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Contract and Commercial Management The Operational Guide

Author : International Association for Contract and Commercial Management(IACCM)
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Almost 80% of CEOs say that their organization must get better at managing external relationships. According to The Economist, one of the major reasons why so many relationships end in disappointment is that most organizations 'are not very good at contracting'. This ground-breaking title from leading authority IACCM (International Association for Contract and Commercial Management) represents the collective wisdom and experience of Contract, Legal and Commercial experts from some of the world s leading companies to define how to partner for performance. This practical guidance is designed to support practitioners through the contract lifecycle and to give both supply and buy perspectives, leading to a more consistent approach and language that supports greater efficiency and effectiveness. Within the five phases described in this book (Initiate, Bid, Development, Negotiate and Manage), readers will find invaluable guidance on the whole lifecycle with insights to finance, law and negotiation, together with dispute resolution, change control and risk management. This title is the official IACCM operational guidance and fully supports and aligns with the course modules for Certification.

Fundamentals of Contract and Commercial Management

Author : International Association for Contract and Commercial Management
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This ground-breaking title from the world’s leading authority on contemporary contracting best practices, the IACCM (International Association for Contract and Commercial Management) delivers a lively and practical complete insight into the contracting process which is useful in both business and personal life. Contracts are the language of business, and this book gives readers the essentials that can make a difference to any deal, no matter how big or small. Designed for the non-contract business professional, this book takes project managers and other professionals through the basic process and gives them a road map to improved results, increased value, and successful outcomes In this book you’ll find sensible guidance and approaches to ensure business success. Case studies showing you what can go wrong – and what can go right -- bring theory into the real world. Checklists give confidence and enable you to be certain that you have asked and answered the right questions as you go through any deal. This real-world approach demonstrates the value of effective contracting. This is not dry, academic prose. It is compelling and dynamic advice and tools to manage business relationships for both buyers and sellers.

Commercial Management

Author : David Lowe
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Commercial Management: theory and practice defines the role of commercial management within project-oriented organisations, providing a framework for and helping to develop a critical understanding of the factors that influence commercial management practice. It also identifies generic aspects of this practice and provides a theoretical foundation to these activities, by reference to existing and emergent theories and concepts, as well as to relevant management best practice. The book is structured into four parts: Part 1 Introduction – Commercial Management in Project Environments explores the nature of commercial practice within project-oriented organisations at the buyer-seller interface. It presents a Commercial Management framework, which illustrates the multiple interactions and connections between the purchaser‘s procurement cycle and a supplier‘s bidding and implementation cycles. Additionally, it outlines the principle activities undertaken by the commercial function, identifies the skills and abilities that support these activities and reviews the theories and concepts that underpin commercial practice. Finally, it identifies areas of commonality of practice with other functions found within project-oriented organisations, plus sources of potential conflict and misunderstanding. Part 2 – Elements of Commercial Theory and Practice covers commercial leadership; exploring strategy; risk and uncertainty management; financial decision-making; and key legal issues. Part 3 – Approaches to Commercial Practice addresses best practice management; and commercial and contracting strategies and tactics. Finally, Part 4 – Case Studies offers two extended case studies: Football Stadia (the Millennium Stadium, Cardiff; the Emirates Stadium, Islington; and Wembley Stadium, London); and Heathrow Terminal 5. The book provides a one-stop-shop to the many topics that underpin commercial management practice from both a demand (buy-side) and a supply (sell-side) perspective. It will help develop an understanding of the issues influencing commercial management: leadership, strategy, risk, financial, legal, best practice management and commercial and contracting strategy and tactics. This book’s companion website is at and offers invaluable resources for both students and lecturers: • PowerPoint slides for lecturers on each chapter • Sample exam questions for students to practice • Weblinks to key journals and relevant professional bodies

The Commercial Manager

Author : Tim Boyce
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Commercial management covers a huge range of different and crucial functions including risk and project management, negotiation, procurement, financial management - but has rarely it ever been treated as a single 'discipline'. This book fills that gap.

