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The Politics of Contemporary Spain

Author : Sebastian Balfour
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The Politics of Contemporary Spaincharts the trajectory of Spanish politics since the transition to democracy through to the present day, including the aftermath of the Madrid bombings.

Women in Contemporary Spain

Author : Anny Brooksbank Jones
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This volume gives access to debates in Spanish women's studies.

Constructing Identity in Contemporary Spain

Author : Jo Labanyi
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This volume is designed to further the study of Spanish culture in the broad sense of the network of symbolic systems through which social groups construct and negotiate a sense of identity or identities. The emphasis is on culture as a set of practices rather than as a corpus of texts. Theaim is to introduce readers to current theoretical debates in a range of disciplines, as well as to inform them about specific areas of twentieth-century Spanish culture. The four sections on 'Ethnicity and Migration', 'Gender', 'Popular Culture', and 'The Local and the Global' cover ethnography,music, TV, advertising, popular literature, medical discourse, film, posters, museums, and urban development.

Cultural Encounters in Contemporary Spain

Author : Debra Faszer-McMahon
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This book explores how Clara Janes's poetry mediates competing religious and cultural worldviews in the context of contemporary Spain, a geo-political region that is experiencing new relationships as a member of the European Union and as a destination for immigrants from diverse cultural and linguistic groups. Janes combines aesthetic innovation with a keen interest in cultural forms from outside the traditional boundaries of the West, making her poetry particularly suited for a study of the changing relationships in Spain between the West and its eastern or Oriental others. Previous critical studies have focused on feminist approaches to Janes's oeuvre. This study seeks to expand those discussions through an analysis of the aesthetics of cultural otherness (rather than simply gendered otherness) within Janes's prolific literary production. The first chapter addresses one of Janes's earliest cross-cultural texts, Kampa (1986), which voices a literary encounter between a Spanish poetic speaker and the renowned Czech poet Vladimir Holan. Kampa includes a musical and lyrical composition performed on tape, and its unconventional musical mode offers an alternative to divisions between western and non-western literary and musical forms. The second chapter analyzes Divan del opalo de fuego (O la leyenda de Layla y Machnun) (1996), a text that brings a famous Islamic legend about unification into the Spanish literary tradition for the first time. The legend originated in ancient Bedouin poetry, and is as famous in the Islamic world as Romeo and Juliet is in the West. Janes's Divan recalls the writings of San Juan de la Cruz and Petrarch, while singing the praises of Islamic mystical forms. The work thus brings diverse literary and cultural traditions into dialogue. Janes's incorporation of Islamic mystical forms is once again evident in the third chapter, dedicated to Los secretos del bosque (2002), but Islamic forms are here set alongside Jewish, Christian, and Hindu philosophical and religious traditions. The text follows the stages of an alchemical process, and the combination of scientific, literary, and religious discourse highlights the intricate cultural relationships at the heart of Spain's and Janes's literary production. The final chapter considers the juxtapositions of western and eastern philosophical traditions in Janes's most recent book of visual poetry, Espacios translucidos (2007). The work combines quotations from diverse historical and cultural regions, photographs filled with signs, and mystical language. Several signs that Janes mentions in the introduction (such as hieroglyphics and labyrinths) recall distant cultures and structures of belief that require (and have instigated) monumental efforts to "read." In a similar way, the quotations, modified photographs, and mystical poetry in Espacios translucidos exhibit an "otherness" that encourages new approaches to signs, cultural difference, and the self.

Contemporary Spain

Author : Christopher Ross
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Contemporary Spain provides an accessible introduction to the politics, economy, institutions media and cinema of contemporary Spain. This fully revised fourth edition includes new material that makes this the most comprehensive, accurate and up-to-date account of the situation in Spain at this juncture Key features include: accessible and authoritative background information ideal for the non-specialist language student each chapter contains a Spanish/English glossary giving guidance on the use of specialist terms in context along with further reading ideal starting point for more in-depth study. New to this edition: coverage brought up-to-date to include the current economic crisis, related austerity measures and social difficulties new section on the changing public perception of the Spanish monarchy and significant new cases of corruption several chapters expanded to include key topics such as the role of the Internet and social media, key economic issues currently facing the country, youth employment and civil discontent ‘Spain in the Contemporary World’ thoroughly revised to include a more comprehensive account of the relationship between Spain and the EU and other parts of the world new chapter on ‘The Media and Film’ covering covering the most relevant directors and films in contemporary Spanish cinema.. This chapter also includes a discussion on the regional differences and cultures of the various autonomous communities. Suggestions for further reading at the end of each chapter. Contemporary Spain is an invaluable resource for all undergraduate students on Hispanic Studies courses. The authoritative background information provides a solid foundation and a springboard for further study.

Jews and Muslims in Contemporary Spain

Author : Martina L. Weisz
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The book analyzes the place of religious difference in late modernity through a study of the role played by Jews and Muslims in the construction of contemporary Spanish national identity. The focus is on the transition from an exclusive, homogeneous sense of collective Self toward a more pluralistic, open and tolerant one in an European context. This process is approached from different dimensions. At the national level, it follows the changes in nationalist historiography, the education system and the public debates on national identity. At the international level, it tackles the problem from the perspective of Spanish foreign policy towards Israel and the Arab-Muslim states in a changing global context. From the social-communicational point of view, the emphasis is on the construction of the Self–Other dichotomy (with Jewish and Muslim others) as reflected in the three leading Spanish newspapers.

