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Creating Engaging Discussions

Author : Jennifer H. Herman
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If you have ever been apprehensive about initiating classroom discussion, fearing silences, the domination of a couple of speakers, superficial contributions, or off-topic remarks, this book provides strategies for creating a positive learning experience. Jennifer H. Herman and Linda B. Nilson demonstrate how to create the conditions to facilitate deep and meaningful learning as well as to assess the effectiveness of discussions. They identify, analyze, and solve common problems in both classroom and online discussions and in both small and large classes. They take a direct, practice-oriented approach that--in acknowledging common challenges--provides principles, guidance on design, examples of activities and techniques, and eight detailed case studies. These cases demonstrate successful approaches that faculty across disciplines and from a variety of institutions have adopted in their face-to-face, blended, or online courses at the undergraduate or graduate level. The case authors begin by describing the original pedagogical challenge they faced and explain how they addressed it and assessed the results of their innovation. They also offer practical recommendations to readers who may want to try their strategies. Intended for faculty, this book will be equally valuable for educational developers who can use this resource in their programs and private consultations. At the graduate level, this book can serve as a text or workshop resource in college teaching courses and teaching assistant development programs. The final chapter provides a set of resources and activities - including discussion questions on the case studies, writing prompts, and jigsaw formats - that are equally appropriate for individual study or for use in workshop environments. You'll never again have to suffer such a profound silence that, as described by a contributor to the book, she could hear the crickets chirping outside.

Handbook of Research on Developing Engaging Online Courses

Author : Thornburg, Amy W.
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Online instruction is rapidly expanding the way professors think about and plan instruction. In addition, online instructional practices are expanding and changing as new tools and strategies are adopted. It is imperative that programs and institutions of higher education explore increased online options that align with best practices to develop effective and engaging online courses. The Handbook of Research on Developing Engaging Online Courses is an essential research publication that provides multiple perspectives on improving student engagement and success in online courses. This book includes topics focused on the online learner, online course content, and effective online instruction. The content contained within the title is ideal for curriculum developers, instructional designers, IT consultants, deans, chairs, teachers, administrators, academicians, researchers, and students.

Meaningful Discussions

Author : Robin Anne Christopher
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Annual Editions

Author : Kathleen M. Cauley
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Engagement in Teaching History

Author : Frederick D. Drake
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How can history be taught effectively? Does knowing about the past give meaning to the present and hints to what will happen in the future? This book responds to these questions as it explores the key elements of history instruction–the use of primary sources and narratives, involving students in the historical inquiry through classroom discussions, teaching toward chronological thinking, and the use of historical documents to develop in students a “detective approach” to solving historical problems. Taking a systematic approach to improve students' historical thinking, this book emphasizes certain strategies that will help students know more about the past in ways that will help them in their lives today. The second edition is organized in three parts–Part One describes the theoretical background to teaching history. Part Two, Planning and Assessment, emphasizes the importance of good organization and lesson planning as well as how to assess students' knowledge, reasoning power, and effective use of communication in the history classroom. Part Three, Instruction, focuses on the use of primary sources, class discussions, incorporating photographs and paintings, and writing in teaching history. Both the study of history and the teaching of history are multifaceted. The author's hope in writing this book is to engage new and experienced teachers in thoughtful discourse regarding the teaching and learning of history and to develop lifelong learners of history in the 21st century.

Engaging Young People in Civic Life

Author : James Youniss
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The myth of generations of disengaged youth has been shattered by increases in youth turnout in the 2004, 2006, and 2008 primaries. Young Americans are responsive to effective outreach efforts, and this collection addresses how to best provide opportunities for enhancing civic learning and forming lasting civic identities. The thirteen original essays are based on research in schools and in settings beyond the schoolyard where civic life is experienced. One focus is on programs for those schools in poor communities that tend to overlook civic education. Another chapter reports on how two city governments--Hampton, Virginia, and San Francisco--have invited youth to participate on boards and in agencies. A cluster of chapters focuses on the civic education programs in Canada and Western Europe, where, as in the United States, immigration and income inequality raise challenges to civic life.

Developing a Road Map for Engaging Diasporas in Development

Author : Dovelyn Rannveig Agunias
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State governments recognize the value diaspora populations bring to development efforts worldwide. Since 2007, the Global Forum on Migration and Development has examined ways to highlight policies and programs that can magnify the resources, both human and financial, that emigrants and their descendants contribute to development. This handbook continues that effort on the basis of earlier investigations by the book's collaborating institutions, the academic and policy literature, consultations and in-depth interviews with government officials and nongovernmental actors, and input by 62 national governments. The handbook is divided into three major parts. Each part gives concrete examples of policies and programs that have been effective, and pulls out both useful lessons and common challenges associated with the topics at hand. The pivotal question now facing many policymakers is not so much if diasporas can benefit their countries of origin but how they do so and what kinds of government policies and programs can foster these relationships.

