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Bulletin de la Soci t d arch ologie copte

Author : Jamʻīyat al-Āthār al-Qibṭīyah (Egypt)
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Bulletin de la Soci t d arch ologie copte

Author :
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The Berlin Strasbourg Apocryphon

Author : Alin Suciu
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The incomplete state in which many Coptic writings have survived makes them difficult to assess, and the text studied in this book is no exception. Preserved in two fragmentary manuscripts, the Berlin-Strasbourg-Apocryphon - previously known as the Gospel of the Savior - has been wrongly identified as a second-century gospel which was bypassed in the formation of the Christian canon. Alin Suciu demonstrates that this misunderstanding of the text derives from an insufficient knowledge of Coptic literature. Rather, the Berlin-Strasbourg Apocryphon is one of the numerous "apostolic memoirs," a peculiar genre of Coptic literature which consists of writings allegedly written by the apostles, often embedded in sermons attributed to famous church fathers. These texts were composed following the Council of Chalcedon, as part of the attempt of the emerging Coptic church to mold its identity after the schism.

Monastic Bodies

Author : Caroline T. Schroeder
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Shenoute of Atripe led the White Monastery, a community of several thousand male and female Coptic monks in Upper Egypt, between approximately 395 and 465 C.E. Shenoute's letters, sermons, and treatises—one of the most detailed bodies of writing to survive from any early monastery—provide an unparalleled resource for the study of early Christian monasticism and asceticism. In Monastic Bodies, Caroline Schroeder offers an in-depth examination of the asceticism practiced at the White Monastery using diverse sources, including monastic rules, theological treatises, sermons, and material culture. Schroeder details Shenoute's arduous disciplinary code and philosophical structure, including the belief that individual sin corrupted not only the individual body but the entire "corporate body" of the community. Thus the purity of the community ultimately depended upon the integrity of each individual monk. Shenoute's ascetic discourse focused on purity of the body, but he categorized as impure not only activities such as sex but any disobedience and other more general transgressions. Shenoute emphasized the important practices of discipline, or askesis, in achieving this purity. Contextualizing Shenoute within the wider debates about asceticism, sexuality, and heresy that characterized late antiquity, Schroeder compares his views on bodily discipline, monastic punishments, the resurrection of the body, the incarnation of Christ, and monastic authority with those of figures such as Cyril of Alexandria, Paulinus of Nola, and Pachomius.

Textes Et tudes de Papyrologie Grecque D motique Et Copte

Author : P. W. Pestman
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L asceticon Copte de L Abb Isa e Fragments Sahidiques dit s Et Traduits

Author : Saint ISAIAH (of Scete.)
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The R Stem in Akkadian

Author : Robert M. Whitting
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Early Christian Voices

Author : David H. Warren
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This collection of studies in honor of Francois Bovon highlights the rich diversity found within early expressions of Christianity as evidenced in ancient texts, in early traditions and movements, and in archaic symbols and motifs.

The Interpretation of the Bible

Author : Joze Krasovec
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This unique volume, nearly 2000 pages in length and handsomely printed on Bible paper, is perhaps the most comprehensive scholarly work of our time on the translation and interpretation of the Bible. At its core are papers presented to an international symposium in Ljubljana in September 1996 to mark the publication of the new Slovenian version of the Bible, a landmark in Slovene identity and cultural life. In addition, its distinguished editor, Joze Krasovec, has commissioned a wide range of contributions devoted to translations of the Bible in many languages, including the Slavonic languages, Croatian, Czech, Hungarian, Polish and the Scandinavian languages. The 82 chapters in this work, mostly in English, are divided into three parts. Part I, on ancient translations and hermeneutics of the Bible, contains contributions by M.-E. Boismard, S.P. Brock, K.J. Cathcart, R.P. Gordon, L.J. Grech, M. Hengel, O. Keel, J. Lust, E. Tov and others, with a notable comprehensive bibliographic survey of oriental Bible translations from the first millennium by M. van Esbroeck. Part II, on Slavonic and other translations of the Bible, includes the first detailed study of the history of the Slavonic Bible, by Francis J. Thomson (over 300 pp.). Part III, with essays by such scholars as J.H. Charlesworth, D.J.A. Clines, J. Gnilka, M. G÷rg, N. Lohfink and A.C. Thiselton, concerns the interpretation of the Bible in translation, philosophy, theology, art and music. In an appendix, a complete list of printed Bibles in languages throughout the world is presented for the first time.

