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Connections in the horse

Author : Julie von Bismarck
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In this book, equine osteopath Julie von Bismarck shares her experience and observations of the connections in the horse. She explains in vivid detail how far the health consequences of coercive measures such as Rollkur or so called LDR can extend, why even companion or leisure horses can develop stomach ulcers and locked joints, what restricted movement in the jaw has to do with an inflamed ligament in the hind leg, how a blocked lumbar vertebra is related to stifle conditions and digestive disorders, and how a seemingly innocuous stumble can lead to a horse with dehydration. The extraordinary connections and chains of events described in this book are vital information for every rider and horse owner, as well as for therapists involved in treating horses. Julie von Bismarcks words are an appeal to reason in the horse-riding world and a plea for the welfare of the horse in equestrian sport. Anyone who has read her books will see their riding and handling of horses through different eyes.

Connection Training The Heart and Science of Positive Horse Training

Author : Hannah Weston
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A practical guide to using reward-based training techniques to create a true partnership with your horse. This leads to lifelong connection, effective problem-solving and joyful performance.

Environmental Health Connections for the Equine

Author : Linsey M. McLean
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Horse Logic

Author : Nicole Birkholzer
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HORSE LOGIC, Nicole Birkholzer's second book in the Animal Logic series, offers insight on how to connect with horses in meaningful and magical ways. In this collection, Birkholzer, an animal intuit and equine wellness and communication expert, provides a clear, and often surprising view through the eyes of our horses. We'll learn to hone our intuition?, ?become a powerful listener, and a precise ?and compassionate communicator while we honor and celebrate our horse's spirit.

Horses and Humans

Author : Shan de Wey
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Throughout the pages, the author explains what draws humans to horses is the representation of beauty and freedom. Most of this compatibility comes from the horses flexibility in joining with humans as partners. This material prompts the human to evaluate the reasons why he has chosen the horses as companions or athletic partners or why he has chosen to breed them.This book is written with the hope that the knowledge I have acquired these many years will be helpful to create new lines of communication with our partners, the horse she shares. With more than ten eye-opening chapters, Horses And Humans - The Real Connection is not a training manual, but moreover to open the lines communication. The book discusses choosing a horse that is right for each individual, according to that persons personality and that of the horse they choose, the horse and its psyche, humans and their psyche, trainers and instructors, diagnostics and therapies, including homeopathic, holistic and conventional treatments, the art of lunging, classic principles of all riding techniques, equipment, and more. This book is written for the inexperienced, amateur, and professional riders as well. The author finds many proposed trainers are lacking in the fundamentals of understanding people and horses; particularly the psychological and physical connections that need to be established and understood.

Equine Assisted Mental Health for Healing Trauma

Author : Kay Sudekum Trotter
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Clinicians have long recognized that trauma therapy provides a pathway to recovery, and Equine-Assisted Mental Health for Healing Trauma provides that pathway for those who work with horses and clients together. This book demonstrates a range of equine-assisted mental health approaches and step-by-step strategies for facilitating recovery from trauma for children, adults, and families. Chapters address topics such as chronic childhood trauma, accident-related trauma, complex trauma and dissociation, posttraumatic growth in combat veterans, somatic experiencing and attachment, eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR), reactive attachment disorder (RAD), relational trauma, and sexual trauma. Experts also provide case studies accompanied by transcript analyses to demonstrate the process of trauma healing. Clinicians will come away from the book with a wealth of theoretical and practical skills and an in-depth, trauma-informed understanding that they can use directly in their work with clients.

Equine Assisted Mental Health Interventions

Author : Kay Sudekum Trotter
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Written by internationally renowned equine-assisted mental health professionals, this edited collection teaches counselors how to design and implement equine-assisted mental health interventions for different populations and various challenges. Supported by ethical considerations and theoretical frameworks, chapters cover common issues including depression, anxiety, grief, ADHD, autism, eating disorders, substance abuse, self-esteem, social skills and communication, couples and family work, and professional development. Each chapter provides practical tips for implementing treatment strategies, case studies with transcript analyses, and sample session notes. This book will appeal to both the expert equine-assisted mental health counselor and the seasoned counselor who is open to partnering with an equine practitioner to help their clients in new and innovative ways.

