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Cuisine and Culture

Author : Linda Civitello
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An illuminating account of how history shapes our diets-now revised and updated Why did the ancient Romans believe cinnamon grew in swamps guarded by giant killer bats? How did the African cultures imported by slavery influence cooking in the American South? What does the 700-seat McDonald's in Beijing serve in the age of globalization? With the answers to these and many more such questions, Cuisine and Culture, Second Edition presents an engaging, informative, and witty narrative of the interactions among history, culture, and food. From prehistory and the earliest societies around the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers to today's celebrity chefs, Cuisine and Culture, Second Edition presents a multicultural and multiethnic approach that draws connections between major historical events and how and why these events affected and defined the culinary traditions of different societies. Fully revised and updated, this Second Edition offers new and expanded features and coverage, including: New Crossing Cultures sections providing brief sketches of foods and food customs moving between cultures More holiday histories, food fables, and food chronologies Discussions of food in the Byzantine, Portuguese, Turkish/Ottoman, and Austro-Hungarian empires Greater coverage of the scientific genetic modification of food, from Mendel in the 19th century to the contemporary GM vs. organic food debate Speculation on the future of food And much more! Complete with sample recipes and menus, as well as revealing photographs and illustrations, Cuisine and Culture, Second Edition is the essential survey history for students of food history.

Food Culture in the Mediterranean

Author : Carol Helstosky
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This one-stop source provides the broadest possible understanding of food culture throughout the region, from the Europe Mediterranean to the North African and Levant Mediterranean.

Food Culture in India

Author : Colleen Taylor Sen
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Offers the first comprehensive overview of Indian cuisine.

Food Cuisine and Cultural Competency for Culinary Hospitality and Nutrition Professionals

Author : Sari Edelstein
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Food, Cuisine, and Cultural Competency for Culinary, Hospitality, and Nutrition Professionals comprehensively covers unique food traditions as they apply to health. The text explores the critical importance of cultural sensitivity and competency in today's work setting, addresses health literacy issues of diverse client bases, and helps readers identify customer communication techniques that enable professionals to establish trust with clients of ethnicity not their own. Written and peer reviewed by experts in the culture discussed, each chapter in this groundbreaking text covers a distinct region or culture and discusses the various contexts that contribute to nutrition and health: lifestyles, eating patterns, ethnic foods, menu planning, communication (verbal and non-verbal), and more. This book is consistent with The American Dietetic Association’s Cultural Competence Strategic Plan.

Food and Chinese Culture

Author :
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Food Culture in the Pacific Islands

Author : Roger Haden
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Offers individual volumes on a country or regional cuisine for which information is most in demand. These are idel for country studies for student assignments and for enhancing a foodie's cultural knowledge.

A History of Food Culture in China

Author : Rongguang Zhao
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' Since the 1980s, China has developed a broader and deeper connection with the world. One of the most intriguing aspects of Chinese culture is its rich cuisine and fascinating cooking. China is a nation with a long history of food culture, and food has become an essential part of Chinese culture. This book tells in sprightly and straightforward language about the structure of traditional Chinese food, food customs for festivals and celebrations in China, Chinese dining etiquette, traditional food and cooking methods, healthy and medicinal diets, as well as historical exchanges of foods between China and other nations. It can present to the readers a complete and truthful picture of the summarized history and culture of Chinese food. Published by SCPG Publishing Corporation and distributed by World Scientific for all markets except China Contents: Ingredients in Chinese Traditional CookingTraditional Food for Celebrations and FestivalsEtiquette Around Chinese FoodFood Culture at the Mansion of Duke Yansheng in QufuTraditional Chinese cuisine and cookingCulture of Food Made from WheatCulture of TeaCulture of Chinese WineCulture of Chinese Spices and SeasoningsCulture of Chopsticks"We All Eat and Drink, Yet Few Know How to Taste": The Ten Perfections of Chinese Cuisine"Food as the People''s Prime Concern": Chinese Culture of Health and DietCultural Exchange on Food and Cuisine"Dinner Table of the Masses": Contemporary Culture of Food Consumption Readership: Researchers, general readers interested in the food culture of China. Key Features:A work that at present stands out with its systematic and unique approach in introducing Chinese food cultureIn sprightly and straightforward languageKeywords:Food Culture;Chinese Food;Chinese Cuisine;Chinese Cooking;Food Consumption;Health and Diet'

Food is Culture

Author : Massimo Montanari
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Explores the premise that everything having to do with food - its capture, cultivation, preparation, and consumption - represents a cultural act. Provides insights into many patterns of culinary behavior and tradition.

