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Core Surgical Training Interviews

Author : Sukhpreet Singh Dubb
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Each year the competition ratio for UK Core Surgical Training jobs is high.. For every 3.3 applicants, only one will be successfully appointed to a CST post. This revision guide maximises the chances of interview success. by providing comprehensive application and interview advice. Chapters include Clinical, Portfolio and Management stations and include both advice and real clinical scenarios, enabling trainee surgeons to save time and gain interview confidence.

Surgical Interviews

Author : Shelly Griffiths
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Prepare, prepare, prepare! Surgical Interviews: The Survival Guide is a highly detailed handbook of what to expect during surgical interviews, including applications and CV preparation, clinical scenarios, portfolios, communication, possible questions, suggested solutions, potential pitfalls and a multitude of invaluable tips to enhance the overall

Recent Advances in Surgery 37

Author : Irving Taylor
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Surgery is a constantly evolving specialty in medicine – research and technological advances have made surgical procedures safer and more effective and offer shorter recovery times. Recent Advances in Surgery 37 is the latest volume in the annually-publishing series that reviews current topics in general surgery and its major subspecialties. Divided into fifteen chapters, this volume includes updates on the use of intravenous fluids and management of knife injuries. Other specialist topics covered in this volume include modern prostate cancer management, phyllodes tumour of the breast, the management of varicose veins, and superficial venous incompetence. With contributions from recognised experts, the majority from throughout the UK, this new volume covers all the latest developments in surgery, providing excellent revision material for professional examinations, and helping consultant surgeons keep up to date across the specialty. Key points Latest volume in series bringing postgraduates and surgeons up to date with the latest developments in general surgery and its subspecialties Includes review of randomised clinical trials and meta-analyses in surgery Contributions from recognised experts, mainly in the UK Includes more than 60 images and illustrations

Royal Society of Medicine Career Handbook FY1 ST2

Author : Muhunthan Thillai
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Doctors often lack the skills needed to give them a competitive edge over their colleagues. Despite being academically gifted they leave medical school after six years ill equipped to attain their own career goals. Management skills that are often the most basic to those working for private companies are left out of their undergraduate training. Some simple tips, strategies and well researched advice will empower doctors to develop their own unique career pathway and help them achieve success in their professional life. This book is for all newly qualified doctors. It systematically and logically examines the entire hospital doctor and GP career process from start to finish, dispelling common myths and advising doctors on how to break down their career into sections and tackle them one at a time. Planning a career should be like sitting an exam. Each chapter is devoted to one aspect of the career pathway from how to choose the right job for you through to FY1, FY2 and ST jobs, and covering application forms, exams, the interview process, audit and finally publications. This book helps to answer specific questions such as: Should I apply for jobs in multiple deaneries to increase my chances of success? What do those questions on the application form really mean? Exactly what type of questions will come up in my interview? Which postgraduate exam should I choose, how will I get through it and when should I sit it? How can I excel in an audit and make a difference to my department? How do I get published and which journals should I choose? Brimming with sound practical advice, hints, tips with its readily accessible style and approach, this text is an essential purchase for all doctors embarking on their career.

Clinical Surgery E Book

Author : Michael M. Henry
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The previous edition won first Prize (Surgery category) at the BMA Awards 2005. The judges' comment: 'A comprehensive and attractively presented 4-colour textbook of surgery aimed primarily at medical students but also of use to junior doctors and surgical technicians. The book has two key features: firstly, it provides students with coverage of every aspect of surgery; secondly, it has been designed and written to be the 'surgical companion' to Kumar & Clark's Clinical Medicine. This new edition will also offer an online version to all purchasers of the book - the first surgical textbook in the UK to make an electronic version available.' A comprehensive account of surgery - students only need to buy one text Covers general issues such as wound healing and pain control in the first section. By grouping these issues into one section at the beginning, students are immediately given an overview of what makes surgery different A regional approach is adopted for the largest section - section 2 - this reflects the way in which surgeons talk about surgery to each other The third section covers surgical specialities - paediatrics, endocrinology, urology - and also includes specialities such as ophthalmology, ENT and orthopaedics. These are often omitted from competing books to save space The logical arrangement of the three sections makes the book easy to use and refer to in clinical practice The arrangement of contents is straightforward and easily understood Text boxes are used throughout to highlight and isolate important information Includes over 350 four-colour images and line drawings original to this book and greatly praised by students Also includes over 100 black and white and approximately 50 full-colour clinical photographs, X-rays and scans Designed to complement Kumar and Clark's highly successful Clinical Medicine textbook so that students can have 'matching' texts in these complementary areas Written by an expert team of contributors Your purchase of this book entitles you to online access to the text at no extra charge. This innovative web site offers you... Access to the complete text and illustrations of this book. Integration links to bonus content in other Elsevier online titles. Content clipping for your handheld. An interactive community center with a wealth of additional resources. The more Elsevier titles you buy, the more resources you can access online! New edition of a prize-winning textbook. Completely revised throughout to reflect recent changes in surgical practice. New chapter on bariatric surgery for the treatment of morbidly obese patients. Covers the increasing use of minimally invasive surgical techniques, including robotic surgery. Emphasises the increasing impact of multimodality therapy, in particular for the treatment of cancer. Covers improvements in imaging technology and impact on surgical decision making.

