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You Are a Daughter of the King

Author : Gail M. Hayes
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Your sense of style is not only the way you dress, but also your way of doing things and the way you process information. It is your very essence. God placed this sense of style in your spirit when He created you. But many women suffer from anxiety and oppression regarding their unique style. Because we have difficulty accepting how precious we are, we all suffer. It’s time to push back from the table of self-degradation, enter the royal banquet hall, and taste of a new feast. We have a royal heritage, and we can walk in the realm of the miraculous. Join Dr. Gail M. Hayes and discover what makes your individual beauty so extraordinary. You will discover that God fashioned you and each of your sisters as integral threads in His majestic tapestry. You will discover that you truly are a daughter of the King!

The Complete Photo Guide to Soap Making

Author : David Fisher
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The Complete Photo Guide to Soap Making thoroughly demystifies and demonstrates every aspect of the craft, guiding readers with clear text and hundreds of step-by-step photos.

Roxy s Baby

Author : Cathy MacPhail
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'Roxy was shaking with fear. She drew in a deep breath. She would not let her fear take over. She couldn't. She had too much to lose. She had to be strong, to be brave. For once in her life she had to think of someone other than herself.' Roxy is wild, uncontrollable. She hates her parents - and her goody-two-shoes sister. Her only solace is her equally wild friends, Pat, Tracey and Jacqueline. Then there is the night of the party, where she lets that boy kiss her, and more ... and Roxy is pregnant. Wilfully, she won't tell her mother, her family. She decides to run away to London. And in London Roxy is found by Mr and Mrs Dyce. They are understanding, sympathetic, and promise her a way out of her troubles. They will take her to a comfortable place, along with other girls in the same position and look after her and her baby - which is exactly what happens. Roxy cannot believe her luck. But Roxy eventually works out the dark truth of the outwardly genial Dyces. They are 'farming' the babies in a truly horrible way, and selling the baby organs. There is only one dramatic way out for Roxy - and it's dangerous. But she is dealing with dangerous people and she has to take it. And now she has her baby to look after. A gripping and completely compelling story of a girl forced to grow up and think of others other than herself in the most nightmare of circumstances. These circumstances would seem too horrible to be true - were they not based on fact. A network doing exactly this was discovered to be operating in Italy in 2003, causing outcry, and has formed the basis for this story.

101 Textures in Colored Pencil

Author : Denise J. Howard
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101 Textures in Colored Pencil provides step-by-step instruction and examples of a multitude of textures for creating realistic masterpieces in colored pencil.

Maida Heatter s Cakes

Author : Maida Heatter
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Presents a collection of detailed recipes for such desserts as layer cakes, chocolate cakes, cheesecakes, fruitcakes, yeast cakes, sweet breads, muffins, gingerbreads, ice cream, and sauces.

The Old Man and the Watch

Author : Jo Jewell
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A wrong number leads to life-changing events for a woman haunted by her past in this enchanting novel of fate, friendship, and new beginnings. Small events can change lives forever. That’s what Kerri Perry learns when she decides to return a call from an unfamiliar phone number. Hoping it’s news that she won a sweepstakes, she is instead greeted by the voice of a solitary old man named Morgan Thomas Fairchild. Though their initial conversation is tense, Kerri and Morgan soon develop an unlikely friendship. And when Kerri meets Morgan at his lavish estate, she realizes how completely her life has truly changed. For a chosen few, a certain special pocket watch holds mysterious power over new beginnings. The watch once belonged to Morgan’s brother before being passed down to him. And now Morgan passes it on to Kerri. Years ago, Kerri survived a terrible car accident that took the life of her childhood sweetheart. Since then, she has carried a heavy burden of guilt and shame that has kept her from living her life. But as the pocket watch works its magic, secrets are revealed that open a new path for the future.

Word Ways

Author :
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Digital Scrapbooking

Author : Maria Given Nerius
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Provides instructions and tips for using computers and digital cameras for scrapbooking, discussing cropping, red-eye removal, and word processing.


Author : Surazeus Astarius
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Hermead of Surazeus is an epic poem in pentameter blank verse about the greatest philosophers and scientists who contributed to the growth of civilization. Volume 1 contains in 15,064 lines of blank verse the following episodes: Wisdom Of Athena, Lyre Of Hermes, Fire of Prometheus, Alphabet Of Kadmos, Healing Of Asklepios, and Chaos Of Zethos Hesiodos.

Back to Back Stack of Poems for Children

Author : Rhonnie Jones
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We are children's writers. Our aim is to educate and entertain our children simultaneously. This presentation of a back-to-back stack of poems for children was designed with our elementary and middle-school children in mind. We encourage teacher and parental participation. Our staff at the Colors Workshop believes that all together we can persuade our children by proof that the best leaders are readers. Reading is fundamental. This anthology of selected writings is intended for fun with our chil