Dictionary of Contemporary Spain

Author : Sandra Truscott
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First published in 1999. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Lesbian Realities Lesbian Fictions in Contemporary Spain

Author : Nancy Vosburg
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Lesbian Realities/Lesbian Fictions in Contemporary Spain focuses exclusively on manifestations of lesbian cultures and identities in contemporary Spain. Bringing together key essays from a range of international scholars, this anthology of critical essays examines the changing cultural, sociological and political landscape of Spain at the turn of the millennium. Divided into two sections, the first contributions focus on the realities of lesbian lives and looks at how Spanish lesbian identities are constructed through language and the media. The essays in the second section analyze contemporary lesbian identities as manifested in novels and short stories published since the late 1980s by authors such as Carme Riera, Lola van Guardia, Flavia Company and Mabel GalOn. The aim of this volume is to provide a significant and coherent contribution in English to the body of knowledge within an evolving subject area that has remained relatively under-researched until recently. This is an invaluable publication for teachers and students of Spanish cultural studies, global sexuality and gender studies.

Embodying Memory in Contemporary Spain

Author : Alison Ribeiro de Menezes
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This innovative book examines the emergence of a memory discourse in Spain since the millennium, taking as its point of departure recent grave exhumations and the "Law of Historical Memory." Through an analysis of exhumation photography, novels, films, television, and comics, the volume overturns the notion that Spanish history is pathological.

Education Reform in Contemporary Spain

Author : Oliver Boyd-Barrett
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First Published in 2004. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Forms of Tradition in Contemporary Spain

Author : Jo Farb Hernandez
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An innovative study of artists balancing tradition with creativity

Writing and Heritage in Contemporary Spain

Author : Stuart Davis
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This volume is an innovative exploration of cultural heritage through museum studies, metacriticism and literary criticism.

Politics and Society in Contemporary Spain

Author : B. Field
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This edited volume examines the political, social, and economic developments in contemporary Spain, with a particular focus on the period of the Socialist government (2008-11), the 2011 elections, and the challenges facing Spain and the new Popular Party government.

Contemporary Spanish Politics

Author : José María Magone
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Having been fully revised and updated to reflect the considerable changes in Spain over the last decade, José M. Magone gives a fresh insight into the formal and informal workings of this dynamic southern European democracy. Thoroughly examining Spain's historical background, political culture, core political institutions and foreign policy making, each chapter provides a research-based overview of the studied topic which can then be used as the basis for further research by students. Key themes of the book include: recent history of Spain after Franco's death Spain's political culture, institutional framework and political economy foreign policy making; the reaction to the global anti-terrorist coalition and the Madrid bombings policy making process and the system of interest intermediation party system and electoral process the dynamics of regional/territorial politics and the Basque problem external relations with the European Union, the Mediterranean and Latin America constitutional reform immigration. New chapters to this edition: Interest groups and civil society Media and Politics Richly illustrated with maps and biographical details of key actors and presenting large amounts of statistical and quantative data make this book an indispensable source of information for students, academics and the wider public interested in Spanish politics.

Contemporary Spanish Poetry

Author : Cecile West-Settle
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Debicki's illuminating application of varied critical methodologies and theoretical approaches, in books such as Poetry of Discovery and Spanish Poetry of the Twentieth Century, is reflected in all the essays included in this book."

Contemporary Spanish Foreign Policy

Author : David Garcia
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This book examines the evolution of Spanish foreign policy since 1975, through five different presidencies, spanning its transformation from a dictatorial political system and backward economy to a modern European state, fully democratic and with a well-functioning market economy, under strain from the Eurozone Sovereign Debt crisis. It explains how domestic developments and external factors have combined to shape Spain’s international relations, assessing the impact of EU membership and providing an example of how middle powers can pursue their foreign policy objectives in the international system. The authors explore a range of topics including: Defence and security Economy and development Soft power Spanish policy towards the EU, the United States, Latin America, the Mediterranean, Sub-Saharan Africa and Asia. This book will be of interest to students and scholars of Spanish politics and history, European Union studies, foreign policy, international relations and security studies.

Encyclopedia of Contemporary Spanish Culture

Author : Professor Eamonn Rodgers
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Some 750 alphabetically-arranged entries provide insights into recent cultural and political developments within Spain, including the cultures of Catalonia, Galicia and the Basque country. Coverage spans from the end of the Civil War in 1939 to the present day, with emphasis on the changes following the demise of the Franco dictatorship in 1975. Entries range from shorter, factual articles to longer overview essays offering in-depth treatment of major issues. Culture is defined in its broadest sense. Entries include: *Antonio Gaudí * science * Antonio Banderas * golf * dance * education * politics * racism * urbanization This Encyclopedia is essential reading for anyone interested in Spanish culture. It provides essential cultural context for students of Spanish, European History, Comparative European Studies and Cultural Studies.

The Contemporary Spanish Economy

Author : Sima lieberman
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First Published in 2005. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Contemporary Spanish Cinema

Author : Barry Jordan
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Contemporary focus, right up to date with material from 1980s and 90s. Wide-ranging analyses of major directors, themes, genres and issues, including historical film, genre cinema, women in film and autonomies.

Contemporary Spanish Politics

Author : José M. Magone
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Contemporary Spanish Politics gives fresh insight into the formal and informal workings of this dynamic southern European democracy. It thoroughly discusses the history, politics, institutions, parties, economy and foreign policy of Spain at an introductory level ideal for an undergraduate audience. Each chapter provides a research-based overview of the studied topic which can then be used as the basis for further research by students. The key themes of the book are: recent history of Spain after Franco's death the political culture of the country the institutional framework foreign policy including the reaction to the global anti-terrorist coalition the policy making process and the system of interest intermediation the party system and electoral process the dynamics of regional politics (emphasizing Catalan, Basque and Galician nationalism) the political economy the external relations of the country within and towards the European Union, the Mediterranean and Latin America.