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Introduction to Sahidic Coptic

Author : Thomas Oden Lambdin
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Author : Johanna Brankaer
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"Initially, a French version of this book was conceived as a textbook for the course Coptic I taught at the Université Catholique de Louvain (30 hours). It should be useful as well for teaching Coptic as for learning it yourself."--Introduction.

Two Thousand Years of Coptic Christianity

Author : Otto Friedrich August Meinardus
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Christianity arrived early in Egypt, brought--according to tradition--by Saint Mark the Evangelist, who became the first patriarch of Alexandria. The Coptic Orthodox Church has flourished ever since, with millions of adherents both in Egypt and in Coptic communities around the world. Since its split from the Byzantine Church in 451, the Coptic Church has proudly maintained its early traditions, and influence from outside has been minimal: the liturgy is still sung to unique rhythms in Coptic, a late stage of the same ancient Egyptian language that is inscribed in hieroglyphs on temple walls and papyri. Dr. Otto Meinardus, a leading authority on the history of the Coptic Church, here revises, updates, and combines his renowned studies Christian Egypt, Ancient and Modern (The American University in Cairo Press, 1965, 1977) and Christian Egypt, Faith and Life (The American University in Cairo Press, 1970) into a new, definitive, one-volume history for the Millennium, surveying the twenty centuries of existence of one of the oldest churches in the world.

So You Want to Learn Coptic

Author : Sameh Younan
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The Future of Coptic Studies

Author : Robert McLachlan Wilson
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Coptic Studies on the Threshold of a New Millennium

Author : International Congress of Coptic Studies (7, 2000, Leiden)
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The congresses organised every four years under the auspices of the International Association for Coptic Studies (IACS) are the main forum for scholars of Egyptian Christian life and culture through the ages. The proceedings of the seventh congress, which was held in Leiden in 2000, comprise ninety-nine papers, reflecting the growth and diversification of Coptic studies worldwide. They include valuable and sometimes groundbreaking essays in topics of, for example, Coptic language, literature, monasticism and archaeology. A particularly noteworthy and important feature of the present proceedings are the state-of-the-art reviews of current trends and achievements in the main fields of the discipline, written by invited experts and accompanied by extensive bibliographies. These review articles cover aspects of Coptic studies as diverse as papyrology, gnosticism, liturgy, Copto-Arabic and art history. They turn these two volumes into real reference books, indispensable for every scholar of early Church history, late antiquity and Near Eastern Christianity.

Coptic Identity and Ayyubid Politics in Egypt 1218 1250

Author : Kurt J. Werthmuller
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Using the life and writings of Cyril III ibn Laqlaq, 75th patriarch of the Coptic Orthodox Church, along with a variety of Christian and Muslim chroniclers, this study explores the identity and context of the Christian community of Egypt and its relations with the leadership of the Ayyubid dynasty in the early thirteenth century. Kurt J. Werthmuller introduces new scholarship that illuminates the varied relationships between medieval Christians of Egypt and their Muslim neighbors. Demonstrating that the Coptic community was neither passive nor static, the author discusses the active role played by the Copts in the formation and evolution of their own identity within the wider political and societal context of this period. In particular, he examines the boundaries between Copts and the wider Egyptian society in the Ayyubid period in three in-between spaces': patriarchal authority, religious conversion, and monasticism.

Contemporary Coptic Nuns

Author : Pieternella van Doorn-Harder
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Contemporary Coptic Nuns reveals a world rarely seen by outsiders - the world of the nuns who worship and serve as part of the largest community of indigenous Christians in the Middle East. One of the few people unaffiliated with the Egyptian Coptic Orthodox Church to observe these women, Pieternella van Doorn-Harder tells about the nuns who eschew secular pursuits to devote their lives to this extraordinarily conservative faith. Through the actions of leading Coptic women, van Doorn-Harder portrays their rich traditions and beliefs, and she examines the forces that compel these women to embrace such a demanding monastic lifestyle. In depicting the nuns' daily lives, van Doorn-Harder describes their work, their role in the Coptic resurgence, their influence on the laity, and their position in the larger Islamic society. In presenting the potency of their spiritual lives, she attests to the vigor of their prayer, fasting, and devotions as well as to the abundance of their spiritual gifts, which include clairvoyance, intercession, and healing. Through van Doorn-Harder's compelling portrayal, the Coptic nuns emerge as women who enthusiastically welcome their increased opportunities for service and leadership yet remain anchored to orthodox traditions and Egyptian culture.

The Ancient Coptic Churches of Egypt

Author : Alfred Joshua Butler
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Lists Of Words Occurring Frequently In The Coptic New Testament Sahidic Dialect

Author :
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Coptic Grammatical Categories

Author : Ariel Shisha-Halevy
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This work aims at a corpus-based description of certain central subsystems of Coptic grammar by using a structuralist method of analysis.