Harmony With Horses

Author : Royal Horse Press
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TRUE LOVE & TRUST BEGIN IN YOUR CORE, DEEP WITHIN YOUR SOUL! They saturate your emotions and everything you do, think, and feel. Horses immediately sense them. So do the people in your life. They provide security and a solid foundation for connections. The more love and trust you share, the better your connections get. LOVE & TRUST Break Barriers Open Lines of Communication Welcome Connections through Security If you love horses, you will love this journal, and the other Harmony with Horses Journals in this series! You'll feel beautiful, inspired, fresh and alive as you continue sharing love and trust and become more blessed with deeper connections. THIS BEAUTIFUL, INSPIRATIONAL 6" X 9" 200-PAGE LINED JOURNAL - SKETCHBOOK COMBO: Is Created especially for Women and Girls of Any Age who Love Horses and are Passionate about Connecting, Bonding & Building Deep, Win-Win Relationships Has a Touch of Natural Boho-Chic Style Inspires You as You Enjoy Special Gifts of God's Creation: Horses, Feathers & Flowers Encourages You to Keep Your Dreams & Goals Alive Includes Prompts & Questions to Start You off Writing & Exploring Has a High-Quality, Elegant Matte Cover Left-side pages are "Special Open Spaces." Wildflowers flow from the corners. I sketch or fill my open spaces with anything that would go out of the lines on the right-side lined pages. Sometimes I write sideways, at a slant, in a circle, or another fun shape. Live it up. What makes you happy and unique? You can paint, color, draw or insert photos. Compare them to horses in a lush pasture running wild and free! They buck, kick, gallop and roll. In our wide-open journal spaces, we can be more creative too! Most often I find my best inspirational treasures in these areas. Things I've written, planned, or drawn I just know I've received as gifts from the Lord! May this journal enrich your life in amazing ways! May your life be filled with the gifts of flove & trust! Many blessings of harmony to you and your horse/s and your loved ones! Love & Hugs from, Sonja & Gucci (My favorite horse friend!) [email protected] for upcoming book notifications YOU WILL LOVE & CHERISH THIS BEAUTIFUL JOURNAL Scroll Up & Treat Yourself Now! You'll be Thrilled You Did! It's Gorgeous, Just Like You! It's Waiting to be filled with Anything Fabulous & Important to You! VERSATILE - 100'S OF USES - HERE'S A FEW TO GET YOU STARTED Creative Design Add Photos or Clippings Track Your Training, Riding, Lesson or Show Goals & Progress Capture Your Ideas, Thoughts, Dreams, Memories, Plans & Highest Aspirations! Write down Anything that Inspires You! This is My Favorite! Your Mini Vision Board Favorite Lists: Songs, Quotes, Tips, Verses, Bucket Lists Gratitude, Prayer & Praise Journal Trip Planner Notes & To Do's Use at Your Home, Barn or Office to Keep Things Organized Tuck in Saddle Bags while Trail Riding or Hacking to Chart Paths, Sketch Sights, Map Out Trails, Log Miles Excellent Gift for Any Horse Loving Woman Perfect for Horse Trainers, Riding Instructors, Vets, Farriers, Stable Hands, Horse Owners or Horseback Riding Friends Prizes or Presents at Horse-Themed Parties Habit, Weight, Fitness Tracker

A Year at the Races

Author : Jane Smiley
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Pulitzer Prize-winning author Jane Smiley draws upon her first-hand knowledge to examine the horse on all levels - practical, theoretical and emotional. Drawing on the wisdom of trainers, vets, jockeys and a real-life horse whisperer, Smiley adds an element of drama and suspense as two of her own horses begin their careers at the racetrack. As the horses get closer to the winner's circle, we are enchanted, enthralled and informed about what it's really like to own, train and root for a racehorse.

Equine Neck and Back Pathology

Author : Frances M. D. Henson
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A unique reference dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of problems of the equine neck and back Building on the strength of the first edition, Equine Neck and Back Pathology: Diagnosis and Treatment, Second Edition explores conditions and problems of the horse’s back and pelvis, and has been expanded to include coverage of the neck as well. This book is a vital tool for all those engaged in improving the diagnosis and management of horses with neck or back problems. The only book devoted to the conditions and problems of the equine neck, back and pelvis, it provides comprehensive coverage by international specialists on how to diagnose and treat problems in these areas. This updated and revised edition covers normal anatomy and kinematics, neck and back pathology, diagnosis and treatment of specific conditions, and complementary therapy and rehabilitation. Equine Neck and Back Pathology: Diagnosis and Treatment, Second Edition is a valuable working resource for equine practitioners, specialists in equine surgery, veterinary nurses and allied professionals involved in treating horses. It is also an excellent supplementary text for veterinary students with a keen interest in horses.

