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Cooking with Smitty s Mom

Author : Barbara Smith
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Michael W. Smith is a legend in the music business. But growing up, he was just "Smitty" who loved his mom's cooking. Now some of her best recipes have been gathered in this collector's cookbook. A professional caterer for 15 years, Mrs. Smith offers up a huge helping of family memories, community celebrations, and fabulous dishes. This celebration of love from the kitchen includes more than 40 pictures and 300 recipes, with an easy-to-use lay-flat design. Whether you're catering for five or 50, you'll discover down-home recipes that will have everyone asking for more.

The Courage to Die with the Spirit to Live

Author : Glenora Wells-Sanders
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To those whose lives have been touched by cancer, The Courage to Die with the Spirit to Live tells of one man’s journey, from his diagnosis to his final 30 days. In June 2011, my late husband, Craig Sanders, was diagnosed with non-small cell squamous lung cancer. Writing this book keeps the promise I made to Craig when he learned his battle with lung cancer was coming to an end and he was transitioning to his next phase of life. During this time, he lived his life to the fullest, in spite of chemotherapy and radiation treatments. He went on two cruises, flew a plane, went fishing, crabbing, and was able to keep his sense of humor. He gave us strength, and left an indelible impact in our hearts and minds. The book depicts the various phases of Craig’s year-and-a-half battle with cancer. He loved helping people, and knew that as I penned his journey with this disease, he would be helping others, as well as myself. We don’t always know what paths our life will take. Often when something catastrophic does occur, we’re caught off-guard. Had it not been for our support system of family, friends, and our faith, the journey would have been impossible. We honor and salute you, and I know that Craig will always be just a prayer away from us all.

The Strange History of Suzanne LaFleshe and Other Stories of Women and Fatness

Author : Susan Koppelman
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Spanning a century, from Kate Chopin and Fannie Hurst to J. California Cooper and Elana Dykewomon, this bold and deeply satisfying anthology of women's stories explores women's relationships to, and perceptions of, their physical selves. Addressing the peculiarities, the pleasures, and the shames of body politics, these stories of bodies that refuse to be contained offer a variety of perspectives on fully inhabiting the flesh. Whether celebrating bodies deemed transgressive or simply daring to acknowledge that such bodies exist, these diverse literary representations of fatness render the excessive body brilliantly, unapologetically visible. Book jacket.

Akron Family Recipes

Author : Judy Orr James
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Compiling more than 100 family recipes, founder of the Akron Recipe Project Judy Orr James serves up a history of home cooking in the Rubber City. From the city's founding in 1825 through the years following World War II, numerous ethnic and cultural groups made Akron home. With each new arrival, the city's food changed and deepened to delicious effect. Polish immigrants brought pierogi to the area, and Jews introduced Old World favorites like kugel and hamantaschen. African Americans seeking a better life in the North enriched the Akron palate with the unique and southern-inspired dishes of their ancestors. Last but not least, there is the sauerkraut ball, Akron's official food and favorite snack served at local restaurants, cocktail parties, holiday celebrations, and game day gatherings.

Cooking with Smitty

Author : Wes Smith
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TIME TO Really Believe and Trust in Something Have Real Hope Activate Internal Access to Truth The time is now and now is when Suzzan and Craig have been asked to bring forward information concerning the plan for the synthesis of humanity. (Synthesis is defined as: the combining of separate elements or substances to form a coherent whole.) Now is the fullness of time, and each of us has an obligation to our evolving existence to come together with all matter for the good of the whole. There is no one coming to save us; all the messengers are used to teach us, and now we must use what we have learned for the impending events of our time. In the symphony of the Cosmos we are now being asked to follow the Conductor's lead, as harmony and rhythm are crucial elements to the discerning ear of time. We must become the instrument our higher self uses which will sound the notes at the last trump. We know the melody but were never before asked to play it. Not to worry, we are all given inherent sheet music. All that remains is our physical transmutation through undying devotion to the Maestro and the music. The universal oneness of all things, NO THING, composed the inherent sheet music and inspired that which steps forward to lead the orchestra INTERESTED IN PERFORMING? With the help of the Maestro, Craig and Suzzan have devoted the past eleven years to quieting the discord in their song of life on this plane of existence. To better hear that still small voice within, it is important to have harmony in one's life, which extends to the inner peace of living. It is through such living that everyone will find their place in the orchestra, if they so desire. This cannot be taught, only sought in truth and experienced through living by the guided direction of inner knowing, with confirmations from NO THING and similarity of experiences communicated in communion with others. Metaphors are wonderful aids when attempting to describe that which can only be sensed and hoped for, not clearly understood and prov

