its modern-day consequences.

WOUNDS CAUSED BY GOSSIP Attitudes And Conflicts Within The Church

Author : O.C. Isom II
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Wounds Caused by Gossip Ministry has been empowered by kingdom of God to equips, train, inform, educate, that we may bring the body of Christ together as one in the spirit. It is time for the church of the living God to help restore our workplace, churches, families, and communities back to God. We live in a society that is flooded with gossip and conflicts. And we just ignore it, because we as people in general love to gossip and keep up conflicts in our world today. But what happen when gossip and conflict infiltrate the workplace and the church. We must realize the core of our problems that we are faced with today is gossip and conflicts that has effect many and cause them to be wounded. Many people can endure all kinds of physical affliction, but when our spirit is wounded and a wounded-spirited person is someone who has been hurt and bruised and/or damaged in their spirit – it can be very painful and hurtful. A wounded spirit comes as a result of a re-action to negative words, events, actions, or a violation of your person or rights – a re-action that crushes you, knocks you down and from which you cannot seem to rise. It crushes an area of your life – your spirit – which is quite devastating in how it affects us. It seems we cannot heal ourselves of a wounded spirit. We see our churches, workplace and even our political government has failed. When we as believers who believe in the power of God’s Word we can put a stop to gossip and conflicts in our world today and bring about kingdom changes. We as a people must bring God back in our lives, workplace and our churches and align ourselves under the might hands of God. That why this ministry called “Wound Caused by Gossip ministry” has been orchestrate by God to impact and to transform attitudes that don’t line up with the Word of God. It is time for us as a people to achieve our spiritual and natural goals by changing our environment in our workplace and our churches so we can see His will done in our lives as it is in heaven. Many people individual love this ministry. Many of them have gave their testimony how your books on gossip and conflict has cause me to change and be deliver from emotional wounds. In order for us to change we as leaders in workplace and those in the church must understand what is the problem that is hurting and eating away in the workplace and the church? When we understand that gossip and conflict is the basis problems we them must embrace these evil attitudes and find biblical answers to help us overcome these attitudes. Leaders must begin using strategy such as Leaders must begin using strategy such as seminars, workshops, and resources that will address issues of gossip and conflicts. “We must shine the light of God’s Word and expose gossip and conflicts”

Win The Battle Of Conflicts With In

Author : R. A. M. Sharma
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Our mind creates our world continuously, day and night, till we breathe last. Our intellect creates our Karma. Our wild desires and ego produce conflicts by absurd and self-contradictory demands. Hence we remain unhappy and agitated even though we may possess enormous prosperity and power! Such a 'Battle of conflicts within' goes on all through life and we are tossed in the tsunami “tornado of our longings in the mind†. How to be victorious in this battle? How to attain tranquil happiness, stable fulfilment and the purpose of our coming on to this planet, the earth? This book provides answers to such and similar hard questions. Herein the wisdom of the Ancient, an analysis of the Self, connected with the source of power and total alteration of our attitude towards our short and uncertain existence have been blended together to achieve practical as well as spiritual enlightenment.

Conflicts within the Prijaji World of the Parahyangan in West java 1914 1927

Author : Mun Cheong Yong
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Conflicts Between Farmers and Herders in North western Mali

Author :
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Social Conflict within and between Groups

Author : Carsten K. W. De Dreu
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Intergroup competition and conflict create pervasive problems in human society, giving rise to such phenomena as prejudice, terrorism, ethnic cleansing, and interstate war. Citizens, policy makers, social workers, schoolteachers, and politicians wrestle with these problems, and with difficult questions these issues pose: What causes conflict to escalate? How should we manage conflict within communities, and also in society at large? Is conflict always bad, or does it have other more beneficial consequences? Social Conflict within and between Groups provides an overview of contemporary research from the social sciences on these questions. It brings together the research output of a number of leading researchers in psychology, management and economics, sociology and political science, and draws on the outcomes of ten prominent research programs conducted over the past five years. The chapters cover a range of fascinating topics, including prejudice and discrimination in multi-ethnic societies, and conflict and negotiation in the field of industrial relations. The authors also consider the possibilities for intervention at the interpersonal, intergroup and societal level. This is the first volume to provide an interdisciplinary overview of the various scientific approaches to studying the origins and consequences of social conflict. It will be of great interest to researchers, graduates and upper-level undergraduate students from across the social and behavioural sciences.

Working with Conflict 2

Author : Simon Fisher
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"The book embodies and reflects the diversity of over 300 practitioners from some 70 countries who, in RTC Working with Conflict courses, have pooled their varied experiences and methods of practice, which have then been adapted to suit a wide range of situations. Examples and cases are drawn from around the world - including Cambodia, Afghanistan, South Africa, Kenya, Northern Ireland and Colombia. The book highlights the options available to individuals and organisations; equips them with a basis on which they can plan what responses are possible; and strengthens their capacity to engage in useful interventions. The final chapter provides a list of key conflict-related and peace-building resources, including organisations, publications, videos and websites.".