Chronic Diseases and Injuries in Canada

Author :
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Creating More Meaningful Visitor Experiences

Author : Darrell Welch
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Feminism Fractured

Author : Tomomi Yamaguchi
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Engaging Imagination and Developing Creativity in Education

Author : Kieran Egan
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This series of essays has been collected expressly to bring readers new ideas about imagination and creativity in education that will both stimulate discussion and debate and also contribute practical ideas for how to infuse our daily classrooms with imaginative ideas.

Online Classes That Work

Author : William S Hettinger
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How do you make an online class work? Engage students in the learning process - just as you do in the face-to-face classroom. There's just one catch. Strategies that work well in the traditional classroom may not work well in the online classroom. An online class must be designed for the online classroom and facilitated using techniques proven to engage students in an online environment. The differences are subtle. But the results are dramatic. To create an effective online class, you must know the secrets to teaching online. What are these secrets you ask? That's the subject of this book. Online Classes That Work Discovering the Secrets to Teaching Online is a valuable resource for anyone designing or teaching online classes. It is a must-read guide to assist instructors and designers in creating and teaching effective online classes or in combining the best of online with face-to-face teaching in the blended classroom. This book is an ideal resource for an instructor preparing to teach his or her first online class, for new faculty or students learning the education process, and for experienced faculty and designers seeking ways to make their classes more engaging and effective. For the instructor or designer, this book includes The learning model for online education Strategies for creating engaging and effective content Techniques for engaging students in the learning process Strategies to engage students in conversations and discussions Techniques to formally and informally assess learning outcomes Online Classes That Work is a valuable resource for administrators and program heads who must maintain and support online education. For the administrator and program heads, this book includes Strategies to keep courses up to date Techniques to support students in the learning process Strategies to manage faculty Strategies to manage course delivery Although the story revolves around a professor in a university setting, secondary school teachers, trainers, or anyone who desires to create effective and engaging online courses can apply these same techniques to make their online classroom engaging and effective. Online Classes That Work is written as narrative nonfiction. The lessons, strategies, and techniques critical to making online courses work-in other words, "the secrets"-are embedded in the story. I have found that narrative nonfiction allows complex ideas to be presented in a readable and approachable way. I hope you agree. Part 1 of Online Classes That Work tells the story of Tony Brown, an economics professor who excels at teaching face-to-face in the classroom, yet finds his first venture into the online classroom frustrating and ineffective. Tony experiences every professor's worst nightmare when he tries to teach a complicated subject to a group of disengaged students using poorly designed and out-of-date materials. "Is there a better way?" asks Tony as he sets out to find the secrets to making online courses work. Part 2 describes the learning model-the secrets to effective learning outcomes-and the roles student engagement and learning environment play in achieving measurable learning outcomes. Part 3 takes Tony on a journey where he discovers the secrets to creating content for online classes and the secrets to creating conversation in online classrooms. He also explores the role of technology in the online classroom, the online classroom as a safe environment for experimentation and learning, and the means of assessing outlines in an online environment. Part 3 ends with a discussion of course structures and techniques for the care and feeding of online classes. The story concludes in Parts 4 and 5 as Tony synthesizes his research, discovers the secrets to teaching online, and creates an engaging and effective online course. Welcome to my classroom.

Creating Inclusive Classrooms

Author : Spencer J. Salend
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The sixth edition ofCreating Inclusive Classrooms: Effective and Reflective Practices for All Studentsgoes beyond the typical inclusion text in its reflective discussions on how to teach students with varying learning abilities. The text contains all of the core information that an inclusion text requires and then takes the reader to a higher level by including issues of gender, race, ethnicity, language, socioeconomic status, and family structures.

Constraints and Opportunities for Student Teachers Engaging in Critically Oriented Teaching

Author : Patrick Robert Grady
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A Celebration of Literature and Response

