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He That Is Spiritual

Author : Theodore Austin-Sparks
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A spiritual state is the key to all that is of God. Spirituality is the door, and the key to the door, beyond which lies everything that relates to God. Without spirituality, there is no way through, the door is closed. The word "cannot" stands written as an impassable barrier - "cannot understand or receive the things of the Spirit of God." In reality, our lives are set in a realm of things spiritual. God is Spirit, therefore the supreme Reality, the supreme factor, the ultimate environment of this universe - God - is Spirit. Man, in the deepest and truest nature of his being, is spirit. He has a soul and a body. Evil forces in great power encircle man on this earth, and they are spiritual forces. But more, the entire temporal order is constituted upon spiritual principles and meanings. The visible things are but symbols of spiritual things; the seen things are types of unseen things. God has constituted this whole universe, in every aspect and detail, upon a basis of spiritual principles...

The Christian Educator s Handbook on Spiritual Formation

Author : Kenneth O. Gangel
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Provides the help Christians need to understand and pursue spiritual growth.

Finding God s Will in Spiritually Deceptive Times

Author : Neil T. Anderson
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Who has authority to speak for God? Does His message come through other people, through Scripture, or both? According to Neil Anderson, answers to these common questions must be based on two powerful truths: We are alive in Christ, and we are God's children. He examines the danger of counterfeit messages the roles of Scripture, the Spirit, and other believers ways to guard against Satan's deceptions the freedom that can replace fear of wrong decisions true spiritual discernment This confidence-building resource will help readers listen for God's word to their own hearts. Questions for group study or discussion are provided at the end of each chapter. Some material previously released in Walking in the Light.

The Art of Spiritual Healing new edition

Author : Keith Sherwood
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Uncover new ways to connect with the incredible healing energy that is always flowing through you in this second edition of Keith Sherwood’s bestselling book. Expanding the scope beyond physical disease, The Art of Spiritual Healing now has chapters on healing energetic traumas and relationships, as well as maintaining wellness in a complex and stressful world. Many original healing techniques have also been streamlined and simplified, making it easier to enrich your body, soul, and spirit. Featuring new illustrations, new mudra practices, and step-by-step directions to new and classic techniques, this handbook helps you build and maintain good health. In addition to becoming a wellspring for the Divine healing energy, you’ll learn how to: Develop “attention,” a key factor in energy work and healing See and feel auras, and use them as a diagnostic tool Open and balance the chakras Use vibrational, polarization, and empathetic techniques Channel energy from a distance

Spiritual Abuse A Sufi s Perspective

Author : Anab Whitehouse
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No religious or mystical tradition is immune from the presence of spiritual abuse, for wherever there are people who are seeking to become closer to essential truths, purpose, and meaning, there will be individuals seeking to generate counterfeit currency to offer to those who are unaware, or incautious toward the dangers which lie in wait along the spiritual path. Fraudulent teachers might call themselves a guru, shaykh, rimpoche, monk, priest, imam, apostle, avatar, or minister. They might also call themselves educators, revolutionaries, political leaders, and freedom fighters. Whatever they might call themselves, if they seek to gain control over others through techniques of undue influence, then, they are propagators of spiritual abuse. This book is relevant to individuals from all spiritual traditions, but often focuses on the Sufi spiritual tradition.

The Rules of Engagement

Author : Charles H. Kraft
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Whether or not they are aware of the reality, every Christian is involved in spiritual warfare. This important new resource will give any believer, both novice and seasoned warrior alike, new and essential information for understanding the rules of the warfare that goes on between the kingdom of God and the kingdom of darkness. Through the observations and principles systematically outlined in this book, you will come to a deeper knowledge of spiritual conflict, ranging from the personal level to the territorial level, and will, therefore, become better equipped to fight the battles you face.

Counterfeit Community

Author : Freie
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From gated communities to Heaven's Gate, the idea and practice of community in America have not only declined but mutated. In the process, Americans' longing to be connected to something greater than themselves has intensified. This longing, coupled with an absence of genuine community alternatives, opens the way to counterfeit claims by those promoting economic rather than social agendas. This book examines 'counterfeit community' as it has become manifest throughout contemporary American society-in housing, as it shapes our public spaces; in the workplace; in politics; in religion; and most recently, in cyberspace.

