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Conquering Heroes

Author : Rick McElroy
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Conquering Heroes is a story taking place mostly in the jungles of Laos and Cambodia during the Vietnam War. Caveman, the main character, enjoys his work. He also cares deeply about his colleague Te. Caveman develops into a killing machine, primarily works alone and in the darkness, and loves what he does. This is a war novel with twists and turns that culminate in Caveman learning a secret about his parents. If you have ever wondered about the Vietnam War and the covert missions that many brave men and women undertook, then this is the book for you.

Muay Thai Lords of the Ring

Author : Patrick Cusick
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Muay Thai - World Champions and Greatest Heroes The chronicles of Muay Thai from ancient battlefields to 21st century warriors

The Pact

Author : Cody Garbrandt
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A UFC champion and a boy with leukemia, in the fight of their lives. Cody Garbrandt dreamed of being a UFC champion. In his darkest moments, when those dreams were dashed, he dug deep with the help of an unlikely friend—five-year-old Maddux Maple, a local hometown fan with leukemia. They made a pact: Cody would be in the UFC and win the championship, and Maddux would beat cancer. Read their moving story in Cody’s new book, The Pact, and go behind the scenes into Cody’s training and how he made his dreams come true. Cody Garbrandt grew up in a rough town in the Central Appalachian region of Ohio, surrounded by a longstanding culture of fighting—and drugs. Raised in this environment by a single mom (his dad left him at the young age of three to reside in the Ohio State Penitentiary), Cody grew up fighting, and he grew up wild. His future seemed predestined to end in the coal mines, or in prison. Thankfully, Cody had visions of something more. His American Dream? Mixed Martial Arts. But a path to success wasn’t clear. He spent as much time fighting in the streets as he did in the gym—one bad decision away from losing everything. Then, at age 20, Cody’s brother introduced him to five-year old Maddux Maple. Maddux was deathly ill with leukemia, his survival by no means assured. A unique friendship developed as they made a promise to each other: Maddux would beat cancer, and Cody would make it to the UFC and become world champion. Through five long years of pain and hardship, they both persevered; Cody, through the agony and sacrifices of fighting his way to the top, and Maddux through the horrors of chemotherapy. They loved and supported each other. They served as each other’s inspiration. And in December 2016, they made good on their pact: Cody won his UFC Championship belt, which he promptly presented to Maddux—the boy who had beaten cancer into remission.

Muay Thai

Author : Michael Goodison
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Michael Goodison is a writer and a fighter, and in Muay Thai: Peace, At Last, he documents his travelling adventure to Thailand. Battling an ever-present disinterest with the western way of living, Michael throws off the shackles and dares to live, confronting killer cobras and conversing with Buddhist monks as he prepares for a professional fight in one of the most violent martial arts in the world: Muay Thai. From elephants lumbering along the lush mountainsides to the rowdy backpacking scene of northern Thailand, and culminating in an adrenaline-thumping confrontation, Peace, At Last is escapism in its purest form, transporting the reader to a world of misadventure, intrigue, culture, and violence.

Conquering Muay Thai

Author : Christopher Aboy
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Learn the basics of Muay Thai from the successful owner of a Muay Thai gym.Chris Aboy was bullied as a kid. When he met a neighbor who practiced a martial art, Chris knew he wanted to become a fighter. By the age of 15, he was winning every point fight he was in.So he was overconfident the first time he fought with full contact in an unsanctioned amateur fight. He got his ass kicked. At that moment, he realized fighting is all about what's in your head-your mentality.Whether you want to learn Muay Thai to build confidence and fight off bullies, get fit, or just learn a new skill, you'll learn the basics of this centuries-old martial art from an "insider" who has spent years refining his skills. Here are just some of the important topics Kru Chris reveals in Conquering Muay Thai: -How to choose a Muay Thai instructor and gym-What to focus on as you begin training-Why sparring is the best way to build your skills-What the goal should be for every Muay Thai student(Hint: it's not going pro!)-How to know when you're ready to fight-And much more!

Sport in Films

Author : Emma Poulton
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Sport offers everything a good story should have: heroes and villains, triumph and disaster, achievement and despair, tension and drama. Consequently, sport makes for a compelling film narrative and films, in turn, are a vivid medium for sport. Yet despite its regularity as a central theme in motion pictures, constructions and representations of sport and athletes have been marginalised in terms of serious analysis within the longstanding academic study of films and documentaries. In this collection, it is the critical study of film and its connections to sport that are examined. The collection is one of the first of its kind to examine the ways in which sport has been used in films as a metaphor for other areas of social life. Among the themes and issues explored by the contributors are: Morality tales in which good triumphs over evil The representation and ideological framing of social identities, including class, gender, race and nationality The representation of key issues pertinent to sport, including globalization, politics, commodification, consumerism, and violence The meanings ‘spoken’ by films – and the various ‘readings’ which audiences make of them This is a timely collection that draws together a diverse range of accessible, insightful and ground-breaking new essays. This book was published as a special issue of Sport in Society.

Muay Thai

Author : Arnaud van der Veere
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A Dutch expert and Muay Thai trainer explains the history and meaning of the martial art, outlines moves from warm-ups through clinches and cool-downs, and provides training advice, including tips for women.

Muay Thai Basics

Author : Christoph Delp
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Muay Thai, also referred to as Thai boxing, combines fitness training, self-defense, and competitive sport. In this hands-on guide, renowned trainer Christoph Delp presents the sport’s history, development, rules, and equipment. In the techniques section, he first details basic skills such as the correct starting position and footwork. Next he offers a complete list of all the attacking techniques and a selection of effective defensive and counterattacking strategies. All techniques are presented step-by-step by Thai champions from the famous Sor Vorapin gym in Bangkok, showing readers the fine details of each technique. The training section provides detailed information about the structure, content, and planning of training regimens and this includes historical training methods, a stretching program, and training schedules. Suitable as both a self-training guide and a supplement to club training, Muay Thai Basics offers authoritative instruction for Thai boxers and other martial arts enthusiasts.

Female Muaythai Fighters A brief history of Muaythai and Its people

Author : Paul Metayo
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It is a story of Female Muaythai Fighters, which includes a brief history of Muaythai and people who practice it

Muay Thai

Author : Panyā Kraithat
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