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Conspicuous Consumption

Author : Stewart Von Allmen
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Pursuing anonymous existences as normal American teenagers, a group of individuals know as the "Lost Pups" is summoned by their Garou parents to fight the evil Wyrm, who has abducted the Garou champion. Original.

Conspicuous Consumption

Author : Thorstein Veblen
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The perfect books for the true book lover, Penguin's Great Ideas series features twelve more groundbreaking works by some of history's most prodigious thinkers. Each volume is beautifully packaged with a unique type-driven design that highlights the bookmaker's art. Offering great literature in great packages at great prices, this series is ideal for those readers who want to explore and savor the Great Ideas that have shaped our world With its wry portrayal of a shallow, materialistic 'leisure class' obsessed by clothes, cars, consumer goods and climbing the social ladder, this withering satire on modern capitalism is as pertinent today as it was when it was written over a century ago.

Conspicuous Consumption in Africa

Author : Ilana van Wyk
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From early department stores in Cape Town to gendered histories of sartorial success in urban Togo, contestations over expense accounts at an apartheid state enterprise, elite wealth and political corruption in Angola and Zambia, the role of popular religion in the political intransigence of Jacob Zuma, funerals of big men in Cameroon, youth cultures of consumption in Niger and South Africa, queer consumption in Cape Town, middle-class food consumption in Durban and the consumption of luxury handcrafted beads, this collection of essays explores the ways in which conspicuous consumption is foregrounded in various African contexts and historical moments. The essays in Conspicuous Consumption in Africa put Thorstein Veblen’s concept under robust critical scrutiny, delving into the pleasures, stresses and challenges of consuming in its religious, generational, gendered and racialised aspects, revealing conspicuous consumption as a layered set of practices, textures and relations. This volume shows how central and revealing conspicuous consumption can be to fathoming the history of Africa’s projects of modernity, and their global lineages and legacies. In its grounded, up-close case studies, it is likely to feed into current public debates on the nature and future of African societies – South African society in particular.

Conspicuous Consumption

Author : Roger S. Mason
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Increasing Returns and Economic Analysis

Author : Kenneth J. Arrow
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Selected papers from many leading Australian, American, Asian, British and European economists of an international conference at Monash University sparked by the first Australian visit by Kenneth J. Arrow, Nobel Laureate in Economics. Part 1 extends the recently emerged New Classical Economics which uses inframarginal analysis to formally examine classical economic problems of specialization with insights on trade, growth, and many other issues. Part 2 analyses the implications of increasing returns and the associated non-perfect competition on some macro problems like the effects of nominal aggregate demand on output and the price level. Part 3 analyses the relationships of information, returns to scale, and issues of resources and trade.

The Economics of Conspicuous Consumption

Author : Roger S. Mason
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Mason (consumer theory, U. of Salford, UK) looks at the development of conspicuous consumption from its origins as the indulgence of a privileged few to its position today as a major determinant of consumer demand in mass consumption societies. He also charts the attempts of economists to come to terms with a form of consumer behavior which made them instinctively uneasy, but which could not be ignored. This book highlights the conflicts and tensions which have beset economics in seeking to accommodate a problem which has refused to go away. Annotation copyrighted by Book News, Inc., Portland, OR

Conspicuous Consumption and Race

Author : Kerwin Kofi Charles
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Using nationally representative data on consumption, we show that Blacks and Hispanics devote larger shares of their expenditure bundles to visible goods (clothing, jewelry, and cars) than do comparable Whites. We demonstrate that these differences exist among virtually all sub-populations, that they are relatively constant over time, and that they are economically large. While racial differences in utility preference parameters might account for a portion of these consumption differences, we emphasize instead a model of status seeking in which conspicuous consumption is used to reflect a household's economic position relative to a reference group. Using merged data on race and state level income, we demonstrate that a key prediction of our model -- that visible consumption should be declining in mean reference group income -- is strongly borne out in the data separately for each racial group. Moreover, we show that accounting for differences in reference group income characteristics explains most of the racial difference in visible consumption. We conclude with an assessment of the role of conspicuous consumption in explaining lower spending by racial minorities on items likes health and education, as well as their lower rates of wealth accumulation.

Transcultural Marketing for Incremental and Radical Innovation

Author : Christiansen, Bryan
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As technology continues to drive innovation and impact societies across multiple national boundaries and cultures, new approaches towards marketing products must be created and implemented to be successful in an era of hypercompetition. Transcultural Marketing for Incremental & Radical Innovation provides in depth discussion on tactics for improving existing products while inventing completely new products and product categories. This publication will prove to be helpful for scholars, practitioners, and university students who wish to better understand the importance of marketing products and services across different cultures and multiple languages.

Political Economy for the 21st Century

Author : Charles J. Whalen
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This text provides an alternative to conventional economics, drawing on the neoclassical and non-neoclassical insights of prominent economists from America and England. It is intended to provide productive analyses of several contemporary economic problems.

Impacts of Interdependencies Between Strategies on an Individual s Increase in Relative Status An Exploratory Study

Author : Marcel Mazur
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Master's Thesis from the year 2011 in the subject Business economics - Offline Marketing and Online Marketing, grade: 1,0, ESCP Europe Business School - Campus London (Institut für Marketing), course: Konsumentenverhalten, language: English, abstract: PURPOSE: The various efforts of individuals to raise their status as recognised by others have previously been understood as measures independent from one another. This thesis critically questions this rigid perspective and points out reasons that would lead one to conclude interdependencies between the individual measures. The thesis points out that individuals use the interdependent measures in a strategic way depending on their economic (e.g. income, property) and social (e.g. education, upbringing) circumstances and combine them with one another according to certain criteria in order to raise their relative status advantage vis-à-vis others. FINDINGS: The results of the study show that individuals use various combinations of strategies to raise their status depending on their economic and social circumstances. The results were applied to the model of Pierre Bourdieu (1984) with a differentiation between economic and cultural capital. The differentiation between directly existing and externally signalled economic and cultural capital at times showed significant differences. The individuals, depending on the reference group, their existing status norms as well as their demographic circumstances, signalise the strategy used to a varying degree. The predominant norms in the various reference groups prompt individuals to signalise strategies to promote their status externally to a varying degree. Since status is a relative construct, individuals can only raise their status through strategies that they also signalise externally. Based on these findings, various clusters were defined that individuals, depending on their directly existing capital in the sense of Bourdieu, allocate to the specific situation. With the inte