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Electrical Craft Principles

Author : John Whitfield
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The two volumes of Whitfield's Electrical craft principles have been substantially revised and updated for the mid 1990s, reflecting changes in practice and legislation (e.g. BS 7671/IEE Wiring Regulations) as well as in the City & Guilds courses they support. Volume 2 in particular has new material to accompany course changes. The volumes are presented in a new format, are highly illustrated and contain full problems and solutions. Inspection copies of the new edition are available to lecturers.

Models for Teaching Writing Craft Target Skills

Author : Marcia Sheehan Freeman
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Writing is best taught through models. Showing K-8 students how other authors apply the writing-craft skills that you teach is a vital part of writing instruction. This innovative resource matches 24 fundamental writing-craft Target Skills to a wide selection of fiction and non-fiction books, providing a solid set of strong models for writing-craft instruction. Both trade books and texts available only from educational publishers are included. Most of these are picture books, which are particularly engaging for young readers. A Target Skill cross-index helps you reference models and multiple craft skills.

District Craft

Author : United States. Navy Department. Bureau of Ships
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Novel Craft

Author : Talia Schaffer
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Examines four novels that feature domestic handcrafts and how they shaped Victorian life and the Victorian novel.

Craft Beverages and Tourism Volume 2

Author : Susan L. Slocum
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This volume applies a mix of qualitative and quantitative research and case studies to analyze the role that the craft beverage industry plays within society at large. It targets important themes such as environmental conservation and social responsibility, as well as the psychology of the craft beer drinker and their impact on tourism marketing. This volume advances marketing, hospitality, and leisure studies research for academics, industry experts, and emerging entrepreneurs.

Wood Craft

Author : Barn the Spoon
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Get in touch with nature and find harmony working with your hands. Looking for a simple, natural way of working with wood? Create beautiful wooden objects from fresh green wood by becoming skilled in the crafts of whittling, axe-based furniture making, and turning. With green woodworking there's no need for costly materials and machinery. All you need to begin crafting is a log, an axe, and a hand knife. Starting with the selection and splitting of your very first log, let Wood Craft show you all the techniques of green woodworking and guide you step by step through a series of rewarding projects. Learn to carve your own spoons, bowls, shrink pots, and other objects; construct simple pieces of furniture, such as a frame stool and side table; discover how to turn wood on a pole lathe in order to construct a full chair with turned legs and back rest. Wood Craft brings up-to-date a newly resurgent folk craft and makes it truly accessible to all - no workshop required. So what are you waiting for?

Beyond Craft

Author : Steve Westbrook
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Simultaneously a handbook and a critique of one, Beyond Craft combines an orientation to the field of creative writing with an insight into current scholarship surrounding creative writing pedagogy. A much-needed alternative to the traditional craft guide, this text pairs advice and exercises on composition with an illuminating commentary on the issues surrounding these very techniques. Teaching the craft whilst apprising students of the issues of craft pedagogy, this book allows them to gain an awareness of how current pedagogy comes at the expense of larger and increasingly relevant cultural concerns. Westbrook and Ryan bring emerging writers into the larger conversations that define the field, inviting them to: - Contextualize their own writing practices and educational experiences in relation to the history of creative writing as an academic discipline. - Determine how New Critical lore and Romantic mythology may affect-even distort-their understanding of literary production. - Critically examine their notions of authorship, collaboration, and invention in relation to contemporary literary and rhetorical theory. - Understand and evaluate the economic, social, political, and professional challenges facing creative writers today. - Analyze the contemporary literary marketplace not only to identify potential publication contexts but also to understand how issues of diversity and bias affect writing communities. - Reflect on how increasingly rapid technological developments may affect their own writing and the future of literature. Earnestly self-aware throughout, Beyond Craft both inducts new writers into the field of creative writing and infuses them with an understanding of the wider dialogue surrounding their craft.

The Craft Of Buss Ltr Writing

Author : Monipally
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Shell Craft

Author : Virginia Fowler Elbert
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Easy-to-follow instructions for decorative boxes, mirror frames, soap dishes, jewelry, napkin holders, paperweights, much more. Profusely illustrated. Includes list of supply sources.

