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The Berlin Strasbourg Apocryphon

Author : Alin Suciu
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The incomplete state in which many Coptic writings have survived makes them difficult to assess, and the text studied in this book is no exception. Preserved in two fragmentary manuscripts, the Berlin-Strasbourg-Apocryphon - previously known as the Gospel of the Savior - has been wrongly identified as a second-century gospel which was bypassed in the formation of the Christian canon. Alin Suciu demonstrates that this misunderstanding of the text derives from an insufficient knowledge of Coptic literature. Rather, the Berlin-Strasbourg Apocryphon is one of the numerous "apostolic memoirs," a peculiar genre of Coptic literature which consists of writings allegedly written by the apostles, often embedded in sermons attributed to famous church fathers. These texts were composed following the Council of Chalcedon, as part of the attempt of the emerging Coptic church to mold its identity after the schism.

Coptica Gnostica Manichaica

Author : Louis Painchaud
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Le 5 decembre 2001, nous lancions le projet de la publication d'une Festschrift destinee a honorer notre collegue et ami Wolf-Peter Funk. La parution de ce volume etait alors annoncee pour le 30 decembre 2003, date du 60e anniversaire du dedicataire. Mais diverses raisons, au premier rang desquelles figure la generosite avec laquelle on a repondu a notre invitation, ont fait que ces melanges paraissent avec deux annees de retard. Mais a quelque chose malheur est bon: les lecteurs apprecieront la richesse, la haute tenue scientifique et la diversite de ces quarante-sept contributions qui, redigees en francais, en anglais ou en allemand par cinquante auteurs provenant de treize pays, temoignent eloquemment de l'estime et de l'amitie dont jouit Wolf-Peter Funk. Les editeurs de ce volume ont voulu l'ouvrir aux domaines auxquels s'est particulierement consacre Wolf-Peter Funk: la philologie et la linguistique coptes, les etudes gnostiques et manicheennes. Les contributions qui composent cet hommage illustrent par ailleurs assez bien ce qu'a ete l'activite scientifique et universitaire de Wolf-Peter Funk depuis son arrivee a l'Universite Laval a l'ete 1986. S'il y a poursuivi des travaux entrepris a Berlin, il s'est de plus en plus engage, a partir de ce moment, dans l'edition et l'interpretation des textes de Nag Hammadi en meme temps qu'il ouvrait un vaste chantier manicheen en devenant l'editeur des manuscrits manicheens des Musees d'Etat de Berlin et en s'associant a l'equipe australienne chargee de la publication des fouilles de l'oasis de Dakhleh (Kellis).

Miscellanea Coptica

Author : Hjalmar Torp
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New Testament Apocrypha Writings relating to the Apostles Apocalypses and related subjects

Author : Wilhelm Schneemelcher
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Translation of: Neutestamentliche Apokryphen.

Coptica Gnostica und Mandaica

Author : Wolf B. Oerter
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An die Seite des Corpus der Griechischen Christlichen Schriftsteller (GCS) stellte Adolf von Harnack die Monographienreihe der Texte und Untersuchungen zur Geschichte der altchristlichen Literatur (TU), die er bereits 1882 begründet hatte und die nunmehr als Archiv für die ... Ausgabe der älteren christlichen Schriftsteller diente.

The Coptic Gnostic Library

Author : James McConkey Robinson
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"The Gnostic Library" continues where the Dead Sea Scrolls left off. It is based on the Nag Hammadi codices, which were unearthed in 1945 -- a discovery considered as significant as the Dead Sea Scrolls themselves. The "Coptic Gnostic Library" contains all the texts of the Nag Hammadi codices, both in the original Coptic and in translation. It sheds an invaluable light upon early Judaism and the roots of Christianity. Now available in paperback.

Sahidic 1 Samuel A Daughter Version of the Septuagint 1 Reigns

Author : Elina Perttilä
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The Sahidic version of 1 Samuel is an ancient daughter version of the Septuagint. Because the Sahidic translation was made before most of the Greek manuscripts we know were copied, it potentially contains ancient readings no longer preserved or only faintly attested in the Greek tradition. This study considers the Sahidic version of 1 Samuel as a translation and how it may best be used in Greek textual criticism. The aim of this study is twofold. First, to examine the translation technique of the Sahidic translator. Second, to analyze the affiliations between the Sahidic manuscripts as well as the affiliations between the Sahidic version and Greek traditions. In the translation-technical section, clause connections and translator s additions feature prominently. In the chapter concerning the affiliations of the Sahidic text, detailed textual analyses prevail. These analyses describe the textual character of each Sahidic manuscript, and search for the existence of secondary readings and/or corruptions. This study supports the creation of a new critical edition of the Septuagint of 1 Samuel for the Göttingen series. With respect to this edition, the primary goal is to identify the affiliations of the Sahidic version. This translation-technical study, however, will additionally allow for a more careful and accurate citation of the Sahidic version within the critical apparatus of the Greek text.

