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Current Trends in LSP Research

Author : Margrethe Petersen
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This volume offers an overview of new perspectives and ongoing developments in research on Language for Specific Purposes (LSP) and specialised discourse. Traditionally investigated on the basis of terminology and genre studies, the area now also draws on such diverse fields as sociolinguistics, sociology, psychology and communication studies. This widening range of perspectives increases the need for insights into and knowledge about current developments in research on LSP and specialised discourse.<BR> The chapters included here have been selected to address this need. Based on papers presented at the <I>XVII European LSP Symposium, they reflect its focus: aims and methods in current research on LSP and specialised discourse. Two chapters present the research history of the area, its current status, and emergent issues. Nine chapters exemplify methods currently applied, new aims pursued, or new aims supported by innovative methods. The methods include discourse analysis, use of specialist informants, study of multimedia texts, sociological observation, interviews, etc. The aims vary from unveiling politicians' linguistic representation of the 2008 financial meltdown over inclusion of visual representations in LSP research to clarifying the limits of lay understanding of specialised knowledge. In sum, the volume offers the reader a holistic, yet multi-faceted overview of state-of- the-art research in this area.

Subject oriented Texts

Author : Hartmut Schröder
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New Challenges for Research on Language for Special Purposes

Author : Ingrid Simonnæs
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This anthology consists of selected papers presented by European scholars at the 21st LSP-Conference 2017 on Interdisciplinary knowledge-making: challenges for LSP-research, held at NHH Norwegian School of Economics in Bergen, Norway. The multifarious aspects of LSP-research publication cover issues on terms and terminology, LSP-texts from a text linguistic approach, training in LSP-settings and translation of LSPtexts. The volume gives an up-to-date selection of the ongoing research endeavours in specialised communication in subject fields ranging from maritime accidents over healthcare and financial accounting to climate change.

International Journal of Language Studies IJLS volume 8 4

Author : Mohammad Ali Salmani Nodoushan
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Communicating Creativity

Author : Darryl Hocking
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This book provides an extensive and original analysis of the way that written and spoken communication facilitates creative practice in the university art and design studio. Challenging the established view of creativity as a personal attribute which can be objectively measured, the author demonstrates instead that creativity and creative practice are constructed through a complex array of intersecting discourses, each shaped by wider socio-historical contexts, beliefs and values. The author draws upon a range of methods and resources to capture this dynamic complexity from corpus linguistics to ethnography and multimodal analysis. This innovative volume will appeal to students and scholars of discourse analysis, creativity, and applied linguistics. It will also appeal to art and design educators.

Corpora and Discourse Studies

Author : Anthony McEnery
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This edited collection brings together contemporary research that uses corpus linguistics to carry out discourse analysis. The book takes an inclusive view of the meaning of discourse, covering different text-types or modes of language, including discourse as both social practice and as ideology or representation.

Recent Trends in Translation Studies

Author : Sara Laviosa
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This volume offers a snapshot of current perspectives on translation studies within the specific historical and socio-cultural framework of Anglo-Italian relations. It addresses research questions relevant to English historical, literary, cultural and language studies, as well as empirical translation studies. The book is divided into four chapters, each covering a specific research area in the scholarly field of translation studies: namely, historiography, literary translation, specialized translation and multimodality. Each case study selected for this volume has been conducted with critical insight and methodological rigour, and makes a valuable contribution to scientific knowledge in the descriptive and applied branches of a discipline that, since its foundation nearly 50 years ago, has concerned itself with the description, theory and practice of translating and interpreting.

Learner corpus profiles

Author : Madalina Chitez
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Aiming at exemplifying the methodology of learner corpus profiling, this book describes salient features of Romanian Learner English. As a starting point, the volume offers a comprehensive presentation of the Romanian-English contrastive studies. Another innovative aspect of the book refers to the use of the first Romanian Corpus of Learner English, whose compilation is the object of a methodological discussion. In one of the main chapters, the book introduces the methodology of learner corpus profiling and compares it with existing approaches. The profiling approach is emphasised by corpus-based quantitative and qualitative investigations of Romanian Learner English. Part of the investigation is dedicated to the lexico-grammatical profiles of articles, prepositions and genitives. The frequency-based collocation analyses are integrated with error analyses and extended into error pattern samples. Furthermore, contrasting typical Romanian Learner English constructions with examples from the German and the Italian learner corpora opens the path to new contrastive interlanguage analyses.