Bulletin of the Royal College of Surgeons of England

Author :
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Perianesthesia Nursing Core Curriculum

Author : American Society of PeriAnesthesia Nurses
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To best serve the needs of practicing perianesthesia nurses, content from "Core Curriculum for PeriAnesthesia Nursing, 4th Ed." and "Ambulatory Surgical Nursing Core Curriculum" are combined into one new core. This edition includes additional key content to provide the most comprehensive reference for perianesthesia practice, from preanesthesia through postanesthesia Phase 3.

Self made Men

Author : Henry Rubin
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In Self-Made Men, Henry Rubin explores the production of male identities in the lives of twenty-two FTM transsexuals--people who have changed their sex from female to male. The author relates the compelling personal narratives of his subjects to the historical emergence of FTM as an identity category. In the interviews that form the heart of the book, the FTMs speak about their struggles to define themselves and their diverse experiences, from the pressures of gender conformity in adolescence to being mistaken for "butch lesbians," from hormone treatments and surgeries to relationships with families, partners, and acquaintances. Their stories of feeling betrayed by their bodies and of undergoing a "second puberty" are vivid and thought-provoking. Throughout the interviews, the subjects' claims to having "core male identities" are remarkably consistent and thus challenge anti-essentialist assumptions in current theories of gender, embodiment, and identity. Rubin uses two key methods to analyze and interpret his findings. Adapting Foucault's notions of genealogy, he highlights the social construction of gender categories and identities. His account of the history of endocrinology and medical technologies for transforming bodies demonstrates that the "family resemblance" between transsexuals and intersexuals was a necessary postulate for medical intervention into the lives of the emerging FTMs. The book also explores the historical emergence of the category of FTM transsexual as distinguished from the category of lesbian woman and the resultant "border disputes" over identity between the two groups. Rubin complements this approach with phenomenological concepts that stress the importance of lived experience and the individual's capacity for knowledge and action. An important contribution to several fields, including sociology of the body, gender and masculinity, human development, and the history of science, Self-Made Me will be of interest to anyone who has seriously pondered what it means to be a man and how men become men.


Author : JR Pierce
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Boots Johnson, an unproductive young man, experienced a serendipity event that eventually leads to his invention of the Electric Highway. He launched his invention at a time of great anxiety and soring expenses for energy and quickly amassed a great fortune. Secure in this position of wealth, Boots turned his attention to politics out of a sense of over privelege and conceived a long-term campaign to be elected President of the United States. This book is the interview where ideas he wanted to explore from the vantage point of a political campaign became known. Some of these ideas are serious, scary, and scandalous from conservative points of view. He has harsh convictions against the Iraq misadventures and decries the military strategy of occupying the country when GPS precision ordinance were possessed only by us. "Shock and Awe" dergading into whimpering incompetence. Human cultures self-assembled to where six billion are healthier, wealthier, and wiser than a few million emerging barbarians eight thousand years ago. For many the basic assumption of Heaven prevailed. But now greater knowledge spans the globe and Evolution is irrefutable. Evolution takes place in identifiable and measurable time and space, not a supposed space, and has knowledge of beginning and ending, refuting heavenly eternity. The Book of True Revelations guides the moderns who hunger and thirst after knowledge. Light and electromagnetism, gravity, space-time cosmology, DNA biology, continental drift; all are hidden elements of essential nature and it is the human job to protect and improve our earth.

