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International Review of Biblical Studies Volume 47 2000 2001

Author : Bernhard Lang
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Formerly known by its subtitle "Internationale Zeitschriftenschau für Bibelwissenschaft und Grenzgebiete", the International Review of Biblical Studies has served the scholarly community ever since its inception in the early 1950's. Each annual volume includes approximately 2,000 abstracts and summaries of articles and books that deal with the Bible and related literature, including the Dead Sea Scrolls, Pseudepigrapha, Non-canonical gospels, and ancient Near Eastern writings. The abstracts - which may be in English, German, or French - are arranged thematically under headings such as e.g. "Genesis", "Matthew", "Greek language", "text and textual criticism", "exegetical methods and approaches", "biblical theology", "social and religious institutions", "biblical personalities", "history of Israel and early Judaism", and so on. The articles and books that are abstracted and reviewed are collected annually by an international team of collaborators from over 300 of the most important periodicals and book series in the fields covered.

Congress Volume Leiden 2004

Author : André Lemaire
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This volume presents the main lectures given at the XVIIIth Congress of the International Organization for the Study of the Old Testament (Leiden, August 2004). They are representative of the main trends and progress of current biblical research.

Dictionary of the Old Testament Wisdom Poetry Writings

Author : Tremper Longman III
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Tremper Longman III and Peter E. Enns edit this collection of 148 articles by over 90 contributors on Job, Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Song of Songs, Lamentations, Ruth and Esther.

Abraham and Melchizedek

Author : Gard Granerød
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This book, emphasizing Genesis 14 and Psalm 110, contributes to the history of composition of the patriarchal narratives in the book of Genesis and to the history of theology of the Second Temple period. Genesis 14 was added on a late stage and in two steps: first, Genesis 14* and later, the so-called Melchizedek episode (ME, vv. 18-20). Genesis 14 is the result of inner-biblical exegesis: both Genesis 14* and the later ME originated from scribal activity in which several earlier biblical texts have served as templates/literary building blocks. As for Genesis 14*, in particular three text groups were important: the Table of Nations, the wilderness wandering narratives and annals from the Deuteronomistic History. As for the ME, it is an example of haggadic exegesis presupposing and without any prehistory independent of its narrative framework. ME is the result of an assimilation between two texts, Genesis 14* and Psalm 110, which assumedly at one point were read as a narrative and a poetic version respectively of Abraham's war with the kings. Genesis 14 has no value as a source to the history of the patriarchal era and to the religion of pre-Israelite Jerusalem. In contrast, it shows how post-exilic scribes' painstaking study of biblical texts resulted in the creation of new biblical texts.

Approaching Biblical Archaeology

Author : Anthony J. Frendo
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Anthony J. Frendo introduces biblical students and scholars alike to the discipline of archaeology by explaining how the minds of professional archaeologists work, explaining what archaeologists seek, how they go about doing so, and how they interpret their data. Frendo shows those engaged in biblical scholarship how they can properly integrate biblical research with archaeological discoveries in a way that allows the bible and archaeology to be viewed and kept as distinct disciplines, the respective results of which, where relevant, may be integrated in productive discussion. Frendo also examines how the archaeology of the ancient Near East (particularly that of the southern Levant) has an essential bearing on how scholars can better appreciate the text of the bible, including its religious message. Frendo examines such matters as artefacts, stratigraphy and chronology, and archaeological reasoning. He also demonstrates that, whilst generally it is archaeology that casts light on the biblical text, at points biblical interpretation can help archaeologists to understand certain data.

The Book of Daniel Volume 1 Composition and Reception

Author : John J. Collins
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Preliminary material /John J. Collins and Peter W. Flint -- Current Issues in the Study of Daniel /John J. Collins -- The Book of Daniel in its Context /Michael A. Knibb -- Scholars at the Oriental Court: The Figure of Daniel Against its Mesopotamian Background /Karel Van Der toorn -- The Mesopotamian Background of Daniel 1-6 /Shalom M. Paul -- The Anzu Myth as Relevant Background for Daniel 7? /John H. Walton -- The Visions of Daniel /Reinhard G. Kratz -- Allusions to Creation in Daniel 7 /André Lacocque -- Daniel 12 Und Die Auferstehung Der Toten /Ernst Haag -- Daniel 3 and 6 in Early Christian Literature /Jan Willem Van Henten -- The Social Setting of the Aramaic and Hebrew Book of Daniel /Rainer Albertz -- The Book of Daniel and its Social Setting /Stefan Beyerle -- A Dan(Iel) for All Seasons: For Whom was Daniel Important? /Lester L. Grabbe -- The Scribal School of Daniel /Philip R. Davies -- Prayers and Dreams: Power and Diaspora Identities in the Social Setting of the Daniel Tales /Daniel L. Smith-Christopher.