Craft Community and the Material Culture of Place and Politics 19th 20th Century

Author : Janice Helland
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Craft practice has a rich history and remains vibrant, sustaining communities while negotiating cultures within local or international contexts. More than two centuries of industrialization have not extinguished handmade goods; rather, the broader force of industrialization has redefined and continues to define the context of creation, deployment and use of craft objects. With object study at the core, this book brings together a collection of essays that address the past and present of craft production, its use and meaning within a range of community settings from the Huron Wendat of colonial Quebec to the Girls? Friendly Society of twentieth-century England. The making of handcrafted objects has and continues to flourish despite the powerful juggernaut of global industrialization, whether inspired by a calculated refutation of industrial sameness, an essential means to sustain a cultural community under threat, or a rejection of the imposed definitions by a dominant culture. The broader effects of urbanizing, imperial and globalizing projects shape the multiple contexts of interaction and resistance that can define craft ventures through place and time. By attending to the political histories of craft objects and their makers, over the last few centuries, these essays reveal the creative persistence of various hand mediums and the material debates they represented.

Wise Craft

Author : Blair Stocker
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Wise Craft is a guide to the homemade life, turning old things into special new objects that enhance the home. Based on the popular blog of the same name, this guide focuses on creating a homemade atmosphere that reflects your family, without spending a fortune. Instead of throwing away old shirts and boring dishes, or passing up thrift store finds that aren't quite right, author Blair Stocker teaches how to remake, adding special touches to make them work for her home -- and yours . The book is divided into four seasonal chapters, with designs that reflect different holidays and the changing seasons, allowing you to update your home according to the weather outside. Many projects are portable or perfect to do during a family movie night, making the Wise Craft lifestyle an easy one to attain. Sixty projects include May Day cones and recycled floral mirror frames -- perfect for a teenager's room -- plus throw pillow updates, a picnic blanket made from a pile of men's shirts, spooky Halloween dishes, advent calendars, and recycled gift jars. Beautiful photography and illustrations make each project a snap, no matter your crafting background.

Christmas Craft

Author : Helen Briggs
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Princess Craft Book

Author : Laura Minter
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Make crafting dreams come true for anyone who loves princesses and all things sparkly and sequinned. If your child loves the film Frozen, then they will want to make each and every project alongside you.

Goth Craft

Author : Raven Digitalis
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"Goth Craft is a sexy and serious A-Z of dark culture's collective tribal identity. More than just a demented 'Preppy Handbook' for a different era, Goth Craft goes beyond mere fashion, taking readers deep into the magical currents of this emerging subculture. Fascinating." —Richard Metzger, host of Disinformation and editor of Book of Lies: The Disinformation Guide To Magick & The Occult When Paganism and Goth culture collide, prepare for a powerful blend of independent thought and magickal tranformation. Learn how to channel dark emotions, express yourself magickally through the dark arts of clothing, hair, makeup, body modifications, and choose appropriate Goth music for ritual. Try some spellcasting on the dance floor. Discover the workings of shadow magick, death energy, and blood magick. Find out what draws us to the dark side. "Don't let your assumptions fool you — Goth Craft is a lovingly written and carefully researched piece of work. It covers the intersection of Gothic subculture and Pagan spirituality from every conceivable angle, and manages to be both fun and eye-catching along the way." —Michelle Belanger, author of The Psychic Vampire Codex and editor of Vampires In Their Own Words "An insightful, honest, and spiritual exploration of the intersection of Witchcraft and Goth." —Christopher Penczak, author of the Temple of Witchcraft series

Craft Like the Ancient Egyptians

Author : Jillian Powell
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With a flair for fashion and a love of cats, the ancient Egyptians weren�t so different from us � except for the mummies and sarcophagi! This engaging book teaches readers about ancient Egyptian culture as they craft their way through history. Readers will love the diverse variety of activities � drawing hieroglyphics in clay, designing their own jewelry, making animal mummies, and more! Easy-to-follow instructions and photographs make these fun projects accessible to a wide range of ages and abilities. Full of interesting facts, this book is a fascinating combination of hands-on art activities and history that readers will love.

