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Corporate Social Responsibility

Author : European Commission
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Competitiveness Social Responsibility and Economic Growth

Author : Janez Prasnikar
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Globalisation of the economy have confronted Europe with a question of what are its real competitive capabilities, sustainability of its economy and of the values of typical Europeans. The famous Lisbon Strategy has been an attempt to answer this by creating the knowledge economy. This book analyses the Lisbon Strategy from various perspectives.

Corporate Social Responsibility and Business Growth

Author : Andrée Marie López-Fernández
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Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a concept that has been evolving since the 1950s; by 2015, it has evolved into an integral mindset, a strategy by which firms may promote and attain business and societal growth and development. CSR is a strong business strategy and a determining factor in stakeholder perceptions and ultimate decision making. As firms and society are acknowledged as equal parts of a symbiotic relationship, the effective engagement in CSR enables businesses to tackle and alleviate social issues, such as poverty, hunger, lack of healthcare, the environment's destitution, and warrant empowerment and education, amongst others, whilst tending to core objectives and strategies. The effective design, execution, and transparent communication of corporate social responsibility endeavors, in fact, shape the outcome of business and social growth and development. The communication of CSR efforts is, therefore, vital to the fulfillment of strategic objectives because social networking sites (SNSs) are ubiquitous and have rapidly become a preferred source of information. Firms' use of such platforms proves to be fruitful because SNSs not only enable stakeholder to stakeholder word of mouth, but also facilitate firm-to stakeholder communication. As such, the notion of marketing CSR via social media is more than buzzword or trend. It is potential viral information, or viral marketing. The book offers strong results from the perspectives of both stakeholders and firms' CSR related practices in an emerging market. It also demonstrates that as corporate social responsibility is viewed as an investment, it provides fruitful outcomes for business as well as for the communities surrounding firms. CSR is addressed as a strategically co-created proactive plan that prompts sustained social and business growth and development.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Author : Oliver F. Williams
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Over the last 30 years, corporate social responsibility (CSR) has become a household term, reflecting a combination of factors that we have come to associate with that most catch-all of terms "globalization," including the widespread popular concern with such social issues as the environment and international human rights. Corporate Social Responsibility examines the history of the idea of business ethics (which goes back at least to ancient Mesopotamia) before exploring the state of CSR today. This book argues that a wide-ranging understanding of the purpose of business is necessary to create value for a community of stakeholders which in turn can generate a sustainable future. The book suggests that corporations still have a long way to go, but remains optimistic. The book’s sanguine interpretation of the current state of corporate affairs and a recommended way forward, results not only from the authors analysis, but also his direct experience. This book presents the case that we are in the midst of a major paradigm shift in our understanding of the purpose of business and that this new understanding holds much promise for business being a significant force for a more just and peaceful world. This work provides a concise overview of CSR and an important examination of the present and future work of the UN Global Compact and will be of interest to students of international organizations, international business and corporate social responsibility.

CSR Strategies

Author : Sri Urip
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Globalization has changed the nature of many markets. Previously protected local industries have been forced to become more competitive, a situation that provides both opportunities and challenges. Key among these is the challenge of implementing responsible business practices. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is widely recognized as a worthy commitment to ensure sustainable benefit for both corporations and communities. CSR is also becoming an important base for businesses to build trust and confidence in their stakeholders, with the potential to provide a competitive edge. To ensure sustainable growth opportunities, companies should pursue the three key dimensional values of creation: Profit People Planet Well defined and strategic CSR activities will ensure an optimum balance between social, environmental, and economic factors for sustainable profits. Hence, CSR has to be embedded within the business strategy to provide a competitive edge in the areas of brand equity, corporate reputation, employee retention, and environmental conservation. Although the principles of CSR are essentially the same globally, each location still calls for different emphasis in the implementation process. Successful application of CSR principles is directly influenced by the business understanding of its business strategy in proportion to the needs of the local community. As someone who has implemented all the above activities successfully, author Sri Urip is well placed to discuss effective CSR strategies to 21st century companies.

