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Contrast and Representations in Syntax

Author : Bronwyn M. Bjorkman
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This book explores how grammatical oppositions - for instance, the contrast between present and past tense - are encoded in the syntax of natural languages. The chapters approach the topic from a range of perspectives, drawing on data from a variety of typologically diverse languages, including Blackfoot, Greek, Onondaga, and Scottish Gaelic.

Levels of representation in the lexicon and in the syntax

Author : Maria Luisa Zubizarreta
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The architecture of the human language faculty has been one of the main foci of the linguistic research of the last half century. This branch of linguistics, broadly known as Generative Grammar, is concerned with the formulation of explanatory formal accounts of linguistic phenomena with the ulterior goal of gaining insight into the properties of the 'language organ'. The series comprises high quality monographs and collected volumes that address such issues. The topics in this series range from phonology to semantics, from syntax to information structure, from mathematical linguistics to studies of the lexicon.

The Substance of Language Volume I The Domain of Syntax

Author : John M. Anderson
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The Domain of Syntax explores the consequences for syntax of assuming that language is grounded in cognition and perception. He considers whether this permits a lexicalist approach to syntax that would allow it to dispense not only with structural mutations but with universal grammar itself.

Grammar in Mind and Brain

Author : Paul Douglas Deane
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Syntax of Scope

Author : Joseph Aoun
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Syntax of Scope takes up the issue of relative operator scope in generative grammarand offers a comparative study of quantifiers and interrogative wh-operators. The authors argue thatthe interaction of these operators is constrained by two interpretive principles: a Minimum BindingRequirement and a Scope Principle. These principles are shown to provide a unified account for thecross-linguistic similarities and variations in the interaction of operators. The authors present acomprehensive, contrastive study of operators in English and Mandarin Chinese and extend theirinvestigation to Japanese in the last chapter.Joseph Aoun is Professor of Linguistics in theDepartment of Linguistics and Yen-hui Audrey Li is Associate Professor of Linguistics in theDepartment of Linguistics and the Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures, both at theUniversity of Southern California.

Syntax Theory and Analysis

Author : Tibor Kiss
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The handbook offers an overview of syntactic theory and analysis, in terms of different theories, different languages, and different methods. The Handbook presents the state of art in syntactic analysis, also dealing with the methodology employed, and the rules of argumentation required to achieve such analyses for a wide range of phenomena.

The Substance of Language Volume III Phonology Syntax Analogies

Author : John M. Anderson
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The three linked but independent volumes of The Substance of Language collectively overhaul linguistic theory from phonology to semantics and syntax to pragmatics and offer a full account of how linguistic related to function. They comprise a powerfully coherent understanding of the nature of language and a major contribution to linguistic theory.

The Oxford Handbook of Comparative Syntax

Author : Guglielmo Cinque
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"Comparison across formal languages is an essential part of formal linguistics. The study of closely-related varieties has proven extremely useful in illuminating relations between cross-linguistic syntactic differences that might otherwise appear unrelated, and has helped to identify the core principles of Universal Grammar. Comparative studies have grown to the point where a reference work is needed to comprehensively explain the state of the field and makes its results more widely known, and this handbook fulfills that need. Its twenty-one commissioned chapters serve two functions: they provide a general and theoretical introduction to comparative syntax, its methodology, and its relation to other domains on linguistic inquiry; and they also provide a systematic selection of the best comparative work being done today on those language groups and families where substantial progress has been achieved. With top-notch editors and contributors from around the world, this volume will be an essential resource for scholars and students in formal linguistics."--

The Syntax discourse Interface

Author : Petra Burkhardt
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This book combines theoretical and experimental aspects of the establishment of dependency. It provides an account of dependency relations by focusing on the representation and interpretation of referentially dependent elements, particularly regular reflexives, logophors, and pronouns. First, the establishment of dependency is discussed within a model of syntax—discourse correspondences that predicts an economy-based dependency hierarchy contingent on the level of representation at which the dependency is formed as well as the internal structure of the dependent element and its antecedent. Secondly, the model's predictions are substantiated by a series of experimental studies (conducted in English and Dutch) providing evidence from three sources of online sentence comprehension: reaction time studies, Broca's aphasia patient studies, and event-related brain potential studies. The findings show that dependencies are established at distinct levels of linguistic encoding (i.e. syntax or discourse) determined by the presence or absence of coargumenthood and the representation of the dependency-forming elements.

Multidisciplinary Approaches to Visual Representations and Interpretations

Author :
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The value of multi-disciplinary research lies in the exchange of ideas and methods across the traditional boundaries between areas of study. It could be argued that many of the advances in science and engineering take place because the ideas, methods and the tools of thought from one discipline become re-applied in another. The topic of "the visual" has become increasingly important as advances in technology have led to multi-media and multi-modal representations, and extended the range and scope of visual representation and interpretation in our lives. Under this broad heading there are many different perspectives and approaches, from across the entire spectrum of human knolwedge and activity. The editors and authors of this book aim to break down cross-disciplinary barriers, by bringing together people working in a wide variety of disciplines where visual representations and interpretations are exploited. Contributions come from researchers actively investigating visual representations and interpretations in a wide variety of areas, including art history, biology, clinical science, cognitive science, computer science, design, engineering, linguistics, mathematics, philosophy, physics, psychology, and sociology. The book provides a forum for wide-ranging and multi-disciplinary contributions on visual representations and interpretations. * Contributors include researchers actively investigating visual representations and interpretations * Content spans a wide variety of areas including but not limited to biology, sociology, and computer science * Discusses how new technology has affected "the visual" representation of information