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Crossing the Threshold of Hope

Author : Pope John Paul II
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A great international bestseller, the book in which, on the eve of the millennium, Pope John Paul II brings to an accessible level the great theological concerns of our lives. He goes to the heart of his personal beliefs and speaks with passion about the existence of God; about the dignity of man; about pain, suffering, and evil; about eternal life and the meaning of salvation; about hope; about the relationship of Christianity to other faiths and of Catholicism to other branches of the Christian faith. With the humility and generosity of spirit for which he is known, John Paul II speaks directly and forthrightly to all people. His Message:

Crossing the Threshold

Author : Madeleine Mumcuoglu
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Every day millions of people enter public buildings of many forms and functions: Notre-Dame in Paris, Grand Central Station in New York, the British Museum in London, that are decorated with recessed doorways. None of them is likely to be aware that this style of decoration has been continuously employed for 6500 years in temples, royal palaces, tombs, churches, synagogues, and modern public buildings, becoming a symbol of the divine and of a place of worship. During this very long period, from the ancient Near East until today, the world has undergone immense changes, but the concept of the recessed opening was never forgotten or abandoned. What is the secret of its longevity? This unique cultural edifice is not only about architecture, but is a language that defines social order and relations with the ruling power and authorities. These, sometimes highly decorated and elaborate, sometimes simple and understated, thresholds in fact functioned on two communicative levels: first, as a liminal marker demarcating a sacred area and second, to emphasize the social order, as few were permitted to pass through. In this book the history of this eternal symbol is presented for the first time through text, figures, and photographs. The authors consider historical, anthropological, sociological, religious, and economic factors that reflect the significance of crossing these iconic thresholds according to the concept of the longue durée.

Crossing the Threshold of Love

Author : Mary Shivanandan
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Humanae Vitae predicted the disintegration of marriage and family life, partly as a result of the widespread use of contraception. Pope John Paul II has since articulated a fresh understanding of marriage, love and sexuality which takes account of the dignity of the human person, and especially of women. In this exhaustive and scholarly assessment of his Christian anthropology, Mary Shivanandan examines the scientific data and the theological analysis that underlie these teachings on marriage and sexuality. Her book will be an essential text for the study of the development, meaning and implications of Catholic doctrine in this controversial area.

Crossing the Threshold

Author : Gráinne Healy
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Crossing the Threshold is the official history of the role played by the Marriage Equality organisation in leading the way for the successful passage of same-sex marriage in Ireland. Featuring contributions from lead campaigners, their personal perspectives will inspire anyone with an interest in campaigning for social justice, anyone who volunteered, marched or canvased, or who wished to know how the drive for marriage equality played out over the previous decade. Leading figures, including Katherine Zappone, Ann Louise Gilligan, Gráinne Healy, Brian Sheehan and Niall Crowley, broach everything from fundraising and political strategic support to personal efforts and sacrifices, giving a full understanding of the multi-faceted undertaking of running a campaign that continues as a shining example of what it means to strive for a socially progressive Ireland. Crossing the Threshold is the swansong of all those involved - an insightful confirmation of everything that has been achieved. Hear the voices of the campaigners and examine the details of the strategies adopted that changed Irish hearts and minds to say Yes to equality in the Marriage Referendum 2015.

Crossing the Threshold

Author : Harlene Walker
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In Crossing the Threshold, Metaphors of an Evolving Faith, Harlene Walker invites us to accompany her on a metaphorical hike through her cathedral forest while she explores her Christian faith and spirituality. In the land of "don't know," the landscape changes radically until we finally come to an open garden of compassion. Her faith-life evolves: realistically she recognizes that our society has evolved from post-Christian to post-theistic. In this new paradigm, as she laughs, cries, and feels frustrated or surprised, she sees both her spirituality and her faith strengthen. She has prepared herself, and us, to grow deeper into the wisdom of the heart and soul. As we accompany her through many personal conversions, Walker shows us that crossing thresholds is the work of body, mind, and spirit, and that there is more than one threshold to cross.