Construction Conflict Management and Resolution

Author : P. Fenn
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This book brings together over 40 papers presented at the 1992 International Construction Conflict Management & Resolution Conference held in Manchester, UK. Six themes are covered, including alternative dispute resolution, conflict management, claims procedures, litigation and arbitration, international construction, and education and the future. With papers from arbitrators, architects, barristers, civil engineers, chartered surveyors and solicitors, this book represents the first multi-disciplinary body of knowledge on Construction Conflict and will act as a unique source of reference for both legal and construction professionals.

Constructive Conflicts

Author : Louis Kriesberg
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Highly regarded by instructors as the most comprehensive and insightful textbook on conflict resolution, Constructive Conflicts has been significantly revised and updated in this third edition. The new edition builds on the strengths of the first two, especially its organization around the different stages at which conflicts emerge, escalate, and resolve. Kriesberg's analysis utlizes diverse theoretical perspectives and data and is relevant for strategies that a variety of people can employ to foster the resolution of conflicts.

Institutions for the Management of Ethnopolitical Conflict in Central and Eastern Europe

Author : European Centre for Minority Issues
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Once considered an exclusively internal affair, international organisations have, over the last few decades, become increasingly involved in the management of ethnopolitical conflicts and have been active in attempts to prevent and/or resolve them. This book presents a series of studies covering the work of eight different organisations active in central and eastern Europe: the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe; its High Commissioner on National Minorities; the North Atlantic Treaty Organization; the United Nations Development Programme and Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs; the Council of Europe; the European Union; the Stability Pact for South Eastern Europe; and the World Bank. A further chapter considers the role of non-governmental organisations. The studies consider the varying approaches adopted by these institutions and illustrate the ways in which these differ from and complement one another. The assessment covers both the preventive and reactive sides of conflict management, and provides valuable lessons for similar activities in the future, both in the region and beyond.

Building Peace from Within

Author : Maphosa, Sylvester B.
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This book seeks to examine how successful models of building 'peace from within' in the African context function. It draws emerging lessons to provide critical recommendations on policy, practice and academia - our primary audience. While there are numerous examples of failures of conflict resolution in Africa, shown by intractable conflict axes, less attention is paid to successes. While acknowledging the challenges that exist, this edited volume provides positive examples of building peace from within in fragile contexts through many forms of initiatives and actions at different levels: community-based (through individual and/or collective local peace initiatives), government (through ministries and/or departments), and regional (through external and/or multilateral infrastructure for peace). As a guiding principle the notion of building peace from within draws from the idea of community regeneration, which describes voluntary and peaceful activities of grassroots actors that reflect their broader interests of building peaceful communities and existence.

Methods of Resolving Conflicts Between Treaties

Author : Ali Sadat-Akhavi
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Despite the theoretical and practical importance of the question of conflict between treaties, little has been written on the subject. This monograph fills this gap by providing a detailed analysis of the main issues. The book is divided into three parts. The first deals with the definition of conflict, causes of conflict, and different types of conflict. The second part examines different sources of international law in order to identify rules of international law relating to the resolution of conflicts. The third part addresses the actual process of resolving conflicts between treaties. After describing different stages of treaty conflict-resolution, it discusses some special principles advanced for resolving conflicts between certain types of treaties, namely, those relating to the protection of human rights, those concerning dispute settlement, and treaties dealing with private law issues. This work will assist and appeal to both academics in the fields of international law and political science and professionals engaged in international negotiations and treaty-making.

Conflict and Multimodal Communication

Author : Francesca D'Errico
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This book explores the use of technology to detect, predict and understand social cues, in order to analyze and prevent conflict. Traditional human sciences approaches are enriched with the latest developments in Social Signal Processing aimed at an automatic understanding of conflict and negotiation. Communication—both verbal and non-verbal, within the context of a conflict—is studied with the aim of promoting the use of intelligent machines that automatically measure and understand the escalation of conflict, and are able to manage it, in order to support the negotiation process. Particular attention is paid to the integration of human sciences findings with computational approaches, from the application of correct methodologies for the collection of valid data to the development of computational approaches inspired by research on verbal and multimodal communication. In the words of the trade unionist Pierre Carniti, "We should reevaluate conflict, since without conflict there is no social justice." With this in mind, this volume does not approach conflict simply as an obstacle to be overcome, but as a concept to be fully analyzed. The philosophical, linguistic and psychological aspects of conflict, once understood, can be used to promote conflict management as a means for change and social justice.

