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Crisis Pregnancy Centers

Author : Terry Ianora
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What if you were a sixteen year old whose period was late and who feared to tell her parents about her pregnancy? What if you were a woman, mother of two young children, caught in a custody battle with her ex-spouse when she discovers her period is over due and she has definite symptoms of pregnancy? What would you do if you knew there was a confidential place where you can get some free information from people who would listen and not tell you what to do? For over forty years, women in just these circumstances have come into crisis pregnancy centers all over America. This is the story of how these centers have blossomed and flourished because distressed pregnant woman have wanted them and because ordinary people have desire to help these women. Here is a compilation of testimonies of pioneers who have founded and sustained their centers through four decades. The author examines the milieu of the culture of death and speaks about the Crisis Pregnancy Centers as an idea that had to come into existence.

Crisis Pregnancy Centers

Author : National Abortion Federation (U.S.)
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National Crisis Pregnancy Centers Directory

Author : National Adoption Information Clearinghouse
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Crisis Pregnancy Centers

Author : Carolyn Anne Bernardette Curtis
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Reducing the Abortion Rate

Author : Nissa Brown
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Faith based Initiatives Federal Funding and Crisis Pregnancy Centers

Author : Anneliesse Christine Nelson
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Extremism and Crisis Pregnancy Centers

Author : Marie Fiorillo
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Crisis Pregnancy Centers in Texas

Author : NARAL Pro-Choice Texas Foundation
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God Loves You Better Than Mac and Cheese

Author : Helen McLeod Rogers
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These encounters from the classroom, church, family, and life will let you discover that God often works through everyday experiences. Having volunteered for twenty-four years in crisis pregnancy ministries, Helen has seen the miracles of God that changed lives and circumstances beyond her greatest expectations. She invites you to join her on this journey through a lifetime revelation of the love of God.

Directors of Crisis Pregnancy Centers

Author : Lisa A. Conway
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Anti choice Crisis Pregnancy Centers in St Cloud Minnesota

Author : Julie Ingmire Seminitis
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Author :
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The Public Life of the Fetal Sonogram

Author : Janelle S. Taylor
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In The Public Life of the Fetal Sonogram, medical anthropologist Janelle S. Taylor analyzes the full sociocultural context of ultrasound technology and imagery. Drawing upon ethnographic research both within and beyond the medical setting, Taylor shows how ultrasound has entered into public consumer culture in the United States. The book documents and critically analyzes societal uses for ultrasound such as nondiagnostic "keepsake" ultrasound businesses that foster a new consumer market for these blurry, monochromatic images of eagerly awaited babies, and anti-abortion clinics that use ultrasound in an attempt to make women bond with the fetuses they carry, inciting a pro-life state of mind. This book offers much-needed critical awareness of the less easily recognized ways in which ultrasound technology is profoundly social and political in the United States today.

Dying To Exist

Author : K. M. Ryan
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"Dying To Exist" offers 104 uplifting stories of women and men who planned on aborting their babies when they found out they were pregnant but changed their minds and had them. These true, heartwarming and inspiring stories share how the abortions had been planned but were not carried through; all had considered abortions but changed their minds. Some women decided on abortions quickly due to an unplanned teenage pregnancy while others thought about it for a while or were pressured into it. Some told close friends and families about their pregnancies when they first discovered they were pregnant; others didn't tell anyone or told only one person - the father, a parent or friend. Some agonized over whether to go through with an abortion due to their beliefs while others considered abortion because they did not have the financial resources to raise a child. Still others weighed both physical and psychological effects of abortion as they struggled with thoughts of terminating their pregnancies. You'll read stories of mothers and fathers who live with the regret, shame and guilt of considering abortion. Some parents who chose not to abort say their babies are gifts from God or that having their babies was something that was meant to be. All look at their babies today and say how they have turned into the biggest blessings of their lives. They all knew their lives would change if they had an abortion - and if they did not have an abortion. You'll read touching stories from women who had support from their families and the fathers, and others who did not. While most of the mothers and fathers chose to raise their babies, some decided on giving up baby for adoption. These moving and poignant real-life stories are comforting and encouraging. They speak of women and men who do not regret having their babies and who feel they could never have lived with themselves if they had gone through with the abortions. All feel that having their babies has given them a new life's purpose and that their lives are forever changed by their children's births. We know you'll be filled with inspiration, comfort and hope as you read about mothers and fathers who now have a new outlook on pregnancy and abortion; who now believe that life and babies are beautiful gifts. "Dying To Exist" is good for crisis pregnancy centers, abortion alternative centers, counselors, psychologists, pastors, family and friends of women and men facing unexpected pregnancies, and anyone who finds themselves with an unplanned pregnancy and isn't sure what to do or where to turn.

Dealing with Teen Pregnancy

Author : Emily Mahoney
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How big of a concern is teen pregnancy in today’s society? What options do teens have once they get pregnant? This controversial issue is examined in depth, presenting young adults with information from all sides of the debate. Graphs and full-color photographs highlight the discussion of the underlying social factors that are the root causes of teen pregnancy to make readers better informed about these issues. A list of websites gives pregnant teens resources to turn to for support and advice.