Carl Weber s Kingpins Queens 2

Author : Erick S. Gray
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From a murderous Bonnie and Clyde stirring up a hornet’s nest to a drug war and the rise of heroin overdoses, Detectives Michael Acosta and Chris Emerson are tasked with investigating the rash of robberies and brutal murders happening in the borough. Queens is bubbling with heated violence, as rival kingpins vie for power in Erick S. Gray’s intense addition to the bestselling Kingpins Series. It’s a new millennium, and Nasir’s finally coming home from doing a bullet on Riker’s Island for a petty drug charge. He’s lost everything, and he craves to come up again in the streets and take back his power and respect. One night in a strip club, Nasir reunites with Denise, the sister of his best friend, Sincere. Their friendship turns sexual, and they fall deeply in love. Nasir comes up with a master plan, and they set out to rob drug dealers, becoming the new Bonnie and Clyde of South Jamaica, Queens. Sincere is livid when he hears news about his little sister hooking up with his old partner in crime. Nasir has become a dangerous man, and he’s dragging Denise down a dangerous path. However, Sincere is locked away upstate, unable to get to his sister. So, he calls in some favors and does the unthinkable. He places a hit on his old best friend. Meanwhile, Zulu is the new power in the neighborhood, a fierce drug kingpin who runs Queens and New York City with an iron fist—until he gets knocked by the Feds. There’s a snitch in his crew, and this informant’s testimony could send him away for life. Zulu gives Zodiac, his right-hand man, the task of killing this rat before he can testify, but Zodiac has other plans. He wants to run the organization, and that’ll be easier with Zulu out of the way. As Zodiac works to build his kingdom, it sparks a civil war in the organization. From a murderous Bonnie and Clyde stirring up a hornet’s nest to a drug war and the rise of heroin overdoses, Detectives Michael Acosta and Chris Emerson are tasked with investigating the rash of robberies and brutal murders happening in the borough. Queens is bubbling with heated violence, as rival kingpins vie for power in Erick S. Gray’s intense addition to the bestselling Kingpins Series.

Cooking in Other Women s Kitchens

Author : Rebecca Sharpless
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Studie over zwarte vrouwen in het zuiden van de Verenigde Staten die na het einde van de slavernij in de 19e eeuw huishoudelijk werk gingen doen bij blanke families, met name het koken.

Kansas Bleeds

Author : Melody Groves
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Luke Colton believes the South and slavery are right. How else will cotton get to market, tobacco harvested without slaves to do the work? Southern economy is based on such a workforce and besides, what would slaves do if they were free? Luke’s three brothers, parents, and his wife think slavery and states’ rights are wrong. They side with the Union. Here in Kansas, Luke chooses to ride with the leader of Quantrill’s Raiders, a ruthless group of border ruffians. He hides his decision from his family. James Colton, Luke’s older brother, a victim of Apache capture and torture, visits from New Mexico and displays what slavery looks like, explains what it costs. Unconvinced, Luke continues to ride with Quantrill by burning houses, raiding, looting, and assaulting men, until he realizes his family is right. But how to get out of the Confederate guerrilla’s clutches? Upon learning of Quantrill’s plans to burn Lawrence, Kansas, Luke’s hometown, the Colton brothers rush to save everyone. But, no one listens . . .

Cooking in Other Women s Kitchens Enhanced Ebook

Author : Rebecca Sharpless
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As African American women left the plantation economy behind, many entered domestic service in southern cities and towns. Cooking was one of the primary jobs they performed, feeding generations of white families and, in the process, profoundly shaping southern foodways and culture. In Cooking in Other Women's Kitchens: Domestic Workers in the South, 1865-1960, Rebecca Sharpless argues that, in the face of discrimination, long workdays, and low wages, African American cooks worked to assert measures of control over their own lives. As employment opportunities expanded in the twentieth century, most African American women chose to leave cooking for more lucrative and less oppressive manufacturing, clerical, or professional positions. Through letters, autobiography, and oral history, Sharpless evokes African American women's voices from slavery to the open economy, examining their lives at work and at home. The enhanced electronic version of the book includes twenty letters, photographs, first-person narratives, and other documents, each embedded in the text where it will be most meaningful. Featuring nearly 100 pages of new material, the enhanced e-book offers readers an intimate view into the lives of domestic workers, while also illuminating the journey a historian takes in uncovering these stories.

Promises to Keep

Author : Susan Crandall
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Molly Boudreau--the younger sister of Lilly from "The Road Home"--has finally become a doctor, but feels there's a hole in her life. When she promises to help a young, frightened pregnant woman, Molly's life completely changes. Original.