The Psychiatric Interview

Author : Allan Tasman
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While the ABPN has now supplied such standards for psychiatry,psychiatric interviewing instruction has not been standardized inthe US or in other countries. Similarly, the few psychiatricinterviewing books available are written in textbook form, oftenlong and often from the subpecialty perspective (e.g. psychodynamicinterviewing). Critically, no interviewing guides to datetake a true biopsychosocial perspective. That is, they limitthemselves to “interviewing” as an isolated techniquedivorced from full patient assessment, which for quality patientcare must include the interface of psychological and socialcomponents with biological components. Similarly, fewinterviewing texts are fully integrated with DSM/ICD categoricaldiagnostic schemata, even though these descriptive diagnosticsystems represent the very core of our clinical language—thelingua franca of the mental health professions. Without good descriptive diagnoses there cannot be adequatecommunication of clinical data among providers. The proposed book will meet this need for training inbiopsychosocial assessment and diagnosis. The patient interview is at the heart of psychiatricpractice. Listening and interviewing skills are the primarytools the psychiatrist uses to obtain the information needed tomake an accurate diagnosis and then to plan appropriatetreatment. The American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology andthe Accrediting Council on Graduate Medical Educationidentify interviewing skills as a core competency forpsychiatric residents. The Psychiatric Interview: evaluation and diagnosis is anew and modern approach to this topic that fulfills the need fortraining in biopsychosocial assessment and diagnosis. Itmakes use of both classical and new knowledge of psychiatricdiagnosis, assessment, treatment planning and doctor-patientcollaboration. Written by world leaders in education, the book isbased on the acclaimed Psychiatry Third Edition byTasman, Kay et al, with new chapters to address assessment inspecial populations and formulation. The psychiatricinterview is conceptualized as integrating the patient's experiencewith psychological, biological, and environmental components of theillness. This is an excellent new text for psychiatry residents at allstages of their training. It is also useful for medicalstudents interested in psychiatry and for practicingpsychiatrists who may wish to refresh their interviewingskills.

Acute Care Surgery

Author : LD Britt
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Acute Care Surgery is a comprehensive textbook covering the related fields of trauma, critical care, and emergency general surgery. The full spectrum of Acute Care Surgery is expertly addressed, with each chapter highlighting cutting-edge advances in the field and underscoring state-of-the-art management paradigms. In an effort to create the most definitive reference on Acute Care Surgery, an evidence-based approach is emphasized for all content included. Also, notable controversies are discussed in detail often accompanied by data-driven resolutions.

Fundamentals of the Physical Therapy Examination Patient Interview and Tests Measures

Author : Associate Professor Doctor of Physical Therapy Program University of Indianapolis Krannert School of Physical Therapy Indianapolis Indiana Stacie J Fruth
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Fundamentals of the Physical Therapy Examination: Patient Interview and Tests & Measures introduces physical therapy students to essential screening and examination techniques that form the foundation of their practice, across all body systems. It then builds on the foundational knowledge and helps students develop clinical decision-making skills. Experienced clinicians make numerous and rapid decisions about what questions to ask during a patient interview, what systems need to be screened for problems that lie outside the scope of physical therapy, and what tests and measures must be performed during an initial patient examination. Physical therapy students and some new graduates often struggle with this decision-making process and answering the why questions. This text provides the reader with fundamental, step-by-step approach to the subjective and objective portions of the examination process for a broad spectrum of patients within the musculoskeletal, neuromuscular, integumentary, and cardiopulmonary realms (according to the Guide to Physical Therapist Practice). Ample rationale is provided for why a test/measure would or would not be selected based on the patient s diagnosis or presentation. In addition to rationale to help with the clinical decision-making process, case examples and sample documentation will also be provided.

Med Educ A Surgical Persp

Author :
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"Compiled on the occasion of a conference on Surgical Education sponsored by the Section of General Surgery in June 1986"--Pref.

Perioperative Nursing Core Curriculum

Author : Rosemary Ann Roth
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Effective both as an introductory guide for nurses new to the discipline, and as a review for experienced perioperative nurses, this one-of-a-kind core reference presents the required knowledge and clinical skills for perioperative nursing. It identifies AORN Standards and Recommended Practices as they relate to specific subjects within the specialty. The book discusses historical, technical, and professional aspects of perioperative nursing, as well as educational issues. Plus, each chapter features 2 practice scenarios that demonstrate how the concepts apply to specific patient situations. Individual chapters cover asepsis, environmental safety, sterilization, care planning, wound closure, positioning, anesthesia, professional development, and training new perioperative nurses. In addition, readers will find controversy boxes that present opposing viewpoints on critical subjects as well as boxes and tables that highlight key information.