Cooking Cultures

Author : Ishita Banerjee-Dube
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"Tracks the interplay of creativity, competition, desire, and nostalgia in the discrete ways people relate to food and cuisine in different societies"--

Food Culture in Spain

Author : F. Xavier Medina
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This volume offers an overview of Spanish food and eating habits, taking into account a long and complex history, plus distinctive social, cultural, linguistic, geographic, political and economic characteristics.

Food and Culture

Author : Carole Counihan
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This reader reveals how food habits and beliefs both present a microcosm of any culture and contribute to our understanding of human behaviour. Particular attention is given to how men and women define themselves differently through food choices.

Food Culture in Russia and Central Asia

Author : Glenn Randall Mack
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Describes major foods and ingredients, cooking, typical meals, eating out, special occasions, and diet and health in Eurasia.

Food Culture in China

Author : Jacqueline M. Newman
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Presents an overview of the role of cuisine in Chinese culture, including a food history, ingredients, cooking techniques, regional differences, food for celebrations, and the role of diet in Chinese medicine.

Food Culture of Southeast Asia Perspective of Social Science and Food Science

Author : David, Wahyudi
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This book represents a unique collection of food studies from the perspective of both social and food science. This book describes the current situation of food cultures in Southeast Asia and consists of six chapters which explain the cases of Thailand and Indonesia. The selected case studies are illustrative of ten scholars from various disciplines and nationalities. The multidisciplinary approaches help readers understand how the food culture in Southeast Asia changes and show the domi- nant factors driving those changes. This book is suitable for students who are interested in food culture, general readers, and foodies. By reading this book, readers will realize the connection between social science and food science and find interesting insights from both perspectives. In many cases, this book describes ways of eating and traditional food cultures that have already begun to disappear or have been transformed into “modernity”. To understand how and why this occurs enables researches to react and do something for the future of food tradition and nutrition.

The Essence of Japanese Cuisine

Author : Michael Ashkenazi
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The past few years have shown a growing interest in cooking and food, as a result of international food issues such as BSE, world trade and mass foreign travel, and at the same time there has been growing interest in Japanese Studies since the 1970s. This volume brings together the two interests of Japan and food, examining both from a number of perspectives. The book reflects on the social and cultural side of Japanese food, and at the same time reflects also on the ways in which Japanese culture has been affected by food, a basic human institution. Providing the reader with the historical and social bases to understand how Japanese cuisine has been and is being shaped, this book assumes minimal familiarity with Japanese society, but instead explores the country through the topic of its cuisine.

Food Culture in Italy

Author : Fabio Parasecoli
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Looks at how Italians view food in everyday life, discussing cultural and social aspects as well as health issues.

Food Culture in France

Author : Julia Abramson
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This provides an accessible tour of haute cuisine but also mainly the everyday food culture that sustains the populace.

Food Culture in the Near East Middle East and North Africa

Author : Peter Heine
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Describes the ingredients, cooking methods, and typical meals of people from the Near and Middle East and Africa, and examines the impact of religion on the eating habits of Muslims, Jews, and Christians from the region.

Balinese Food

Author : Vivienne Kruger
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Explore the exotic world of Balinese cooking—a cuisine dedicated to the gods and fueled by an aromatic array of fresh tropical island spices and ingredients! In Balinese Food: The Traditional Cuisine & Food Culture of Bali, Dr. Vivienne Kruger brings to life Bali's time-honored and authentic village cooking traditions. In over 20 detailed chapters, Dr. Kruger explores how the island's intricate culinary art is an inextricable part of Bali's Hindu religion, its culture and its community life. This book provides a detailed roadmap for those who wish to make an exciting exploration into the exotic world of Balinese cooking, with chapters on: The traditional Balinese kitchen Snacking at a roadside warung food stall Visiting a traditional Balinese market Preparing delicious satays with a Balinese twist Brewing heavenly kopi Bali coffee Containing interviews with Balinese master cooks and over 40 of their favorite recipes, Balinese Food presents the full range of food experiences you will find in Bali. Sections devoted to ingredients, equipment, and resources make Balinese Food a delightful social and cultural guide to the food of this fascinating island. "Balinese Food is an important contribution to the rapidly expanding scholarly study of foodways in various parts of the world—an important new subset of social and cultural history." —Alden T. Vaughan, Professor emeritus of History, Columbia University

Food Culture in the Caribbean

Author : Lynn Marie Houston
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Understand the diverse Caribbean cultures and their history through their foodstuffs, cooking, typical meals, celebrations, and diet and health.