Etude Du Nom Dans la Langue Copte de Schenoute

Author : Enzo Lucchesi
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The Literary Coptic Manuscripts in the A S Pushkin State Fine Arts Museum in Moscow

Author : Alla Ivanovna Elanskaâ
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This volume presents a first publication of the entire collection of literary Coptic manuscripts in the A. S. Pushkin State Fine Arts Museum in Moscow. This collection of Coptic mss. is the most important in Russia, leaving far behind those of the National Library and the Hermitage in St. Petersburg. The mss. were brought together between 1870 and 1907 by the distinguished Russian Egyptologist Vladimir Golenischev. The collection, comprising 61 items, derives in part from the famous White Monastery's Library near Achmim. It represents all the genres characteristic of Coptic literature: Vitae, martyrdoms, legends, encomia, homilies, didactic works, treatises, discourses, polemic works, poetical pieces, pseudepigrapha, as well as the Coptic versions of the Bible (fragments). Some of the mss. are of exceptional importance, such as a fourth-century fragment of Luke's Gospel and a cosmogonical theological treatise dealing with the symbolism of baptism.

Actes du IVe Congr s Copte

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Marsan s NH X

Author : Wolf-Peter Funk
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Compose originellement en grec vers la fin du IIIe ou le debut du IVe siecle, probablement a Alexandrie, ce traite reflete des traditions mythologiques qui sont exposees de facon plus ample et plus precise dans les textes appartenant au groupe des textes sethiens platonisants, notamment Allogene et Zostrien. La maniere dont Marsanes reprend ces traditions mythologiques permet de le situer au terme de l'evolution litteraire attestee par ces textes. Marsanes est l'un des plus mal preserves des cinquante-quatre traites de la bibliotheque de Nag Hammadi. L'intention du traite est d'etablir l'autorite de Marsanes comme prophete, voyant et chef spirituel de sa communaute, et de presenter un enseignement detaille sur les principes premiers de la theologie sethienne, notamment sur la nature et la destinee de l'ame. Ce qui est particulier a Marsanes, c'est son souci de reveler les 'appellations' correctes des anges et des dieux, ainsi que des puissances planetaires et cosmiques qui controlent la destinee de l'ame, d'ou un interet tres grand pour les categories grammaticales et astrologiques. D'autre part, le traite est parseme d'exhortations qui montrent bien la relation etablie par l'auteur entre la connaissance qu'il communique a ses auditeurs et leur acces au salut. Le traite Marsanes presente une dette tres grande envers la tradition grecque, qu'il s'agisse des theories grammaticales, des speculations astrologiques et arithmologiques ou de la philosophie. Sur ce dernier plan, Marsanes se revele etonnament proche de philosophes neoplatoniciens comme Jamblique et Theodore d'Asinee. Le present volume offre une introduction developpee au traite Marsanes, un texte copte nouvellement etabli, une traduction francaise, le premier commentaire a etre consacre a cet ouvrage, ainsi qu'un 'index verborum' complet.

Orientalia Vol 58

Author :
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Observations critiques sur le Syst me hi roglyphique des anciens gyptiens de Mr Champollion le jeune

Author : Francesco RICARDI
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Recherches Critiques Et Historiques Sur la Langue Et la Litt rature de L Egypte

Author : Étienne Marc Quatremère
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tudes de Syntaxe Copte

Author : Hans Jakob Polotsky
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Coptic Studies on the Threshold of a New Millennium

Author : International Congress of Coptic Studies (7, 2000, Leiden)
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The congresses organised every four years under the auspices of the International Association for Coptic Studies (IACS) are the main forum for scholars of Egyptian Christian life and culture through the ages. The proceedings of the seventh congress, which was held in Leiden in 2000, comprise ninety-nine papers, reflecting the growth and diversification of Coptic studies worldwide. They include valuable and sometimes groundbreaking essays in topics of, for example, Coptic language, literature, monasticism and archaeology. A particularly noteworthy and important feature of the present proceedings are the state-of-the-art reviews of current trends and achievements in the main fields of the discipline, written by invited experts and accompanied by extensive bibliographies. These review articles cover aspects of Coptic studies as diverse as papyrology, gnosticism, liturgy, Copto-Arabic and art history. They turn these two volumes into real reference books, indispensable for every scholar of early Church history, late antiquity and Near Eastern Christianity.

Textual Research on the Psalms and Gospels Recherches textuelles sur les psaumes et les vangiles

Author : Christian Amphoux
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Fifteen essays discuss aspects of the textual history of the Greek, Coptic, Georgian and Armenian Psalter and Gospels. La comparaison des versions anciennes de la Bible, ici des Psaumes et des évangiles, met en évidence la richesse et la variété de la tradition manuscrite. Voici un éventail de contributions sur ces versions.

Nag Hammadi and Gnosis

Author : Robert McLachlan Wilson
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