Handbook of Research on Science Education

Author : Norman G. Lederman
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Building on the foundation set in Volume I—a landmark synthesis of research in the field—Volume II is a comprehensive, state-of-the-art new volume highlighting new and emerging research perspectives. The contributors, all experts in their research areas, represent the international and gender diversity in the science education research community. The volume is organized around six themes: theory and methods of science education research; science learning; culture, gender, and society and science learning; science teaching; curriculum and assessment in science; science teacher education. Each chapter presents an integrative review of the research on the topic it addresses—pulling together the existing research, working to understand the historical trends and patterns in that body of scholarship, describing how the issue is conceptualized within the literature, how methods and theories have shaped the outcomes of the research, and where the strengths, weaknesses, and gaps are in the literature. Providing guidance to science education faculty and graduate students and leading to new insights and directions for future research, the Handbook of Research on Science Education, Volume II is an essential resource for the entire science education community.

Sign Language in Action

Author : Jemina Napier
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This book defines the notion of applied sign linguistics by drawing on data from projects that have explored sign language in action in various domains. The book gives professionals working with sign languages, signed language teachers and students, research students and their supervisors, authoritative access to current ideas and practice.

Discourse and Practice in International Commercial Arbitration

Author : Christopher N. Candlin
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It is increasingly held that international commercial arbitration is becoming colonized by litigation. This book addresses, in a range of ways and from various locations and sites, those aspects of arbitration practice that are considered crucial for its integrity as an institution and its independence as a professional practice. The chapters offer multiple perspectives on the major issues in play, highlighting challenges facing the institution of arbitration, and identifying opportunities available for its development as an institution. The evidence of arbitration practice presented is set against the background of practitioner perceptions and experience from more than 20 countries. The volume will serve as a useful resource for all scholars and practitioners interested in the institution of arbitration and its professional practices.

Special Language

Author : Christer Laurén
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As the most advanced human thinking is expressed by special language there are exciting possibilities for research in which philosophical, semantic, semiotic, text-linguistic and pragmatic approaches are utilized.

Dynamic Ecologies

Author : Neil Murray
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This volume provides a fascinating glimpse into the complex language ecologies of Southeast Asia. Adopting a relational perspective, it considers their significance for the region, its peoples, the policy and practice of language teaching, learning and assessment and the fate of local languages. It gives particular prominence to the relationship between English and Chinese, it's likely transformation at a time of significant global change and the impact that these two languages and their synergy will have on the place of other languages and dialects. Dynamic Ecologies: A Relational Perspective on Languages Education in the Asia-Pacific Region draws on the research and insights of key scholars in the field and provides case studies that illustrate the impact of relevant language policy in countries including Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, South Korea and Australia.

Language Choice in Postcolonial Law

Author : Richard Powell
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This book discusses multilingual postcolonial common law, focusing on Malaysia’s efforts to shift the language of law from English to Malay, and weighing the pros and cons of planned language shift as a solution to language-based disadvantage before the law in jurisdictions where the majority of citizens lack proficiency in the traditional legal medium. Through analysis of legislation and policy documents, interviews with lawyers, law students and law lecturers, and observations of court proceedings and law lectures, the book reflects on what is entailed in changing the language of the law. It reviews the implications of societal bilingualism for postcolonial justice systems, and raises an important question for language planners to consider: if the language of the law is changed, what else about the law changes?

