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Cultural Literacy Arts Education

Author : Ralph Alexander Smith
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Thirteen experts in the visual arts, literature, music, dance, and theater responded to the arguments of E. D. Hirsch's "Cultural Literacy: What Every American Needs to Know", focusing particularily on his alarm at the serious slippage that has occurred in the background knowledge and information prerequisite for effective communication. These authorities addressed two questions: (1) What it means for people to be "literate" (that is, able to understand communications and have relevant experiences) in various art forms? (2) What sorts of context should such individuals bring to their encounters with works in these art forms and what would that imply for arts education? The contributing specialists are E. D. Hirsch, Jr., Harry S. Broudy, Jerrold Levinson, Patti P. Gillespie, Walter H. Clark, Jr., John Adkins Richardson, Francis Sparshott, Clifton Olds, Marcia Muelder Eaton, Ronald Berman, Lucian Krukowski, Michael J. Parsons, and David J. Elliot. (KM)

General Knowledge and Arts Education

Author : Ralph Alexander Smith
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This volume explores the antecedents of E.D. Hirsch's concerns and discusses his ideas and their significance for an arts education curriculum.

Cultural Literacy in the Visual Arts as it Relates to History Achievement of Eleventh Grade Students

Author : Tammy L. Buehler
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Symbolic Meanings in the Ghanaian Arts a Step Towards Developing Cultural Literacy

Author :
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Cultural Literacy and Empathy in Education Practice

Author : Gabriel García Ochoa
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This book explores a new approach to cultural literacy. Taking a pedagogical perspective, it looks at the skills, knowledge, and abilities involved in understanding and interpreting cultural differences, and proposes new ways of approaching such differences as sources of richness in intercultural and interdisciplinary collaborations. Cultural Literacy and Empathy in Education Practice balances theory with practice, providing practical examples for educators who wish to incorporate cultural literacy into their teaching. The book includes case studies, interviews with teachers and students, and examples of exercises and assessments, all backed by years of robust scholarly research.

Culture and the Arts in Education

Author : Ralph Alexander Smith
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This collection of Ralph Smith's writings provides a comprehensive overview of his extraordinary contributions to understanding the importance of aesthetics in education. These essays record his lifelong efforts to construct a defensible rationale for the arts in general education and a workable curriculum for art education in our public schools (K-16). The topics covered range from liberal education to arts education, the relationship of art, aesthetics, and aesthetic education to teaching and curriculum, the arts and the humanities, and cultural diversity.

Perspectives on Art Education

Author : Ruth Mateus-Berr
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The training of teachers in arts universities is changing. It is confronted by the great challenge of essential cultural, technological, social and economic changes. The symposium "Perspectives on Art Education" (Vienna, May 28 - 30, 2015) is dedicated to these changes: What does the training need today in terms of artistic practice, research, and communication skills? What explanations do historical and contemporary approaches offer? What new strategies are needed in teaching and learning? How can the diverse approaches to art education in different cultures, embedded in various national structures and school types complement and empower each other andjointly develop?

International Dialogues about Visual Culture Education and Art

Author : Rachel Mason
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This diverse collection focuses on international themes in art education, ranging from discussions of educational policy and art theory to exemplary art projects based on both local and international political issues. This political aspect of art education expressed through community projects will ensure the books appeal to a diverse readership.

Cultural Literacy and the Idea of General Education

Author : Kenneth J. Rehage
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The Eighty-Seventh Yearbook of the National Society for the Study of Education, Part II

Culture Wars and Language Arts Education Readings of Othello as a School Text

Author :
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Relationships between the terms culture and education are often taken for granted in educational research. This study challenges some of the taken for granted assumptions around the term culture in educational contexts, particularly in secondary language arts education. It examines these assumptions through an analysis of three debates from the contemporary culture wars in education. The implications of these debates on uses of the term culture in secondary language arts education are examined through Othello as a secondary school text. I am arguing that these debates, namely, on the literary canon, multicultural education, and cultural literacy, represent intractable conflicts over definitions of the term culture. In light of these conflicts, the aim of this study is to provide language arts educators with analytical tools for developing greater theoretical rigour when defining the term culture in language arts education. Drawing on recent theoretical writings on culture, concepts of cultural capital, cultural rights, and cultural reproduction are proposed as analytical tools. I then apply these to develop a methodological approach by which to structure my analysis of Othello as a school text. The study makes a theoretical contribution by bringing into sharper focus ways in which the ideological opposition between expressions of cultural right versus cultural left perspectives is articulated in language arts education, as well as illustrating that claims about culture in the canon debate reflect competing normative assumptions; in the multicultural education debate they reflect competing essentialist constructions; and in the cultural literacy debate they reflect competing empowerment goals. Such cultural debates have a long history and thus the study also situates the contemporary culture wars in education within a wider historical context by tracing related conflicts in the history of literary criticism on and performances of Othello over the past four centuries.