Core Topics in General and Emergency Surgery

Author : Simon Paterson-Brown
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This series provides surgeons in higher training and those wanting an update with a practical reference source of the most current information on recent developments, the latest management issues and operative procedures in each of the major sub-specialties. the series is thoroughly referenced and supported by evidence-based data. In order to meet the increasing interest in Evidence-Based Medicine the authors have cited wherever available the meta-analysis of randomised controlled trials, systematic literature reviews and observational studies and have identified key references within the text

Core Principles and Practice of Medical Surgical Nursing

Author : Carrie Dowdy
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National Health Interview Survey

Author :
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Gerioperative Nursing Care

Author : Dr. Raelene V. Shippee-Rice, PhD, RN
File Size : 56.54 MB
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"The authors of this book share decades of geriatric perioperative nursing care experience with readers in a thorough, systematic manner....[This book] would be an excellent addition to the library of any health care professional, especially a perioperative nurse, who provides care to older adults."--AORN Journal, the official publication of the Association of Perioperative Registered Nurses "This is a solid, well thought out book. The text has a clarity and focus which enhances understanding of the topics presented. It is particularly notable for crisp reading and uncomplicated, meaningful illustrations. Kudos to the authors for presenting such a medically solid book without losing the art of nursing care or the vision of a well tended patient."--Nursing News This timely volume introduces gerioperative care, a new model of surgical care for the elderly designed to improve surgical outcomes and prevent complications through a focus on communication and relationship-centered care. It is the only book to specifically address the care of older adults undergoing surgery, providing practitioners with critical, practical, and theoretical information from the initial decision to have surgery through the first follow-up visit post-discharge. The text includes the anatomy and physiology of aging, preoperative care, intraoperative and post-anesthesia care, postoperative care, returning home, risk appraisal, education, prevention, early intervention, multidisciplinary team collaboration, and effective communication across all systems of care. Gerioperative Nursing Care is an essential resource for students and practitioners of surgical, critical/acute care, and geriatric nursing, along with clinical and case managers. The tools presented help to sustain and enhance quality nursing care for older adults considering surgery, undergoing surgery, and during post-surgery visits. Key Features Presents a comprehensive new gerioperative care model for older adults undergoing surgery Follows patient from primary to follow up care, including hospital care, ambulatory care, emergency and elective surgery, and perioperative care Applies primary, secondary, and tertiary care concepts to surgery Presents innovative focus on case management, with new care guidelines Provides new applications in preoperative training, family coaching, and post-operative cognitive dysfunction prevention Describes how to make quality improvements in current surgical care practices Identifies and discusses major health problems of older adults through EBP Includes case studies with discussion questions

Success in Academic Surgery

Author : Herbert Chen
File Size : 79.63 MB
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How does one become a successful academic surgeon? The Association for Academic Surgery has been teaching this to medical students, residents, and young faculty for the over 20 years and this is the first time the experience and lessons learned have been summarized in a book format. Success in Academic Surgery, Part 1, reinforces the curriculum of the Association for Academic Surgery courses and also provides guidance to individual surgeons who have not had the opportunity to attend these courses. Thus, this book is a valuable reference for medical students, surgical residents, and young surgical faculty.

The Hands on Guide to Surgical Training

Author : Matthew Stephenson
File Size : 84.44 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Thinking about a surgical career? About to start surgical training? Do you know what to expect and how to thrive? The Hands-on Guide to Surgical Training is the ultimate, practical guide for medical students and junior doctors thinking about taking the plunge into surgery, and also for surgical trainees already in training. It’s full of invaluable, practical information and career guidance to ensure you get the most out of your surgical career. It offers general guidance and advice on surgical training, together with detailed information on each of the nine surgical subspecialties, each written by seniors and consultants, as you make both clinical and career-based choices. Undoubtedly one of the most comprehensive resources for surgical trainees available, The Hands-on Guide to Surgical Training will be essential reading throughout your training and surgical career. Take the stress out of surgical training with The Hands-on Guide!