Enterprise Contract Management

Author : Anuj Saxena
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Globalization, increased economic and geopolitical uncertainty, technological advancements, and a rise in the number of regulations and legislations have led to a significant rise in the importance, volume, and complexity of modern contractual agreements. Yet, in spite of these profound changes, many organizations still manage the contracting process in a fragmented, manual, and ad-hoc manner, resulting in poor contract visibility, ineffective monitoring and management of contract compliance, and inadequate analysis of contract performance. The net effect of this has been a heightened interest in re-engineering and automation of Enterprise Contract Management (ECM) processes across industry sectors and geographies. Enterprise Contract Management: A Practical Guide to Successfully Implementing an ECM Solution addresses all the questions surrounding ECM, ECM solutions, and the project management, change management, and risk management considerations to ensure its successful implementation. This concise text will help your organization manage the challenges of the contract life cycle and the key success factors and pitfalls in a typical ECM solution. It is a must read for corporate executives, buyers, procurement and strategic sourcing specialists, contract administrators and procurement managers. There is currently no other book available on ECM solutions. All existing books on contract management focus on the legal aspects of contracts, but none describe the functions, features, capabilities of technology solutions that support ECM, nor do they explain the key considerations for ensuring a successful ECM solution implementation.

Contract Management

Author : Peter Sammons
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Contract management is a key management skill, yet it is underplayed in most organizations, which usually default to project management skills as a proxy for contract management skills. Whilst project management skills are equally essential, they are not the same thing. Contract Management looks at the wider contract management picture from an industrial-commercial perspective, and helps set-out typical structures and processes that assist the contract management task. The author uses diagramatic representations to depict complex ideas. Contract Management includes "learning points" in each chapter, looking at handling problems, procedural changes and enhancing commercial performance.

Commercial Risk Management

Author : Tim Boyce
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Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Commercial Risk Management explains how to identify, mitigate and avoid the principal risks in any project or transaction. It shows how all the dimensions of risk can be successfully managed through the contractual agreements covering the project and examines the treatment of the main sources of risk under seven main headings: organisational, technical, time frame, financial, suppliers, post-delivery and third party. The book also explores the principles of risk management in areas such as insurance, exclusion clauses, the use of contractual vehicles and the over-riding concept of risk bearing or sharing.

A Short Guide to Contract Risk

Author : Helena Haapio
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Savvy managers no longer look at contracting processes and documents reactively but use them proactively to reach their business goals and minimize their risks. To succeed, these managers need a framework and A Short Guide to Contract Risk provides this. The foundation of identifying and managing contract risk is what the authors call Contract Literacy: a set of skills relevant for all who deal with contracts in their everyday business environment, ranging from general managers and CEOs to sales, procurement and project professionals and risk managers. Contracts play a major role in business success. Contracts govern companies' deals and relationships with their suppliers and customers. They impact future rights, cash flows, costs, earnings, and risks. A company's contract portfolio may be subject to greater losses than anyone realizes. Still the greatest risk in business is not taking any risks. Equipped with the concepts described in this book, business and risk managers can start to see contracts differently and to use them to find and achieve the right balance for business success and problem prevention. What makes this short guide from the authors of the acclaimed Proactive Law for Managers especially valuable, if not unique, is its down-to-earth managerial/legal approach. Using lean contracting, visualization and the tools introduced in this book, managers and lawyers can achieve legally sound contracts that function as managerial tools for well thought-out, realistic risk allocation in business deals and relationships.

The Manager s Guide to Understanding Commonly Used Contract Terms

Author : Frank Adoranti
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Understanding Commonly Used Terms: Boilerplate Clauses will familiarise you with the look and feel of particular contract clauses (often called boilerplate clauses) that are important in commercial contracts. In negotiations, some executives ignore them. However, they will usually govern the 'deal' clauses. They are vital. Identifying and understanding these clauses will place you well ahead of most other business executives in this area.

The Managers Guide to Understanding Commercial Contract Negotiation

Author : Frank Adoranti
File Size : 56.45 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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* Examples are given from "real-life" business situations * Practical information and "Golden Rules" on what to do and what not to do * Plain English explanations of legal terms You've been involved in weeks, or sometimes even months, of hard-fought negotiations. However, the deal is not done until it is written up--not until the final form of contract is agreed upon and executed. You have to have a basic understanding of commercial contracts and all their ramifications every step of the way. This series explains the basics of commercial contract law, highlights how to spot potential issues before they become a problem and then how to work with a lawyer more effectively if things go wrong. It is a practical series definitely intended for corporate managers rather than lawyers.

