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The Consistent Ethic of Life

Author : Thomas A. Nairn
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Catholic ethicists assess the development, reception, and relevance of Cardinal Joseph Bernardin's writings on the consistent ethic of life. The late Archbishop of Chicago, Joseph Bernardin, is best remembered for his "seamless garment" approach linking abortion, capital punishment, war, and social justice - and bringing insights from the New Testament and Catholic tradition to bear on the burning issues of our age. Book jacket.

Consistent Ethic of Life

Author : Joseph Bernardin
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Contributing theologians and social scientists reflect on Joseph Cardinal Bernardins major addresses on the consistent ethic of life.

Medical Ethics

Author : Kevin D. O'Rourke
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In a single convenient resource, this book organizes and presents clearly the documents of the Catholic church pertaining to medical ethics. Introductory chapters provide the context for interpreting the Church's teachings and guide the reader in applying the teachings to particular ethical quandaries. This third edition has been updated to incorporate the statements issued since the preparation of the second edition. The authors have revised the introductory chapters to include ideas from the papal encyclical Splendor Veritatis and "Instruction of the Ecclesial Vocation of the Theologian," published by the Vatican Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, concerning the various levels of the teachings of the Church. Other new statements included in this edition are relevant topics from the papal encyclical Evangelium Vitae (abortion, euthanasia, amniocentesis, suicide and withdrawing life support); the Vatican Congregation of Doctrine and Faith on uterine isolation; the U.S. bishops on the care of anencephalic infants, genetic testing, and cloning; and the Pennsylvania Catholic Conference on the treatment for rape in Catholic hospitals.

Contemporary Issues in Bioethics

Author : James J. Walter
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"Contemporary Issues in Bioethics: A Catholic Perspective applies the best of the Roman Catholic theological and ethical tradition to some of the most controversial and complex bioethical topics that confront contemporary society. Walter and Shannon offer a fresh analysis of the Catholic tradition, and show how a distinctively Catholic perspective can inform public discussion of these issues. In an age where religion is often excluded from ethical discussions on bioethical issues, this book shows that the Catholic tradition has something very important to offer." --Book Jacket.

Selected Works of Joseph Cardinal Bernardin

Author : Joseph Bernardin
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Women Militarism and War

Author : Jean Bethke Elshtain
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This valuable collection of original papers opens up a long-needed dialogue between feminists and the establishment on questions of military values, feminist ideals and war-peace questions on men, women and violence.

A Moral Vision for America

Author : Joseph Bernardin
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Joseph Cardinal Bernardin of Chicago was for twenty years the most influential U.S. Catholic bishop: he was also a beloved public figure whose views commanded respect from Catholics and non-Catholics alike. This posthumous collection presents Cardinal Bernardin's remarkably sustained and thoughtful efforts to articulate an overall framework for moral decisions - "a consistent ethic of life" - and to affirm an active role for religious convictions in a democratic society.

Religion Death and Dying

Author : Lucy Bregman
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What do various spiritual and ethical belief systems have to say about modern medicine's approach to the end of life? Do all major religions characterize the afterlife in similar ways? How do funeral rites and rituals vary across different faiths? Now there is one resource that gathers leading scholars to address these questions and more about the many religious, ethical, and spiritual aspects of death, dying, and bereavement in America. ''Religion, Death, and Dying compares and contrasts the ways different faiths and ethical schools contemplate the end of life. The work is organized into three thematic volumes: first, an examination of the contemporary medicalized death from the perspective of different religious traditions and the professions involved; second, an exploration of complex, often controversial issues, including the death of children, AIDS, capital punishment, and war; and finally, a survey of the funeral and bereavement rituals that have evolved under various religions."

Abortion from the Religious and Moral Perspective

Author : George F. Johnston
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For approximately three decades, the abortion debate has polarized America. This comprehensive volume includes bibliographic citations that address the moral and religious aspects of abortion. It covers such topics as the various arguments both for and against abortion, the status of the fetus, and overviews of several religions' stances on abortion. Citations also include references on how Christianity has influenced abortion politics and law, discussions of Operation Rescue, and official statements on abortion by religious organizations.

Religion in Politics

Author : Michael J. Perry
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Most Americans are religious believers. Among these there is disagreement about many fundamental religious/moral matters. Because the United States is both such a religious country and such a religiously pluralistic country, the issue of the proper role of religion in politics is extremely important to political debate. In Religion in Politics, Michael Perry addresses a fundamental question: what role may religious arguments play, if any, either in public debate about what political choices to make or as a basis of political choice? He is principally concerned with political choices that ban or otherwise disfavor one or another sort of human conduct based on the view that the conduct is immoral. He divides the controversy into two debates: the constitutionally proper role of religious arguments in politics, and a related, but distinct, debate about the morally proper role. Perry concludes that political choices about the morality of human conduct should not be based on religion. The newest work by one of the most important constitutional theorists writing today, Religion in Politics is sure to spark a new debate on the subject.