Fascial Anatomy of the Equine Forelimb

Author : Carla M. Lusi
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Lusi and Davies have provided an excellent reference resource for students and graduates alike. The number of well-defined, relevant and clear images allow quick understanding for anyone interested in the fascial anatomy of the horse. This small book is perfect to have in your bag, allowing the student or clinician to find all the information they need on-site. - Sophie Neasham, final year veterinary student, University of Veterinary Medicine in Kosice, Slovakia Key features: The first book in equine anatomy to illustrate the fascial (soft connective tissue) connections of the equine forelimb. Clear, high-quality images (with reference images included on each page) help readers identify aspects of the limb photographed. A brief introduction to the forelimb musculoskeletal anatomy (with images) helps readers familiarize themselves with muscles and bones portrayed in photographs. Focused discussions highlight the practical applicability of the fascial connections illustrated. Accompanying video clips demonstrate connectivity of the fascial system particular lines of tension. The first of its kind in equine anatomy, this clear, concise anatomical guide illustrates the fascial (soft connective tissue) connections of the equine forelimb. Based on dissections of fresh equine cadaver limbs, it provides a visual map for equine physical therapists, veterinarians and horse riders, helping them to understand how pathologies, injuries, or movement abnormalities of the equine forelimb arise and/or progress from one area of the limb to another. The fascial system is one of the primary systems acted upon by equine physiotherapists and is of increasing interest to horse riders looking to achieve structural integration and balanced movement in their horse. With this in mind, key points in each chapter highlight everyday situations in which knowledge of the fascial system may assist in understanding horse movement and injury. This practically applicable anatomical atlas is the ideal reference for horse owners, body workers and veterinarians alike.

Carolina Connections Box Set

Author : Sylvie Stewart
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The Carolina crew is back in this hometown series of hot romantic comedies. Continue the adventure here... The Game - Book 4 (Emerson and Gavin) The Way You Are - Book 5 (Liv and Brett) The Runaround - Book 6 (Ari and Jax) THE GAME They say opposites attract. Someone needs to tell that to Emerson Scott. GAVIN: All I ever wanted was to play ball. When an act of sheer stupidity took that dream away, I thought I’d never bounce back. But now I have the opportunity to coach an up-and-coming phenom, and I'm giving it all I've got. The fact that I've been lusting after his smoking-hot sister only sweetens the deal. Emerson may be buttoned up like a school librarian, but I play my best when I’m under pressure … and I always bring the heat. EMERSON: Never lose focus. Never lose control. Those are the first two rules in my carefully calculated plan for success. Finding myself thrown into the role of guardian for my little brother was not part of that plan. But I can adjust for Jay’s sake; I’m not about to let one change make me lose sight of my goals. Too bad Jay’s hot young baseball coach doesn’t seem to give a fig about my plans. He has one of his own—and it includes me. Gavin Monroe may play like a pro, but that boy will never win this game. THE WAY YOU ARE “They say nice guys always finish last. I say the only place that should apply is in the bedroom—it’s just good manners, after all.” – Brett MacKinnon, nice guy and frequent resident of the friend zone LIV: There are really only three things I need in life: sex, baseball, and winning. My hot boyfriend and season tickets take care of the first two, while I always do my best to cover the last. So developing an unexpected crush on a new friend is more than a little inconvenient. I don’t have anything but friendship to offer Brett, but with the way he looks at me, he has me wishing I did. BRETT: I’ve been put in the friend zone so often, they’ve got a sandwich named after me. You’d think I’d be used to it by now. But when it comes to the delectable Liv, I’m determined to ditch the friend zone and show her I’m boyfriend material. Too bad the position’s already been filled by a ball-playing caveman who could flatten me with his pinky. What will it take to show Liv that nice guys can be more than just friends, and that love is the one game truly worth winning? THE RUNAROUND Men are good for two things: orgasms and reaching the wine glasses on the top shelf. ARI: I’ve always said boyfriends are like martinis; they’re lots of fun at first, but the longer you indulge the bigger headache they’ll give you. With career goals to crush and more than a few balls in the air, there’s no place in my life for the messy complications of love. Jax Crosby thinks he can tempt me to lose control and he’s using his daughter to reel me in. He’d be dangerously easy to fall for, but there are more important things in life than love, aren’t there? JAX: I like to stay two steps ahead; that way, I’m never surprised. But even I didn’t see this one coming. Congratulations to me—I’m a freakin’ dad. Now I’ve got a teenage daughter who hates me, an ex who wants to cut things off my body I’m not ready to part with, and an attraction to a curvy songbird that couldn’t have come at a worse time. But I’ve never met a situation I couldn’t handle, and I’ve never let a female get the best of me. So why do I have the feeling Ariana Amante might be one more thing I never saw coming? Books not included in this set include: The Fix - Book 1 (Laney and Nate) The Spark - Book 2 (Fiona and Mark) The Lucky One - Book 3 (Bailey and Jake)

