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Corporate Law and Economic Analysis

Author : Lucian Arye Bebchuk
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The past decade has brought certain corporate transactions and arrangements to the forefront of public attention and debate. At the same time, a new mode of corporate law analysis has been developed--one that uses economics to identify the consequences and desirable features of corporate law rules. This collection of papers uses economic analysis to study some of the main issues in corporate law. By collecting work at the frontier of this method of analysis, the volume provides a clear picture of the power, current state, and future direction of the economic analysis of corporate law. Written by some of the most prominent contributors to the field, many of the papers focus directly on the corporate control transactions that have attracted much interest and controversy in the past decade--corporate takeovers, buyouts, recapitalizations, and reorganizations.

Corporate Law

Author : Stephen M. Bainbridge
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Corporations classes present students with two related problems: First, many students have trouble understanding the cases studied because they do not understand the transactions giving rise to those cases. Second, Corporations classes at many law schools are taught from a law and economics perspective, which many students find unfamiliar and/or daunting. Yet, with few exceptions, corporate law treatises and other study aids have essentially ignored the law and economics revolution. This book is intended to remedy these difficulties. The pedagogy is up-to - date, with a strong emphasis on the doctrinal issues taught in today's Corporations classes and, equally important, a mainstream economic analysis of the major issues in the course. As such, the text is coherent and cohesive: It provides students not only with an overview of the course, but also (and more importantly) with a unifying method of thinking about the course. Using a few basic tools of law and economics-price theory, game theory, and the theory of the firm literature-students will come to see corporate law as the proverbial "seamless web." Finally, the text is highly readable: The style is simple, direct, and reader- friendly. Even when dealing with complicated economic or financial issues, the text seeks to make those issues readily accessible.

Business Law and Economics for Civil Law Systems

Author : Rousseau, StŽphane
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Business Law and Economics for Civil Law Systems highlights the relevance of economic analysis of business law from a civilian perspective. It integrates a comparative approach (common law and civil law) to economic analysis using tools and illustrations to assist in conducting critical economic analysis of rules in the field of business law. This book is a valuable contribution to the reflection on the place and meaning of value creation and accountability as goals for business law. It will be of great value to academics interested in business law, competition law, comparative law and legal theory, students studying law, business and economics, and to policy makers and regulators.

Regulatory Competition in the Internal Market

Author : Barbara Gabor
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'Barbara Gabor's masterful overview of regulatory competition issues as they relate to the European Union is a must read; political scientists, economists, and lawyers will find value in this comprehensive and thoughtful work by an able young scholar.' - Daniel Rubinfeld, University of California, Berkeley, US

The Genius of American Corporate Law

Author : Roberta Romano
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This is a study of the structure of American corporate law, which combines economic analysis with empirical insights to produce a number of policy insights. It is suitable for anyone studying corporate law, securities regulation, comparative company law or federalism.

Company Law

Author : Ben Pettet
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"The second edition of this popular book on company law combines theoretical and jurisprudential issues with an up-to-date account of legal developments across the field of company law. The author demonstrates that the needs of shareholders in companies which have dispersed ownership of shares cannot be properly understood without an analysis of the law relating to securities regulation and capital markets." "Company Law is essential reading for LL.B. courses in universities and also covers the requirements of the University of London (External) LL.B. The book offers excellent foundation reading for postgraduate LL.M.s in company and capital markets law and is an excellent critical survey of a dynamic field of law for students qualifying professionally in the fields of accounting, finance and company secretaryship."--BOOK JACKET.

Economic Analysis of Contract Law Antitrust Law and Safety Regulations

Author : Jenny Bourne Wahl
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First published in 1999. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Handbook of Law and Economics

Author : A. Mitchell Polinsky
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Law can be viewed as a body of rules and legal sanctions that channel behavior in socially desirable directions — for example, by encouraging individuals to take proper precautions to prevent accidents or by discouraging competitors from colluding to raise prices. The incentives created by the legal system are thus a natural subject of study by economists. Moreover, given the importance of law to the welfare of societies, the economic analysis of law merits prominent treatment as a subdiscipline of economics. This two volume Handbook is intended to foster the study of the legal system by economists. *The two volumes form a comprehensive and accessible survey of the current state of the field. *Chapters prepared by leading specialists of the area. *Summarizes received results as well as new developments.

Corporate Opportunities

Author : Marco Claudio Corradi
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This monograph provides a comprehensive analysis of corporate opportunities doctrines from a comparative perspective. It looks at both common law and civil law rules and relies to a large extent on a law and economics approach. This book broadens the conventional view on corporate opportunities, a vital step in light of the adoption of corporate opportunities rules in civil law jurisdictions and in light of investors' ever-changing strategies. This approach considers institutional complementarities and especially industrial complementarities. The book thus explores several jurisdictions and their economic and industrial environments, whilst also assessing the impact of globalisation onto legal reform. Furthermore, it analyses the problems related to the application of corporate opportunities rules to cross-border venture capital. In normative terms, the book advances one main stance, articulated in three points: first, it proposes different sanctions for undisclosed and disclosed misappropriations, supporting the core idea that sanctions should be set against disclosure and not authorisation. Secondly, it advances the idea that sanctions against undisclosed misappropriations should be more severe than the ones presently applied. Thirdly, it considers the possibility of a more flexible treatment of disclosed misappropriations. This study is positioned at the intersection of several fields, providing a lens into a much broader range of dynamics that will be of interest to a varied international readership, and offering a window into the broader institutional dynamics at work in centres of innovation (eg Silicon Valley and industrial districts in other jurisdictions). It is rooted in law and economics, but the emphasis is placed on how corporate opportunities rules fit within a broader set of institutional dynamics that affect innovation, industrial efficiency, and economic competitiveness.

The Economic Structure of Corporate Law

Author : Frank H. Easterbrook
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This text argues that the rules and practices of corporate law mimic contractual provisions that parties involved in corporate enterprise would reach if they always bargained at zero cost and flawlessly enforced their agreements. It states that corporate l