Current Global Practices of Corporate Social Responsibility

Author : Samuel O. Idowu
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This book addresses the status quo of Corporate Social Responsibility practices and their development since 2008. How have things changed in the practice of CSR? What new opportunities and challenges have arisen? The book reports on an international set of cases and case studies on how CSR is practiced at business and organizations in various countries. It analyzes country-specific and industry-specific issues, as well as general global issues in connection with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. The contributions gathered here provide comprehensive information on CSR for both practitioners and researchers around the globe.

Corporate Social Responsibility and International Development

Author : Michael Hopkins
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This book, written by noted Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) practitioner Michael Hopkins, is the first to explicitly link CSR with development. It spells out what corporations are doing on development, what more they could do and how CSR can be a useful tool to promote economic development via corporations. This is important and challenging reading for all of those in government, business and NGOs who think that there must be a better, more effective and dynamic way to kick-start development and eradicate poverty.

Development Oriented Corporate Social Responsibility Volume 2

Author : Dima Jamali
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This volume provides a platform for localized perspectives on CSR in developing countries across the globe. The chapters bring local context and business to the forefront and highlight the efforts spearheaded by indigenous actors from within the developing world. They present insights from developing countries through successful and less successful examples of locally-led CSR efforts. Together, these perspectives capture the complex paradoxes of CSR in developing countries and highlight common features in national institutions across the developing world, such as weak political and regulatory institutions, that shape local CSR initiatives and often limit its developmental impact.The editors argue the need to embrace partnership models that leverage the strengths of different actors to promote effective development and tackle the complex challenges facing the developing world. This important series will be the reference source for academics, practitioners, policy-makers and NGOs involved in development-oriented CSR.

Development Oriented Corporate Social Responsibility Volume 1

Author : Michael Blowfield
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Globalization and the professionalization of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) have led to a surge of CSR activities claiming to support development across the globe. In this two volume series, the chapters explore this claim through nuanced debate about the potentialities, limitations and threats of development-oriented CSR in the developing world at both the global and local levels. Volume 1 explores whether there is a genuine possibility for corporations to contribute to development through CSR activities. With corporate reach spreading into every corner of the globe, this is a timely contribution presenting cases from developing countries spanning multiple continents. It explores the multi-level and multi-stakeholder dynamics involved in shaping the complex interface between multinational corporations (MNCs) and possibilities for CSR-related development. The chapters highlight the potential for MNCs to spread best practice and complement the role of governments in bridging governance gaps and spearheading capacity building efforts. But they also highlights serious reservations, stemming from isolated assessments, limited appreciation of the complexities of context, and the permeation of a northern agenda that marginalizes local voices.Within the larger debate on the merits and evils of globalization, this volume captures the mixed record of MNCs in promoting effective development in those parts of the world where it is most needed. This important series will be the reference source for academics, practitioners, policy-makers and NGOs involved in development-oriented CSR.

Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development

Author : Jitendra K. Das
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This book critically analyzes the role of corporate social responsibility (CSR) in achieving sustainable development in emerging economies. It brings together recent developments, effective frameworks, business models, and strategies adopted by companies and looks at how they contribute to sustainable business growth. The volume discusses diverse themes such as green marketing for promoting sustainable development; digitization and sustainability concerns; communication strategies for CSR; ethical standards in Indian advertising; microfinance as an instrument for achieving sustainable development; the role of CSR in the Skill India initiative; and CSR activities of Indian listed companies. It also provides solutions to challenges in achieving sustainable development goals at local and global levels. Drawing on in-depth case studies, the book will be an essential read for corporate professionals, students, and researchers of CSR, management studies, development studies, business studies, economics, environmental studies, green marketing, and sociology. It will also be relevant for policy makers, NGOs, public and private sector corporations, and consultants in sustainability reporting, business ethics, and sustainable development.