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Culture and Biblical Hermeneutics

Author : William J. Larkin
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No issue now occupies contemporary evangelicals more than the role of culture in biblical interpretation. In Culture and Biblical Hermeneutics the author not only analyzes the current debate but also makes a significant contribution to it. This volume grapples with what the author calls the challenge that historical and cultural relativism poses to the hermeneutical process when applied to the authoritative Scripture. He accomplishes his goal admirably by exploring both the origin and the current state of biblical hermeneutics and by developing a biblical theology of hermeneutics and culture.

Biblical Hermeneutics

Author : Bruce Corley
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Biblical Hermeneutics is a textbook for introductory courses in hermeneutics. I takes an interdisciplinary approach that is both balanced and practical with six major foci: the history of biblical interpretation, philosophical presuppositions, biblical genre, the uniqueness of Scripture, the practice of exegesis, and use of exegetical insights that will be lived and communicated in preaching and teaching. Biblical Hermeneutics is designed for students who have little or no knowledge of biblical interpretation. It provides, in one volume, resources for gaining a working knowledge of the multi-faceted nature of biblical interpretation and for supporting the practice of exegesis on the part of the student. The first chapter "A Student's Primer for Exegesis" by Bruce Corley gives the student a bird's eye view of the entire process. It becomes for the student a kind of template to which they will return again and again as they engage in the process of exegesis. This revised edition of Biblical Hermeneutics contains seven new chapter that deal with the major literary genre of Scripture: law, narrative, poetry, wisdom, prophecy, Gospels and Acts, epistles, and apocalyptic. The unique nature of Scripture is presented in part three that addresses the authority, inspiration, and language of Scripture. The book contains two extensive appendices, "A Student's Glossary for Biblical Studies" and an updated and expanded version of "A Student's Guide to Reference Books and Biblical Commentaries.

Jewish Biblical Interpretation and Cultural Exchange

Author : Natalie B. Dohrmann
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Biblical interpretation is not simply study of the Bible's meaning. This volume focuses on signal moments in the histories of scriptural interpretation of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam from the ancient period to the early modern, and shows how deeply intertwined these religions have always been.

Introduction to Biblical Interpretation

Author : William W. Klein
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Introduction to Biblical Interpretation, now in its third edition, is a classic hermeneutics textbook that sets forth concise, logical, and practical guidelines for discovering the truth in God’s Word. With updates and revisions throughout that keep pace with current scholarship, this book offers students the best and most up-to-date information needed to interpret Scripture. Introduction to Biblical Interpretation: Defines and describes hermeneutics, the science of biblical interpretation Suggests effective methods to understand the meaning of the biblical text Surveys the literary, cultural, social, and historical issues that impact any text Evaluates both traditional and modern approaches to Bible interpretation Examines the reader’s role as an interpreter of the text and helps identify what the reader brings to the text that could distort its message Tackles the problem of how to apply the Bible in valid and significant ways today Provides an extensive and revised annotated list of books that readers will find helpful in the practice of biblical interpretation Used in college and seminary classrooms around the world, this volume is a trusted and valuable tool for students and other readers who desire to understand and apply the Bible.

Bible Interpretation and the African Culture

Author : David J. Ndegwah
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This book can be summarized in one sentence: that culture plays a determinant role in the way people perceive, interpret, and, therefore, respond to reality around them—ideas, events, people, and literature, including sacred literature. Thus, when people encounter new reality they perceive and conceptualize it in accordance with their worldview, which is shaped by their culture that is modeled to suit various geographical locations. In order to understand why people around the world behave and act as they do—they choose certain words in what they say and do certain things rather than others—it is important to understand and appreciate this fact. Failure to do so would make it very difficult to engage in any dealings with them, secular or religious, like doing business or evangelization. This is what happened to the Pökot people whose worldview is predominantly communitarian, and yet they were introduced to hermeneutics that are predominantly individualistic, which is at loggerheads with their communal aspirations. The manifestation of this reality is the interpretation of the Good Shepherd parable in the Gospel of John, which the Pökot have understood and contextualized in line with their worldview, against the intentions, goals, and disposition of their evangelizers.

Text Experience

Author : Daniel L. Smith-Christopher
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In March 1992, a very unusual gathering of biblical scholars from around the world took place on the campus of Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles. Under the auspices of the 'Casassa Conference' (named for Fr Charles Casassa SJ), these scholars came together to discuss papers and interact with each other on the issue of culture and biblical interpretation. Coining the term 'Cultural Exegesis', these scholars and students debated whether the cultural backgrounds and experiences of the readers of the Bible can not only influence conclusions about contemporary theological issues, but even influence the methods and results of historical and literary critical methodologies.

Hispanic American Religious Cultures

Author :
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Christian Origins and Cultural Anthropology

Author : Bruce Malina
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Bruce Malina provides the foundation for in-depth biblical interpretation using the tools of cultural analysis. As one of the pioneers in this field of biblical studies, Malina has taken the work of sociologist Mary Douglas, interpreted her "Group/Grid" model of cultural analysis, and applied it admirably to biblical studies and interpretation. He refines a new methodology of scholarly biblical interpretation. Since cultures differ, proper interpretation of one culture by another requires a method to compare and contrast the cultures. He has designed such methods and models using the principles of the Douglas method of sociological study. Malina's charts, models, and illustrations serve as study tools for other biblical scholars. His careful thorough work will enable these scholars to incorporate these new models for study into their own methods of biblical interpretation.

Vernacular Hermeneutics

Author : R. S. Sugirtharajah
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What this collection aims to do is to make visible the spectacular ways in which the vernacular has been incorporated into current interpretative practices. It contains practical appropriations of biblical narratives, informed by the vernacular heritage and by the reader's own identity, and spells out the theoretical aim and ambit of such an enterprise. More importantly, it tries to place vernacular reading among the ongoing critical movements of our time, such as postmodernism and postcolonialism. Though the collection celebrates the arrival of the vernacular, it is also aware of the dangers of inventing an 'idealized indigene' and of partaking in mythmaking. In addition to the editor, the contributors include Laura Donaldson, Gerald West, Thomas Thangaraj, David Adamo, Dalila Naya-Pot and George Mulrain.

Interpretative Identity and Hermeneutical Community

Author : Mi-Rang Kang
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In this study Mi-Rang Kang (*1969 in Seoul) investigates the role of women in Korean church life and society and shows possibilities for their empowerment. By transposing Paul Ricoeurs hermeneutics into her own context, she wants to contribute to the formation of Korean Christian women's identity. Along the lines of the book of Ruth she develops a Bible didactical theory for her own church. At the same time the book will also give Western readers an insight into one of the major Presbyterian denominations in Korea, little known so far.