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Contemplative Studies and Hinduism

Author : Rita D. Sherma
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This book is one of the first wide-ranging academic surveys of the major types and categories of Hindu contemplative praxis. It explores diverse spiritual and religious practices within the Hindu traditions and Indic hermeneutical perspectives to understand the intricate culture of meditative communion and contemplation, devotion, spiritual formation, prayer, ritual, and worship. The volume extends and expands the conceptual reach of the fields of Contemplative Studies and Hindu Studies. The chapters in the volume cover themes in Hindu contemplative experience from various texts and traditions including classical Sāṃkhya and Patañjali Yoga, the Bhāgavata Purāṇa, the role of Sādhana in Advaita Vedānta, Śrīvidyā and the Śrīcakra, the body in Tantra, the semiotics and illocution of Gauḍīya Vaiṣṇava sādhana, mantra in Mīmāṃsā, Vaiṣṇava liturgy, as well as cross-cultural reflections and interreligious comparative contemplative praxis. The volume presents indigenous vocabulary and frameworks to examine categories and concerns particular to the Hindu contemplative traditions. It traces patterns that cut across Hindu traditions and systems and discusses contrasting methods of different theological/philosophical schools evincing a strong plurality in Hindu religious thought and practice. The volume provides intra-religious comparisons that reveal internal complexity, nuances, and variety of contemplative states and transformative practices that exist under the rubric of Hindu practices of interiority and reflection. With key insights on forms and functions of the contemplative experience along with their theologies and philosophies, the volume suggests new hermeneutical directions that will advance the field of contemplative studies. This book will be useful to scholars and researchers of religious and theological studies, contemplative studies, Hindu studies, consciousness studies, yoga studies, Indian philosophy and religion, sociology of religion, philosophy of religion, comparative religion, and South Asian studies, as also general readers interested in the topic.

Introducing Contemplative Studies

Author : Louis Komjathy
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The first book-length introduction to an exciting new interdisciplinary field—written by an internationally recognized leader of the Contemplative Studies movement This is the first book-length introduction to a growing and influential interdisciplinary field focused on contemplative practice, contemplative experience, and contemplative pedagogy. Written by an internationally recognized leader in the area, Introducing Contemplative Studies seeks to provide readers with a deep and practical understanding of the nature and purpose of the field while encouraging them to find a place of their own in an increasingly widespread movement. At once comprehensive overview, critical reflection, and visionary proposal, the book explores the central approaches and issues in Contemplative Studies, tackles questions and problems that sometimes go unaddressed, and identifies promising new developments. The author also discusses contemplative pedagogy, an experiential approach to teaching and learning informed by and expressed as contemplative practice. This is a major introduction to a fast emerging interdisciplinary field that will be invaluable to those interested in the area. The only comprehensive introduction to the emerging, interdisciplinary field of Contemplative Studies Written by a distinguished leader in the Contemplative Studies movement who is founding Co-Chair of the Contemplative Studies Group of the American Academy of Religion Informed by ten years of research and practice, the book explores the field’s varied approaches and expressions Offers critical reviews of trends which will create discussions both within and outside the Contemplative Studies Liberally illustrated with both images and charts Introducing Contemplative Studies is a must-read for advanced undergraduates, graduate students, teachers and scholars in Contemplative Studies, as well as anyone who is curious about contemplative practice, meditation, contemplative experience, contemplative pedagogy, contemplative science, and, of course, the exciting field of Contemplative Studies generally.

Contemplative Literature

Author : Louis Komjathy
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An anthology of primary texts on meditation and contemplative prayer from a wide range of religious traditions. This is the first theoretically informed and historically accurate comparative anthology of primary texts on meditation and contemplative prayer. Written by international experts on the respective texts and corresponding traditions, Contemplative Literature provides introductions to and primary sources on contemplative practice from various religious traditions. The contributors explore classical Daoist apophatic meditation, Quaker silent prayer, Jewish Kabbalah, Southern Buddhist meditation, Sufi contemplation, Eastern Orthodox prayer, Pure Land Buddhist visualization, Hindu classical Yoga, Dominican Catholic prayer, Daoist internal alchemy, and modern therapeutic meditation. Each introduction to a contemplative text discusses its historical context, the associated religious tradition and literature, the method of contemplative practice, and the text’s legacy and influence. Volume editor Louis Komjathy opens the work with a thoughtful consideration of interpretive issues in the emerging interdisciplinary field of contemplative studies. Readers will gain not only a nuanced understanding of important works of contemplative literature, but also resources for understanding contemplative practice and contemplative experience from a comparative and cross-cultural perspective. “We have not seen anything this bold and this global since Friedrich Heiler wrote his classic study on the typology of prayer over eighty years ago. Komjathy and his essayists have vastly expanded the scope, depth, and sophistication of this project here. In the process, they have struggled with all of the critical questions around religious pluralism, tradition, and religious authority, and have emboldened the comparative project itself. Contemplation and comparison, it turns out, go very well together.” — Jeffrey J. Kripal, author of Comparing Religions: Coming to Terms “Teachers and scholars, undergraduate and graduate students, and general readers interested in contemplative practice will cherish a book like this. I’m happy that Louis Komjathy has done this great work. It will undoubtedly be hailed as a milestone.” — Ruben L. F. Habito, author of Healing Breath: Zen for Christians and Buddhists in a Wounded World

