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Crystal Wisdom Kit

Author : Stephanie Harrison
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"The Crystal Wisdom Kit is a fun, easy-to-use system that works a variety of levels of consciousness. It combines the unique and remarkable powers of crystals with universal symbols, and astrological insight, to provide healing and understanding. The organization of this system allows you to use the crystals the same way as Tarot cards, but instead of drawing cards you cast crystals on to one of 3 different wheels. The wheel includes symbols from a variety of sources and traditions including astrology, runes, the five elements, chakras, planets and others. The wheels are the Life Wheel used to reveal current and future trends, the Insight Wheel to clarify issues, and the Healing Wheel to bring harmony and balance into your life. This remarkable kit is ideal for beginning New Age seekers and will also appeal crystal enthusiasts.

Crystal Wisdom

Author : Sarah Caldwell
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In today's fast paced, busy life we all need to take time out for ourselves to find healing, peace, joy, love and abundance. "How do I do that" I hear you ask, "It's not that easy," I hear you say. Well it can be that easy. This quick and easy read will guide you through small changes – take five minutes a day to meditate, use crystals, talk to your angels and guides and think positive and be amazed at the changes in your life. From Frequently Asked Questions, a brief history and personal story to the nuts and bolts of how to make small positive changes using crystals, by meditating and listening to our angels wisdom, Crystal Wisdom reminds us of what we all know deep down inside - that we have the power to affect change in our lives. The simple truth is - even when we don't believe in the power of crystals or that our angels and guides are helping us - they are. The only thing stopping us from finding healing and peace is us. The trick is to imagine and believe in what we can achieve.

Crystal Wisdom

Author : Andy Baggott
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This volume offers a comprehensible guide to the healing power of crystals. It details the history and modern use of crystals as well as the theories behind their use in healing. Practical instructions are given on harnessing the power of crystals for healing adults, children, and animals. Chapters cover the history of crystals, colour, sound, vibrational healing, chakras, magic, and tips on combining gem, crystal and flower essences.

Wisdom Glory and the Name

Author : Priest-Monk Silouan
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A collection of scholarly essays on the role of women in Eastern Christianity in Antiquity and through to contemporary times.

Wisdom and Wonder

Author : Priest-Monk Silouan
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'Wisdom and Wonder' is a book of wisdom chapters in two 'Centuries, ' an ancient monastic wisdom genre much loved by the desert fathers. For these elders, wonder is the root and crown of wisdom, not only its origin. In these meditations, the mysteries of glorification and deification are explored from within the Orthodox tradition of wisdom and wonder. Priest-monk Silouan lives in the Monastery of St Antony and St Cuthbert, a hermitage within the Romanian jurisdiction of the Orthodox Church, high up in the south-west Shropshire hills. Fr. Silouan lives alone under the Shepherd's rock on the eastern slopes of the Stiperstones, in an old miner's cottage on a small-holding of twenty acres of pasture and woodland. He lives a life of prayer, silence, liturgy and work in the ancient tradition of orthodox monasticism.

The Crystal Year

Author : Claire Titmus
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In The Crystal Year, Claire Titmus, Advanced Crystal healer and owner of The Crystal Bar, shares crystal wisdom to support you through the seasons. Split into the 12 months, The Crystal Year teaches you how to harness the properties of all the crystals lurking in your collection by aligning them with key dates and seasons. In January, learn how carnelian can support your New Year goals; in February, find out if rose quartz will help you find your Valentine. As the evenings get darker, discover just why emerald is the perfect crystal to help you survive Scorpio season. As well as key crystals for the month, Claire guides you through symbols and superstitions from the natural world, and shares self-care rituals, meditations and affirmations to support you through each phase of the year. Tune into nature and discover the magic of crystals in every season with The Crystal Year.

Sir Anthony and

Author : Greg Way
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Sir Anthony and the Star Stone Crystal is about a young boy warrior and his great adventure through the magical help of his great grandfather and soon learns that dreams can indeed become reality but strength and wisdom can only come from his parents who just happen to be the king and queen of Goodinia, the city in which he lives. This story is one of a boy who learns quickly what it means to honor thy father, mother and learns the lesson that family must stick together through the good times and the bad. A great coming of age story.

Complete Book of Women s Wisdom

Author : Cassandra Eason
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A collection of information on the feminine history of the world relating to myths, stories, rituals, festivals and more associated with women through the ages.

In Focus Divination

Author : Steven Bright
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In Focus Divination is your go-to reference for everything you need to know about interpreting the future.

Crystal Wisdom Healing Oracle

Author : Judy Hall
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Crystals have been used for divination since ancient times. Their powerful intrinsic energies can serve as mirrors to reveal your true path and link you to that part of yourself that is all-seeing and all-knowing. Created by bestselling crystals expert Judy Hall, The Crystal Wisdom Healing Oracle will connect you to your higher, intuitive self, and, in the process, give you amazing insights into your past, present and future. The kit consists of a fully illustrated book containing 50 crystal profiles and advice on using the Oracle, and a deck of 50 crystal divination cards. Shuffle the pack and draw a card for an immediate insight. Or, for more in-depth readings, spread the shuffled cards according to one of the four crystal lattice designs the author describes, each one suitable for a different type of enquiry: Square (answering what if? questions); Hexagonal (how to move forward); Orthorhombic (hidden obstacles and skills); Triclinic (making decisions). Five card suits reflect the vibrational frequencies of the crystals within them (Earthy, Healing, Cosmic, Integration and Interactive) and allow you to conduct divinations at various levels, from the material to the spiritual. Superb, specially commissioned photography captures the essence of each of the 50 crystals shown on the cards. Perfect for anyone drawn to the beauty and healing energy of crystals, this Oracle shows you how to call upon them, even in card form, for life guidance and self-knowledge.