Prophetae majores in dialecto Coptica ed cum versione Lat H Tattam

Author : Henry Tattam
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Biblica Coptica Montserratensia P Monts Roca II

Author : Sofía Torallas Tovar
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Este libro supone la edición de los fragmentos de la Biblia Coptica, en dialecto Sahídico, conservados en la Colección Roca-Puig. El objetivo de este trabajo es ofrecer un catálogo, con una completa descripción de estos materiales y la edición de sus textos, a modo de contribución al conocimiento de la versión Sahídica de la Biblia.

Studia coptica

Author : Peter Nagel
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Author :
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The Origins of the Eucharistic Prayer

Author : Enrico Mazza (sac.)
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In this critical analysis Enrico Mazza concentrates on structure as he traces the evolution of the Eucharistic Prayer from its origins in the ancient Jewish rites and its Christian beginnings in the Didache. He then examines the paleoanaphoras of the early centuries and moves through the origin and progressive development of the larger anaphoric families (Alexandran, Roman, Antiochene), showing the influence of the Jewish rites on the formation of the Christian texts, and arriving finally at the classical anaphoras of the fourth century.

Yarnall Library of Theology of St Clement s Church Philadelphia

Author : Philadelphia. St. Clement's church. Yarnall library of theology
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Zeitschrift F r gyptische Sprache und Altertumskunde

Author :
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New Testament Apocrypha

Author : Edgar Hennecke
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In recent years there has been so much research into extra-canonical gospel literature and, in particular, into the Coptic Gnostic library of Nag Hammadi that a completely new recasting of the seminal work, Neutestamentliche Apokryphen in Deutscher Ubersetzung (originally founded by Edgar Hennecke), seemed called for. This is the English translation of the revised edition of that work, published in two volumes. This is an essential collection of sources for every student of the New Testament and of the history and literature of ancient Christianity. Volume II covers writings related to the Apostles, the Apocalypses and related subjects.

CRC World Dictionary of Medicinal and Poisonous Plants

Author : Umberto Quattrocchi
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"Following on the successes of two previous dictionary projects, the CRC World Dictionary of Plant Names and the CRC World Dictionary of the Grasses, Umberto Quattrocchi has undertaken this dictionary of economically important plants.... He has done for these plants what was so admirably done in his other works—brought the vast and scattered literature on plant names, and in this case, too, their uses, into coherent order so that the inquisitive scholar can get a foothold." —From the Foreword, Donald H. Pfister, Harvard University and Harvard University Herbaria, Cambridge, Massachusetts The CRC World Dictionary of Medicinal and Poisonous Plants: Common Names, Scientific Names, Eponyms, Synonyms, and Etymology provides the starting point for better access to data on plants used around the world in medicine, food, and cultural practices. The material found in the five volumes has been painstakingly gathered from papers of general interest, reports and records, taxonomic revisions, field studies, herbaria and herbarium collections, notes, monographs, pamphlets, botanical literature, and literature tout court. It includes sources available at various natural history libraries, floras and standard flora works, local floras and local histories, nomenclatural histories, and the International Code of Botanical Nomenclature. Much more than a dictionary, the book provides the names of thousands of genera and species of economically important plants, concise summaries of plant properties, and appropriate observations about medicinal uses. Drawing from a tremendous range of primary and secondary sources, it is an indispensable time-saving guide for all those involved with botany, herbal medicine, pharmacognosy, toxicology, medicinal and natural product chemistry, and agriculture.

Augusti Pfeifferi Dubia vexata Script Sacr Editio quinta

Author : August PFEIFFER (Orientalist.)
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The New Sydenham Societys Lexicon of Medicine and the Allied Sciences

Author : Henry Power
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Author : Harald Kittel
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This international encyclopedia documents and surveys, for the first time, the entire complex of translation as well as the operations and phenomena associated with it. Structured along systematic, historical and geographic lines, it offers a comprehensive and critical account of the current state of knowledge and of international research. The Encyclopedia (1) offers an overview of the different types and branches of translation studies; (2) covers translation phenomena - including the entire range of interlingual, intralingual, and intersemiotic transfer and transformation - in their social, material, linguistic, intellectual, and cultural diversity from diachronic, synchronic, and systematic perspectives, (3) documents and elucidates the most important results of the study of translation to the present day, as well as the current debates, taking into account theoretical assumptions and methodological implications; (4) identifies, where possible, lacunae in existing research, listing priorities and desiderata for further research. The languages of publication are German, English, and French