Spirituality is a Science

Author : Bahram Elahi
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"Faith and reason, belief and experimentation, spirituality and science in our modern era, we have come to view these concepts as inherently dichotomous. How can spirituality be considered a science when the very foundation of modern science was established in contrast or even in opposition to certain systems of thought inherited from religious traditions?" "Through a series of innovative and thought-provoking studies Dr. Bahram Elahi redefines spirituality us an experimental science rooted in concrete and empirically verifiable realities."--BOOK JACKET.Title Summary field provided by Blackwell North America, Inc. All Rights Reserved

The Inward Light and Christ s Incarnation

Author : William Tallack
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Spiritually Fit to Run the Race

Author : Kenneth C. Ulmer
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Carrying a bigger Bible, putting a bigger bumper sticker on the back of your car, and hollering a little louder during praise and worship may get you seen and heard, but it won't get you any closer to God. If your Sunday-go-to-meetin' conduct doesn't carry over into your Monday through Saturday, it's only a parody of true godliness, according to author Kenneth C. Ulmer.

Insights on Revelation

Author : Charles R. Swindoll
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This newly revised and expanded edition of Insights on Revelation explores one of the most perplexing books in Scripture. Drawing on Gold Medallion Award–winner Chuck Swindoll’s 50 years of experience studying and preaching God’s Word, this series combines Chuck’s deep insight, signature easygoing style, and humor to bring a warmth and practical accessibility not often found in commentaries. Each of the 15 volumes in Swindoll’s Living Insights New Testament Commentary series combines verse-by-verse commentary, charts, maps, photos, key terms, and background articles with practical application. The newly updated volumes now include parallel presentations of the NLT and NASB before each section. This series is a must-have for pastors, teachers, and anyone else who is seeking a deeply practical resource for exploring God’s Word.

They Call Me Pastor

Author : H. B. Jr. London
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"Pastor. What a beautiful word. What a unique relationship it conveys. . . . Each time someone calls me pastor, I am awestruck. . . . It humbles me, but I am grateful. There is no higher privilege than being a pastor." So writes H.B. London, who once again joins with his frequent collaborator Neil Wiseman to encourage and inspire church leaders with their most passionate, stirring book to date. They Call Me Pastor is an unabashed celebration of the deeply felt bond between a pastor and the congregation he serves--a testimony to the love of God and the miracles it can work in the lives of a shepherd and his flock if only God's love is shared and allowed to flourish.

The tabernacle priesthood and offerings of Israel

Author : Frederick Whitfield
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The Power Zone

Author : Tony Simpson
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What is spirituality? In The Power Zone, author Tony Simpson answers this question and more by introducing and defining The Power Zone. The result is clarification of the protective, empowering realm in which God wants us to live. The Power Zone explains that at the moment of salvation God places us into two different relationships with Him, one of which takes place in The Power Zone. The Power Zone is the only place where the Holy Spirit directs our life. Inside of this exclusive sphere we enjoy spiritual empowerment, fellowship, spiritual growth, production, and effective prayer. Each time we succumb to sin, we leave The Power Zone, and become prey to the three enemies of freedom: the world, the flesh, and the devil. Using a creative array of teaching diagrams, Simpson includes a five-level spiritual growth model to help us understand our current spirituality and where we need to grow. The Power Zone enables us to exploit God's grace provisions for living the Spirit-directed life.

Light in Darkness

Author : Augustine Francis Hewit
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Things in Heaven and things on earth 6 lectures

Author : William Marcus Falloon
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Righteousness by Faith or the nature and means of our justification before God illustrated by a comparison of the doctrine of the Oxford Tracts with that of the Romish and Anglican Churches A new and revised edition of Oxford Divinity Third edition

Author : Charles Pettit MACILVAINE (Bishop of Ohio.)
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A Charge Delivered to the Clergy of the Diocese of Ohio at the Twenty sixth Annual Convention of the Same in Rosse Chapel Gambier September 8th 1843

Author : Charles Pettit McIlvaine
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Righteousness by Faith

Author : Charles Pettit McIlvaine
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The British Friend

Author :
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