Coptic in 20 Lessons

Author : Bentley Layton
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Coptic in 20 Lessons is written by the author of the most authoritative reference grammar of the Coptic language, and is based on decades of pedagogical experience. In easy steps and simple explanations, it teaches the patterns and syntax of Sahidic Coptic, along with the most useful vocabulary. Drills, compositions, and translation exercises enable the student to gain fluency. All words that occur more than fifty times in the Sahidic New Testament are introduced lesson by lesson in vocabulary lists, which are arranged by semantic field and accompanied by both Greek equivalents and English glosses. The book concludes with three chapters of the Gospel of Mark, in which all new vocabulary is glossed in footnotes. Coptic in 20 Lessons is the ideal resource for use in the classroom or for teaching oneself Coptic. Critical acclaim for this book: "Coptic in 20 Lessons is the up-to-date teaching grammar that Coptic studies has long needed. ... There is no better way to learn Coptic." David Brakke, Indiana University "Layton brings to this book a life-long experience of teaching, combined with the authority of his masterly Coptic Grammar, arguably the best grammar of Sahidic Coptic ever written, from which the present work is distilled... A state-of-the-art account." Ariel Shisha-Halevy, Hebrew University

The Coptic Verb

Author : Herbert Pierrepont Houghton
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The Coptic Papacy in Islamic Egypt 641 1517

Author : Mark N. Swanson
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In Volume 1 of this series, Stephen Davis contended that the themes of "apostolicity, martyrdom, monastic patronage, and theological resistance" were determinative for the cultural construction of Egyptian church leadership in late antiquity. Volume 2, The Coptic Papacy in Islamic Egypt, shows that the medieval Coptic popes (641-1517 CE) were regularly portrayed as standing in continuity with their saintly predecessors; however, at the same time, they were active in creating something new, the Coptic Orthodox Church, a community that struggled to preserve a distinctive life and witness within the new Islamic world order. Building on recent advances in the study of sources for Coptic church history, the present volume aims to show how portrayals of the medieval popes provide a window into the religious and social life of their community.

Coptic Antiquities

Author : László Török
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Between Desert and City The Coptic Orthodox Church Today

Author : Nelly van Doorn-Harder
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The Coptic Orthodox Church in Egypt represents the largest Christian community in the Middle East today, but few works have appeared that discuss the situation of the contemporary Church. The Coptic Church has preserved ancient Christian traditions in a unique way. Not only has it survived centuries of living in a predominantly Muslim environment, but it has also managed to renew itself continuously during its long history. This book covers, for the first time, the most important aspects of the contemporary Coptic Orthodox Church in Egypt and in the diaspora, bringing together new knowledge which would otherwise remain largely inaccessible except to a small number of specialists.

Coptic future tenses syntactical studies in Sahidic

Author : Marvin R. Wilson
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The A to Z of the Coptic Church

Author : Gawdat Gabra
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During the first century, Saint Mark brought Christianity to Egypt and in so doing, formed the basis for the Coptic Orthodox Church. Today, Copts, members of the Coptic Church, compromise the largest Christian Community in the Middle East. The Coptic Church is more than 19 centuries old and has produced thousands of texts and biblical and theological studies. During the last half of the 20th century, however, economic and political discrimination has forced between 400,000 and one million Copts to emigrate from Egypt, with the majority settling in North America and Australia. The A to Z of the Coptic Church details the history of one of the oldest Christian churches. This is done through a chronology, an introductory essay, a bibliography, and more than 400 cross-referenced dictionary entries on important people, organizations, and structures; the theology and practices of the church; its literature and liturgy; and monasteries and churches.

The Coptic Question in the Mubarak Era

Author : Sebastian Elsässer
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Egypt's Christians, the Copts, are the largest Christian community in the Middle East. While they have always been considered an integral component of the Egyptian nation, their precise status within Egyptian politics and society has been subject to ongoing debates from the Twentieth Century to present day. Part of the legacy of the Mubarak era (1980-2011) in Egypt is the unsettled state of Muslim-Christian relations and the increasing volatility of sectarian tensions, which also overshadowed the first years of the post-Mubarak period. The Coptic Question in the Mubarak Era delves into the discourses that dominated public debates and the political agenda-setting during the Mubarak era, explaining why politicians and the public in Egypt have had such enormous difficulties in recognizing the real roots of sectarian strife. This "Coptic question" is a complex set of issues, ranging from the petty struggles of daily Egyptian life in a bi-religious society to intricate legal andconstitutional questions (family law, conversion, and church-building), to the issue of the political participation of the Coptic minority. Through these subjects, the book explores a larger debate about Egyptian national identity. With special attention paid to the neglected diversity of voices within the Coptic community, The Coptic Question in the Mubarak Era uncovers the historical layers of the situation to provide a comprehensive analysis of the political and social underpinnings of this timely issue.

Egyptian Coptic Linguistics in Typological Perspective

Author : Eitan Grossman
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This volume presents the Egyptian-Coptic language in cross-linguistic (‘typological’) perspective. It is aimed at linguists of all stripes, especially typologists, historical linguists, and specialists in Egyptian-Coptic, Afroasiatic languages, or African languages. Uniquely, the contributions are written by both typologists and experts of Egyptian-Coptic and typologists. The former provide case studies dealing with particular aspects of the various phases of the Egyptian-Coptic language (e.g., COLLIER on conditional constructions), while the latter situate Egyptian-Coptic data in cross-linguistic perspective (e.g., those by GUELDEMANN and GENSLER). The volume also includes an introductory section that includes an overview of the Egyptian-Coptic language (HASPELMATH), a sketch of its sociohistorical setting (GROSSMAN & RICHTER), its relationship with language typology (RICHTER), and the way in which Egyptian-Coptic data should be presented to nonspecialists, focusing on transliteration and glossing (GROSSMAN & HASPELMATH). This is the first book to bring together language typology and the Egyptian-Coptic language in an explicit fashion.