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Curse of the Great Blue Diamond

Author : Rosemary Hanagan
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Curse of the Great Blue Diamond A Fable for Adult Children By: Rosemary Hanagan When Penny, a recently graduated chemist, moves to sleepy Flyattown on the banks of Lake Ontario, she isn’t expecting anything more than a monotonous career developing perfumes. Sure, she’d been warned about the town before moving there, had heard all about the disappearances, the murders, the lake monsters. But those were just stories told by bored residents of a sleepy lakeside town, right? Penny is about to find out that there’s something lurking along the shores of Flyattown. If she’s lucky, she’ll make more allies than enemies and get to the bottom of the mystery, before it’s too late. Dive head first into the mysterious world of Flyattown and see what’s hiding beneath the calm waters of Lake Ontario.

The Hope Diamond Cursed Objects and Unexplained Artifacts

Author : Joel Newsome
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Anyone who has watched Indiana Jones knows that curses can have very real implications. However, is there such a thing today as cursed objects? This book explores some of the most well-known cursed objects, from the Hope Diamond to Tutankhamun's tomb, and looks to science, through the use of photographs, eyewitness accounts, elaborate hoaxes, and evidence, to answer whether curses are real.

Uncle John s Giant 10th Anniversary Bathroom Reader

Author : Bathroom Readers' Institute
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Our first all-new edition to top 500 pages, this was the Bathroom Reader that made the publishing world stand up and take notice—these guys are here to stay. Also appearing for the first time in Giant 10th Anniversary is our famous “Extended Sitting Section,” a series of extra-long articles for those truly leg-numbing experiences. There are also plenty of short and medium articles covering a whole host of topics, including little-known history, pop science, myth-conceptions, celebrity rumors, comedian quotes, and, of course, really dumb crooks. Read about… * The anatomy of laughter * Is your name your destiny? * The history of the electric guitar * What really happened at Roswell * The Politically Correct quiz * The secret of Nancy Drew * Legendary TV flops * Why you itch And much, much more!

Curses And Jinxes

Author : Vikas Khatri
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We have heard of people cursing and casting spells in fits of anger or distress. But do these utterings really come to pass? And what would you call the song that prompts over 200 people to commit suicide? Jinxed or merely a coincidence? Legends and out of this world incidents have proved that such unnerving and bone-chilling phenomena do exist in this very scientifically evolved world of ours, whether we like it or not, whether we believe it or not! This book is a compilation of some of the incredibly creepy stories that have surfaced over the centuries. Tutankhamun's curse, Rasputin's utterings and stories of jinxed ships are twisted, enjoyable fast reads that will engross you from the first to the last page and leave you asking for more.

For Girls Only

Author : Laura Dower
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Hey, Girls! Wanna have some fun? Here is a collection of everything great about being a girl! Are you ready to give the best sleepover party ever? Or the best pedicure? Make fortune-tellers, friendship bracelets, and collages? You'll learn about the coolest women in history, sports, and science. The greatest chick flicks to watch with your girlfriends and the best girl songs for dancing. Plus, there's real-life advice: how to be a responsible baby-sitter, get a summer job, remember your locker combo, and . . . save the world (as only a girl could do). You go, girl!

Infamous Murders and Mysteries

Author : Sr. Robert J. Girod
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From the author of Profiling the Criminal Mind comes these true stories of cold cases and true mysteries. A truly compelling collection of adventures from the files of a career police detective and university professor that takes the reader inside the mysteries and murders that intrigue the author and make the reader listen for "things that go bump in the night." From spies to ghosts to celebrities and the places we like to spend time reading spy and murder mystery adventures, this collection has something for every mind that seeks adventure.

Hope Diamond

Author : Richard Kurin
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An entertaining and well-researched history of the Hope diamond Since its discovery in seventeenth-century India, the Hope diamond, a glimmering deep blue gem weighing over 45 carats, has been shrouded in mystery and steeped in intrigue. In this groundbreaking work, Dr. Richard Kurin goes beyond the speculation to reveal the truth behind a legendary stone. Kurin, a cultural anthropologist, spent more than a decade on the trail of the legendary gem. But the 'curse' that surrounds it, which Kurin puts to rest once and for all, is only one small piece of a long and lustrous story that moves between ancient religion and modern magic, royal power and class rivalry, revenge and greed. Richly illustrated, Hope Diamond works in a grand historical tradition: depicting the specific to reveal the universal.

Dunwich s Guide to Gemstone Sorcery

Author : Gerina Dunwich
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Publisher’s Note: A new edition has replaced this book under the title Gemstone and Crystal Magic, ISBN 9781637480076. A witch-friendly guide to working magic with gemstones and crystals. The energy contained within stones is a mysterious and invisible power as old as the earth itself, perhaps even older. It is also an energy that, when properly harnessed, can enable a person to create powerful magick and reconnect with Mother Nature and the earth. Dunwich's Guide to Gemstone Sorcery is a practical and comprehensive guide to the magickal world of precious and semiprecious stones. Written by a modern Witch with firsthand knowledge of the occult properties of stones, this book is filled with numerous spells and rituals, enchanting Pagan folklore, and useful magickal correspondences. It also explores gemstone curses and cures, and the many ways in which gemstones can be utilized as amulets for magickal workings, as oracles for revealing the future, and as tools for healing one's body, mind, and spirit. With the aid of this book, you will learn how to properly cleanse and charge stones, and also how to make homemade gemstone elixirs. Additionally, you will discover the secrets of using stones to increase your wealth, facilitate clairvoyant abilities, invoke deities, ward off bad luck and evil influences, draw love into your life, and so much more! Dunwich's Guide to Gemstone Sorcery provides you with everything you need to know for transforming yourself into a sorcerer or sorceress of gemstone magick.

Breverton s Phantasmagoria

Author : Terry Breverton
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From dragons and wyverns to vampires, werewolves and mischievous gremlins, pixies and fairies, Breverton's Phantasmagoria is a unique compendium of over 250 mythical animals. Prepare to revisit familiar myths, such as vampires, werewolves and the Loch Ness Monster, the Minotaur and Medusa from Greek legend, and Biblical beasts such as Behemoth and Leviathan. Discover new mysterious animals like the giant serpents of Central America, the lethal Mongolian death worm, and the Ennedi tiger in Africa, and investigate the evidence for sightings of Bigfoot and the reclusive Yeti. Packed with quirky line illustrations and a wealth of weird and wonderful information, Breverton's Phantasmagoria surveys the globe to uncover over 250 imaginary creatures passed down from generation to generation.

Cursed in New York

Author : Randi Minetor
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A collection of riveting stories about preternatural revenge. Discover the riveting stories about Queen Esther and the Iroquois Slaughter, The Curse of Mamie O’Rourke, The Rangers, the Stanley Cup and the Curse of 1940, The Death of a President and the City that Fails to Thrive, and many more. Some stories will be regionally well known. Others are nearly forgotten. All are cursed.