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Cultural Heritage and the Future

Author : Cornelius Holtorf
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Cultural Heritage and the Future brings together an international group of scholars and experts to consider the relationship between cultural heritage and the future. Drawing on case studies from around the world, the contributing authors insist that cultural heritage and the future are intimately linked and that the development of futures thinking should be a priority for academics, students and those working in the wider professional heritage sector. Until recently, the future has never attracted substantial research and debate within heritage studies and heritage management, and this book addresses this gap by offering a balance of theoretical and empirical content that will stimulate multidisciplinary debate in the burgeoning field of critical heritage studies. Cultural Heritage and the Future questions the role of heritage in future making and will be of great relevance to academics and students working in the fields of museum and heritage studies, archaeology, anthropology, architecture, conservation studies, sociology, history and geography. Those working in the heritage professions will also find much to interest them within the pages of this book.

Botswana Cultural Heritage and Sustainable Tourism Development

Author : Byron A. Brown
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This book considers cultural heritage and the sustainable development of tourism from an African perspective, with Botswana as the main point of reference. Within the African context, Botswana is renowned for its abundance of cultural heritage and appeal to tourists. The collection reconciles the growing demand to commodify cultural heritages, the quest for cultural heritage preservation and management, and the focus on sustainable tourism development in Botswana. As such, the book is an appraisal of, and meditation on, the business-side of cultural heritage management and the value that cultural heritage resources have at a personal, local and national level. It is an exploration of the nature of Botswana’s cultural heritage, the politics and policies that underpin that heritage, the development of cultural heritage tourism as a sustainable business, the country’s cultural heritage experiences and products, and a confrontation of the hard questions about cultural heritage and the future. As an introductory text, the book gives tourists, tourism students and academics, as well as tourism entrepreneurs, policymakers, and practitioners a basis on which to make decisions.

Anthropological Perspectives on Intangible Cultural Heritage

Author : Lourdes Arizpe
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A decade after the approval of the UNESCO 2003 Convention for the Safeguarding of Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH), the concept has gained wide acceptance at the local, national and international levels. Communities are recognizing and celebrating their Intangible Heritage; governments are devoting important efforts to the construction of national inventories; and anthropologists and professionals from different disciplines are forming a new field of study. The ten chapters of this book include the peer-reviewed papers of the First Planning Meeting of the International Social Science Council’s Commission on Research on ICH, which was held at the Centro Regional de Investigaciones Multidisciplinarias (UNAM) in Cuernavaca, Mexico in 2012. The papers are based on fieldwork and direct involvement in assessing and reconceptualizing the outcomes of the UNESCO Convention. The report in Appendix 1 highlights the main points raised during the sessions.

Cultural Heritage and the Future of the Historic Inner City of Amsterdam

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Agriculture s Role as an Upholder of Cultural Heritage

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Learning from the Past Designing Our Future

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Heritage Futures

Author : Rodney Harrison
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Preservation of natural and cultural heritage is often said to be something that is done for the future, or on behalf of future generations, but the precise relationship of such practices to the future is rarely reflected upon. Heritage Futures draws on research undertaken over four years by an interdisciplinary, international team of 16 researchers and more than 25 partner organisations to explore the role of heritage and heritage-like practices in building future worlds. Engaging broad themes such as diversity, transformation, profusion and uncertainty, Heritage Futures aims to understand how a range of conservation and preservation practices across a number of countries assemble and resource different kinds of futures, and the possibilities that emerge from such collaborative research for alternative approaches to heritage in the Anthropocene. Case studies include the cryopreservation of endangered DNA in frozen zoos, nuclear waste management, seed biobanking, landscape rewilding, social history collecting, space messaging, endangered language documentation, built and natural heritage management, domestic keeping and discarding practices, and world heritage site management.

Safeguarding Intangible Cultural Heritage

Author : Michelle L. Stefano
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The Values of Gulangyu World Cultural Heritage

Author : Qing Mei
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This book explores the core value of Gulangyu’s historical environment, using outstanding universal value and Sino-foreign cultural exchange as the framing aspects, based on the requirements for Gulangyu being recognized as a World Heritage Site. Using the existing historical buildings and sketches as prototypes, the book provides a scholarly discussion on China’s modern urban architecture and the ways in which its historical environment has been transformed, especially the reuse of design in its modern urban architecture, explored in six case studies on Gulangyu.

Microclimate for Cultural Heritage

Author : Dario Camuffo
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Microclimate for Cultural Heritage: Measurement, Risk Assessment, Conservation, Restoration, and Maintenance of Indoor and Outdoor Monuments, Third Edition, presents the latest on microclimates, environmental issues and the conservation of cultural heritage. It is a useful treatise on microphysics, acting as a practical handbook for conservators and specialists in physics, chemistry, architecture, engineering, geology and biology who focus on environmental issues and the conservation of works of art. It fills a gap between the application of atmospheric sciences, like the thermodynamic processes of clouds and dynamics of planetary boundary layer, and their application to a monument surface or a room within a museum. Sections covers applied theory, environmental issues and conservation, practical utilization, along with suggestions, examples, common issues and errors. Incorporates research on the effects of climate change from Climate for Culture, the EU funded, five-year project focusing on climate change’s impact on cultural heritage preservation Covers green lighting technology, like LED and OLED, it’s impacts on indoor microclimates, preservation and color rendering Includes a case study on sea level issues and cultural heritage in Venice