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Crescas Critique of Aristotle

Author : Harry Austryn Wolfson
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Gianfrancesco Pico Della Mirandola 1469 1533 and His Critique of Aristotle

Author : Charles B. Schmitt
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The origins of this book go back to I956 when it was suggested to me that a study on the philosophy of Gianfrancesco Pico della Mirandola would furnish an important addition to our knowledge of the philoso phy of the Italian Renaissance. It was not, however, until I960 that I could devote a significant portion of my time to a realization of this goal. My work was essentially completed in 1963, at which time it was presented in its original form as a doctoral dissertation in the Phi losophy Department of Columbia University. Since then I have made many minor improvements and several chapters have been extensively reworked. This study represents the first attempt in fifty years to give a detailed account of even a portion of Gianfrancesco Pico's life and thought. The most comprehensive previous study, Gertrude Bramlette Richards, "Gianfrancesco Pico della lv1irandola" (Cornell University Dissertation, I 9 I 5), which I have found very useful in preparing my own book, is largely based on secondary literature and is mistaken in a number of details. Furthermore, Miss Richards' treatment of Gian francesco Pico as a thinker is very sketchy and is not an exhaustive study of his own writings. It is hoped that my present study, built in part on her extensive bibliographical indications, brings forth a certain amount of new information which will be of value for further research.

Time Matters

Author : T.M. Rudavsky
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Traces the development of the concepts of time, cosmology, and creation in medieval Jewish philosophy.

The Classic Jewish Philosophers

Author : Eliezer Schweid
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This book provides a standard reference of the major medieval Jewish philosophers, as well as an eminently readable narrative of the course of medieval Jewish philosophical thought, presented as a response to the spiritual-intellectual challenges facing Judaism in that period.

Religious Confessions and the Sciences in the Sixteenth Century

Author : Jürgen Helm
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Contrary to the view that relations between religion and the sciences in the sixteenth century were ridden with bitter conflict, the studies here indicate the ways in which religious conviction Jewish, Roman Catholic or Protestant and the development of the natural sciences and medicine influenced each other.

Jewish Philosophy for the Twenty First Century

Author : Hava Tirosh-Samuelson
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Jewish Philosophy for the Twenty-First Century showcases living Jewish thinkers who produce innovative ideas taking into consideration theology, hermeneutics, politics, ethics, science and technology, law, gender, and ecology.

Physics and Metaphysics in asdai Crescas

Author : Warren Harvey
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This book examines central themes in the thought of Rabbi Hasdai Crescas (c. 1340-1410/11), the great Catalan Jewish philosopher who contributed to the revolution of modern science and profoundly influenced Spinoza. Part I treats of Crescas' radical critique of the Aristotelian concepts of space, time, and the vacuum, and analyzes his vision of an infinite universe; it discusses his criticisms of Maimonides' proofs of God, and expounds his own proof; and it concludes with a discussion of his concept of God as infinite Love. Part II contains three essays on Crescas' strictly deterministic theory of human choice.


Author : Howard Kreisel
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More than any other topic, prophecy represents the point at which the Divine meets the human, the Absolute meets the relative. How can a human being attain the Word of God? In what manner does God, when conceived as eternal and transcendent, address corporeal, transitory creatures? What happens to God's divine Truth when it is beheld by minds limited in their power to apprehend, and influenced by the intellectual currents of their time and place? How were these issues viewed by the great Jewish philosophers of the past, who took the divine communication and all it entails seriously, while at the same time desired to understand it as much as humanly possible in the course of dealing with a myriad of other issues that occupied their attention? This book offers an in-depth study of prophecy in the thought of seven of the leading medieval Jewish philosophers: R. Saadiah Gaon, R. Judah Halevi, Maimonides, Gersonides, R. Hasdai Crescas, R. Joseph Albo and Baruch Spinoza. It attempts to capture the `original voice' of these thinkers by looking at the intellectual milieus in which they developed their philosophies, and by carefully analyzing their views in their textual contexts. It also deals with the relation between the earlier approaches and the later ones. Overall, this book presents a significant model for narrating the history of an idea.