Crossing the Threshold

Author : Kelsey Lauren Ottley
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This thesis explores the subject of female choreographers in ballet and aims to answer the following question: how do women in ballet cross the threshold from dancer/muse to choreographer? Included in Chapter One is a short history of female ballet choreographers by way of literature review. Also written is the critical issue surrounding the lack of women in ballet choreography, including possible reasons for the shortage of prominent females. Chapter Two, resultant of ethnographic field work, accounts the advice of multiple women ballet choreographers; and Chapter Three recounts the experience I had in crossing my threshold from dancer to choreographer. I investigate the advice and considerations which pertain to the successful pursuance of ballet choreography for women. Concluding discoveries throughout this study suggest that compositional education be offered to young ballet dancers, particularly young women, and that women should be encouraged to choreograph at the professional level in ballet.

Crossing the Threshold

Author : Linda Reid
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An examination of horary astrology which displays the correlation between dreams and existence, and shows how the link between our dream chart and our natural chart can be used to explain the link between conscious feelings and conscious lives.

Crossing the Threshold Together As One

Author : Clarence Benoit III
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Are you head over heels for your boyfriend or girlfriend? And you've never felt this way about anyone before, so you're positive you're ready for marriage. But are you...really...ready? This book is designed to help you take a sober look at yourself, your potential life partner, and the journey you're about to embark on - Together as One.

Crossing the Threshold

Author : Nicholas Wijnberg
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Based on the Work of Rudolf Steiner When faced with the prospect of death--our own or someone else's--there is often little time to prepare. This book presents a wealth of practical and spiritual guidance on all aspects of death and dying. Writing from the perspective of Rudolf Steiner's spiritual philosophy, the authors suggest ways of coping with the time leading up to death and also the period afterwards. They examine different circumstances of death and offer advice on practical questions such as the arrangement of funerals, laying out of the body, legal requirements and wills. They also suggest how those who remain on earth can continue to relate to the departed souls of the deceased.

Crossing the Threshold of Confusion

Author : Andrew J. Mccauley
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Despite all the hoopla about Pope John Paul II, some believe he has been an unparalleled disaster in the history of the papacy and of the Church. In Crossing the Threshold of Confusion, author Andrew J. McCauley examines the record of this pope and discusses the harm he has done or has allowed to have happened not only to the Church but to Western civilization. McCauley uncovers countless faults many Catholic leaders have overlooked, including: Pope John Paul II's failure to enforce discipline in the Church, especially against widespread sexual abuse by priests; his statements alleging and implying universal salvation; the destabilization of marriage caused by his theology of the body ; the conflicting messages that confuse the Church's position on capital punishment; his stance on the nature of the Church as a result of Vatican II. This exploration of recent Catholic history studies the ideas, writings, and policies of Pope John Paul II, from his life a young priest to his final days as pope, and examines their compatibility with traditional Catholic doctrine and practice. Crossing the Threshold of Confusion presents a case against the canonization of Pope John Paul II and demonstrates how his record warrants condemnation.

Crossing the Threshold of Eternity

Author : Robert L. Wise
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If we learn to listen and observe carefully, the dying can teach us important things that we need to learn in preparing for the end of our own life's journey. From standing at the bedside of the dying, Robert L. Wise came to realize there were important patterns and steps that the dying were trying to describe. And, yet, many miss these life lessons when they go to great lengths to avoid a conversation or encounter with the dying. Wise learned by stopping and listening to the dying that we can get beyond our morbid fears of death, to come to a place of peaceful acceptance and to be able to look ahead to a dignified celebration of death. Inspiring stories of those with one foot stepping into eternity give us assurance, hope, and a fresh expectation of what lies beyond the grave. We can all face it without fear. Here are fascinating stories offering reassurance and promise.

Crossing the Threshold of Divine Revelation

Author : William j. Abraham
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The last few decades have seen a revolution in debates about the rationality of Christian belief. Among the array of current options for justifying religious belief, however, nearly every one assumes that a general theory of knowing and a minimal version of theism must be adopted before the rationality of Christian belief can be tackled. In Crossing the Threshold of Divine Revelation William J. Abraham confronts both of these assumptions, arguing that epistemology must begin with its particular target of inquiry in Abraham s case the full-blooded canonical theism of the early, undivided Christian church. He argues, moreover, that special divine revelation forms a crucial threshold at the entrance to the epistemology of Christian belief. Sure to intrigue philosophers, theologians, and curious students, Abraham s robust vision of Christian faith provides a creative solution to many of the current difficulties in philosophy and theology.

