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Corporate Lease Analysis

Author : Bennie H. Nunnally
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This comprehensive work on the topic of lease financing emphasizes decision-making and the application of leasing theory to actual business situations. The various types of leases and their advantages, disadvantages, and appropriate usage are thoroughly delineated in a clear and readable style. The general topics covered include leasing concepts, analytical foundations of leasing, reporting for leases, evaluating lease transactions, and the role of leasing in modern financial management. Simple numerical examples introduce various lease valuation methods and illustrate differences in rates of return and rates of discount.

Corporate Finance

Author : S R Vishwanath
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This—revised and enhanced—book examines the role of finance in supporting other functional areas while fostering an understanding of how financial decisions can create value. Corporate Finance covers areas related to estimating divisional cost of capital; executing a financing strategy; establishing debt and dividend policies consistent with the company`s strategy and environment; choosing between dividends and stock repurchases; managing high growth and managing working capital. Its new topics include: - Corporate Financial Flexibility (Real options) - New Financial Instruments - Project Finance - Acquisitions and Control - Performance Measurement and Incentive Compensation The goal of this book is to provide a thorough understanding of how and why firms make their financial decisions the way they do and their impact on shareholder value. The central theme of the book is Value Based Management, which assumes that maximizing shareholder value is the governing objective of a firm. Each chapter of this new edition has detailed and real-life cases to help students easily understand and grasp concepts. The author has also provided the case-map of the Harvard Business School to make this book more user-friendly in classrooms. The inclusion of several new topics/cases, extensive pedagogical tools and a finance-for-non-finance approach make this book ideal for MBA/CA/CFA/ICWA students and executive education programs.

Corporate Investment Decisions and Economic Analysis

Author : Denis Babusiaux
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The aim of this book is to help readers assimilate the concepts and methods for investment decision and project evaluation. It offers a wide range of exercises, problems and case studies taken from business, which are the fruit of many years of teaching, consulting and research. Some are direct application of basics, others require a higher degree of reflection for more complex applications. Our approach borrows elements from microeconomics, engineering economics and finance theory. This book is suited to both professionals and students who seek to master capital budgeting techniques. A review of essential points is proposed at the beginning of each chapter and key methodological elements are recalled in the solutions.

Lease or Purchase

Author : A.C.C. Herst
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Leasing of capital assets has become an important financing method, not only in the United States but in most West European countries as well. As a result, more and more often, practitioners and theorists are confronted with the lease-or-purchase issue. It may be rather difficult, however, to resolve this issue since there is a multitude of lease-or-purchase models that vary widely in assumed initial conditions, form, and content. In this book, I review and evaluate a number of these models, paying attention to financial leases as well as to operating leases. The models will be analyzed verbally, by means of a numerical example and utilizing uniform mathematical nota tion. After having discussed the theoretical achievements in this area, I investigate the reasons why preference is given to leasing in real-world situa tions and then look into any differences in legal provisions, income tax systems, and accounting regulations in various countries as they may affect the leasing of capital assets. Consequently, I feel that this book is a helpful instrument for both theorists and practitioners confronted with the lease-or purchase decision. Many people made valuable contributions toward developing this book, among others my colleagues of the Department of Business Finance of Erasmus University, Rotterdam. Besides, I am especially indebted to Pro fessor Dr. A. I. Diepenhorst for his advice and suggestions, to an anonymous reviewer for helpful comments, and to Mrs. M. Leutscher-Van den Berg for her patient help in preparing the various versions of the manuscript.

The Value Sphere

Author : John Boquist
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This book, written in story narrative form, traces the development of a company from a start-up to a global enterprise. It develops the key concepts related to this evolution — corporate strategy, raising external finance, capital budgeting, dividend policy, mergers and acquisition, globalization, marketing and human resource management. The focus is on topics in corporate strategy and corporate finance, and each topic is developed in depth with problem sets and reflection questions within the context of the organization's evolution. The Power Point slides, practice problems and solutions, as well as intervention exercises for executive education teaching is available upon request for all instructors who adopt this book as a course text. Please send your request to [email protected]

Capital Investment and Financial Decisions

Author : Haim Levy
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A substantial revision of a bestseller by two prominent authors, this book focuses on the practical application of the modern theory of finance to realistic corporate decisions, with an emphasis on the allocation of a firm's long-term capital resources. Includes new chapters on short term working capital management and new examples throughout.

Patterns and Trends in Federal Coal Lease Ownership 1950 1980

Author :
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Patterns and Trends in Federal Coal Lease Ownership 1950 80

Author : United States. Congress. Office of Technology Assessment
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Analytical Corporate Finance

Author : Angelo Corelli
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This book draws readers’ attention to the financial aspects of daily life at a corporation by combining a robust mathematical setting and the explanation and derivation of the most popular models of the firm. Intended for third-year undergraduate students of business finance, quantitative finance, and financial mathematics, as well as first-year postgraduate students, it is based on the twin pillars of theory and analytics, which merge in a way that makes it easy for students to understand the exact meaning of the concepts and their representation and applicability in real-world contexts. Examples are given throughout the chapters in order to clarify the most intricate aspects; where needed, there are appendices at the end of chapters, offering additional mathematical insights into specific topics. Due to the recent growth in knowledge demand in the private sector, practitioners can also profit from the book as a bridge-builder between university and industry. Lastly, the book provides useful information for managers who want to deepen their understanding of risk management and come to recognize what may have been lacking in their own systems.

International Leasing

Author : Simon S. Gao
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First published in 1999, This book aims to study international leasing, in which it mainly looks at leasing on an international scale; considering how we define leasing itself and in the context of the international financial world.