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Author : Lynsey Calderwood
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At the age of 14, Lynsey Calderwood suffered a traumatic brain injury that left her physically unmarked but destroyed her memory. Thrust back into an apparently nonsensical world of which she had no recollection; Lynsey spiralled downwards into depression and eating disorders as she became socially ostracized.

Cracked Rotors

Author : Nicoló Bachschmid
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Cracks can develop in rotating shafts and can propagate to relevant depths without affecting consistently the normal operating conditions of the shaft. In order to avoid catastrophic failures, accurate vibration analyses have to be performed for crack detection. The identification of the crack location and depth is possible by means of a model based diagnostic approach, provided that the model of the crack and the model of the cracked shaft dynamical behavior are accurate and reliable. This monograph shows the typical dynamical behavior of cracked shafts and presents tests for detecting cracks. The book describes how to model cracks, how to simulate the dynamical behavior of cracked shaft, and compares the corresponding numerical with experimental results. All effects of cracks on the vibrations of rotating shafts are analyzed, and some results of a numerical sensitivity analysis of the vibrations to the presence and severity of the crack are shown. Finally the book describes some crack identification procedures and shows some results in model based crack identification in position and depth. The book is useful for higher university courses in mechanical and energetic engineering, but also for skilled technical people employed in power generation industries.

Construction of Full scale Trials to Evaluate the Performance of Induced Cracked CBM Roadbases

Author : S.J. Ellis
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The use of cement bound material roadbases in flexible composite pavements in the United Kingdom is limited by the reflective cracking that occurs due to thermal shrinkage. Induced cracking is intended to diminish the effect of reflective cracking, thus enabling the thickness of the flexible layers to be reduced and consequently increase the competitiveness of flexible composite pavement due to initial construction cost savings and increased pavement life. This report presents an update on current worldwide research on the subject, together with a description of the construction of full-scale trials and initial monitoring that took place to evaluate the effectiveness of induced cracking in the UK. A discussion of the promising results is provided together with recommendations, including a draft specification, for further use of induced cracking in the UK.


Author : Kelsey Woodard
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Author : James Davies
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Why is psychiatry such big business? Why are so many psychiatric drugs prescribed – 47 million antidepressant prescriptions in the UK alone last year – and why, without solid scientific justification, has the number of mental disorders risen from 106 in 1952 to 374 today? The everyday sufferings and setbacks of life are now ‘medicalised’ into illnesses that require treatment – usually with highly profitable drugs. Psychological therapist James Davies uses his insider knowledge to illustrate for a general readership how psychiatry has put riches and medical status above patients’ well-being. The charge sheet is damning: negative drug trials routinely buried; antidepressants that work no better than placebos; research regularly manipulated to produce positive results; doctors, seduced by huge pharmaceutical rewards, creating more disorders and prescribing more pills; and ethical, scientific and treatment flaws unscrupulously concealed by mass-marketing. Cracked reveals for the first time the true human cost of an industry that, in the name of helping others, has actually been helping itself.

Cracked Dreams

Author : Michael Daniel Baptiste
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A gripping adrenaline rush of a story about growing up on the street, Michael David Baptiste's first novel unfolds like an epic saga of crime and punishment. Presided over by a main character named Michael Banner, known on the streets as Spits, Cracked Dreams takes readers onto the down and dirty streets of the Bronx and into the lives of a drug gang called the Time Bombs. The Time Bombs fear that their territory is being threatened by a rival gang trying to muscle into their trade, so they devise a plan to eliminate the competition. Soon they're consumed by the desire to make their mark beyond the borders of their hometown. Their cash-fueled dreams carry them far from their poberty-plagued roots, where their lives escalate into horrifying violence. Cracked Dreams introduces an unorgettable cast of snitches, gangstas, dealers, thugs, pimps, prostitutes, hustlers, and ex-cons who learn the hard way that when the street calls, you'd better answer. Shadowing their every move are the FBI agents sworn to put an end to the gang's reign of terror thats transforming average street corners into bloody battlegrounds. Careening from the drug-fueled avenues of the Bronx to Florida and California, Cracked Dreams tells a haunting tale of sin and redemption. Filled with graphic imagery and tragic overtones, this is an electrifying debut by a supremely gifted up-an-comer.


