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Cultures in Orbit

Author : Lisa Parks
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Argues that satellites are not a transparent form of distribution of information, but rather that they produce specific media practices and modes of production.

Cultures in Orbit

Author : Lisa Ann Parks
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Author : Lisa Parks
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In the post-9/11 era, media and security have become increasingly intertwined as techniques of filtering, sorting, surveillance and keywording become essential elements of national defense. In this book, Lisa Parks explores the complex relations between media and security, using the term "coverage" to develop a conceptual framework for understanding their interplay. At the heart of Parks's argument is an examination of the seemingly benign media technologies—such as Powerpoint, YouTube, and Google Earth—that have been used to extend the security regime into the spaces of everyday life.

Planet TV

Author : Lisa Parks
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From the 1967 live satellite program "Our World" to MTV music videos in Indonesia, from French television in Senegal to the global syndication of African American sitcoms, and from representations of terrorism on German television to the international Teletubbies phenomenon, TV lies at the nexus of globalization and transnational culture. Planet TV provides an overview of the rapidly changing landscape of global television, combining previously published essays by pioneers of the study of television with new work by cutting-edge television scholars who refine and extend intellectual debates in the field. Organized thematically, the volume explores such issues as cultural imperialism, nationalism, postcolonialism, transnationalism, ethnicity and cultural hybridity. These themes are illuminated by concrete examples and case studies derived from empirical work on global television industries, programs, and audiences in diverse social, historical, and cultural contexts. Developing a new critical framework for exploring the political, economic, sociological and technological dimensions of television cultures, and countering the assumption that global television is merely a result of the current dominance of the West in world affairs, Planet TV demonstrates that the global dimensions of television were imagined into existence very early on in its contentious history. Parks and Kumar have assembled the critical moments in television's past in order to understand its present and future. Contributors include Ien Ang, Arjun Appadurai, Jose B. Capino, Michael Curtin, Jo Ellen Fair, John Fiske, Faye Ginsburg, R. Harindranath, Timothy Havens, Edward S. Herman, Michele Hilmes, Olaf Hoerschelmann, Shanti Kumar, Moya Luckett, Robert McChesney, Divya C. McMillin, Nicholas Mirzoeff, David Morley, Hamid Naficy, Lisa Parks, James Schwoch, John Sinclair, R. Anderson Sutton, Serra Tinic, John Tomlinson, and Mimi White.

Rethinking Media Coverage

Author : Lisa Parks
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In the post-9/11 era, media technologies have become increasingly intertwined with vertical power as airwaves, airports, air space, and orbit have been commandeered to support national security and defense. In this book, Lisa Parks develops the concept of vertical mediation to explore how audiovisual cultures enact and infer power relations far beyond the screen. Focusing on TV news, airport checkpoints, satellite imagery, and drone media, Parks demonstrates how "coverage" makes vertical space intelligible to global publics in new ways and powerfully reveals what is at stake in controlling it.

Within the US Orbit

Author : Nico Wilterdink
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Signal Traffic

Author : Lisa Parks
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The contributors to Signal Traffic investigate how the material artifacts of media infrastructure--transoceanic cables, mobile telephone towers, Internet data centers, and the like--intersect with everyday life. Essayists confront the multiple and hybrid forms networks take, the different ways networks are imagined and engaged with by publics around the world, their local effects, and what human beings experience when a network fails. Some contributors explore the physical objects and industrial relations that make up an infrastructure. Others venture into the marginalized communities orphaned from the knowledge economies, technological literacies, and epistemological questions linked to infrastructural formation and use. The wide-ranging insights delineate the oft-ignored contrasts between industrialized and developing regions, rich and poor areas, and urban and rural settings, bringing technological differences into focus. Contributors include Charles R. Acland, Paul Dourish, Sarah Harris, Jennifer Holt and Patrick Vonderau, Shannon Mattern, Toby Miller, Lisa Parks, Christian Sandvig, Nicole Starosielski, Jonathan Sterne, and Helga Tawil-Souri.

Down to Earth

Author : Lisa Parks
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Down to Earth presents the first comprehensive overview of the geopolitical maneuvers, financial investments, technological innovations, and ideological struggles that take place behind the scenes of the satellite industry. Satellite projects that have not received extensive coverage—microsatellites in China, WorldSpace in South Africa, SiriusXM, the failures of USA 193 and Cosmos 954, and Iridium—are explored. This collection takes readers on a voyage through a truly global industry, from the sites where satellites are launched to the corporate clean rooms where they are designed, and along the orbits and paths that satellites traverse. Combining a practical introduction to the mechanics of the satellite industry, a history of how its practices and technologies have evolved, and a sophisticated theoretical analysis of satellite cultures, Down to Earth opens up a new space for global media studies.

Eco Sonic Media

Author : Jacob Smith
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The negative environmental effects of media culture are not often acknowledged: the fuel required to keep huge server farms in operation, landfills full of high tech junk, and the extraction of rare minerals for devices reliant on them are just some of the hidden costs of the contemporary mediascape. Eco-Sonic Media brings an ecological critique to the history of sound media technologies in order to amplify the environmental undertones in sound studies and turn up the audio in discussions of greening the media. By looking at early and neglected forms of sound technology, Jacob Smith seeks to create a revisionist, ecologically aware history of sound media. Delving into the history of pre-electronic media like hand-cranked gramophones, comparatively eco-friendly media artifacts such as the shellac discs that preceded the use of petroleum-based vinyl, early forms of portable technology like divining rods, and even the use of songbirds as domestic music machines, Smith builds a scaffolding of historical case studies to demonstrate how “green media archaeology” can make sound studies vibrate at an ecological frequency while opening the ears of eco-criticism. Throughout this eye-opening and timely book he makes readers more aware of the costs and consequences of their personal media consumption by prompting comparisons with non-digital, non-electronic technologies and by offering different ways in which sound media can become eco-sonic media. In the process, he forges interdisciplinary connections, opens new avenues of research, and poses fresh theoretical questions for scholars and students of media, sound studies, and contemporary environmental history.