Contemplative Studies in Higher Education

Author : Linda A. Sanders
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The complexities of 21st-century life—personal, social,cultural, and environmental—demand thoughtful responses,responses fostered and enhanced through contemplative experience.Contemplative education includes studies of the history,psychology, and socialcultural context of such experience, as wellas the development of experiential knowledge through one or morepersonal practices. Contemplative education has recently emerged in the academy.Although there has been significant published discussion ofpostsecondary courses and programs that incorporate contemplativeviews and practices, there have been few studies of relevantcurricula and pedagogy. This volume integrates research, theory,and practice through a fusion of perspectives and approaches,giving readers the opportunity to review contemplative educationalconcepts and applications in academic, social, and institutionaldomains. This is the 134th volume of this Jossey-Bass higher educationseries. New Directions for Teaching and Learning offers acomprehensive range of ideas and techniques for improving collegeteaching based on the experience of seasoned instructors and thelatest findings of educational and psychological researchers.

Studies in Hinduism

Author : René Guénon
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A study of various aspects of the traditional metaphysical doctrines of the Hindu Tradition, along with extensive book and article reviews

Studies in Hindustanee

Author : Ikhwān al-Ṣafāʼ
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Recent Research on Max Weber s Studies of Hinduism

Author : Detlef Kantowsky
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First chapter of the P tan jalayoga stra for the first time critically edited

Author : Philipp André Maas
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Integrative Spirituality

Author : Patrick J. Mahaffey
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In Integrative Spirituality, Patrick J. Mahaffey elucidates spirituality as a developmental process that is enhanced by integrating the teachings and practices of multiple religious traditions, Jungian depth psychology, and contemplative yoga. In the postmodern world of religious pluralism, Mahaffey compellingly argues that each of us must fashion a unique path to wholeness which integrates aspects of life and of the self that have become disconnected and disowned. Integrative Spirituality uniquely conjoins four components: exemplary religious pluralists from three traditions, individuation, the forms of contemplative Hindu yoga that have been successfully transmitted to the West, and a presentation of two models for integrating psychological growth and spiritual awakening. The book presents pioneering practitioners in each field who exemplify how we may fashion our own approach to integrating both spiritual awakening and psychological development and delineates an array of spiritual practices that integrate the somatic, psychological, interpersonal, and spiritual aspects of life. Ultimately, Mahaffey contends that integrative spirituality is a mode of being that fully embraces the divinity inherent in each of us and in the world. Integrative Spirituality will be essential reading for academics and students of Jungian and post-Jungian studies, transpersonal and Jungian psychology, and religious studies and contemplative education. It will also be of interest to analytical and depth psychologists in practice and in training, and to anyone seeking a greater understanding of spirituality, psychological growth, religious traditions, individuation, and contemplative yoga.

Embracing Mind

Author : B. Alan Wallace
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What is Mind? For this ancient question we are still seeking answers. B. Alan Wallace and Brian Hodel propose a science of the mind based on the contemplative wisdom of Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism, Christianity, and Islam. The authors begin by exploring the history of science, showing how science tends to ignore the mind, even while it is understood to be the very instrument through which we comprehend the world of nature. They then propose a contemplative science of mind based on the sophisticated techniques of meditation that have been practiced for thousands of years in the great spiritual traditions. The final section presents meditations that are of universal relevance—to scientists and people of all faiths—for revealing new dimensions of consciousness and human flourishing. Embracing Mind moves us beyond the dogmatic debates between theists and atheists over Intelligent Design and Neo-Darwinism, and it returns us to the vital core of science and spirituality: deepening our experience of reality as a whole.

Studies in Hindu Wisdom

Author : Ian Kesarcodi-Watson
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Studies in Hindu Religion

Author : U. S. Shaji
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India Has A Rich And Unique Cultural Heritage, And Has Managed To Preserve Its Established Traditions Throughout History. It Has Always Absorbed Customs, Traditions And Ideas From Both Invaders And Immigrants. Many Cultural Practicess, Languages, Customs And Even Monuments Are Examples Of This Co-Mingling Over Centuries.

The History of India from the Earliest Ages Hindu Buddhist Brahmanical revival

Author : James Talboys Wheeler
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The History of India from the Earliest Ages Hind Buddhist and Brahmanical revival

Author : James Talboys Wheeler
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Studies in Hindu Political Thought and Its Metaphysical Foundations

Author : Vishwanath Prasad Varma
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Textual Studies in Hinduism

Author : Arvind Sharma
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Prayer and Contemplation

Author : Claetus Matthew Vadakkekara
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Papers on Christian and Hindu spiritual life.

Choosing Reality

Author : B. Alan Wallace
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Compares theories about the nature of objective reality, and describes the views of Buddhism on the ideas of mind, body, and reincarnation

Cistercian Studies

Author : Cistercians
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Studies in the Hindu Marriage and the Special Marriage Acts

Author : V. Bagga
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Selected papers.