Author :
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Gateway to Judaism

Author : Mordechai Becher
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Gateway to Judaism is an insider's engaging look at the mindset, values, and practices of Judaism in the 21st century. As a senior lecturer and outreach expert with Gateways Seminars, Rabbi Mordechai Becher has helped thousands of people reconnect with the beauty, wisdom and relevance of their Jewish heritage. Often asked to recommend "just one book" that would explain the essentials of Jewish life and thought , he decided to write it himself! Delving beneath common perceptions of Jewish tradition, Rabbi Becher presents fresh and meaningful perspectives that will educate and inspire you. Among the many intriguing topics he addresses are: Is there spirituality in Judaism? In our age of labor-saving devices, do we still need a Sabbath? What is Judaism's view on death and the afterlife? Why is Judaism so full of laws? Why should I pray? Does God really want to hear my complaints? Can Judaism enhance my marriage? Isn't circumcision just an ancient rite of initiation? Is it still relevant? Why is Israel so central to Judaism? Does a religion need a land? Why does a mourner say Kaddish? Wasn't keeping kosher a health measure? Does it still have a purpose today? How can I add meaning to my Passover Seder? Gateway to Judaism reveals Judaism's power to elevate your life. Whether you are new to Jewish tradition, familiar with its practice, or simply curious, you will find this book an illuminating guide to a joyous and fulfilling lifestyle. -- from dust cover.

Proceedings of the Boston Colloquium for the Philosophy of Science 1966 1968

Author : Robert S. Cohen
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The fourth volume of Boston Studies in the Philosophy of Science consists mainly of papers which were contributed to our Colloquium during the past few years. The volume represents a wide range of interests in contem porary philosophy of science: issues in the philosophy of mind and of language, the neurophysiology of perceptual and linguistic behavior, philosophy of history and of the social sciences, and studies in the fun damental categories and methods of philosophy and the inter-relation ships of the sciences with ethics and metaphysics. Papers on the logic and methods of the natural sciences, including biological, physical and mathematical topics appear in the fifth volume of our series. We have included in the present volume the first English translation of the classic and fundamental work on aphasia by Carl Wernicke, together with a lucid and appreciative guide to his work by Dr. Norman Geschwind. The papers were not written to form a coherent volume, nor have they been edited with such a purpose. They represent current work-in progress, both in the United States and in Europe. Although most of the authors are philosophers, it is worth noting that we have essays of philosophical significance here written by a sociologist, an anthropologist, a political scientist, and by three neurophysiologists. We hope that collaboration among working scientists and working philosophers may develop further.

Science in Flux

Author : J. Agassi
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Studies in the History of Culture and Science

Author : Resianne Fontaine
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An hommage to Gad Freudenthal, this volume offers studies on the history of science and on the role of science in medieval and early-modern Jewish cultures, investigating various aspects of processes of knowledge transfer and scientific cross-cultural contacts,

Studies in Crescas

Author : Harry Austryn Wolfson
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Moses Maimonides

Author : Herbert Davidson
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Moses Maimonides (1137/38-1204), scholar, physician, and philosopher, was the most influential Jewish thinker of the Middle Ages. In this magisterial biography, Herbert Davidson provides an exhaustive guide to Maimonides' life and works. After considering Maimonides' upbringing and education, Davidson expounds all of his many writings in exhaustive detail, with separate chapters on rabbinic, philosophical, and medical texts. Moses Maimonides has been recognized as the standard work on a towering figure of Western intellectual history.

Gallery of Scholars

Author : Israel Scheffler
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This book offers a personal account of scholars in philosophy and education with whom I have had the good fortune to interact during the course of my half century at Harvard University and elsewhere. My aim in writing this account is threefold: ?rst, to recapture for myself the pleasure of their memorable company for its own sake, secondly, to have occasion to re'ect on the educational impact of their teaching, and, ?nally, to counteract the prevalent amnesia of universities by recalling the conduct of scholars of past generations who still have things to teach us. Iowe thanks to many people who have helped me in this endeavor. Professor Harvey Siegel, Dr. Stefania Jha, and Dr. Rosalind Schef'er read initial versions of the manuscript and gave me the bene't of their criticisms, as did the publisher's anonymous readers. JoAnne Sorabella and Stefania Jha listened to my readings of a number of these chapters, and JoAnne Sorabella produced several typescripts of the whole with her usual matchless pro'ciency. I presented some portions of the manuscript to the Philosophy of Education Research Center at Harvard and pro'ted from these occasions. After I joined the Mandel Center at Brandeis University in the Fall of 2003, Avital Feuer assisted me ably in readying the ?nal version of the book. And I am grateful to Laurie Schef'er for her meticulous help with proofreading.

Jewish Medieval and Renaissance Studies

Author : Brandeis University. Philip W. Lown Institute of Advanced Judaic Studies
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The Columbia History of Western Philosophy

Author : Richard Henry Popkin
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A chronological survey of the evolution of Western philosophy provides historical analysis of the thought of key figures and schools and explores the broad influence of Jewish, Islamic, and Asian philosophy, the importance of women philosophers, and other topics. UP.

Jewish Spectator

Author :
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The Jews and the Sciences in the Middle Ages

Author : Y. Tzvi Langermann
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The aim of this volume is to explore Jewish participation in the scientific enterprise of the Middle Ages. It looks at the way in which Jews saw scientific knowledge as well as the contributions made by particular Jewish scholars.