Conflicts Between Generalization Rigor and Intuition

Author : Gert Schubring
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This volume is, as may be readily apparent, the fruit of many years’ labor in archives and libraries, unearthing rare books, researching Nachlässe, and above all, systematic comparative analysis of fecund sources. The work not only demanded much time in preparation, but was also interrupted by other duties, such as time spent as a guest professor at universities abroad, which of course provided welcome opportunities to present and discuss the work, and in particular, the organizing of the 1994 International Graßmann Conference and the subsequent editing of its proceedings. If it is not possible to be precise about the amount of time spent on this work, it is possible to be precise about the date of its inception. In 1984, during research in the archive of the École polytechnique, my attention was drawn to the way in which the massive rupture that took place in 1811—precipitating the change back to the synthetic method and replacing the limit method by the method of the quantités infiniment petites—significantly altered the teaching of analysis at this first modern institution of higher education, an institution originally founded as a citadel of the analytic method.

Armed Conflicts in South Asia 2010

Author : D. Suba Chandran
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This book examines the major armed conflicts in South Asia. The articles study conflict management, look at the direction the armed conflict is likely to take and provide a set of alternative measures that could be pursued by the actors. Designed as an annual series, the articles provide a brief historical sketch of the emergence of armed conflict, outlining its various phases. This volume examines the various armed conflicts in South Asia in 2009 – in Afghanistan, FATA and NWFP, J&K, North-East India, Nepal and Sri Lanka, and sectarian and Naxalite violence in Pakistan and India respectively. The volume also includes an exclusive chapter on the continuing story of suicide terrorism in Pakistan. This important collection discusses India’s geo-strategic importance and its common borders with its neighbours; the psychological and economic costs of violence and the problem of refugee migrants; treaties, memorandums and ceasefire agreements signed over the past several years across countries; the role of the United Nations and other peacekeeping forces; and the future of failed and failing states.

Facing Ethnic Conflicts

Author : Andreas Wimmer
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This volume offers a major tour de force in bringing together for the first time key scholars, journalists, and policymakers from a variety of discipline perspectives to fully explore the wide range of issues involved in ethnic conflict and to offer concrete resolutions. The authors focus on prevention, intervention, and institutional regulation, but through it all, they bring a realistic perspective to bear on what is happening and what can be done. The wrenching circumstances of ethnic conflicts in Rwanda, Bosnia, Chechnya, or South Africa must never be forgotten or borne again, and the authors in this monumental work remind us-graphically, but groundedly-why. Visit our website for sample chapters! Published in co-operation with the Center for Development Research, University of Bonn.

The International Spread of Ethnic Conflict

Author : David A. Lake
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This work focuses on how, why and when ethnic conflicts either diffuse by precipitating similar conflicts elsewhere or escalate by bringing in outside parties and how such transnational ethnic conflicts can be managed. It focuses specifically on the conflicts in Eastern Europe and Africa.

The Oxford Handbook of Conflict Management in Organizations

Author : William K. Roche
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New ways of managing conflict are increasingly important features of work and employment in organizations. In the book the world's leading scholars in the field examine a range of innovative alternative dispute resolution (ADR) practices, drawing on international research and scholarship and covering both case studies of major exemplars and developments in countries in different parts of the global economy. Developments in the management of individual and collective conflict at work are addressed, as are innovations in both unionized and non-union organizations and in the private and public sectors. New practices for managing conflict in organizations are set in the context of trends in workplace conflict and perspectives on how conflict should be understood and addressed. Part 1 examines the changing context of conflict management by addressing the main frameworks for understanding conflict management, the trend in conflict at work, developments in employment rights, and the influence of HRM on conflict management. Part 2 covers the main approaches to conflict management in organizations, addressing both conventional and alternative approaches to conflict resolution. Conventional grievance handling and third-party processes in conflict resolution are examined as well as the main ADR practices, including conflict management in non-union firms, the role of the organizational ombudsman, mediation, interest-based bargaining, line and supervisory management, and the concept of conflict management systems. Part 3 presents case studies of exemplars and innovators in the field, covering mediation in the US postal service, interest-based bargaining at Kaiser-Permanente, 'med-arb' in the New Zealand Police, and judicial mediation in UK employment tribunals. Part 4 covers international developments in conflict management in Germany, Japan, The United States, Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and China. This Handbook gives a comprehensive overview of this growing field, which has seen an huge increase in programmes of study in university business and law schools and in executive education programmes.

Teaching Assistant s Handbook

Author : Louise Burnham
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This practical handbook contains information for candidates on the NVQ Teaching Assistants course or practitioners working alongside classroom teachers. It explores all the aspects of establishing relationships with children, supporting learning activities and managing behaviour.

International Conflict Resolution Using System Engineering SWIIS

Author : H. Chestnut
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Finding an alternative to supplement military ways of resolving international conflicts has been taken up by many people skilled in various areas such as political science, economics, social studies, modelling and simulation, artificial intelligence and expert systems, military strategy and weaponry as well as private business and industry. The Workshop will therefore be of use as it looks at various control methods which would create a conciliatory social and political environment or climate for seeking and obtaining non-military solutions to international conflicts and to solutions to national conflicts which may lead to international conflicts.