Author : Eliza Crewe
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Meet Meda. She eats people. Well, technically, she eats their soul. But she totally promises to only go for people who deserve it. She’s special. It’s not her fault she enjoys it. She can’t help being a bad guy. Besides, what else can she do? Her mother was killed and it’s not like there are any other “soul-eaters” around to show her how to be different. That is, until the three men in suits show up. They can do what she can do. They’re like her. Meda might finally have a chance to figure out what she is. The problem? They kind of want to kill her. Before they get the chance Meda is rescued by Crusaders, members of an elite group dedicated to wiping out Meda’s kind. This is her chance! Play along with the “good guys” and she’ll finally figure out what, exactly, her “kind” is. Be careful what you wish for. Playing capture the flag with her mortal enemies, babysitting a teenage boy with a hero complex, and trying to keep one step ahead of a too-clever girl are bad enough. But the Hunger is gaining on her.

A Cracked Egg

Author : L. W. Koch
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When you go shopping and buy eggs, you check the carton to see if any are cracked. If one is cracked, you remove it from the carton and replace it with an uncracked egg. Nobody seems to have a need for a cracked egg. It might not be bad, but what if it is? I have felt like that egg. Though the outside is cracked, they have trouble looking past the fact, not considering the truth. Fact: I’m cracked. Truth: I am made to be the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus. All things are possible to him who believes. I can do all things through Christ (His Anointing) which strengthens me. This is the story of one who dared to ignore the facts and advice of experts who said, “Go home, get married, and cope with what life brings your way.” But he chose to live life in Christ to its fullest. This is not a religious story but a story of faith.

Cracked Hearts

Author : Linda Masemore Pirrung
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Some cracked hearts mend ... and some implode. For the residents of a usually quiet and peaceful neighborhood, life is about to change. Beneath the peaceful and seemingly law-abiding veneer lurks danger, violence, and a festering web of interconnected secrets, lust, and betrayal. Everyone has a secret, tucked away in a private place in their minds, safe from discovery.But dark forces at play will pry open these mental vaults, and soon no one's privacy will be protected. Hearts will shatter, lives will end, relationships will fall apart, and paranoia will sweep the shadows. Some will find perverse thrill in a forbidden love, and others will pay the price for it. Some will move from obsession to violence, and no one's life will be quite as logical as it was before.Every person who touches the life of another leaves a mark. Can neighbors Stephanie, John, and Meg help Ron, Hayley, and Dan conquer their inner demons in time? And will they ever learn the identity of the killer in their midst? Can Zach and Blythe's love survive the trauma?Does love truly conquer all--or does it destroy it?

Cracked Soul Mirror

Author : Bojan Doroslovac
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Cracked Soul Mirror is a collection of poems which explore situations that most of us can relate to. They take us to the places in author's and our own imagination. Each poem represents a piece of a "cracked mirror", like a part of a mosaic of an authors soul. Each poem / mirror piece shines with its own light and music and invites the reader to play with their reflections. Cracked Soul Mirror will remind you of your long lost love, dreams and hopes, of the times of loneliness, longing for a special one and the beauty hidden in most unusual places. It will show you a world of yours from a different perspective. Napuklo Ogledalo Due je zbirka pesama koje istrauju situacije sa kojima se vecina od nas moe poistovetiti. One nas nose na mesta u autorovoj i naoj sopstvenoj mati. Svaka pesma predstavlja komadic napuklog ogledala, kao dela mozaika autorove due. Svaka pesma / deo ogledala sija svojim sopstvenim svetlom i muzikom i poziva citaoca da se igra sa njihovim odsjajima. Napuklo Ogledalo Due ce podsetiti na davno izgubljene ljubavi, snove i nade, na vreme usamljenosti, cenje ka nekome dragom i lepoti, skrivenoj na neocekivanim mestima. Prikazace svaciji sopstveni svet iz drugacije perspektive.