The Craft of Criminology

Author : John H. Laub
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Travis Hirschi is one of the most cited criminologists of the twentieth century, yet it is remarkable how little is known about his life and career. Known as spokesperson for social control theory, Hirschi has been a controversial figure. He has challenged popular theories in criminal career research as well as the need for longitudinal studies of offenders and criminal justice policies. For Hirschi, ideas are always tied to the mode of investigation and the mode of investigation is always tied to substantive concerns. Thus, substantive theoretical contribution and research methodology have been the twin driving forces throughout his career. John Laub's introduction combines a discerning account of Hirschi's life and work, accompanied by an interview with the author. He divides the volume into four parts. Part 1, "Methodological Issues," includes two essays, "Principles of Causal Analysis" and "False Criteria of Causality in Delinquency Research," coauthored with Hanan C. Selvin, "The Methodological Adequacy of Longitudinal Research on Crime," coauthored with Michael R. Gottfredson, and Hirschi's "Procedural Rules and the Study of Deviant Behavior." Part 2, "Causes and Correlates of Crime and Delinquency," encompasses Hirschi's "A Control Theory of Delinquency," "Causes and Prevention of Delinquency," and "Family Structure and Crime"; with Rodney Stark, "Hellfire and Delinquency"; with Michael J. Hindelang, "Intelligence and Delinquency: A Revisionist Review"; with Michael Gottfredson, "Age and the Explanation of Crime." Part 3, "A General Theory of Crime," consists of "The Distinction between Crime and Criminality," "The Generality of Deviance," "Causes of White Collar Crime," and "Control Theory and the Life Course Perspective," all coauthored with Michael R. Gottfredson. Part 4, "Critiques of Theories and Research in Criminology," consists of Hirschi's "Separate and Unequal is Better," along with "The True Value of Lambda Would Appear to be Zero," "Rethinking the Juvenile Justice System," and "National Crime Control Policies," all coauthored with Michael Gottfredson.

Kawaii Craft Life

Author : Sosae Caetano
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Kawaii Craft Life is a first-of-its-kind needlecraft book featuring 35 super-cute projects to decorate the home or give as gifts. Few can resist the charm of kawaii -- the Japanese word for "cute" or "lovable" -- which has grown from a national trend to a worldwide phenomenon. Now you can add an adorable kawaii touch to your home, dorm room, or office with this charming collection of feltcraft, cross-stitch, and embroidery projects. This complete introduction includes materials lists and hand-stitching basics, step-by-step instructions and illustrations, printable templates, and beautiful photography. A celebration of all things kawaii style and suitable for both beginners and seasoned crafters alike, you can create dozens of cute and cuddly crafts. Projects include: Feltcraft... Rainbow Cloud Plushie Woodland Critters Garland Sweet Sloth Pencil Topper Cross-Stich... Super Sushi Magnets Cactus Garden Smartphone Case Happy Avocado Gift Tag Embroidery... Sweet Dreams Slumber Mask Coffee Shop Cup Cozy And more!

Stitch Craft Create Papercraft

Author : Various
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Want to try your hand at making gorgeous homemade goodies? Then unleash the crafter within you with this collection of all-new papercraft projects! With simple step-by-steps, these quick makes ensure fast results.

The Craft

Author : Thomas Talbot
File Size : 71.86 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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At the request of President John Quincy Adams during a White House visit in April 1826, Matthew Prescott joins Zeb Cardwell and other presidential agents in the hunt for William Morganthe man who revealed the secrets of Freemasonry and subsequently disappeared after a coach ride near the shore of Lake Ontario in September 1826. After the War of 1812, newly uncovered evidence uncovered reveals that Morgan was a spy for the British. After President Adams orders Morgan captured and brought back to Washington for trial, Prescott and Cardwell discover a plot to assassinate the president and must confront rogue British Masons who will stop at nothing to achieve their objectives. As presidential agents simultaneously deal with murder, arson, and stolen army weapons, the situation quickly escalates beyond their expectations. Their mission takes them to New York City, Albany, Canada, Rochester, and Batavia, and they have but one goalto uncover the truth. The Craft is a fast-paced thriller that provides an intriguing fictional explanation for the kidnapping of William Morgan, a man who not only revealed the secrets of Freemasonry, but also was involved in a much larger secret life.

The Craft of College Teaching

Author : Robert DiYanni
File Size : 68.26 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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The essential how-to guide to successful college teaching and learning The college classroom is a place where students have the opportunity to be transformed and inspired through learning—but teachers need to understand how students actually learn. Robert DiYanni and Anton Borst provide an accessible, hands-on guide to the craft of college teaching, giving instructors the practical tools they need to help students achieve not only academic success but also meaningful learning to last a lifetime. The Craft of College Teaching explains what to teach—emphasizing concepts and their relationships, not just isolated facts—as well as how to teach using active learning strategies that engage students through problems, case studies and scenarios, and practice reinforced by constructive feedback. The book tells how to motivate students, run productive discussions, create engaging lectures, use technology effectively, and much more. Interludes between chapters illustrate common challenges, including what to do on the first and last days of class and how to deal with student embarrassment, manage group work, and mentor students effectively. There are also plenty of questions and activities at the end of each chapter. Blending the latest research with practical techniques that really work, this easy-to-use guide draws on DiYanni and Borst's experience as professors, faculty consultants, and workshop leaders. Proven in the classroom and the workshop arena, The Craft of College Teaching is an essential resource for new instructors and seasoned pros alike.