Lamellar armor and horse bardings in Yamato and Koguryo and their connections with China

Author : Hong Yang
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The Anthropology of Magic

Author : Susan Greenwood
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Magic is arguably the least understood subject in anthropology today. Exotic and fascinating, it offers us a glimpse into another world but it also threatens to undermine the foundations of anthropology due to its supposed irrational and non-scientific nature. Magic has thus often been 'explained away' by social or psychological reduction. The Anthropology of Magic redresses the balance and brings magic, as an aspect of consciousness, into focus through the use of classic texts and cutting-edge research. Suitable for student and scholar alike, The Anthropology of Magic updates a classical anthropological debate concerning the nature of human experience. A key theme is that human beings everywhere have the potential for magical consciousness. Taking a new approach to some perennial topics in anthropology - such as shamanism, mythology, witchcraft and healing - the book raises crucial theoretical and methodological issues to provide the reader with an engaging and critical understanding of the dynamics of magic.

The Behaviour and Welfare of the Horse

Author : Andrew Ferguson Fraser
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Rev. ed. of: The behaviour of the horse / Andrew F. Fraser. c1992.


Author : Mark J. Cain
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Jerry Fodor is one of the most important philosophers of mind in recent decades. He has done much to set the agenda in this field and has had a significant influence on the development of cognitive science. Fodor's project is that of constructing a physicalist vindication of folk psychology and so paving the way for the development of a scientifically respectable intentional psychology. The centrepiece of his engagement in this project is a theory of the cognitive mind, namely, the computational theory of mind, which postulates the existence of a language of thought. Fodor: Language, Mind and Philosophy is a comprehensive study of Fodor's writings. Individual chapters are devoted to each of the major issues raised by his work and contain extensive discussion of his relationships to key developments in cognitive science and to the views of such philosophical luminaries as Dennett, Davidson and Searle. This accessible book will appeal to advanced level undergraduate students of philosophy and related disciplines. It will also be of great interest to professional philosophers and cognitive scientists.

Connections Maths

Author : Ajit Kalra
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Connections Maths 9 Stage 5. 3 / 5. 2 / 5. 1 together with Connection s Maths 10 Stage 5. 3 / 5. 2 /5. 1 provides complete coverage of the out comes for Stage 5. 3 pathway. The outcomes for theStage 5. 2 are covered in Connections Maths 9 Stage 5. 2 / 5. 1 and Connections Maths Stage 10 5. 2 / 5. 1. Features: outcomes at the start of ever y chapter a dynamic full colour design that clearly distinguish es theory, examples, exercises, and features carefully graded e xercises with worked examples and solutions linked to each cart oons offering helpful hints working mathematically strands that are fully integrated. These also feature regularly in challenging secti ons designed as extension material which also contain interesting histor ical and real life context a chapter review to revise and conso lidate learning in each chapter speed skills sections to revise and provide mental arithmetic skills problem solving applicati on strategies with communication and reasoning through an inquiry approa ch a comprehensive Diagnostic test providing a cumulative revi ew of learning in all chapters, cross referenced to each exercise integrated technology activities literacy skills develop lan guage skills relevant to each chapter fully linked icons to acc ompanying CD-ROM The student CD-ROM accompanying this text book can be used at school or at home for further explanation and learni ng. Each CD-ROM contains: interactive diagnostic tex t - perfect revision for all Stage 4 work. The regenerative nature of the program allows for an almost limitless number of varied tests of equal difficulty. This test can be used prior to commencing Stage 5 wor k dynamic geometry activities using WinGeom and Cabri software for student investigations using technology with formatted Exce l spreadsheets full textbook with links to the above

Sacred Connections Horsemanship

Author : Catherine Hunter
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A system of riding and training that combines the best of classical riding, the wisdom of the ancient horsemen and the study of mind, body and spirit to create a new way of empowering horse and rider into a full, enlightened partnership.

History of the Mcdowells and Connections

Author : John Hugh McDowell
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Format : PDF, ePub
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Core Connection for Rider Horse

Author : Lindsay Wilcox-Reid
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The follow-up to the successful Pilates for Riders, this book outlines the connections within - the different factors affecting the horse/rider partnership (e.g. rider biomechanics, horse posture and proprioception, saddle balance, mental focus, how horses lean).