The Book of Daniel Volume 2 Composition and Reception

Author : John J. Collins
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This is the second volume to appear (following Writing and Reading the Scroll of Isaiah. Studies of an Interpretative Tradition) in the collection The Formation and Interpretation of Old Testament Literature, part of the series Supplements to Vetus Testamentum. Further volumes in preparation on the composition and reception of Old Testament books include Genesis, Leviticus, Kings, Psalms, and Proverbs. This publication has also been published in paperback, please click here for details.

Hebrew Bible Old Testament III From Modernism to Post Modernism

Author : Magne Sæbø
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The long and complex history of reception and interpretation of the Hebrew Bible / Old Testament through the ages, described in the HBOT Project, focuses in this concluding volume III, Part 2 on the multifarious research and the different methods used in the last century. Even this volume is written by Christian and Jewish scholars and takes its wider cultural and philosophical context into consideration. The perspective is worldwide and ecumenical. Its references to modern biblical scholarship, on which it is based, are extensive and updated.The indexes (names, topics, references to biblical sources and a broad body of literature beyond) are the key to the wealth of information provided.Contributors are J. Barton, H.L. Bosman, A.F. Campbell, SJ, D.M. Carr, D.J.A. Clines, W. Dietrich, St.E. Fassberg, D. Føllesdal, A.C. Hagedorn, K.M. Heim, J. Høgenhaven, B. Janowski, D.A. Knight, C. Körting, A. Laato, P. Machinist, M.A.O ́Brien, M. Oeming, D. Olson, E. Otto, M. Sæbø, J. Schaper, S. Sekine, J.L. Ska, SJ, M.A. Sweeney, and J. de Waard.

Hebrew Bible Old Testament the history of its interpretation

Author : Magne Sæbø
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Dictionary of the Old Testament Wisdom Poetry and Writings

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The Old Testament books of wisdom and poetry carry themselves differently from those of the Pentateuch, the histories or the prophets. The divine voice does not peal from Sinai, there are no narratives carried along by prophetic interpretation nor are oracles declaimed by a prophet. Here Scripture often speaks in the words of human response to God and God's world. The hymns, laments and thanksgivings of Israel, the dirge of Lamentations, the questionings of Qohelet, the love poetry of the Song of Songs, the bold drama of Job and the proverbial wisdom of Israel all offer their textures to this great body of biblical literature. Then too there are the finely crafted stories of Ruth and Esther that narrate the silent providence of God in the course of Israelite and Jewish lives. This third Old Testament volume in IVP's celebrated "Black Dictionary" series offers nearly 150 articles covering all the important aspects of Job, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Psalms, Song of Songs, Lamentations, Ruth and Esther. Over 90 contributors, many of them experts in this literature, have contributed to the 'Dictionary of the Old Testament: Wisdom, Poetry and Writings'. This volume maintains the quality of scholarship that students, scholars and pastors have come to expect from this series. Coverage of each biblical book includes an introduction to the book itself as well as separate articles on their ancient Near Eastern background and their history of interpretation. Additional articles amply explore the literary dimensions of Hebrew poetry and prose, including acrostic, ellipsis, inclusio, intertextuality, parallelism and rhyme. And there are well-rounded treatments of Israelite wisdom and wisdom literature, including wisdom poems, sources and theology. In addition, a wide range of interpretive approaches is canvassed in articles on hermeneutics, feminist interpretation, form criticism, historical criticism, rhetorical criticism and social-scientific approaches. The 'Dictionary of the Old Testament: Wisdom, Poetry and Writings' is sure to command shelf space within arm's reach of any student, teacher or preacher working in this portion of biblical literature.