Commercial Management of Projects

Author : David Lowe
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This is the first book to establish a theoretical framework forcommercial management. It argues that managing the contractual andcommercial issues of projects – from project inception tocompletion – is vital in linking operations at the projectlevel and the multiple projects (portfolios/ programmes) level tothe corporate core of a company. The book focuses on commercial management within the context ofproject oriented organisations, for example: aerospace,construction, IT, pharmaceutical and telecommunications – inthe private and public sectors. By bringing together contributionsfrom leading researchers and practitioners in commercialmanagement, it presents the state-of-the-art in commercialmanagement covering both current research and best practice. Commercial Management of Projects: defining thediscipline covers the external milieu (competition,culture, procurement systems); the corporate milieu(corporate governance, strategy, marketing, trust, outsourcing);the projects milieu (management of uncertainty, conflictmanagement and dispute resolution, performance measurement, valuemanagement); and the project milieu (project governance,contract management, bidding, purchasing, logistics and supply,cost value reconciliation). Collectively the chapters constitute a step towards the creationof a body of knowledge and a research agenda for commercialmanagement.

The Commercial Management of Engineering Contracts

Author : Peter Scott
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Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Project Management of Multiple Projects and Contracts

Author : Jack Loftus
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Many companies undertake small and medium sized projects without an established culture of project management. This work provides detailed guidance on project managing multiple different projects, and advises on the standard contracts which should be used. The book aims to assist engineers and managers in organizations where little established infrastructure and assistance exists, offering clear guidance and step-by-step accounts of project management as viewed by all of the concerned parties. It covers the whole spectrum form the Capital Expenditure Budgeting Process through to Commissioning and Beneficial Use.

Introduction to Construction Contract Management

Author : Brian Greenhalgh
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Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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This book is an introduction to construction contract administration and management, covering the delivery and execution stage of a construction project and the various issues which the contract administrator needs to proactively manage. It can therefore be used as a contract administrator’s resource book covering what needs to be done (and why) to keep a construction project on track from a commercial and contractual perspective. It is particularly appropriate for students and new practitioners from varied construction professions and whilst it covers domestic (UK) projects, it will be particularly useful for those studying and working on international projects where terminology, procedures and legal systems may differ from the UK. The content is split into four parts and is subdivided into easy-to-read chapters replicating the timeline of a project during the construction stage: Part A covers initiating the construction stage, project delivery mechanisms, contract administration and health and safety management; Part B covers managing the construction stage, contractor performance and relationship management; Part C covers finalising the construction stage, project completion and close-out; Part D covers claims and disputes. Introduction to Construction Contract Management will be particularly useful for students enrolled on global construction programmes together with international distance learning students and non-cognate graduates starting out on an international career in construction contract administration and quantity surveying.

Project Risk Management

Author : Tim Boyce
File Size : 70.36 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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"Helping businesses to identify, mitigate, and avoid the principal risks in any project or transaction, this book shows how all the dimensions of risk can be successfully managed through the contractual agreements covering the project. The main sources of risk are covered, including organizational, technical, financial, supply, post-delivery, and third-party risk. Also explored are the principles of risk management in areas such as insurance, exclusion clauses, the use of contractual vehicles, and the overriding concept of risk bearing or sharing."

Contracting for Business Success

Author : Andrew W. Cox
File Size : 23.45 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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This work examines the current use and performance of standard forms of contract and dispute resolution in the UK construction industry. It draws on extensive research into which contractual conditions are most appropriate to adopt in individual circumstances. It concludes with a guide for all clients and construction professionals to the selection of the contracting methods which generate business success. It reviews the main forms of contract currently in use, including: ICE 6th edition; ICE Design & Construct; ICE Minor Works; FIDIC; NEC (2nd edition); GC/Works/I; IChemE (Red & Green Books); and JCT Forms.