Author : Marjorie R. Hancock
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Reinforced by teachers' experiences in actual classrooms, this book provides a wealth of ideas for projects, readings, and response-based activities that will engage all learners in the joy of reading and responding to literature. It blends an appreciation of children's books across all genres with an emphasis on meaningful instructional strategies for literacy programs. Coverage of multicultural/international literature helps illustrate the universality of themes in children's literature--providing a basis for establishing a library of literature that expresses the totality of children's experiences and speaks to children from all cultures and backgrounds. Coverage is based on Louise Rosenblatt's transactional theory of reader response, and organized around five main "celebrations" that the author uses as a framework for uniting the findings of reader-response theory with quality children's literature and exemplary reflective, literature-based practice. Includes expanded coverage on multicultural/international literature--including numerous examples of children's literature written and published in other countries. Includes extensive coverage of reader responses to literature--oral and written responses, as well as those made through the visual arts. For teachers of Children's Literature. Introduces future teaches to the full range of children's responses to literature--encourages the use of a variety of strategies to elicit authentic, heartfelt, meaningful responses from pupils. An appendix on children's literature awards. Highlights exemplary children's literature across all genres--focuses students' attention on established standards and offers guidance for choosing literature that meets such standards. CONTENTS I. CELEBRATING LITERATURE, RESPONSE, AND TEACHING. 1. Literature, Teaching, and Reader Response: Balancing Books and Readers in the Classroom. 2. Reader Response to Literature: From Rosenblatt's Theory to Research to Classroom Practice. II. CELEBRATING LITERATURE AND LITERARY GENRES. 3. The Art of the Picture Book: The Balance of Text and Illustration. 4. Traditional Tales and Modern Fantasy: The Domain of Imagination. 5. Poetry: The Power and Pleasure of Language. 6. Realistic and Historical Fiction: The Boundary of Reality. 7. Nonfiction: The Realm of Biography and Informational Books. 8. Multicultural and International Literature: Appreciating Cultural and Global Diversity. III. CELEBRATING RESPONSE CONNECTIONS TO LITERATURE. 9. Talking About Books: From Oral Response to Literature Circles. 10. Literature Response Journals: Written Reflections during Reading. 11. Literature as a Model for Writing: Apprenticing the Author's Craft. 12. Drama, Art, and Music: Expressive Arts as Response. 13. Response to Nonfiction: Blending Efferent and Aesthetic Response. IV. CELEBRATING INTERTEXTUAL AND INTERDISCIPLINARY CONNECTIONS. 14. Interdisciplinary and Intertextual Connections: Response through Literature Clusters, Theme Explorations, and Twin Texts. V. CELEBRATING RESPONSE GROWTH THROUGH ASSESSMENT. 15. Documenting Response to Literature: Authentic Perspectives. Appendix A: Children's Book Awards and Recognition. Appendix B: Professional Resources. Appendix C: Children's Literature and Technology. (c) 2004, 448 pp., Paper 0-13-110902-2 1090O-6 SE0306: Children's Literature / Methods HE0415: Children's Literature Course Guide Page SUPPLEMENTS Generic Supplements ESOL Strategies for Teaching Content: Facilitating Instruction for English Language Learners (0-13-090845-2) The Portfolio Planner: Making Professional Portfolios Work For You (0-13-081314-1) Positive Behavioral Supports: Five Plans for Teachers (0-13-042187-1) Surviving Your First Year of Teaching: Guidelines for Success (0-13-032573-2) OTHER TITLES OF INTEREST Jacobs/Tunnell, "Children's Literature, Briefly, 3/E, " 2004 (0-13-049924-2) Norton/Norton, "Through the Eyes of a Child: An Introduction to Children's Literature, 6/E, " 2003 (0-13-042207-X) Hillman, "Discovering Children's Literature, 3/E, " 2003 (0-13-042332-7) Darigan/Tunnell/Jacobs, "Children's Literature: Engaging Teachers and Children in Good Books, " 2002 (0-13-081355-9) Jacobs/Tunnell/Darigan, "Children's Literature Database, A Resource for Teachers, Parents and Media Specialists, 2/E, " 2002 (0-13-094618-4) Ertmer, "Education on the Internet: 2002-2003 update, " 2003 (0-13-1126385)

Introduction to Teaching with Zoom

Author : Madison Salters
File Size : 75.16 MB
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Learn how to take your classroom curriculum digital using Zoom’s unique video conferencing features to connect with students with amazing results. Introduction to Teaching with Zoom will help teachers of all grade levels master the basics of communication and education using the Zoom video conferencing service. With step-by-step instructions paired with helpful screenshots, teachers will learn how to connect with students, record your Zoom meetings, control access to lessons, contribute to live chat streams, and conduct webinars. Zoom newbie? No worries! Experienced educator and author Madison Salters takes readers through the most common Zoom features and terminology. Now more than ever, schools have become increasingly reliant on digital means for education. Whether public grade schools have been temporarily closed, or colleges and universities are looking to invest in distance learning, teachers need to be armed and ready to do what they do best no matter the platform. Packed with tips, tricks, troubleshooting, and lesson plans to keep students of all ages engaged, this book is indispensable as the future of teaching continues to evolve.

Discussion Group Leaders Guide for Discover the Royal You

Author : Victoria Munro
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Discover the Royal You! Bible study series is extremely beneficial for individual study. However, much more can be gained when it is studied by several people, who then discuss what they've learned together! Small group Bible study discussions can powerfully transform lives. The goal of this Leaders' Guide is to equip you to facilitate motivating, lively and enjoyable discussions that will result in changed lives. This book covers all the contents of the original Bible study, plus the author's philosophy on group discussions. It includes practical "how-to's" and tips, as well as suggestions on creating engaging starter questions for lively discussions. At the end there are well-tested group discussion leader questions and ideas for each of the six studies.

Creating Effective Programs for Students with Emotional and Behavior Disorders

Author : Vernon F. Jones
File Size : 90.74 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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This guide for educators explains the major issues related to students with emotional and behavior disorders (EBD), offers advice on developing polices to reduce reliance on special education and presents ideas for creating positive a classroom environment.


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Education for Information

Author :
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