Language for Specific Purposes

Author : Giuliana Elena Garzone
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This volume brings together work by both well-known scholars and emerging researchers in the various areas of Language for Specific Purposes (LSP), such as political, legal, medical, and business discourse. The volume is divided into three parts in order to align rather than separate three different but related aspects of LSP: namely, translation, linguistic research, and domain specific communication on the web. Underlying all the contributions here is the growing awareness of the ever-increasing multiformity of specialised communication and the ever-wider social implications of the communicative situations in which it is embedded, especially where it involves the need to move across languages, cultures and modes, as in translation and interpreting. The contributions consistently bear witness to the need to review received notions, pose new questions, and explore fresh perspectives. The picture that emerges is one of extreme complexity, in which researchers into specifically linguistic aspects of LSPs and their translation across languages and media declare their awareness of the pressing need to come to terms with a wide range of social, pragmatic, intercultural and political factors, above and beyond socio-technical knowledge of the domains under investigation.

Enhancing and analysing Project Communication

Author : Kristina Pelikan
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Different cultures and languages make web-based communication among the members of international research projects often complex. Focussing on frequently neglected internal communication, this cumulative PhD thesis seeks to present methods from applied LSP research on a concrete case study – a research project from the area of Public Health. Aiming to establish a winwin situation between systematic approaches and communication optimisation, the case study is also used to verify known models. Systematic approaches can be beneficial for enhancing project communication, if they are part of a circle of theoria cum praxi. The thesis closes with appeals to linguists, project leaders and funding agencies for improving project communication as well as the involvement of applied linguistics in future.

Discourse Analyisis and Terminology in Languages for Specific Purposes Analisis del discurso y terminologia del lenguage para fines especificos

Author : Juan Carlos Palmer
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This important work collects studies and reflections on such relevant themes about LSP as medical English, the language of advertising and journalism, telecommunications, data processing terminology, trade and juridical English¿ Although most of the works are related to English, there are also works related to German or French among others. .

The Human Factor in Machine Translation

Author : Sin-wai Chan
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Machine translation has become increasingly popular, especially with the introduction of neural machine translation in major online translation systems. However, despite the rapid advances in machine translation, the role of a human translator remains crucial. As illustrated by the chapters in this book, man-machine interaction is essential in machine translation, localisation, terminology management, and crowdsourcing translation. In fact, the importance of a human translator before, during, and after machine processing, cannot be overemphasised as human intervention is the best way to ensure the translation quality of machine translation. This volume explores the role of a human translator in machine translation from various perspectives, affording a comprehensive look at this topical research area. This book is essential reading for anyone involved in translation studies, machine translation or interested in translation technology.

English in Southeast Asia and ASEAN

Author : Azirah Hashim
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English in Southeast Asia and ASEAN embeds English in its various regional Southeast Asian and political ASEAN language habitats. Addressing the history, developmental stages and contacts with other languages, it provides in-depth information on the region and its political organization. In doing so, it analyzes the geo-political division of the region between former Anglophone and non-Anglophone colonies and shows that this distinction has led to considerable differences in the status and texture of English. This analysis includes the role and impact of American English in mainland and maritime Southeast Asia to highlight the linguistic properties of English and its linguistic and sociopolitical development, English used in specific domains, language policies and concludes with the future of English and future challenges. This book therefore provides an integrative survey of the various roles of English in ASEAN member states and studies the transformation of entire language habitats, including the major national and regional languages that participate in this process. It also explains how new societies emerge with their conflicting identities and their aspirations to act regionally or even globally and is a valuable resource for scholars and students in the fields of World Englishes, Asian Studies and those interested in language contact, policy and planning.

New Trends in Foreign Language Teaching

Author : António Lopes
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Language teaching approaches, methods and procedures are constantly undergoing reassessment. New ideas keep emerging as the growing complexity of the means of communication and the opportunities created by technology put language skills to new uses. In addition, the political, social and economic impact of globalisation, the new demands of the labour market that result from it, the pursuit of competitiveness, the challenges of intercultural communication and the diversification of culture have opened new perspectives on the central role that foreign languages have come to play in the development of contemporary societies. This book provides an insight into the latest developments in the field and discusses the new trends in foreign language teaching in four major areas, namely methods and approaches, teacher training, innovation in the classroom, and evaluation and assessment.