Commercial Management and Financing of Roads

Author : Ian Graeme Heggie
File Size : 74.41 MB
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Printed on Demand. Limited stock is held for this title. If you would like to order 30 copies or more please contact [email protected] Contact [email protected], if currently unavailable. In developing and transition economies, 60 to 80 percent of all passenger and freight transport moves by road-the main form of access for most rural communities. Yet most of the 11 million kilometers of roads in these economies are badly maintained and poorly managed. This paper discusses one of the most effective ways to promote sound policies for managing and financing road networks--commercialization. It discusses the emerging central concept of bringing roads into the marketplace, putting them on a fee-for-service basis, and managing them like a business.

Managing Construction Contracts

Author : Robert D. Gilbreath
File Size : 38.56 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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This Second Edition focuses on the commercial issues of contracting, covering the lifespan of a contract in four stages: inception of need, bid and award, administration, termination. Written from the owners' perspective, it is appropriate for construction managers and contract administrators. New material includes the effects of the computer on construction management practices, the risks and rewards of cross-border contracts and the role of the lawyer.

Model Contract Terms and Conditions with Annotations and Case Summaries

Author : X. Paul Humbert
File Size : 56.91 MB
Format : PDF
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ABOUT THIS BOOK This book assists the reader and provides value in three ways: First, model contract language in the form of commercial terms and conditions are provided. Second, the contract language is annotated with explanations and suggestions for each of the key articles. Third, summaries of actual litigated cases are provided in synopsis form. This triple combination of language, annotations and key case synopses all work together to instruct and enlighten the reader. WHAT OTHERS HAVE SAID ABOUT THIS BOOK "This book is a superb tool for anyone who relies upon contracts in their business dealings..." Nick Conca, Esq. Chief Claims Officer, Markel Corporation "The authors have hit the ball out of the park! They have crafted an easy to read and easy to understand contracts primer that all supply / demand chain professionals will embrace..." Dan Klepacki, MBA, BS Engineering Adjunct Professor - Rutgers Business School and Senior Industry Advisor Rutgers SCM Program "This book should be required reading for any Project Manager..." Frank V. Cielo, PMP Head of Operational Excellence KEMA Laboratories Chalfont DNV GL Energy "After having read Model Contract Terms and Conditions With Annotations and Case Studies, by Paul Humbert and Robert Mastice, I hope that this treatise becomes a standard manual in any situation where personnel have to develop and draft contracts in any business setting...." Glenn A. Montgonery, Esq., B.A., M.A., J.D. Montgomery, Chapin & Fetten, P.C. "Finally, a concise, annotated source of model contract terms and conditions with case summaries and citations prepared by those with actual, hands-on experience with complex project management transactions..." Glen Clark, Esq. Managing Partner Riker Danzig, Esqs. "The authors' practical experience and technical knowledge combine to provide a valuable guide for executives in the industry. This book contains valuable, real-world framework for successful capital project execution..." Guy Cipriano, P.E. President-EI Associates "Authors Paul Humbert and Robert Mastice do an exquisite job of simplifying and decomposing a complex topic in a pragmatic way..." Charlie White Entrepreneur & Principal Partner Thwakk, Inc "Contracts make the commercial world go round. The authors have done a stellar job of demystifying the contracting process, and what can be intimidating "legal" terms and conditions..." James A. Silva VP Solution & Business Development HD Supply - Power Solutions "Paul Humbert and Robert Mastice have written an invaluable resource for any business person or attorney who deals with commercial contracts. They provide section by section explanations of the purpose of, and rationale for, a wide range of common commercial contract provisions. Their commentary is illuminating for anyone who deals with those types of provisions. I have practiced law for more than 35 years. I wish that a resource like this had been available to me when I began to practice. I recommend it wholeheartedly to anyone, lawyer or non-lawyer, who would like to increase his or her understanding of commercial contracts." Richard Cogen, Esq. Partner Nixon Peabody, LLP OTHER BENEFITS OF THIS BOOK This book also facilitates the creation of a project or transaction specific Contract Management Plan. ("CMP"). A CMP is essentially an internal document prepared by either the Company or the Contractor for use by their respective employees in managing the transaction that is the subject of the Contract. The CMP is not shared with the other party since it deals exclusively with the internal considerations and mechanics associated with one party's administration and management of its rights and responsibilities under the Contract. The CMP supplements the Contract and also permits a documented methodology for applying lessons learned from past transactions.

Field Guide to Project Management

Author : David I. Cleland
File Size : 31.12 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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