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Crude Chronicles

Author : Suzana Sawyer
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Ecuador is the third-largest foreign supplier of crude oil to the western United States. As the source of this oil, the Ecuadorian Amazon has borne the far-reaching social and environmental consequences of a growing U.S. demand for petroleum and the dynamics of economic globalization it necessitates. Crude Chronicles traces the emergence during the 1990s of a highly organized indigenous movement and its struggles against a U.S. oil company and Ecuadorian neoliberal policies. Against the backdrop of mounting government attempts to privatize and liberalize the national economy, Suzana Sawyer shows how neoliberal reforms in Ecuador led to a crisis of governance, accountability, and representation that spurred one of twentieth-century Latin America’s strongest indigenous movements. Through her rich ethnography of indigenous marches, demonstrations, occupations, and negotiations, Sawyer tracks the growing sophistication of indigenous politics as Indians subverted, re-deployed, and, at times, capitulated to the dictates and desires of a transnational neoliberal logic. At the same time, she follows the multiple maneuvers and discourses that the multinational corporation and the Ecuadorian state used to circumscribe and contain indigenous opposition. Ultimately, Sawyer reveals that indigenous struggles over land and oil operations in Ecuador were as much about reconfiguring national and transnational inequality—that is, rupturing the silence around racial injustice, exacting spaces of accountability, and rewriting narratives of national belonging—as they were about the material use and extraction of rain-forest resources.

Resource Radicals

Author : Thea Riofrancos
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In 2007, the left came to power in Ecuador. In the years that followed, the “twenty-first-century socialist” government and a coalition of grassroots activists came to blows over the extraction of natural resources. Each side declared the other a perversion of leftism and the principles of socioeconomic equality, popular empowerment, and anti-imperialism. In Resource Radicals, Thea Riofrancos unpacks the conflict between these two leftisms: on the one hand, the administration's resource nationalism and focus on economic development; and on the other, the anti-extractivism of grassroots activists who condemned the government's disregard for nature and indigenous communities. In this archival and ethnographic study, Riofrancos expands the study of resource politics by decentering state resource policy and locating it in a field of political struggle populated by actors with conflicting visions of resource extraction. She demonstrates how Ecuador's commodity-dependent economy and history of indigenous uprisings offer a unique opportunity to understand development, democracy, and the ecological foundations of global capitalism.

Annual Review of Anthropology 2005

Author : William H. Durham
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This extra-length 34th volume of the Annual Review of Anthropology has been reformatted so as to be easier to read (a two-column layout) and to allow for glossary terms, acronym spell-outs, and sidebars in the margins. Also new in terms of format are annotated references designed to draw attention to key works in a longer list. The Review contains

The American Comprehensive Encyclopedia of Useful Knowledge Arts Sciences History Biography Geography Statistics and General Knowledge

Author : William Harrison De Puy
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The Supplementary Cyclopedia of Universal Knowledge

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Environment Planning

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British Bulletin of Publications on Latin America the Caribbean Portugal and Spain

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Saving Ecuador s Rain Forest One Oil Field at a Time

Author : Sarah Elizabeth Terry-Cobo
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Empires of Oil

Author : Duncan Clarke
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Duncan Clarke explains where the new empires of oil will be around the world.

The Hispanic American Historical Review

Author : James Alexander Robertson
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Includes "Bibliographical section".