The Neighbourhood of Cultures

Author : Richard Grathoff
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Orbital Tumors

Author : Zeynel A. Karcioglu
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Orbital Tumors, 2nd edition discusses advances in orbital disease and their treatment, offering readers an up-to-date, single volume reference for orbital tumors. Divided into two parts, this book covers everything from advances in oncogenesis and its relationship to orbital tumors, to medical genetics and the role of imaging in diagnosis of orbital tumors. Additionally, new information on incidence and behavior of tumors resulting from environmental and social trends is included. Written and edited by leaders in the fields of ophthalmology and oncology, Orbital Tumors, 2nd edition builds upon the first edition, proving to be a useful reference for orbital specialists and of significant interest for everyone dealing with orbital pathology from a clinical and scientific point of view.

Intercultural Communication and Public Policy

Author : Iheanacho, Ngozi
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As there are different races and people in the world, so there are different cultures - meaning that cultural diversity is inevitable. Through human contact and association cultures meet. In such meetings every individual and culture projects itself as worthy, and should be held in high esteem. In today's world it is not encouraging to be ethnocentric - always taking action or in actions that crystallize and project a feeling of one's own culture or racial superiority. Such attitude obstructs meaningful interaction, human relations, tolerance and co-operation. Conversely, the skill and ability to tolerate and communicate effectively with people from diverse cultures is a social activity which begins from thought to behaviour, in both spoken and non-spoken versions. The book contains 19 essays, structured into five parts.

The 5 Minute Clinical Consult 2020

Author : Sangeeta Sharma
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Over 250 diagnostic and treatment algorithms over 900 topics providing clinical guidance current evidence-based designations highlighted in each topic at-a-glance format with concise and bulleted text, ICD-10 codes, dsm-5criteria quick information to help in diagnosis, treatment selection and medication dosing easy-to-use reference at point of care providing quick answer to a direct clinical question.

Migration and the Transformation of Cultures

Author : Jean R. Burnet
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Societies and Cultures in World History 1300 to 1800

Author : Mark A. Kishlansky
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China Archaeology and Art Digest

Author :
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"A comprehensive quarterly digest and index of all quality Chinese publications in the archeological and art history fields;" includes also translated longer synopses of articles on topics covered, and a report of archeological news.

The 5 Minute Clinical Consult 2011

Author : Frank J. Domino
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The 5-Minute Clinical Consult, 2011 provides rapid-access information on the diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up of over 900 medical conditions. This best-selling clinical content is accessible online with the enhanced, quarterly-updated site or on your mobile device, to ensure instant point-of-care access to information in whichever format best suits your needs. The content has been updated to include 20 new topics, more evidence-based medicine ratings, expanded clinical pearls and patient education sections, additional complementary and alternative medicine material, and updated ICD-9 codes highlighted within the text. The online content has been enhanced and now contains a better and faster search functionality providing answers in 30 seconds or less. It continues to have fully searchable content of the book with links to PubMed, plus additional topics not covered in the print book. The online content also has over 1,000 English and Spanish patient handouts from AAFP; full-color images; videos of medical procedures and physical therapy; a new dermatology library; drug databases from Facts & Comparisons including monographs, images, interactions and updates; and laboratory information from the new edition of Wallach's Interpretation of Diagnostic Tests. This content is updated quarterly with new topics, medical procedure videos, more diagnostic images, drugs, and more. You can access all your 5-Minute Consult content using any web enabled mobile device, including Blackberry, Windows Mobile, Android, Palm, Windows PC, iPhone, or iPod Touch. Begin integrating the 5-Minute content into your daily workflow today.

Bridging Languages and Cultures

Author : Guntars Dreijers
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Translation Studies already face new tasks in order to take account of and to discuss the changing translation environment, in order to seek new approaches and tools for description, analysis and teaching activities. This volume of selected papers of the conference Bridging Languages and Cultures brings together current viewpoints in Translation Studies, Linguistics, and Intercultural Communication; it provides both specific focus on certain aspects and developments and a more general overview of research landscape. Distinguished authors discuss translation of LSP texts, lexicological and lexicographic modules of bridging history and methodology of Translation Studies, aesthetic and interactional aspects of translation, and intercultural phenomena in the context of translation.

Two Cultures

Author : Kim Williams
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The extraordinary range of cultural interests of renowned physicist David Speiser—including the sciences, art, architecture, music, and history of science—has inspired generations of later scientists to look beyond the boundaries of their own disciplines. In this book, seventeen scholars from various fields pay tribute to his multifaceted career, addressing topics as varied as music theory and the nuclear arms race.

The Interpretation of Cultures

Author : Clifford Geertz
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One of the twentieth century's most influential books, this classic work of anthropology offers a groundbreaking exploration of what culture is With The Interpretation of Cultures, the distinguished anthropologist Clifford Geertz developed the concept of thick description, and in so doing, he virtually rewrote the rules of his field. Culture, Geertz argues, does not drive human behavior. Rather, it is a web of symbols that can help us better understand what that behavior means. A thick description explains not only the behavior, but the context in which it occurs, and to describe something thickly, Geertz argues, is the fundamental role of the anthropologist. Named one of the 100 most important books published since World War II by the Times Literary Supplement, The Interpretation of Cultures transformed how we think about others' cultures and our own. This definitive edition, with a foreword by Robert Darnton, remains an essential book for anthropologists, historians, and anyone else seeking to better understand human cultures.