Crossing Threshold

Author : Farzana S. Ali
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Crossing the Digital Threshold

Author : Scott McQuire
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Crossing the Threshold

Author : Dominique-Sila Kahn
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Who is Hindu, who is Muslim? The answer, according to Dominique-Sila Khan, is not as simple as generally assumed. By analyzing documentary sources as well as original field data, she examines the shaping of religious identities in South Asia, particularly in North India. The author argues that the perception of Islam and Hinduism as two monolithic and perpetually antagonistic faiths coexisting uneasily in South Asia has become so deeply ingrained that the complexity of the historical fabric is often overlooked or ignored. She demonstrates how the emergence of clear-cut categories is a comparatively recent phenomenon, and shows how the past is characterized by a remarkable fluidity and diversity in the social and religious milieus of the two faiths. In exploring the historical mechanisms that have led to the emergence and crystallization of religious identities the author sheds light on the increasing number of conflicts which threaten the harmonious co-existence of South Asian communities today.

Crossing Thresholds

Author : Meera Kosambi
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Articles chiefly with reference to Maharashtra, India.

Crossing Thresholds Island Reflections

Author : Amba Gale
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In Crossing Thresholds, Amba Gale deeply touches upon themes that are relevant to living our lives with meaning, gratitude, and wonder. Through photographs and poems, taken and written in the Isle Royale area of Lake Superior, she shares her own story of tapping into Silence, through connecting with the natural world, and, from there, into her own deep wisdom and creativity, as she crossed a personal threshold, which crossing necessitated embracing impermanence, letting go of resistance to what is, accepting change, making room for endings, creating completion, and opening up space for new beginnings. As a coach for and leader in people's personal development and transformation, and a stand for the awakening of human consciousness, she creates compelling reflective inquiries, inquiries to think within, associated with each poem and photograph, which allow us to engage with our own, parallel, journey, as we, too, move into our depths.

Our Covenant of Prosperity

Author : Markus Bishop
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Cultural Studies Interdisciplinarity and Translation

Author : Stefan Herbrechter
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This volume claims that interdisciplinarity and translation constitute the two main 'challenges' for cultural studies today. These conceptual issues ('inter' and 'trans') express themselves within specific historical and 'cultural' contexts. Interdisciplinarity is linked with the ongoing process of the institutionalisation of cultural studies in national academies, but also increasingly internationally, comparatively and to a certain extent even globally (cf. cultural studies of 'global culture'). Translation concerns cultural studies both as an object or product and as a subject or producer of translation processes. Cultural studies is the result of translation, translates and is being translated. The essays in this volume therefore relate these various ongoing cultural, linguistic and institutional translation processes to political and ethical issues of internationalisation and globalisation. The contributions draw their originality and strength from strategically crossing, disciplinary and national boundaries. They deliberately ignore the question of what may be 'proper' (to) cultural studies, and instead problematise the notions of 'propriety' and 'belonging'. As a 'reading practice' cultural studies, in these pages, is performed through adaptations and combinations of theory and critical practice. The volume should be of interest to everyone concerned with cultural studies' role in promoting intellectual debate within an increasingly international and 'globalised' public sphere.

Crossing Thresholds

Author : Lucy A. Forster-Smith
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With candor, passion, and deep love for her work, Lucy Forster-Smith takes us across the threshold as a chaplain on a college campus. This vocational narrative braids the story of her faith journey that began on a porch when she was a four-year-old, was shaken by a sexual assault as a seminarian, and through healing and grace brought her to claim a call to ministry with students. With delightful humor and an infectious love for her work, Forster-Smith invites the reader into her world. Crossing Thresholds is a theological narrative, weaving together the story of faith in the context of the professional life of a college chaplain. Lighting on the power of spiritual awakening at a college, once named as the number one institution of higher education that "ignored God on a regular basis," Forster-Smith jars loose the assumptions about the avowedly secular campus. Her journey of healing and grace illuminates and guides to cross the threshold of the campus's soul.