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Historical Method and Confessional Identity in the Era of the Reformation

Author : Irena Dorota Backus
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Betr. u.a. Sebastian Castellio und den Druck bzw. die Rezeption von Werken der Kirchenväter in Basel.

Cyclopaedia Bibliographica

Author : James Darling
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Conciliation and Confession

Author : Howard Louthan
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Religious conciliators have always faced resistance and critique as they mediate between groups devoted to ideological agendas that leave little room for maneuver and negotiation. From the conciliar to the confessional age, the normal challenges that peacemakers perennially face were magnified. The church was divided, and there did not appear to be any obvious solution to the crisis that had begun in the late fourteenth century with the Great Western Schism (1378-1415). restoration of ecclesial unity, first in the conciliar era, then in the early years of the Protestant reformations, and finally during the confessional age, when the theological and cultural characteristics of competing religious groups began to emerge more clearly. Contributors to this volume argue that the significance of conciliation efforts has been neglected in part because it has been absorbed into discussions of toleration, and in part because of the tendency to project contemporary confessional perspectives on the past. More moderate voices of those working to bridge confessional divides were frequently drowned out by the strident cries of their orthodox critics. religious conflict, was often a conscious intellectual commitment to theological rapprochement. Throughout, special attention is paid to the religiously diverse communities of central and eastern Europe, an area that has often been overlooked by scholars who have focused more exclusively on Protestant/ Catholic relations in the western half of the continent.

Encyclopedia of the Early Church

Author : Angelo Di Berardino
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The Encyclopedia of the Early Church is a two-volume reference work providing concise and precise information on all topics concerning the first eight centuries of Christianity. Valuable to historians, archaeologists, philosophers, and philologists as well as theologians, this work extends the knowledge of how Christianity evolved to become the most important influence in the history of Western civilization. Tracing the growth of the church from its tiny beginnings in an upper room to its dominance of Europe, western Asia, and northern Africa in the eighth century, scholars from many disciplines produced articles ranging from a few sentences to ten thousand words on all the major and most of the minor people, works, ideas, and issues of the formative period of Christianity. The first major encyclopedia to cover the life, thought, and growth of Christianity, this work offers full treatment of doctrines, creeds, and heresies, of iconography and art history, of archaeology and geography, and of monasticism and asceticism.

Arque logos historiadores y fil logos

Author : Amado Jesús de Miguel Zabala
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