Critical Studies in Art and Design Education

Author : Richard Hickman
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This book reviews past practice and theory in critical studies and discusses various trends; some papers keenly advocate a re-conceptualisation of the whole subject area, while others describe aspects of current and past practice which exemplify the "symbiotic" relationship between practical studio work and critical engagement with visual form. Rod Taylor, who has done much to promote and develop critical studies in the UK, provides us with examples of classroom practice and gives us his more recent thoughts on fundamental issues – "universal themes" in art – and gives examples of how both primary and secondary schools might develop their teaching of art through attending to themes such as "identity," "myth," and "environments" to help "re-animate the practical curriculum." Although some of the discussion in this book centres on or arises from the English National curriculum, the issues are more global, and relevant to anyone involved in developing or delivering art curricula in schools. An American perspective is given in papers by George Geahigan and Paul Duncum. Geahigan outlines an approach to teaching about visual form which begins with students' personal responses and is developed through structured instruction. In Duncum’s vision of ‘visual culture art education’ sites such as theme parks and shopping malls are the focus of students' critical attention in schools; Nick Stanley gives a lucid account of just such an enterprise, giving practical examples of ways to engage students with this particular form of visual pleasure. This publication serves to highlight some of the more pressing issues of concern to art and design teachers in two aspects. Firstly it seeks to contextualise the development of critical studies, discussing its place in the general curriculum – possibly as a discrete subject – and secondly it examines different approaches to its teaching.

Developing Visual Arts Education in the United States

Author : Mary Ann Stankiewicz
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This book examines how Massachusetts Normal Art School became the alma mater par excellence for generations of art educators, designers, and artists. The founding myth of American art education is the story of Walter Smith, the school’s first principal. This historical case study argues that Smith’s students formed the professional network to disperse art education across the United States, establishing college art departments and supervising school art for industrial cities. As administrative progressives they created institutions and set norms for the growing field of art education. Nineteenth-century artists argued that anyone could learn to draw; by the 1920s, every child was an artist whose creativity waited to be awakened. Arguments for systematic art instruction under careful direction gave way to charismatic artist-teachers who sought to release artistic spirits. The task for art education had been redefined in terms of living the good life within a consumer culture of work and leisure.

Toward Civilization

Author : National Endowment for the Arts
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Second Language Cultural Negotiation and Visual Literacy

Author : Alec Lapidus
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This book looks at the theory behind cultural learning at the intersection of culture, visuals, and emotions and offers a theoretical and practical foundation upon which teachers can build. Lapidus explores how comics work and what makes them effective second language cultural negotiation tools.--Naoko Taguchi, Northern Arizona University

From Child Art to Visual Language of Youth

Author : Andrea Kárpáti
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This collective provides a critical overview of research on the assessment of visual skills in students from six to eighteen years old. In a series of studies, contributors reconsider evaluation practices used in art education and examine current ideas about children’s development of visual skills and abilities. Suggesting a variety of novel approaches, they provide crucial support to those who advocate assessment based on international standards. Such assessment, this volume shows, contributes to our knowledge about visual skills and their development, improving art education and its chances to survive the twenty-first century as a respected and relevant school discipline.

Studies in Art Education

Author :
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Media Literacy Around the World

Author : Robert Kubey
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At the dawn of the twenty-first century, education about and through the media has become a worldwide phenomenon, and is playing an increasingly important role in educational reform. The theory and practice of media education have profited greatly from recent and intensive development and application of new information and telecommunications technologies. Consequently, the importance of media and information literacy is taking on an even greater urgency. With this in mind, the contributors to this volume survey what has taken place over the last decade in different parts of the world, examine the current state of theoretical, conceptual, and research development, and consider where media education is going and where it ought to go. With two-thirds of its 22 contributions coming from outside the United States, Media Literacy around the World is a genuine international effort, with many leading media and information educators in the world taking part. The work converts the notion of globalism from a slogan into a working hypothesis. The concerns in this volume are with literacy not just in computer technology, but as a broad concern of the educational process.

Department of the Interior and Related Agencies Appropriations for Fiscal Year 1990

Author : United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on Appropriations. Subcommittee on the Department of the Interior and Related Agencies
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Creative Arts in Education and Culture

Author : Samuel Leong
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This book offers insights into the exciting dynamics permeating creative arts education in the Greater China region, focusing on the challenges of forging a future that would not reject, but be enriched by its Confucian and colonial past. Today’s ‘Greater China’ – comprising China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan – has grown into a vibrant and rapidly transforming region characterized by rich historical legacies, enormous dynamism and exciting cultural metamorphosis. Concomitant with the economic rise of China and widespread calls for more ‘creative’ and ‘liberal’ education, the educational and cultural sectors in the region have witnessed significant reforms in recent years. Other factors that will influence the future of arts education are the emergence of a ‘new’ awareness of Chinese cultural values and the uniqueness of being Chinese.​

Developing Literacy and the Arts in Schools

Author : Georgina Barton
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The teaching of the arts and literacy in schools is often at odds with one another. The desire for schools to improve results on high-stakes testing can lead to a narrow view of literacy rather than one that acknowledges the unique and distinct literacies that exist in other curriculum areas including the arts. With methods of communication becoming increasingly complex, it will be more and more important for students to be able to utilise all semiotic modes. Developing Literacy and the Arts in Schools investigates this key issue in education and offers a solution to the negative relationship between the arts and literacy. Drawing on interview data and evidence from diverse classrooms, it explores the pedagogies of effective arts practitioners and teachers, and how they relate to theoretical frameworks, to unpack the key elements of effective practice related to literacy and the arts. A model of arts-literacies is provided to assist arts and literacy educators in developing a common language that acknowledges and values these distinct arts-literacies. Themes of multimodality, diversity, aesthetics and reflection in relation to the arts and literacy are foregrounded throughout. This book will be of great value to postgraduate students of Education specialising in arts and literacy, education academics, teacher educators, and classroom and preservice teachers.