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Counseling Clients Who Have Difficulty Getting Pregnant Again

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"Susan H. McDaniel demonstrates her approach to working with clients experiencing secondary infertility, or difficulty conceiving or carrying a pregnancy to full term after previously having had a child"--Container.

Fertility Counseling

Author : Sharon N. Covington
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This book presents the latest in-depth, case-based counseling approaches to new, increasingly complex psychosocial issues of patients requiring assisted reproduction.

Health Counseling

Author : Richard Blonna
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Health Counseling: A Microskills Approach for Counselors, Educators, and School Nurses, Second Edition teaches non-professionally trained counselors the basic skills of counseling. It addresses primary prevention issues such as preventing unintended pregnancy, STDs, as well as secondary prevention issues like diabetes and asthma. A new chapter on legal and ethical issues covers setting limits with students, ethical practice boundaries, and how to make referrals. Based on the Iveys MicroSkills Model, which breaks counseling into discrete skills that can be mastered and applied, it theorizes that to help people manage their health problems, counselors must help clients work through any emotional distress associated with them.

The Tentative Pregnancy

Author : Barbara Katz Rothman
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As more and more women are having children when they are over thirty, amniocentesis, is becoming a routine part of prenatal care. In this groundbreaking book, Barbara Katz Rothman shows how this simple procedure can alter the way we think about childbirth and parenthood, forcing us to confront agonizing dilemmas: What do you do if there is a "problem" with the fetus? What kind of support is available if you decide to bring up a handicapped child? How can you come to terms with the decision to terminate a wanted pregnancy? Drawing on the experience of over 120 women and a wealth of expert testimony, Rothman's important book is a must for anyone thinking of having a child.

Lawyers as Counselors

Author : David A. Binder
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Maternal Child Health Nursing

Author : Adele Pillitteri
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Growing research shows that many children from immigrant and refugee families are not doing well in school, due in part to linguistic and cultural disadvantages. Teaching dual-language learners requires cultural sensitivity, an understanding of language acquisition, and intentional teaching strategies. Combining research and techniques, this resource helps early childhood educators support dual-language learners as they develop the skills necessary for school readiness and success.

Maternal and Child Health Nursing

Author : A. Joy Ingalls
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Introduction to Social Welfare Institutions

Author : Charles Zastrow
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Contraceptive Technology 1990 1992

Author : Robert Anthony Hatcher
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Social Problems

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Community Health Nursing

Author : Sarah Ellen Archer
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The Practice of Social Work

Author : Charles Zastrow
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Serving My People

Author : David W. Campt
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Author : Cedric W. Porter
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Abstracts Annual Meeting of the American Public Health Association and Related Organizations

Author : American Public Health Association. Annual Meeting
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Introduction to Social Welfare

Author : Charles Zastrow
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This book is designed to stimulate student interest in social welfare and to provide an overview of what the fields of social work are really like. A social problems approach describes how people are affected by such problems as poverty, child abuse, AIDS, crime, etc.

Population Reports

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Ethics in Counseling and Psychotherapy

Author : Elizabeth Reynolds Welfel
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In Ethics in Counseling and Psychotherapy: Standards, Research, and Emerging Issues, Elizabeth Reynolds Welfel introduces you to the ethical standards of counseling and psychology and helps you develop an understanding of the ethical principles underlying those standards. In addition, the author presents her nine-step model of ethical decision making for analyzing complex ethical problems in mental health practice. In this book, Welfel integrates current research on ethics, fosters ethical sensitivity, and examines the impact of recent changes in practice on responsible professional behavior. Welfel also includes an often neglected topic - how to take responsibility when one does engage in unethical behavior. Through thoughtful guidance and illuminating applications, Welfel helps readers understand their own vulnerability to unethical behavior and teaches ways to help reduce the risk of committing such violations.

Counseling Clients with HIV Disease

Author : Mary Ann Hoffman
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Counseling interventions are a proven and powerful way to help individuals with HIV cope with the enormous changes in their lives wrought by the disease. Proposing an innovative conceptual model for HIV clinical work, this book integrates empirical research on the psychosocial aspects of HIV with extensive case material. It provides a framework for assessing clients' psychosocial concerns and implementing interventions to facilitate adjustment; reviews medical and neurocognitive aspects of HIV disease progression; explores the psychotherapeutic context of HIV clinical work; and addresses risk reduction and prevention.

Pedretti s Occupational Therapy E Book

Author : Heidi McHugh Pendleton
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Pedretti’s Occupational Therapy: Practice Skills for Physical Dysfunction, 8th Edition prepares you for occupational therapy practice with adults who have physical disabilities. This cornerstone text provides a foundation for the development of clinical reasoning skills in a comprehensive, case-based learning approach to physical dysfunction. New full color photos and helpful pedagogy, including threaded case studies, OT Practice Notes, ethical considerations, and end-of-chapter review questions, reinforce learning, enhance retention, and prompt you to apply principles in a clinical setting. UNIQUE! Threaded case studies, woven throughout each chapter, help you apply concepts to real-life clinical practice. UNIQUE! Ethical Considerations boxes highlight the key ethical concerns of treatment options so you can practice ethically. UNIQUE! OT Practice Notes convey important considerations for professional practice. Focuses on the occupational therapist’s role in health and wellness, which the OTA has identified as a key practice area in the 21st century. Information on prevention, rather than simply intervention or treatment, shows how OTs can take a proactive role in patient care. Evidence-based content included throughout, especially in regards to evaluation and intervention. Content on occupational therapy’s commitment to considering cultural and ethnic diversity in every chapter. Key terms, chapter outlines, chapter objectives lay out the information you can expect to learn from each chapter.