Selling Life to Abortion Seekers A Content Analysis of Passive and Active Persuasion in Crisis Pregnancy Center Marketing

Author : Alexander Kocman
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For supporters of the pro-life cause, crisis pregnancy centers (or CPC's) have become the "darlings of the movement," according to the New York Times (Belluck, 2013), offering women with unplanned pregnancies free advice, information, classes, childcare, and needed supplies. For abortion advocates, such establishments are intended to seduce vulnerable abortion-seekers into a situation where they will be counseled out of an abortion and possibly even proselytized. Yet for as much controversy as exists in the news media, medical community, and legal realm about CPC's, there is an unsettling lack of understanding of how--and why--CPC's market themselves the way they do. Their challenge is unique; they must "sell" non-abortive services to women who are oftentimes insecure, pressured, and abortion-minded. If one grants the right of such centers to exist, one must also grant their right to advertise. Do they market with active or passive persuasion, and does it accomplish the goal? To answer such questions, this study focuses on VirtueMedia, a notable pro-life marketing non-profit with connections to Care Net--the closest crisis pregnancy care equivalent of Planned Parenthood on the pro-life side. Using Petty and Cacioppo's elaboration-likelihood model, or ELM, this study uses both proprietary and traditional means of content analysis to explore the themes and persuasive routes exhibited in two contrasting VirtueMedia television commercial campaigns. The study found that of the two campaigns analyzed, both relied heavily on peripheral cues and passive forms of persuasion, but not to the extent typically assumed. Overt central cues played a prominent role in one of the two campaigns. Also, women's-issues framing of the description of CPC services--as a peripheral cue--differed vastly in both form and function, sometimes taking a form that abortion advocates could consider "deceptive," and other times existing alongside explicitly pro-life messages. The study, in fact, foun

Abortion Debate

Author : Courtney Farrell
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Discusses the controversial viewpoints regarding abortion.

A Mother s Journey

Author : Melissa Heiland
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Includes excerpts on fetal development from First Nine Months The Lord gifts people so they can serve others. That's what He wants. He wants us to take what He gives us and use it to help others know Him and choose to believe in Jesus, their Savior. Then He wants those people to learn from us what it is to be "salt" and "light" to the world. Melissa Heiland has used her considerable gift to open a mother's life, shore up the hard places, celebrate the wonder and inspire the joy of being in the presence of God. Use these devotionals! You'll love the hope you will encounter. A Mother's Journey is a precious trek. Enjoy Melissa's gift to you. -Mary Margaret Gibson, Ministry Director, Save the Mother, Save her Child, EvanTell A Mother's Journey is a testimony to the wonders and depth of God's love and grace to pregnant women and children in the womb. It is a warm, engaging biblical journey that is comforting and encouraging to those going through a challenging time in their lives. Melissa Heiland beautifully expresses her love for the Lord and her commitment to women and the unborn. Women will be transformed in heart and spirit by the blessings of this work. This devotional should be available for all women with the gift of pregnancy and may it find its way into all pregnancy resource centers to impact the lives and souls of many. -Frank Imbarrato MD, Medical Director, My Choice Pregnancy Care Center, New Windsor, NY, What I love about Melissa is her heart and passion for women, especially women experiencing an unplanned pregnancy and the immobilizing fear that comes with it. With almost 20 years of service in pregnancy care centers, there is no one more qualified than Melissa to reach into the heart and soul of a scared and overwhelmed expectant mother. We have so little time with the clients that come into our center, and so much we want to share with them. I love being able to give them a copy of A Mother's Journey, knowing what a great source of loving encouragement and truth it will be to them. -Andrea Krazeise, Founder, Sanford and Oviedo Crisis Pregnancy Centers, Author of He Came Back for Me Melissa Heiland is a wife and mother of six. She has been involved with pregnancy care ministry since 1994. She is active planting and training pregnancy centers around the world. She is also the founder of Beautiful Feet International, a mission organization that helps churches plan and prepare for volunteer international missions ( She's the author of Get Set, a devotional for preparing volunteer missionaries, and A Mother's Comfort, a devotional for baby's first year for pregnancy centers. She is passionate about getting the good news of Christ to the world and especially to new moms.

Abortion Counseling

Author : Rachel Needle, PsyD
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The majority of women who have had abortions report feeling happy, satisfied, and relieved following their abortion. Some few women who have had an abortion may experience some feelings of guilt and sadness; however, this rarely lasts longer than a few days. Those very few women who present with prolonged feelings of sadness and mental health problems are women who have either had these problems prior to their abortion, had other risk factors, or were influenced by frightening demonstrations and inaccurate biased information provided prior to the abortion. Through this book the authors hope to train general therapists and counselors in pre- and post-abortion counseling techniques--to avoid women experiencing unnecessary psychological problems created by those who insist that the non-existent "post-abortion syndrome" exists. "Abortion counseling has a critical role to play in ensuring women's mental health is the priority and not the goals of a political agenda. Thus, Needle and Walker have taken on a complex, profound and essential task -- equipping therapists and abortion counselors with the knowledge and skills needed to help their clients -- and they have done it wellÖ.Readers of this book should [gain] an increased understanding of how women's diverse life circumstances affect their ability to cope with the difficult decisions and circumstances surrounding abortion. They will also be better able to build women's resilience and coping skills by having considered them both in the context of women's lives (e.g., coping resources, social support, partner violence, incidence of depression), and in the context of socio-political agendas that seek to manipulate women's mental health in order to undermine women's reproductive rights....In the final analysis, it is important to remember that abortion counseling is not about abortion - it is about women confronting the decision to bear a child - with all of the profound and life changing commitments and responsibilities that entails." -- From the Foreword by Nancy Felipe Russo, PhD, Regents Professor of Psychology, Arizona State University

My Body My Choice

Author : Robin Stevenson
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Abortion is one of the most common of all medical procedures. But it is still stigmatized, ?and all too often people do not feel they can talk about their experiences. Making abortion illegal or hard to access doesn't make it any less common; it just makes it dangerous. Around the world, tens of thousands of women die from unsafe abortions every year. People who support abortion rights have been fighting hard to create a world in which the right to access safe and legal abortion services is guaranteed. The opposition to this has been intense and sometimes violent, and victories have been hard won. The long fight for abortion rights is being picked up by a new generation of courageous, creative and passionate activists. This book is about the history, and the future, of that fight.